On The Reaction to the Church Attack…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if we apply the logic of those who seek to disarm the people, to the actions of government, then to be consistent they would have to agree governments must be limited. Unfortunately the progressives, socialists and Marxists are not consistent. They stand on the graves of victims of random violence, deploring that violence, and call for a situation where the probability of extreme, organized violence, despotism and crimes against humanity… are all but certain. Anyone who has even the most elementary grasp of human history knows, the violence perpetrated by the state against people, it’s own and others, is orders of magnitude greater and more horrendous than all the murders done by random lunatics. Moreover, that violence has been organized and systematic, making it all the worse. In other words, to follow the advice of those who decry gun violence and follow their prescriptions to stop it, would visit exponentially more atrocities on humanity. They seek to solve a bloody nose by putting a tourniquet around the neck of humanity.

Those who constantly lament the availability of guns to the people, are the same ones who seek to arm every branch of government to the hilt, they approve of seeding the civil police with weapons of war, their theme is that more and better armed government along with less and less transparency is desirable at every turn, in this they are consistent. The gun grabbers stand on the graves of innocent women and children, to propose a system where systematic, organized violence to the extreme becomes inevitable. To say they are merely ignorant or stupid, is to be kind, because they are the most schooled among us, and openly claim that mantle.

History shows that government is always the biggest threat to humanity there is. There is not one example of a despotism that has not visited organized violence on some faction of society. Be it a politically disfavored faction or a despised race the pattern is unchanging. Government, by it’s very nature becomes ever more powerful, pulling in more and more resources until it becomes a leviathan, by that time it becomes psychopathic, and begins slaughtering huge portions of it’s own population, else it starts wars that dislocate huge numbers of innocent people, wound, maim and kill giant swaths of humanity and eventually burn up in revolution, taking even more people to their deaths. That has been the pattern of human government forever.

Those that seek to disarm the people, logically, seek to arm government against the people. They claim to be against violence but a look at their policies and goals show a very different story. They argue that the Right to keep and bear arms is too dangerous for the people and so it must be limited. They will get red faced when their real goal is thrown in their faces… to make all gun ownership illegal, thereby ensuring the superiority of armament of the government over and against the people. No matter how many gun laws are on the books they will call for more until guns are totally illegal. Which shows how truly despicable they are. The inconsistencies of their logic is astounding to anyone who actually thinks about it.

If the Right to keep and bear arms is too dangerous, and therefore must be limited, then what is the precedent they are setting? That a Right that is dangerous should be taken away! What a slippery slope that is! To bring that argument to it’s logical conclusion, the Right of free speech is far more dangerous than the Right to keep and bear arms! A progressive lunatic setting in a German beer hall wrote a book that directly led to the slaughter of over 60 million human beings. No amount of deranged gunmen could ever get near that number. Karl Marx wrote the Manifesto, a book that to date has resulted in mass slaughter, forced famine, sterilization, torture, systematic murder and outright extermination of well over 100 million human beings. It should not be lost on the reader that the progressive philosophy of those who call for limiting gun Rights is identical to that of Hitler and Marx.

Today, politicians trod the graves of innocent victims in the most despicable fashion, calling for limits to the Rights of law abiding citizens to defend themselves from a despotic government. By doing so, they show their utter contempt for the victims, to exploit their untimely deaths for political gain. To say they are merely ignorant or stupid is to be ignorant and stupid. The callousness of politicians who seek total superiority of armament of government over the people, coupled with their stated philosophy, a philosophy that has visited such carnage on the human race, shows their true nature. That nature is evil incarnate, to want a system where organized violence cannot be suppressed by the people is nothing but sinister. That their predecessors did the same thing, made the same arguments, and once implemented have always resulted in untold agony for millions of people, people like you and I, shows the diabolical nature of them and their arguments. Of course, it may not turn out that way this time, but then again, you could jump off a twenty story building and land on the street unscathed… but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. It is true however, that a tourniquet is a sure way to stop a bloody nose.


John Pepin

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