Action or Opinion… You Decide…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that today we are not judged so much by our actions as by our opinions. The new logic must go something like this; since actions are a reflection of opinions, opinions must be more bad than actions. This is the only logical argument for it.

But if we accept this as a premise, we must necessarily control thought, or to put it another way, we are stepping onto the slippery slope to the thought police. The first step to the thought police was hate crime legislation. Now that certain opinions are illegal we have put a foot down that wet, clay, bank. Hoping that the one foot, still on the sod, will save us…

The opinions I am talking about? Racist opinions? Political opinions? Nationalistic opinions? No, just common ordinary opinions like should I buy that SUV, someone who believes in nuclear power, or the evil person who believes in the right to life? (do you know everyone who is right to life helped pull the trigger on that abortion doctor…) Opinions like these that are held by average, ordinary, good people.

Some will argue, “We don’t need to control all thought… just bad thought.” So the question must be asked… “who decides what thought is bad thought?” they would reply, “Why, The Government of course!” I would respond, “ So, if a neo Nazi or other hate group, won sufficient elections to have sufficient power, they could rightfully decide what is legal thought and what is not?”

There is a maxim we at the International Capitalist Party like to say, “No matter how much you agree with how they are undermining the Constitution today, fear that your enemies will be in power tomorrow, the precedent is set.”

But at the same time we are told not to judge people by their actions. Someone who murders another is troubled. If they are troubled it is the government that made him so. Isn’t it the government that has our children in school for most of their waking hours? Isn’t it the government that monopolizes our children’s time at home with homework? When do parents have time alone with their children to impart morals and values. Think about this, children are in school being taught atheistic philosophy for thirty two hours a week with several hours of homework a week. And one hour in Sunday school being taught morals. In the case of who is to blame for a young adult’s troubles, who do you think has the most time to impart their moors on them… the government or the parent?

That may be one reason the Elite want us to judge opinions and not actions. They can say what is bad opinion. Their policies are also, at least somewhat, responsible for bad actions. Naturally they wish to elude blame and cast it elsewhere. It is a way of gaining power. That is the natural law, as related from the Gaul King to the Roman diplomat, “That the strong must take from the weak.” In this case it is our right to our own thoughts… Are, they strong enough and we weak enough?

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