When some are above the law.

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when some are above the law, why should anyone follow it? It is common sense that when laws are selectively enforced, they only serve the elite, not the society at large. Laws that serve only a segment of society are not in fact laws but regulations. Moreover, laws unequally applied are fundamentally unjust, and that is obvious even to the dimmest bulb. In a nation where some are above the law, to keep order, that fact must be hidden at all costs. To let the people know there is a faction that is above the law creates a reaction like vinegar and baking soda. Obviously, because the people become angry at the injustice of a group being above the law, and that the laws only serve to impoverish us so that the rich can get richer… the people will follow the leaders and not follow their laws. No society can withstand such tensions created by inequality under the law.

For a law to be moral it must serve the interests of society at large, to do that it must apply to everyone, and if it doesn’t it is not law but regulation. A regulation only applies to the politically disfavored person, industry or group regulated, and is always to give a politically favored group an advantage in an otherwise free and fair exchange. It is not in the interests of the disfavored to go along with a paradigm that so harms them for the benefit of others. Smart people would either change the paradigm or become the politically favored and thus reap the benefits themselves. The one strategy upsets the system with perhaps a long tailed event, while the other creates churn in the elite, neither situation is good for the elite, and so will be blocked by them.

When the people themselves become the politically disfavored group… why should a self interested people go along? People are like water when our self interests are concerned we find every possible way through a barrier. This is because the universe we find ourselves in isn’t considerate of our interests but only our actions, and so our actions must serve our interests. That makes the best long term survival strategy… not to die. There is wisdom in a group, sometimes more than a single person, sometimes less, but the group can usually tell when the system has become unjust. When the system is unjust it makes no sense to be just, it is against our self interests. Oh some might try, but they will die, and the foolishness of being just in the land of the unjust will be shown to all… leading to more injustice.

When Law is used to give a faction unfair advantage over the rest of society, even if that advantage is small, over time that small advantage will result in all the money in a nation going to one person or faction, like Cuba or North Korea. Just like a game of Monopoly. Eventually one person gets it all. In a capitalist economy, those that get the most are always changing, a source of annoyance for the elite, but under socialism and cronyism, the elite can stay the elite no matter how corrupt, ignorant, stupid or absurd they become. Which history shows, leads to the fall of great societies. Rome being the most obvious along with Babylon, Persia, the Mongol empire, Athens, Sparta, etc…

It has become increasingly clear there is a class of people who are above the law in the US. Every day their antics are paraded in front of us and we are told they don’t matter. As a secretary of state flaunts her duty and exposes top secrets to our adversaries, and gets away with it, sailors are sent to given decades in Leavenworth for much less. As violence is encouraged, (and done), by a political faction, without legal ramifications, those calling for peace face ad homonym attacks. The legacy media is in a state of self destruction, becoming obvious mouth pieces for the progressive faction, while throwing a rock threw their neighbor’s fake news window, all the while ignoring the fact they live in a fake news glass house. The faction that is above the law and their boot licks are coming out in the open which shows they are out of control.

Why should you and I follow laws that don’t apply to those who make them? The only reason is the threat of violence. To be moral a law must serve the interests of the whole of society. Laws that serve the interests of a faction are therefore immoral and make the people themselves disfavored. There is no moral obligation to follow immoral laws, there is no spiritual compulsion since they come from Man and by the fact the are selectively applied, they have become arbitrary and only serve to give a faction advantage. Self interested people under such circumstances will seek to either become the elite, or smash the system, both of which might not end well. Worse of all, when a faction gets an unfair advantage over the rest of society, and being above the law certainly gives a faction a great advantage, they eventually accumulate all the money, the rich just get richer and richer, no matter how incompetent they become, which always eventually destroys the civilization. Given our recent history… where do you think the US is on that scale?


John Pepin

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