Our Enslavement is Nigh…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we have become so lethargic today, our own enslavement is happening right out in front of us, and we do nothing about it! In a myriad of ways, our liberty is under assault but the very institutions that are tasked with protecting them, under our Constitutional system. Our government is importing people that have embedded within them that are violent. Once that violence has manifested, the same government tell us the only way to keep us safe from violence is for us to accept another loss of liberty. The war on drugs, as it turns out, is really a war on liberty. How many liberties have we given up to government in the war on drugs? How has that worked out for us? Our children are dying by the droves from Fentanil, Meth and synthetics. The saddest part is that we don’t have to pick up guns and spill blood, to force our government to do what is right… all we have to do is pick up a pen or a phone… and tell our congressperson and Senator what we want.

We have adopted the slave mindset. Like a dog that has been beaten too much we lay down on an electric fence and barely winch as we are shocked by it. Without even the gumption to stand we accept the shocks as our lot in life. We watch as politicians get away with exponentially more damaging crimes against our culture, civilization, society and governance, and do nothing about it. Other than gripe in private, when we know we will not be overheard, we are like the dog laying on the fence. Agencies that regulate our “vital” banking system, regularly find wrongdoing that generate billion dollar fines… yet no one goes to jail. We stand by and barely wince as the government takes money directly from our retirement accounts, as punishment for the wrongdoing of executives, while they get bonuses for it! We do nothing, but hemorrhage our hard earned savings, and cheer that those evil corporations are getting it.

Every day another liberty is pried from our ever weakening grip. The war on drugs convinced us that anyone who carries cash is a drug lord, and so if a government agent finds you have a large amount of cash, they take it at gunpoint, like any other highwayman. It is up to you to prove you are not a drug kingpin. Because of the war on drugs government can kick in your door in the middle of the night, and if you react wrong, they will kill you… because you have been charged with a non violent victim less crime, or because they have the wrong house. We accept this as the price to pay for the war on drugs, which we are loosing badly. As government takes our liberties to fight the war, they champion the corrosive progressive culture, that makes our kids turn to drugs in the first place. Today, children are dying in the streets of drug overdoses and gunshot wounds in the gang wars, over lucrative turfs.

Immigration is a good thing and has led to huge advancements in both American culture, economic efficiency and craft, when the people coming in have skills, talents and want to be Americans. That used to be the case before the 1960s. After Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform, which was explicitly designed to change the demographic of the nation, an explicitly racist action by government against it’s own citizens, which we accepted with the same groggy nod as we do everything else. Since then, immigration has been used to bring in people who will cause conflict, strife, spread disease and create violence. The resuscitation of dread diseases that had been eradicated from the US is one example of the new immigration system at work, terrorism is another. Both serve to give government reason to further erode our liberties. Terrorism justifies the surveillance state, that as we recently found out, was used by Obama more for domestic political spying, than to protect us from terrorism.

Unlike nearly every other civilization that has existed before us, we don’t have to grab our pitchforks and face off with government troops, we only need pick up the phone and call our representative. Email her or set down and pen a letter to him. We have the power, if we act, to change the direction of our nation. If enough of us call, write and email, we can force them to control who comes in, if we demand it, they will have to stop funding the promotion of propaganda, if we don’t sit down and shut up, we can drive them to return our liberties. We have that power today, but if we remain silent much longer, that power will have been taken from us, then we will have no choice but to face off against the military we have so lucratively maintained, with nothing but pitchforks, because our guns too will have been taken, by dribs and drabs, to protect us from a problem government created.


John Pepin

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