Trump’s Tweets and Violence

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, even as the progressive media decry the scorn President trump heaps on them, labeling Trump’s 140 character tweets as a call to violence… there is real violence, ginned up by that very same media’s rhetoric! Talk about hypocrisy! The most notable example is the attack on republican lawmakers at a practice baseball game, following months of hyperbole dressed up as reporting, along with the attacks by progressives on conservatives on our college campuses, any conservative rally and the general violence against anyone wearing Trump memorabilia, cannot be counted. All of which are tacitly supported by the media, by misdirecting the blame for the violence, using life or death anti republican rhetoric to frame conservative policies and ignoring progressive on conservative violence altogether, thus giving it cover. Yes, those people, openly worry Trump’s fighting back will result in violence. Maybe someone should illustrate to the new class media, when you point a finger at someone else, three point back at you.

Lately the legacy media has been lamenting that Trump’s retaliatory attacks might normalize violence against Journalists. They worry that Trump, making retaliatory tweets might gin up violence against them, and they have let us know, they are worried. Despite the fact there has not been one reported incident of an attack on a progressive journalist… because he or she is progressive. There have been some violence directed at conservative journalists, on college campuses, but they are not the journalists who the new class media worries about. Of course, any dissent can generate violence, from the weak minded, only dissent that will result in actual death, slavery or liberty however, is that which strong minded people will engage in.

The progressive media, on the other hand, has drummed up innumerable attacks on conservatives. Progressives, bureaucrats, politicians and those in the media, use life or death rhetoric to frame any and every policy, painting republicans as deserving of violence. “If such and such bill passes/doesn’t pass…” your children will die, republicans want you to die, thousands will die without healthcare, and recently, up to 700 billion could die because they will loose their healthcare… according to Maxine Waters. Any time a question is reduced to life or death, the weak minded will act. They have not the ability to recognize the difference between rhetoric, hyperbole and reality. The strong minded will instantly see such terminology for what it is… mere rhetoric and will simply scoff at it. So it is the weak minded that journalists are worried about being ginned up to act violently.

The media is unable, or unwilling, to look in the mirror and see how their rhetoric is ginning up violence against conservatives. The progressive new class media has led by example. We see the actual violence every day, from our university quads and the riots in the news, to the drip drip of stories about this or that person beaten up, for wearing a Trump hat or Make America Great Tee shirt. Soldiers are discouraged from wearing their dress uniforms to function lest they be attacked and thus the “soldier” would disrupt the function, by “triggering” a weak minded progressive. The weak minded progressives the media doesn’t worry about… but that same media quivers in bed, awake all night, in fear of the conservative weak minded. The new class progressive media claims to be worried about that which they are themselves doing!

Empirical evidence clearly shows that most, if not all political violence, comes from statists. Both statists from the right as well as statists to the left. Of the two, statists to the left, progressives, have the upper hand, controlling the culture, media, legal system, business and government today. They use this command and control to implement, progress the planet to their ultimate goal, a one world socialist government… with the “right people” in charge. Of the tools in their vast toolkit, propaganda is one of their most effective. With Trump fighting back however, which up to now was unheard of by a conservative, the edge of their blade is dulled. Instead of the new class media being able to both attack, speaking directly to the people, and then filtering the response of their victim, Trump has turned the tables and goes around them, speaking directly to the people. His response is not filtered by the people attacking him.

That is why the media is so in an uproar about Trump’s using social media to go around them, their newest complaint that Trump’s speaking directly to the people might cause violence, while they themselves are doing that very thing to drum up violence against conservatives, is another means of misdirecting blame from the perpetrator, the progressive media, to the victim, conservatives in general. The weak minded are the ones progressives, fascists and Islamists always target with their rhetoric. Everything is framed as life or death to their followers and so they engender a zealotry. Then statists ply that zealotry with rhetoric into violence, all the while, decrying the potential future “violence” from the other side. Once libertarian, conservatives and constitutionalists are out of the way however, these weapons will be turned against each other. Next time the Reichstag burns, it might be blamed on the constitutionalists by the progressive media…


John Pepin

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