Why NFL Players Should Stand for the Anthem.

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, our culture is like a house, each part has it’s purpose, The window, the door, the roof, etc… The house, (culture) provides us with many goods like shelter, protection and cover… to burn that culture down, is to deny everyone else the protection, cover and shelter that culture provided, with no benefit in return… and so you could say anyone who seeks such an end is not working for everyone’s good. Now that is a mouthful, isn’t it? What I am speaking to is not just the NFL anthem fiasco, although that is the primary cause of this article, but all the attempts to destroy the Western culture. There are a few concepts here that stand to be explained and I will endeavor to define them in this article.

Our culture is like a house, a house is an edifice that we use to provide us goods. If it didn’t provide any good we would certainly not go to the cost of building and purchasing them, our culture also comes at a high cost in time and energy. Those goods our homes provide are similar to those provided by a culture. The layout of the home provides a structure to our lives as does our culture. We eat in the dining room, cook in the kitchen, relax in the living room and sleep in the bedroom. Windows are like the level of free speech in the culture and doors are the way out if we want. The roof protects us from diversity and the foundation gives our home support to stand. Burn down the house or smash the foundation and the house can no longer provide any of those goods, demolish the culture for some perceived flaw, and it no longer provides the goods it once did, and cannot easily be rebuilt!

Each part has it’s purpose, in a house the parts would be the foundation, windows, doors, walls, etc… in culture there are institutions that take the place of parts, the government, church, clubs, fraternal organizations, schools, etc… each has a purpose. Clubs like the Boy Scouts, to civilize and educate children, so they can be high performers in the society, others to catch those kids who fall through the cracks. Fraternal organizations to raise money for charity and bring human suffering to the eyes of the people. Churches to provide a moral underpinning to society, preventing people’s worst instincts from coming through, and government to provide order. While each in and of itself may not be the paragon of virtue they all are limited from the stock upon which they must recruit. Since people make up every organization there is, we bring our own flaws into them.

The shelter, protection and cover our culture provides us is the structure that we can utilize to meet our needs, the group in which we can melt into, they provide a moral underpinning limiting the effect of evil, allow for advancement, or not, depending on the culture, and in the case of the west a warped form of meritocracy. There is no disputing the results of the market system and the capitalist mindset on the West. The only truly scientific society that has ever existed, and has used the scientific principles discovered in the West, under Christian morality, has propelled the human race into a standard of living that would have been unheard of, even during the height of the Roman empire, by the emperor himself. A toothache could fell an Augustus while even the poorest have access to antibiotics. While our culture is not ideal it has been the most effective culture mankind has ever come up with.

So what if our oppressive, paternalistic, racist, war mongering society collapsed, burned to the ground by ANTIFA, BLM, the KKK, the Neo NAZIs, anarchists and the radical progressives? Because, it would be replaced by a much more paternalistic, far more racist one and would raise oppression to a new acme. Forget about a job, you will be struggling to get food for the day. Hiding your children against cold, hunger, fear, rioters and gangs roaming the streets. Every post apocalyptic movie you have ever seen would be your reality. The old western culture, you know the horrible one that brought us central heat, cell phones, women voting, people of every descent as citizens, relative security and a modicum of wealth, will have been wiped out. We will have gained chaos, suffering and unending oppression, which it could be argued and has, might create supermen… more likely if you ask me, barbarians.

The ripping down begins in subtle ways, a murmur claiming a culture is unjust, our society factionalizing into armed camps, protests against the very culture and foundation itself, erasing history by removing monuments, teaching kids socialism could work while ignoring the lessons of the Twentieth Century… and not standing for the anthem. While a sovereign human being has the sovereign right not to stand, or do back flips at any time, it is the mark of civilization to to control oneself. The lack of which shows the person to be either uncivilized or intent on destroying our culture… a villain. A person could at a business meeting, start doing back flips, now and then upending tables and such, maybe accidentally kicking a secretary in the face. While it would be his right to do that, no business is forced by human rights to commit corporate suicide, nor should the NFL be compelled to self harm by uncivilized at best, villainous players at worst… let alone our culture itself which is the real target.


John Pepin

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