Taliban in India?

Dear Readers,

It seems to me that if the terror attacks in Mumbai were not done by the insurgents in western Pakistan (Taliban) it should have been. They are the principle beneficiaries.

The tensions between Pakistan and India over the terror attacks has drawn attention from the terrorists in western Pakistan to the terrorists in Kashmir. With the world’s attention turned on the new crisis the Taliban can rest and refit.

If India does indeed go onto a war footing with Pakistan it would necessitate the removal of all Pakistani troops from western Pakistan. The Taliban would greatly benefit under this scenario. The facing off of two nuclear powers would rivet the world’s attention. The war on terror would be pushed to the back.

The one thing that always rivets the attention of the people in a nation is an outside threat. People instinctively come together when there is a valid menace at the gate else they are often all killed. It’s bred into us. This would put the moderates and even agnostics into the extremist camp in Pakistan.

At the least we can expect India to expand it’s operations in Afghanistan. Antagonizing Pakistan. Afghanistan is the elephant in the room. Although it is on the other side of Pakistan it’s shadow darkens the entire mess. Anything that happens on the Indian boarder with Pakistan has a greater effect on the Afghani side. The fulcrum is Pakistan…in more ways than one.

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