Nihilism and it’s Effects

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the nihilism that pervades our world, is making our planet and existence no more or less than a tire fire. Nihilism is the philosophy that nothing we do matters, not the good or the bad, our existence is meaningless. Of course this philosophy is ignorant in that it doesn’t take into account the myriad of miracles that we witness every day, the science of quantum physics, the prophecies that have come true nor the astounding nature of our very consciousness itself, but as unscientific and illogical as nihilism is, it has caught on. Both demoralizing and empowering, nihilism takes away from the adherent consequences for his or her actions both good and bad, and replaces them with naked selfishness. If nothing matters, why bother being good, why not do whatever it takes to get ahead. Nihilists believe we have only one shot in this world and after that we rot in the ground. You can see why nihilism is so popular today since progressive materialists have taken over the education system, and why nihilism creates the steady stream of disasters, terrorism, betrayal and crime we see around us today.

The materialist world view is that the universe is unchanging, always has been and always will be. Human existence is nothing but a mere aberration. Our consciousness is either an emergent phenomenon or illusion as is free will and miracles. To the materialist we are just robots fooled into believing such things as God, mind and purpose. If the materialist is correct, the universe is only what we can see, smell, taste, feel, see and hear, then nihilism and materialism makes perfect sense. But how ignorant is the materialist mindset? Imagine if human beings had no sense of hearing. Add to it that no animal has a sense of hearing either. The concept of sound would be fanciful to us. Even measuring sound would be near impossible. Yet we know that sound does indeed exist. We can “hear” it. If we couldn’t however, the concept of sound would be absurd to a materialist because it could not be sensed, measured or understood.

That our multitude of senses, more than just the five commonly understood, like our sense of time, do not include the ability to sense everything possible, proves that there is more to reality than we can ever know. This alone makes the materialist world view absurd. It presupposes everything is observable with out senses. The inferred existence of dark matter, is but one example of the universe being more than we are able to measure, or even understand. As I wrote about before, the double slit experiment proves that reality has a conscious component to it, whether we want it to or not. Physicists model our universe in mathematics, which shows us there is far more to it than we know, and is much more amazing than we ever imagined.

Yet the nihilistic mindset is pervasive today despite our much improved understanding of the nature of reality. That destructive idea stands in direct contradiction of both science and religion. It denies the spirit, meaning and especially the epi-universal nature of human consciousness. Prayer for example, has been scientifically proven to be as effective as the well known but poorly understood placebo effect… even when the subject of prayer doesn’t know he or she is being prayed for! Our colleges teach nihilism, our culture nurtures it and our governments embrace it, because nihilism makes our sins irrelevant, our good deeds superfluous and our intentions nonsense. The nihilist can murder another with a clean conscious because everything is meaningless, they need not do a good deed, because that deed is no different in nature or quality than a bad turn. Nihilism lifts from the adherent the burden of feeling.

Therefore nihilism allows the government to become oppressive, since oppression is an arbitrary term that in the materialistic universe is meaningless, the nihilist can visit violence on anyone they disagree with, because that violence is no different than peaceful discourse, and hate becomes the primary motivating factor, as it is simply another subjective and irrelevant term such as, love. To the nihilist objective truth is that everything and everyone is meaningless. Playing the “knockout game” for the fun of it is not wrong, since nothing has meaning, running a business into the ground and bankrupting the shareholders and employees is irrelevant, because their feelings are subjective not objective, genocide is perfectly acceptable since people’s lives are pointless. Nihilism allows every sort of sin, and violation imaginable since the universe is purposeless.

The absurd philosophy of optimistic nihilism is a contradiction in both terms and logic. To be optimistic about the irrelevant in a pointless universe is insane. It is unscientific. Optimism is a subjective quality of human existence and presupposes meaning while nihilism denies all meaning. The optimist believes there is good in the universe and reality can manifest goodness if only we embrace it. While the nihilist cannot believe in anything of the sort. Which makes optimistic nihilism a trick, a means to fool the gullible into accepting the materialistic view of reality, and embracing pointlessness as a motivating philosophy. Obviously, in a pointless reality there is no point, and to be optimistic under such circumstances is the act of the unhinged.

The more people embrace the anti scientific, anti religious and anti human philosophy of nihilism, the more horrific our world will get, in every way. Such a negative idea as nihilism is attractive to psychopaths and sociopaths, in fact it is the primary philosophy of people with that anti social disorder. As our society further becomes nihilistic it must therefore become more psychopathic. Nihilism is the id personified. Even in the face of our expanding knowledge that there is far more to reality than we know, or even can know, the nihilist believes himself the only sane one, and nihilism the ultimate in sanity. One must understand however, no one is as certain they are sane… as the insane. Which of course makes nihilism, insanity at best, diabolical at worst.


John Pepin

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