On The Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, someone was fooling with chemical weapons in Syria, and children were killed horribly as a result. Those responsible should be hounded to the ends of the planet. What we shouldn’t do however, is act out of emotion, rather we should investigate and see who was actually responsible, lest we reward the evil doer. The last chemical attacks on civilians were initially blamed on Assad but, as it turned out, was actually ISIS/ Al Qaida. Moreover it is patently not in Assad’s interest to stir up a hornet’s nest like that, but it is in the rebel’s interest to drag the war out. That coupled with the fact that Assad was deemed to have given up all of his chemical weapons by the UN, Russia and the US… and it isn’t immediately credible the attacker was Assad.

All the witnesses were rebels who clearly have incentive to pin any blame on Assad. I believe the most likely scenario is the weapons were stored there and were released during a conventional air strike. The rebels would not want to tell the world they were storing chemical weapons, presumably, to use against civilians someday. The other most likely scenario is the rebels themselves used the Sarin on children to garner sympathy and pull the US into the war on their side. Either possibility is far more likely than Assad trying to loose the war.

I believe people are self interested. Those who are not self interested are by definition insane. For Assad to have launched that attack was clearly not a self interested act. Therefore to believe Assad launched the attack, one must also believe Assad is insane. That is of course possible, I don’t know the man personally, nor do I care to, however people who rise to positions of such power are usually psychopathic, they are rarely psychotic. While a psychopath will happily kill children if it forwards his or her agenda, they will never kill when it will come back and bite them. Psychopaths have no remorse but are filled with selfish desires.

The last chemical attacks were actually Al Qaida and ISIS. The evidence is overwhelming. They tried to pull Obama into the war and it almost worked. There is a wise old saying… past actions are predictors of future actions. Since in the past Assad has not used chemical weapons, but the rebels have as false flags to draw the US into their war, it follows that the rebels are likely to have do it this time as well. Let’s face it, the rebels are responsible for the genocide of Christians and Yazidis, which proves they are evil to the core, evil people will not hesitate to slaughter children, and since they already have, it follows they are capable of such heinous actions.

The UN, Russia and even the US under Obama said that Assad gave up his chemical weapons. The UN certified that Assad had given them all up, so where did he get the Sarin? Did Assad hide it? There is plenty of precedent for the US and Europe to immediately attack and kill any autocrat on the planet who gives up his weapons of mass destruction, (WMD). That has become a standing policy. So now that Assad has given up his, the West will go to any length to kill him. It would seem that the West is adamant that dictators get and hold WMD for whatever reason. Rest assured though, there is a reason the elite want tyrants to have WMD, and that reason is not in our best interests, but theirs.

There are those in the US and Europe who want war. Eisenhower called them the military industrial complex. They are the shadow government… the deep state if you will. The deep state owns our legacy media and use it as their propaganda arm. The evidence for that is also overwhelming but I don’t have the space to get into it in this article. There are plenty of other articles on the web that illustrate this fact. Those in the deep state want war, because it fills their pockets with gold, and their hands with power. They care nothing if your son or daughter is killed horribly, theirs are safe and protected. I am not a senator’s son, are you, are your children? If not then all they are to the deep state is cannon fodder.

One last thing in my mind proves Trump was wrong in attacking Syria, Hillary Clinton said she would do it an hour before Trump did. Moreover, the elite are lining up behind Trump for this attack. When the elite are in lockstep behind anything, I run the other way, because I know they are not looking out for my self interest but theirs and theirs alone… at cost to mine. I agree with Ron Paul on this one. That the deep state supports this move proves it the wrong one. Moreover, backing Trump because he is “our man,” is as blindly stupid as those who hate him because he is not, “their man.”

The evidence and basic logic show that it is highly unlikely that Assad attacked that compound with Sarin. Unless he is insane he wouldn’t have done it, he couldn’t have done it if the UN is correct that he gave up his WMD, and the rebels, who have proven themselves to be monsters that make Alien look like a cuddly puppy by comparison, have done it in the past and have captured WMD stockpiled. What we have done, by attacking Syria, is helped those who killed children with Sarin gas. We have taken sides, unwittingly I pray, with the most evil people on the planet. People responsible for genocide, mass slaughter of civilians and the systematic rape of little girls, we now call them allies. Those are the people we have crawled into bed with. They played Trump for a fool and he played along.


John Pepin

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