The Destruction of our Youth and the Work Ethic

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, our culture has and is teaching our kids to be lazy, dependent and lack any sense of shame whatsoever. The evidence is all around us and anyone with open eyes can see it for themselves. It would be a great sin however to blame the kids, for they are what we made them. We are the real problem, we have dropped the ball, we are the ones who have allowed our culture to become so toxic. While we were worrying about whether or not they would make the baseball team or the soccer team, they were being programmed by the government to be good little socialists, envious, lazy, angry and violent. That star football player is now in the basement utterly incapable of holding down a job, and it is because we allowed the government to fail them, and us. Yes the government has a monopoly on education and everything government does, it does poorly and at great expense, but in the end we are responsible for our children.

Many of the youth are lost and will never be employable, this is the sad truth that under girds the US immigration policy. I was talking with a dairy farmer a few years ago and we were chatting about part time help on the farm. He stridently told me that he no longer hires local kids. They are far too lazy to work on a farm, he only hires Mexicans, because they put in a days work for a day’s wage. That was not always the case, local youths used to work very hard… and had a ton of ambition. Those kid’s parents in many instances are very hard working people. Rather than follow the example of their parents, who the government monopoly school system calls ignorant rednecks, who believe in a sky god… they have followed the examples of utterly useless people like gangstas, actors and lottery winners.

The connection between hard work and prosperity has been broken by a culture that glorifies instant success and hedonist lifestyle. Kids are bombarded by a media that fills them with absurdities that only make sense as long as they are kept in a fantasy land. As long as meat comes from McDonalds, and one never has to get blood on one’s shirt to eat, the most insane ideas can be contemplated, because they need not comport with reality. Today, someone with no dignity can beg for a matter of moments in front of a Wendy’s, and get a free meal. In the past, someone begging might have been offered work, but not charity, they would have had to struggle all day to get one meal with half the calories, but would have been able to look anyone in the eye.

Everyone wants to win the lottery and very few want to be the next Bill Gates. Winning the lottery allows one to play video games all day long while becoming a self made billionaire requires decades of time and huge amounts of diligent effort. In a culture that values instant wealth over earned wealth, is it any wonder our kids seek the easy way to riches? People have lost dignity. There was a time in the US that it would have been profoundly uncommon for anyone to admit they were on government assistance. It was a mark of shame to live at the poor farm and as a result only alcoholics and the mentally handicapped stayed there for any length of time. Today people openly brag about getting their government check.

Our culture idolizes the immoral then we wonder why our kids lack morals. Look at the way pop stars of today dress, act and behave. They not only have no dignity but they openly flaunt they perversions. Television today is all about promoting the post modernist stance there is no truth, only relative, subjective truths. The schools teach Common Core which is an indoctrination into socialism and creates high school graduates who couldn’t graduate grade school a few decades ago. Our schools are stupefying our kids, so they will be unable to rise above their government monopoly schooling, by reading the classics. How many people unable to make change for a dollar are interested in Plutarch’s Lives or even Thomas Moore’s Utopia. We have gone so far off the rails… oral sex is not considered sex!

All this has come about because we were unwilling to fight. We allowed the “educated” new class to run the show… and what a shit show it has become. While we have much responsibility, our leaders bare most of it. They are the ones who tell us to sit down and shut up and leave it to our “betters” to decide. We have allowed it, because we allowed them to convince us, we are not smart enough, wise enough or forward looking enough, by people unable to tie their own shoes. As our civilization collapses, imperiling the system that rocketed humanity to the point where so many can live in utter fantasy. Wouldn’t it be sadly ironic then, that those who’s lives are a phantasm, will destroy the very thing that allows them to live in their fantasy, forcing them to learn to live in the real world… or die, taking many of our kids with them.


John Pepin

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