The Path to Slavery

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, no wanna be oppressor or slave master, would ever allow their victims or subjects to have weapons to free themselves… that would be just stupid! This is why free men are armed while slaves are not. It is a prerequisite in order to enslave someone that they be disarmed. Notice Switzerland has never been enslaved, they are armed, evil people always look for easy victims, never dangerous ones. On an individual level, a mugger doesn’t look for a kung fu expert to attack, they choose an old woman or a weakling to pick on. If a mugger attacked a man walking three huge dogs, that would certainly result in an emergency room visit, and would clearly be counterproductive. Oppressors and tyrants are no different than common criminals.

Since violence is the language of tyranny and oppression, only those who are disarmed can be oppressed. This has been the paradigm throughout history. The strong pick on the weak, and if the weak become strong, they are no longer picked on. That is common sense. That is why the Arabs enslaved people from sub Saharan Africa and sold them on the world slave market. Those poor people didn’t have guns nor any weapon capable of stopping their enslavement. Their lack of weapons, far from protecting them from violence, only made violence against them and their wives and children certain. Do you suppose sub Saharan Africans would have been enslaved if they had weapons on par with the Arabs? Of course not, the Arab violence would have been met with violence, making the entire enterprise of slavery a null proposition.

This is one of the primary reasons less advanced people always become subjugated, when they meet more advanced people, the difference in weaponry. The Aztecs didn’t have guns nor gun powder and so when they met Cortez, who did, it only took thirty five Spaniards to conquer a nation of millions that had been oppressing their neighbors for centuries. Long before disease devastated the Aztec empire, a few men with guns, backed with a few formerly oppressed people… beat them in the battle for what is now Mexico City. Guns do not create violence, violence is in the hearts of men, guns protect those who seek peace from those who have violence in their hearts. If the Aztecs had guns Cortez’s landing would have come to naught.

A disarmed person is a victim while an armed person is not. Just like a mugger looks for the easy victim the tyrant seeks to make his subjects easy victims to his oppression. Sun Tsu said that the best battle is no battle, the only way for a tyrant to create these conditions is to disarm the people, so they will be easy to oppress. In order to do this the would be oppressor must claim to want peace through disarmament. The same paradigm holds true for war as well. A sly combatant will seek to get his enemy to disarm in the name of peace and once that enemy has voluntarily disarmed, the cunning enemy will then attack.

Far from removing violence from society by disarming the people, a disarmed people will certainly be subjected to violence, violence they have no way of stopping once they are disarmed. Even in Europe today, where the people are disarmed, we see the tentacles of oppression winding into society at every level. The Right to free speech is a joke in Europe where discourse is now illegal. Thought laws are on the books now in the US, Canada and Europe as well as North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and every other place oppression is on the rise. A man without the ability to defend himself must do, act, say and even think as those with guns tell them to, else violent will be used to bring him under control. Where in the history of Mankind has a disarmed people been free? No where and at no time.

All human Rights, true human Rights, depend on the people’s ability to defend those rights from others who have violence in their hearts. Is it unlikely that someone who is willing to do violence to another, to subjugate them, would lie? Of course they would! Only a fool of the highest order would argue otherwise… a fool or a would be oppressor. All human Rights hang on the penultimate Right of self defense. Take away the ability of people to defend themselves, and history is unambiguous about what happens next, the armed will enslave the unarmed. To that end, the diabolical will use every trick in the book to convince those he or she seeks to enslave, we need not fear for our security or liberty. In reality, if someone claims you or I need not fear for our freedom from them, are most assuredly those very people who seek to oppress us! Remember this, a free man is armed, while a slave is not, and the fastest way to slavery is disarmament…


John Pepin

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