Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the republicans are proving by their actions, that they are no different than the democrats, showing there is no real opposition party. Both parties seek the administrative form of government without oversight or consequence. The leadership of both parties are progressive/Marxist to the core. They stand for the same things, the republicans think they will be better at keeping the trains on time, under the oppression both parties have in store for us. Clearly, republicans have no intention whatsoever of actually implementing the platform, republicans have been running on since Reagan. They have shown themselves to be spineless worms. The American people are onto them however. We know they are no different than the progressive democrats. With a few notable exceptions, most republicans are new class progressives, who would rather the government make all the decisions for us little people who, in their minds, are too stupid to make our own. How poorly both parties see us.

The republicans however are in full suicide mode. They are showing the world just how useless they are. What a joke they have become. While the democrats are brave enough to throw themselves on the sword, to establish tyranny, and pass Obama care regardless of the consequences… blowing up our healthcare system, leading to untold deaths and suffering, to create the conditions for single payer, a major goal of Marxists. Republicans on the other hand, who have been running against Obama care since it’s inception, are too mealy mouthed and conniving to pass anything of substance. In doing so they are relegating themselves to Whig status.

In the absence of a true opposition party, standing against the progressive plan to destroy the US and create a one world tyranny, from which there will be no escape and no path to advancement, outside the political arena, there will be a groundswell of support by the people for anyone that is brave enough to stand against it. People are far more intelligent than the new class credits. We understand what they are doing and they know what they are doing, we can read their books, Rules for Radicals, Cloward and Pivon, UN agenda 21 and now agenda 2030, and read their websites, Socialism means one world, for example. No amount of hiding their intent with the code of the culture of critical discourse can hide their aims. That republicans do nothing to stop the agenda, only slow it, shows they seek the same think as all new class progressives.

What a debacle they have created for themselves. By running as the opposition party, but when in charge of the House, Senate and Presidency, they are unable to move the dial even a notch back to liberty and limited government,they have utterly discredited themselves. In fact republicans are finding common cause with democrats to limit our freedom of speech! It isn’t odd that both parties only find common cause, when limiting our freedoms and expanding the role scope and reach of government, it is what we have come to expect. The republican party is a faux party. It is just a means to fool the American people into believing our vote counts. Like Mark Twain once said… “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” The republican party today is proving that adage to be absolutely true.

It is time for a new party. Not one made up of RINOs jumping ship to hold onto power… but of constitutionalists, freedom loving people and laissez faire capitalists. People who actually seek to crush oppression, allow everyone to get ahead, smash the glass ceilings, stop factionalizing us with racist claims of racism, eliminate crony capitalism and strengthen the US rather then try to destroy it. Sadly however, these things don’t have the support of the progressive new class, who controls our media, judiciary, government, businesses, and hands out the money. It was evident when the much loathed Koch brothers switched their allegiance to Hillary Clinton in the last election. Clearly they only support republicans because they want to run the one world government, not stop it, nor do run of the mill republicans. If a new party could come about that does these things and makes a real stand against the rising oppression, the republican party would disappear like a cloud of smoke. Good riddance.


John Pepin

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