Sonya Sotomyor

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that I heard that a Republican Senator, I don’t remember who, asked Ms. Sotomyor if an American citizen has the right of self defense. To which she vacillated. Ms. Sotomyor didn’t answer the question. That leads me to conclude that she doesn’t believe that you or I have a right to defend ourselves if a person comes in our homes with the intent and means to kill us. The villain’s right to murder us and our children supersede our right to self defense!

How is this possible?! Who could possibly believe such a thing?! It is unthinkable that a fool such as this would have a job at McDonalds, (there is food prepared there), let alone be up for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States! I am horrified beyond belief! The only correct answer would have been said in a derisive sneer, “Pretty God Dammed naturally I believe in a human being’s absolute right of self defense… Senator!”

The right of self defense is absolute! There is no greater right than the right to defend yourself and your family in the face of violence. The absolute right of self defense is given us by God. The right stems from natural law. If a bee is attacked by a bird the bee has the right to defend itself. That is why God gave bees stingers. The bee doesn’t call the hive and wait while it is being eaten to have the queen send a detachment of bees to investigate. The bee like the deer, like the cat and dog have the absolute right of self defense.

How can we acknowledge this right to animals but deny it to human beings? As a means to weaken us… By us I mean people who are not members of the Elite. If we have not even the right to defend our homes what right do we have? The right to free speech? What buffoon thinks we will have free speech when we cannot even legally defend ourselves from murderers in our own homes? If our speech offends the Elite we can be simply killed like in Russia. We have no right to defend ourselves. If we do we go to jail if we don‘t we die. The people are put in a no win situation. By the government, (not the first time).

Not allowing a person to legally defend himself when he is being attacked is tantamount to allowing people attack others. The philosophy increases the incentive to rob, murder and rape. If people are not legally allowed to defend themselves then someone who has no quibbles about committing a crime has less to fear. Someone who is on the fence about breaking into someone’s house and robbing it, may not commit the crime, if the homeowner has the right to defend himself. The danger of the homeowner along with the unlikely threat of law would be an incentive not to do the crime. Not doing the initial crime could prevent a possible life of crime. But give the same person the same choice without the threat of an armed homeowner and the person commits the crime… With all the negative consequences to society.

So according to Ms. Sotomyor if a terrorist breaks into my home, I must let him kill me and my family, and use my home as a base for more terrorist operations… To do otherwise would be a violation of law. This is the logical conclusion of the philosophy that human beings do not have the fundamental right to defend themselves… But of course we do.

It is only the Elite that say we do not. They, rest assured, will have security guards to protect them. They will have every right… especially the ones they want to take from us. The Elite fly to Paris to have lunch then scold us for driving to work. They send their children to private schools and decry us if we want the same for our children. The Elite will not deny themselves or their children anything… but we are too many to have such liberties. The “world “ is in peril from our numbers… Or is it us that imperil the world?

Who would fault the dog that defends it’s master when it’s master is being attacked? Sonya Sotomyor and the rest of the Elite, that’s who.

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