The Climate Accords

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, science is not done by consensus, in fact, it is almost always the guy who goes against consensus, that moves science forward. Politics on the other hand, is done by consensus, and no one in their right mind would say politics is science, or visa versa. Confusing politics with science is a function of a weak mind. Decisions in politics are reached by the consensus of those in power, while science progresses by ground breaking paradigm shifts in thinking, by individuals with genius. So when someone tells you global warming is a fact, because the consensus of scientists claims it is so, you could remind them that consensus among scientists at one time, was that the world is flat. When a politician tells you that it is the consensus of scientists that such and such is true,what he or she is really telling you, is to set down and shut up, scientists have reached a political decision about what we should think… rather than any intelligent answer to a scientific question.

Science and politics are fundamentally different pursuits. The scientists looks for provable, reproducible results while the politician cares nothing for empirical reality, all they care about is power and amassing more of it. If reality gets in the way it is to be ignored, ridiculed and rejected. That is why politicians and economists “believe,” as a religious zealot does, in their favorite fiction. Politicians worship socialism, as the be all end all to advance their political power, while economists bow down at the alter of Keynes. Both are self serving. To the politician socialism wins them autocracy and costs everyone else everything. Economists love Keynes because his theory gives them ultimate power to decide what and how much government spends. To both science and reality is a mere inconvenience.

Scientific advancement never comes by consensus, it always comes by some loner coming up with a new theory, that is initially ignored, then ridiculed, and finally accepted as truth. Scientific advance is always a paradigm shift. The consensus of scientists study the world within the boundaries of their schooling, polishing and looking for white swans to prove their paradigm correct, and rejecting any black swans they may come across as one offs. No advance in human understanding of the universe has come from a consensus, every advance has come from a nutty professor, bucking the trend. Copernicus was considered insane, Newton was called crazy and Einstein found even his own theory of special relativity to have fundamental flaws, most notably the inevitable result that if his equations were correct, there could be a place in the universe that would have such gravity that even light couldn’t escape. He found it absurd, today we call them black holes and they are ubiquitous throughout the universe.

The Enlightenment was all about using debate, empirical evidence and logic to come to a rational conclusion. It was overtly a rejection of authority as the final arbiter of all questions. To accept the argument that a consensus of scientists believe anything… is to return to pre Enlightenment thinking. It is a rejection of the scientific principle and embracing the rights of kings. All people are self interested. Those scientists who “believe” in global warming always have a dog in the race. Billions of dollars of political funding is available if they go along with the hoax, and the utter destruction of their careers, is the consequence of disagreement. The incentives to agree with the consensus are overwhelming while there are only pernicious incentives to follow the scientific method. How many of us wouldn’t go along if we stood to gain millions of dollars for agreeing and our careers would be destroyed if we don’t?

The inconvenient facts against global warming being man made are overwhelming, but are either ridiculed, ignored or outright rejected by politicians and “scientists” that promote global warming. In normal science, when evidence shows a theory has a flaw, that theory is discarded, but today, when global warming faces evidence proving it is false, the evidence is discarded. That Mars has warmed in virtual lockstep with Earth in the period between 1959 and 2000, or that Ceres has also warmed as well as several Jovian moons, such provable evidence is ignored, attacked and rejected by the global warming zealots.

Now Trump has pulled the US from the hoax accord. Notice the people who are the most upset are the politicians who stand to gain undue power from it. Rightly so, since billions of dollars, the enslavement of mankind and perpetual power are all at stake, if people realize man made global warming is a hoax. Therefore anyone who gets in the way is to be personally destroyed. Lets face it, if you stood to loose a billion dollars and absolute power over the rest of mankind, you wouldn’t take kindly to anyone who tossed a monkey wrench into it, would you? Trump has got in the way of the global enslavement scheme and so will be attacked mercilessly. He did it for us, and so we must stand with him, on this point at least. Else the power hungry politicians and lap dog “scientists” will subdue the rest of us, in perpetuity, and the scientific principle that has so well served us for several centuries will be destroyed. I pray most of us do not have weak minds.


John Pepin

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