The Elite’s Suicide Solution

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the elite are in full self destruct mode. They are so self delusional however I don’t think most of them even know what is happening. Living in a fantasy is not conducive to understanding reality, and so the elite believe the rest of us dream their dreams as well… to destroy the market system, erase Christianity, eliminate the US from the world stage and establish a one world government. The elite were on the cusp of getting all their aspirations met when the masses voted against them, which has infuriated the elite to the point of insanity. That is why they think, poking us in the eye repeatedly with their greasy fingers will teach us a lesson, when in fact their actions are alienating us from them faster every day. The elite are oblivious that holding their breath until they pass out, as a toddler does, is not becoming. Like I said, the elite are in full suicide mode.

The NFL is destroying itself with it’s protests against the American way. You know people have disconnected from reality when the 1% protest how oppressed they are. Even as NFL viewership falls off the table, the players, owners and managers double down spitting in the face of the people who pay their overly inflated salaries. Can you imagine that grown men, who make in the tens of millions of dollars a year chasing a ball around a field, are so stupid they would defecate where they eat? What are they thinking? The answer is, they are not thinking, they are reacting emotionally, their fantasy lives have allowed them to live outside reality for so long, they believe it is ordained by God they be rich, famous and loved. Unfortunately for the elite, reality is crashing in on them, yet they are so blinded with hate they don’t even notice it. Just one example is, ESPN is loosing 15,000 customers a day in the month of October alone!

Late night talk has attacked their audience and our ideals so much they are hemorrhaging viewers. Comedy is subjective, people will laugh at themselves and those we like when the humor is good natured, but the humor on late night is anything but good natured, it is mean spirited and divisive. The anger and hate the elite express for the American ideals, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, self determination and freedom in general, are so despised by the elite comedians, they don’t bother to hide their loathing of us anymore. Yet they are shocked we are not watching them. In their fantasy, our role is to enrich them, and theirs is to tell us what imbeciles we are. The elite think they can urinate on us and tell us it is raining, and we are so stupid, we will open our mouths to catch the drops.

The legacy media has utterly wiped out it’s own credibility. Almost every news outlet claims to be unbiased, so their propaganda will be taken seriously, yet their reporting belies the fact. That they have been caught in so many lies, especially of late, can only discredit them. On election night they openly cried, tore their clothes and cursed God, that the American people didn’t choose their candidate. The elite media vomits their vitriol on us, and in their arrogance, believe we are too foolish to admit smelling it. Their hubris is paying dividends though, they are losing viewers like a ship slipping below turbid water, drowning in their own fluids. Self awareness is a trait of a mature individual, not someone who lives in a fantasy, and the elite media has lived in their illusion for too long. Now they are fighting back with the meme of “Fake News,” as they openly spout lies and propaganda for the globalists and America haters, denigrate Christianity, while defending Satanism, Paganism, Atheism and Islam.

Yes, the elite not only in the US but around the world are in full self destruct mode, and I am afraid there is nothing that can be done about it. Like spoiled children the elite live in a fantasy. They are a herd of lemmings racing to the cliff and nothing will dissuade them from their goal. Apparently blind to the fact, we the people are the source of all the goods they experience, the elite believe they can do without us. We pay the bills, we go to the games, we choose which news to watch and we decide what is funny… not them. We are the foundation, they are merely corbels adorning the facade, and anyone with an ounce of understanding knows the foundation is critical, but corbels can easily be replaced, or done without altogether, especially when a corbel yanks itself from the cornice. Oh well, they had a good run, now it’s time for adults to take over.


John Pepin

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