The Migrant Crisis

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who are responsible for creating the conditions for, and enabling so many migrants to come to Europe, are guilty of crimes against humanity. That is not hyperbole or rhetoric but fact. The entire enterprise is created in suffering, facilitated by suffering and will end in suffering. Those who create misery, then wield it to facilitate more, ostensibly to destroy Western culture and so end in world wide wretchedness… is someone who can only be described as evil. Not mindless evil like a hurricane or earthquake, but mindful evil, knowing exactly what they are doing and why. Since the nature of reality is information, and information presupposes consciousness, a bad done by accident is not evil, but a bad done consciously, is. Evil effects the very nature of reality itself. So those responsible for creating the migrant crisis are consciously guilty of crimes against humanity.

A crime against humanity is a term used first in 1915 and later extensively against the National Socialists after WWII. This is part of the definition of a crime against humanity from, Trial International- “Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.” Intentional acts not necessarily by states but by powerful actors to cause suffering is what a crime against humanity is. To commit such an act requires forethought, knowledge of outcome and intent to do harm. Since intent can never be known it must be inferred by actions. For example, a man walks into a bank, holds up a gun and fires several rounds into the ceiling… from those actions you can reasonably infer he is robbing the bank.

The first cause was the wars on Gaddafi and Assad. Those wars were either, the most ill conceived affairs in the history of mankind, else they were intended to start the ball rolling on a migrant crisis, either way it speaks ill of the elite at the time. Talk about wars of aggression, there wasn’t even a threat of attack from either! At least Bush pointed at an existential threat of EMP nuclear attack from Iraq, Obama just went and overthrew a foreign nation, along with the three stooges… Merkel, Camron and Sarkozy. They attacked the only formerly rogue nation that had given up it’s weapons of mass destruction, (WMD), sending the clear message to every rogue nation… better get WMD and fast! Most of all however, the overthrow of Gaddafi and subsequent attack on Syria, leading to mass refugees fleeing to Europe, genocide of Christians and Yazidis, and the rise of a short lived Caliphate, was the foot that kicked over the ant hill.

Untold numbers of people are losing their lives in rickety boats trying to make the crossing. The destroyed infrastructure and crushing poverty is leading to famine and disease, driving people to attempt the journey. Not surprisingly, only the strongest survive, which are young men. Think about it, if a boat capsizes ten miles off shore from it’s destination, who is most likely to make it to shore, the mother clutching her baby or the twenty something boy. Plus, what are the options for a young man in the Middle East? The elite have several wives, so there are none available for young men of lower caste, no jobs at all, and if they stay they might be pressed into service… so they go. Often they hate the very places they are emigrating to because they see their troubles as the fault of Europe and Europeans. Most importantly however, they are told by their culture and religion they are holy warriors, spreading their faith by emigration, so they have no interest at all in bending to the cultures they are invading.

Just ask them, and the elite everywhere will explain that they are so much smarter than you and I, presumably then, they have the acumen to understand that by overthrowing Gaddafi and waging a war to overthrow Assad, they would destabilize the Middle East. Then by encouraging immigration to Europe they would create death on the high seas for women and children. How could it slip by them that, hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly young men, with no skills, no education, limited ability to speak the language and a superiority complex, might lead to societal upheaval potentially culminating in civil war? One can only reasonably infer the elite do know what they are doing, and therefore are willfully using human suffering to create conditions for a civil war.

How can anyone argue those in charge are not at fault when things go bad? Since the elite in Europe, the ones who set the dynamic up, nurtured it and we can infer… seek a civil war. They are clearly guilty of crimes against humanity… sooner or later their crimes will come to light. Being above the law today, they will almost certainly not be charged as such in this lifetime, but future generations will show them to be the villains they truly are, as well as motive. Of the three stooges, only Merkel is still in power. Her steadfast holding the door open for the tidal wave of immigrants shows her conscious choice and history will judge her the harshest for it. Those that pull the strings behind the curtain are every bit as culpable if not more so. Every drop of blood spilled by terrorists, every tear of a family as they mourn the loss of several children trying to get to Europe, every rape and mugging done by a migrant or refugee, along with every crime done against a migrant, is on the hands of the European elite. Make no mistake, they are criminals of the highest order… and history will deem them as such.


John Pepin

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