Post Modernism is Diabolic

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… Post modernist philosophy is as irrational as it is diabolic. To believe in post modernism one must deny science, mathematics, and even reality itself. The fundamental thesis of post modernism is that there are no absolute truths, and so they claim a man is not a man, a woman is not a woman and up is down. The philosophy leads to any number of absurdities. Post modernism is a spurious philosophy. A spurious argument is one that sounds logical but is indeed based on a fallacy and is intended to manipulate, a spurious philosophy is also based on a logical fallacy, and is intended to misdirect people from the real truth. I will explain here why it is based on fallacious notion, leaving it up to you to decide whether it is intended to fool us.

If there is no such thing as truth, then science, which is based on the idea that the the fundamental truths of the natural world can be understood through the scientific method… ie, theory tested by experimentation, leading to an examination of the empirical evidence that substantiates the theory, or not. If there are no fundamental truths then science is bollix. Either post modernism is illogical or science is. Since the two ideas are diametrically opposed one has to believe one or the other. So is science illogical or is post modernism? Mathematics is also based on the theory there are fundamental truths in numbers. Mathematics states that two plus two equals four, but if there are no fundamental truths, then two plus two could equal five, one or twenty five million. Either post modernism is correct in stating there are no truths or mathematics is correct in stating there are fundamental truths. Both cannot be correct. Therefore either post modernism is irrational or mathematics is irrational.

Medicine is based on finding truths about how the human body works. If there are no truths, then a post modernist must believe that a witch doctor dancing around dressed in feathers and his face painted white, shaking a severed chicken leg over a patient is equally as effective a treatment as penicillin for strep throat, an ear infection or staph. I wonder, how many professors who absolutely believe in post modernism would go to a witch doctor to treat their syphilis? If they actually believe there are no truths then both options are equally valid. Moreover, by going to an oppressed witch doctor, they are showing their solidarity with the oppressed, and virtue signaling their open mindedness. It could be argued then, that those who avow a belief in post modernism, would have to go to a witch doctor to be treated for cancer rather than an oncologist, who subscribes to the patriarchal hegemony.

Perhaps this is why post modernists deny gender. I wonder, is a dog with a penis a male, or something else? What about a cat with a vagina and mammary glands, is that animal a female, or something else? If post modernists are correct then planes should fall from the sky since the science of aviation is based on fundamental truths of fluid dynamics. I cannot understand why a post modernist would put money in a bank, since their philosophy denies mathematics, it would seem a fools errand if there are no fundamental truths in numbers, their account could drop to zero simply because they made a deposit. Yet many people our society considers well educated, have convinced themselves of the fundamental ideology of post modernism, and by doing so must then deny science, medicine and mathematics. One can only conclude that post modernists are insane or diabolical.

Post modernism in truth denies reality itself. It is like a fantasy, where flights of the absurd are commonplace, up is down and down is up. The post modernists have embraced the ethos of good being evil and evil being good. The poster child for the philosophy of post modernism, is none other than George Orwell’s dystopian novel, his book 1984. In it he parrots post modernists by saying, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, or are post modernists parroting Orwell? Reality cannot be denied any length of time before there are terrible consequences for the deniers. I have to wonder aloud however, in a world where reality is attacked and fantasy is embraced… how long before reality fights back with a vengeance? Moreover… who’s interests are served?


John Pepin

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