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A Corrupt People can Never be Wealthy

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when the people of a nation become so corrupt their word is no more valuable than a turd, business cannot be done. When business cannot be done the economy collapses like a popped balloon. Any economy requires, as a prerequisite, that people be trustworthy, even a socialist economy. In a socialist country, or a country turning to socialism, the morality of the people is eroded until they become utter reprobates like their leaders, and is why socialism fails every time it is tried. Which brings us to the thrust of this article, that one of the major problems in the US economy, (and economies around the world), is that people have become so immoral, such reprobates, lazy and liars that even if the government got out of the way, the economy wouldn’t start growing again until the people got back a tiny bit of their morality and human heartedness.

The proliferation of lawyers in a nation is not a sign an economy is mature but that the people cannot be trusted. Attorneys themselves are largely to blame since the incentive for them is to break contracts, stab others in the back, create the conditions where no one can be taken at their word, and the moral get molested by the immoral, calling it serving their client’s needs. The collapse of integrity is a windfall for lawyers and so they push it. Today you can’t buy a cup of coffee unless there is legal paperwork in triplicate and signed by a third party… explaining the dangers of hot coffee, the terms and conditions of the sale, refund policy, ingredients, limited liability, potential health concerns from drinking coffee to access, and the specifications of the cup.

As people get screwed over by unscrupulous connivers they will increasingly turn to government to protect them. The government is always too happy to become more powerful, and never gives up a whit of power, so a corrupt people wratchet their government to despotism. More regulation makes it harder for a person to make money legally, and so more will turn to stealing, cheating and conniving to get ahead. Why work when that option is all but closed… and business is done by larceny anyway? In such a country the government will take advantage of the people, the strong will abuse the weak and the family will turn against itself.

Of course corruption starts at the top and flows down the social ladder like sewage. The leaders are never held to the same standards as everyone else, that has always been the case everywhere and at all times, which shows there has never been a standard but only arbitrary rule. Human history is nothing but a list of corrupt kings, emperors and Presidents. The more corrupt and evil the larger their name is in history texts. I have maintained for years that it is impossible to live in a cesspool without smelling like it. The very few people who have held positions of power, who were not so utterly corrupt they stank like a cesspit, have pushed against this paradigm of arbitrary rule. Most of them were murdered as reward for their singular service to humanity.

In the few times and places where the people have not been fully corrupted by their elites, those nations in those times have seen unbounded prosperity, social harmony and civil justice. When a man or woman holds themselves to their handshake, profit is based on value, not getting a line in a contract past an unsuspecting chump. When value is the basis of profit everyone profits. Those who provide the most value, profit the most, simply by being honest because honesty is value. The butcher gets money to provide for his family, the buyer gets meat for her table…

The market system’s superiority is based on the fact that value is traded not goods and services. Goods and services are the currency but value is what is actually traded. When people get value for their money both parties win. When both parties to a transaction win the economy of that nation is improved a little bit. Magnify both parties winning, over the tens of thousands of transactions a day in a populous country, and the economy is improved drastically every hour of every day.

Honest people can negotiate hard terms, but when the negotiations are done, they both stick to the terms they negotiated, the conniver, despot and confidence man trades in lies however. Those who trade in lies, not value, create the conditions where people will turn to government and lawyers to protect them from their own butcher, car salesman, Realtor and haberdasher. The more a people must turn to those in power to protect themselves, the more corrupt society will become, which in turn creates more corruption creating a feedback loop that can only end in despotism, poverty and endemic violence.

Look around the world, those places that are hell holes are all characterized by corrupt governments, corrupt people and corrupt courts. See for yourself, where the government is despotic, where the people are connivers, where the courts only enforce arbitrary power, aren’t they always unsafe, poor, and prone to social upheavals? Then ask yourself, what nation on this planet would you want to raise your children, one where the people are corrupt, the government is tyrannical and the courts serve the powerful… or one where the people can be trusted, the government is limited and the courts serve justice? You can make a small difference, be honest, trade in value and hold yourself to the same, or better yet, a higher standard than you do others. Lead by example.


John Pepin

Exploiting the Suffering of Children for Political Ends…

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everyone’s goal should be… to have every child brought into this life, loved unconditionally, nurtured to reach his or her full potential and have their material needs met to present US standards, no matter the situation one is born into or where they are raised. All human hearted people want this to be a universal paradigm. Those who argue, as a matter of course, anyone who doesn’t agree with the path they call for to meet this laudable end, is against children, is being ignorant at best and conniving at worse. This should be obvious to everyone, but the lie propagated by the media that calls itself unbiased, that if you disagree with new class socialists you want children to suffer, is as much in vogue today as it was when Marx made it. Such a viciously underhanded argument is simply a means to shut down debate, and in fact creates the conditions where children will be born into poverty, lack opportunities and grow up unloved.

It is patently evil to want any child born into poverty, unloved and without opportunity. Only the most vile human being possible would want that, yet progressives use that argument in a myriad of ways, to discredit those who honestly seek to improve the lot of children across the planet, showing progressives, socialists and Marxists to be people who are willing to exploit the suffering of children, to meet their political goals. If you exploit the suffering of someone to meet your own ends, by definition, you cannot care about those you exploit, you only care about the suffering you are exploiting. I would think anyone with the reasoning ability of a house fly could figure that out for themselves but such spurious arguments have worked wonders for decades.

This fallacious argument, that libertarians and conservatives seek the suffering of children, is everywhere. False analogies fill the press, Facebook and Twitter. The convention is simple, point to some sad statistic about children then draw a false analogy to some action the new class wants to stop. “Childhood homelessness has increased X percent in the last five years and the republicans are doing Y…” where X and Y have no logical correlation, only an emotional connection, is a perfect example. If you think about it even for a moment it should become obvious… the person making that argument is exploiting the suffering of children for a political end.

The argument works though. Even though it is clearly exploiting the suffering of children for political ends, and therefore shows the arguer to be vile, hateful and power hungry, it works wonders to shut off debate, allowing the vile, hateful and deceitful to have their way. For this to work however, the lot of the children must never get better, only deteriorate. If we glance at the results of those who have made this argument, that libertarians and conservatives must hate children because they don’t support the usurpation of Constitutional rule, you see that the longer progressive policies are in place the more children are born into poverty, suffer little or no opportunity and live unloved. But then again, those who exploit the suffering of children for political ends, don’t care at all about children, only power and wealth, and the more the children suffer the stronger their spurious argument.

The evil of socialists, Marxists and progressives, is shown clearly for anyone with their eyes open. Variations on the theme are used to justify a plethora of evil policies, abortion for example… because would you want to be born into a life where you are unloved, abused and have no opportunities? If you are against the evil of abortion then you must want children to suffer… and the lot of humanity is lowered another notch, while the socialist amasses more power. Those who lower the standard of living of children, then claim anyone who stands against their policies hate children, are a special kind of evil. Heartless, greedy, lustful and gluttonous people, they prove it every day, by their policies and their arguments. To fall for such scams is not only ignorant and shows a lazy mind, but since the sophistry is so obvious, it also takes a sort of complicity that blackens the faces of those who accept it. Do you?


John Pepin

On the Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the xenophobic attacks that are happening across South Africa are the result of socialist economic policies, not actual xenophobia. The news has been all agog about the attacks against foreigners in South Africa by poor South Africans, creating the conditions where the government has to crack down on those caught beating up foreigners. It has got so bad many governments have recalled their citizens in an attempt to protect them from being the victims of those attacks. Everyone is looking at the symptoms, the attacks, but not the illness, socialism. Any doctor will tell you that treating the symptom and not the disease is a recipe for the death of the patient. In the case of socialism, it is the disease that no one dare speak it’s name, else face the wrath of the new class elite who worship at the feet of Marx. The reason this story is so important for the world, and is the same reason the illness is being overlooked, is that when socialism is finally fully enacted everywhere… the results will be the same.

The government of South Africa has embraced Marxism. It has the Constitution Ruth Bader Ginsburg said new republics should follow. The hammer and sickle adorn the tee shirts of the ANC and even Nelson Mandela wore a hammer and sickle shirt at many rallies. They have enacted socialism throughout the nation and economy. I am certain they planned on creating an economy where everyone would be equal and prosperous, but while a laudable goal, the results, as they always are, have gone the other way. First the economy crumbles, then the government must resort to greater and greater authoritarian means to maintain stability, until by gradations, it has become despotic. That has been the end of every nation that has taken that path.

People become angry when their economic circumstances diminish. It is mere human nature. We become angrier and angrier requiring an outlet. When people have no job, no hope of a job and a foreigner has a job, especially a good job, that anger gets focused on the foreigner. No one wants to blame themselves for their circumstances so the other becomes the target. As the economy rots away, anger gets more heated until it flares up as violence. During the 1920’s in the US the KKK almost disappeared, because everyone had a job, how can you maintain hate in your heart if your life circumstances are going well? Where do you have time to burn a cross on someone’s lawn when there is unlimited overtime? Once the progressive Herbert Hoover destroyed the economy with Smoot Hawley the KKK was reborn. FDR’s new deal cinched the deal and the KKK became a power to be reckoned with through most of the twentieth century. The same thing holds true in South Africa.

South Africa should be a paradigm of wealth and prosperity. It has enormous natural resources, it is the darling of the world community, it’s infrastructure is still pretty good, it’s farmland is amazingly productive and it has a great deal of well educated people. These are the basic inputs for a good economy, yet South Africa’s economy is pathetic. Huge amounts of people are unemployed and cannot find jobs, the farms are becoming less and less productive as they are seized from the farmers and redistributed to poor South Africans, while the infrastructure crumbling. The debt is growing fast, as is anger in the streets… at the results if not the policies that led to those results.

The violence we are seeing in South Africa is the direct result of socialist economic policies. They are failing there as they have failed everywhere they have been tried. This example will be ignored, explained away and apologized for, by the new class elite, as have every other catastrophe visited on mankind by socialism in the last two hundred years. The people need a villain and foreigners are a handy scapegoat. It cannot be, the people voted for a party that has destroyed the economy, that would require taking responsibility for one’s own actions! Now the government is clamping down, else the teetering economy will be utterly razed, when all the foreigners flee the violence, and the results of the policies of the ANC are exposed for everyone to see. This same play will be shown to everyone in any nation that travels the same road… economic collapse, anger from that collapse turning to violence, government crackdowns and eventually tyranny. The road to Rome always leads to Rome… no matter where you enter it or how fast you travel down it.


John Pepin

The Future is up to Us…

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we are well on our way to world socialism. Socialists, Progressives and Marxists believe there are two possibilities for the evolution of the socialist world state. The first, and the one they openly avow, is the Brave New World, the second, the one they know in their hearts will happen, is 1984. Of course neither scenario is rosy, both involve coercion of individuals for the benefit of the “society.” The new class worship at the alter of Marx, whether they are progressives, socialists or outright Marxists. They cannot imagine a future where people are free, prosperous and peaceful. Such a future is far too boring for them. The new class shows their presumption of a dark future in their dystopian science fiction movies, books and articles. Even as they seek an interesting future, it is up to us to fight that exciting future, and instead replace it with a boring one, for the sake of our children and their children.

The reason progressives, socialists and Marxists pay lip service to the brave new world is the assumed economic prosperity of that system. The brave new world is one where consumption is a sacrament. Society is broken up into several classes, where most are intentionally retarded as babies to ensure they stay in their place. Others, the alphas, run the show but are controlled by use of physical pleasure and the constant threat of exile, keeping them in line. In the brave new world, all thought is reduced to absurdly simple jingles, love is against the law, consumption is a religion, the family is a historic oddity, and instead of being for procreation… sex is merely for recreation.

The new class claims the brave new world is the most likely, because at first glance it appears to be the least scary, while 1984 is so dark even the most ardent Marxist shudders at the thought. In 1984, love is outlawed, thought is controlled, the state is in perpetual war, the family is illegal, people are monitored in their own homes and philosophy is reduced to newspeak. In one version of the the movie 1984, when the hero and heroin are caught in a love affair, a disembodied voice commands them to stand back to back, and as a helicopter approaches, the voice says, “Here comes a candle to light up your bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head,” as storm troopers break in and arrest them. All reason has been reduced to ridiculous newspeak, where opposites are connected like, war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

Every time socialism has been tried it has followed the 1984 path instead of the brave new world. Even if the brave new world paradigm could happen it is every bit as dark as 1984. They both have a great deal of commonality. We see the seeds of both being planted today. The surveillance state is growing around the world, to the point where you are even monitored in your own home if you have a smart television, the family is under attack by the state, our education system dumbs down our children to the point they only respond to five second jingles, the world is in perpetual war, we are manipulated by our emotions, sex is held up as the ultimate recreation, newspeak is more and more common from our leaders, and the new class are defacto alphas.

As we watch our world descend into a darkness there is something we can do. We can fight the mind control that tells us that only a new class progressive can win an election, vote our principles instead of our pocketbooks, argue against the need for a surveillance state, refuse to fall for the trap of hate even as those who’s hearts are full of hate claim to be inclusive, protect our constitution at all costs and remain true to liberty… which is the penicillin for the brave new world and 1984. Most of all, we must think with our minds and not with our hearts. Our hearts can be manipulated easily by jingles, calls to emotion and five second sound bites, but our minds require information not mere rimes.

Yes, even a cursory glance at the state of the world today, shows that we are well on our way to 1984. The brave new world might be the goal for our new class alphas but the difference is so small it is insignificant. Humanity, in both scenarios is gone, and people are reduced to expendable automatons, that are as thoughtless as they are vile. To achieve the goal of 1984, or the brave new world would be a catastrophe for the human race, and would usher in a new dark age, far darker and more violent than anything you or I could imagine. The test for us, is if the new class has so perverted us, we are now incapable of withstanding the dystopian future they have in mind for the human race, or do we stand up and push back. Our children’s fate is in our hands. Please God, may we not let them down!


John Pepin

Our Bright Future is in Our Hands.

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if governments did only their core responsibilities, the world’s economy would expand rapidly, wars would become a thing of the past and crime would become rare. People who run the governments around the world, have created a system where their power and wealth is protected and enhanced by regulation, taxes, usurpations and war. To that end the bureaucracy is their most powerful tool. It is in actuality arbitrary rule with an administrative face. The role of government is, and always has been, warped. Since the first tyrant usurped power and attacked his neighbor to expand the tyrant’s domain, government was set up by and for the powerful. That dark paradigm has existed up to today with only a very few bright stars. We remember them in our history books, lore and our imaginations. The future could be bright instead of dark, if governments followed the examples of those singular places and times, where government took it’s rightful role, instead of being the means for evil people to meet their wants at cost to humanity.

When Rome threw off the yoke of the tyranny of kings and became a republic, protecting the rights and property of all the people, it started down a path that would lead it to become the longest lasting empire the world has ever seen. At it’s apex Rome covered most of the then known world. It’s economy was second to none and the military might it wielded couldn’t be matched. Contrary to popular opinion, Rome didn’t invade any of it’s neighbors, it only fought defensive wars, and if a neighbor kept attacking it, Rome would conquer it, leave the government intact, only placing a governor to make sure it didn’t attack Rome again. Every city state that Rome conquered in that way was better off than before in every measurable way. That is how Rome expanded during the republican years.

From this example, we see that when the city state of Rome had a government that followed it’s right role, Rome was prosperous and safe, when it abandoned that right role of government, crime, tyranny and poverty ruled. In republican Rome the people were jealous of their liberty and the elite kept to their place. Once the elite, patricians, realized they had the power to take the wealth and property of the people, plebeians, they began destroying Rome from within. The rot started when those who wielded political power began increasing that power and using it to steal. They must have had some knowledge of what they were doing, but their selfish interests trumped philosophy and patriotism for their country. It has been said that when Rome was a republic, it enjoyed nothing but good fortune, and when it became a tyranny, is suffered nothing but catastrophe. Every nation, country and empire is the same.

One of government’s principle economic downfalls, was the invention of the administrative state, the bureaucracy. A legislative body meets in the open, with every eye of the nation upon it, when an executive signs, vetos or enacts a law there is not one person who doesn’t know who did it and why, but where bureaucracy reigns, every act is hidden by the bureaucracy itself, with no one to hold accountable and no one to who has responsibility. Right government is transparent and accountable while wrong government is opaque and all powerful. By this definition bureaucracy is wrong government. Opaque government is the system most people have had to live under since the dawn of time, and only a very few people in limited periods of time got to enjoy transparent government, before they were destroyed from within, by those very people entrusted with it’s protection. Moreover, bureaucracy needs something to do, and what it does is regulate, and so regulation must grow forever, until the eventual fall.

It is in the interests of those who run governments to make as large a proportion of the population dependent on government, and therefore them, as possible. Doing so increases their power, lowers the chance of their loosing that power and allows them to hand out largess to their cronies. Wealth in such a system flows only to those with political favor. That is how Bernie Sanders, the socialist Senator from Vermont, went from welfare to becoming a multimillionaire simply by holding public office. His case is no different than the Roman statesmen, who connived to take the land from the plebeians, or the elite who took all the land from the citizens of Athens, requiring Solon’s sage innovations. All governments are the same, those with political power live above the law, and those without political power are below it’s protections.

It isn’t me who is saying that limited government creates prosperity, peace and equanimity, it is history, along with the smartest human beings to ever draw a breath, I am just parroting them. Taxes are a drag on the economy, that cannot be denied, and they only go up, regulation is friction to an economy, yet they are never high enough, those in government refuse to hold themselves to any of their own laws or constitutional limits, and there is always some tin pot dictator who wants to subject more people and more land to his despotism. That is the nature of government, we all know this intuitively, but listen when the elite claim limited government would be a catastrophe, and it would be… for them.

The future could be bright, and might be, if only we demand it… but the elite will use every dirty trick in the book to hold onto their usurped power, prerogative and wealth. The internet could be a means to reclaim our sovereignty, but now it is being groped by the greasy hands of the bureaucracy. There are some who say that technology is going to advance so fast, even the most ardent regulator wont be able to reign in our freedom, lets pray and work to that goal. The capacity of humanity to create untold wealth and peace for everyone is unlimited. The only thing standing in the way of humanity’s living in that peace, prosperity and liberty, is government and those who run it.


John Pepin

Are you a Hero or a Villain? Genocide in the Modern World…

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we are at the beginning of another Christian genocide, similar to the Armenian genocide but exceeding it in geographical area and number effected. Another stark difference between the Armenian genocide and today, is the Turks are embarrassed about it, even to this day denying it, but those who are systematically slaughtering Christians today, with the stated goal of ridding the world of Christianity, are open about it and even televise their atrocities. The people of today are different in their reactions as well, in the past, people would have been quite shocked to hear that a whole group of human beings were being systematically exterminated, but today, it appears that very few even care, preferring to turn their heads from the horror and allow it to go on. Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act…

Not to speak against a crime against humanity, and not to act, is to support that crime against humanity and in fact, makes one complicit with that crime. We are a communicative species. We communicate our needs, wants, where the best food is and what tv shows are good. By communicating we help our fellow human beings and are in turn helped. Communication is more than just talking however, it can be verbal, physical or we can withhold information, which is itself a form of communication. We are exposed in our humanity or inhumanity by what we communicate or don’t communicate to others. If we tell someone about a dire threat, we are instrumental in saving them, but if we withhold communication on a deadly threat, then we are to blame if that person dies of it. Not to speak is to speak…

Not to act when you are in a position to act is to empower more of such crimes. Obviously if someone is machine gunning a Mall, we are obliged to seek shelter and our actions are very limited, if however, a monster has a little girl in a bathroom and is raping and strangling her, another man who witnesses it has a human duty to stop it. States have been passing bad Samaritan laws because people have become so selfish and callous. What does it say about a person who allows a heinous crime to go on in their presence and does nothing whatsoever to stop it? It says that person is as much a monster as the perpetrator. Not to act is to act…

We are at the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide. In 1915 during the first world war, the Turks decided they were at war with Christianity, so they decided to exterminate Christians from the Ottoman empire. They slaughtered Christians with glee. Millions of human beings were murdered in the most horrible ways possible. If they refused to convert to Islam, pregnant women had their babies cut from their living stomachs in front of their husbands, children were executed, young girls were crucified, people were put on trains without water in the terrible heat and sent to Syria to be killed. In the end there is no real accounting for how many Christians were murdered then. Not all the Christians that were murdered were Armenians and not all Armenians were killed, but that evil chapter of human history is called the Armenian genocide.

Today there are many places on the Earth where Christians are being systematically eliminated. The slaughter started in Darfur and our silence has empowered the spread across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. There is not a single Muslim nation on the planet where Christians are safe today. The most obvious crimes are by ISIS in the new Caliphate, because they televise the beheadings, crucifixions, and slave markets where little Christian girls as young as five are sold into the sex trade. Nigeria has Boko Haram where dozens of Christian churches have been burned full of congregants, whole Christian villages have been exterminated and little girls are routinely captured and sold into slavery. Pakistan just had a bomb attack on a church that killed many congregants while at Mass. Egypt took a step back from the precipice when El Sisi ousted the Muslim Brotherhood, and by doing so, saved perhaps the last of the Coptic Christians from Genocide. Afghanistan has exterminated Christianity.

Every day that passes without condemnation by the world powers and UN sees an increase in the rate and ferocity of the Christian genocide. Turning a blind eye has never worked in the past but even a small effort can save many. The Rwandan genocide was know by the leaders of the world, as it was happening but nothing was done to stop it. Many in Germany and Poland suspected the Holocaust was happening, but few did anything to save the Gypsies and Jews from that horror, those who did will live forever as heroes of humanity, Oskar Schindler, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Raoul Wallenberg among others. The Armenian Genocide had only one hero, Mehmet Celal Bey, who in a short time saved thousands of human beings from the evil machine of inhumanity.

When genocide is ignored it gets traction, and once it has run for a little time, it gets momentum. The slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is just the beginning, Europe is the next battleground. The Charlie Hebdo attacks, the beheading of a British serviceman by Muslims on the streets of England, the mass surveillance by governments the world over to prevent violent “extremism,” and the exodus of Jewish people from Europe, even in the US, there are places Christians are not safe simply for being Christians, Islam is taught in the schools while Christianity is barred, and the government refuses even to acknowledge it, are all signs the violence and inhumanity are spilling over from the Middle East to the rest of the world. I guess most people identify with the perpetrators and not the victims.

You can remain silent and merely turn your head, by doing so you implicate yourself in the crime, you can withhold action against the crime, which makes you an accomplice, or you can speak and act, which makes you a champion of humanity, like the family who protected and kept Anne Frank’s family in their attic. We have the ability to communicate and we have the ability to act, whether we will or not, depends on our humanity. Those who are human hearted in the Muslim world are acting and speaking, putting their own lives at risk for the Christians, sadly, it seems very few Christians will lift a finger, until they are the targets, then it is too late, you will have become an accomplice in your own family’s murder. Future history will be adamant who the villains and who the heroes are. Speaking and acting makes you a hero, not speaking and not acting makes you a villain… which do you choose to be?


John Pepin

Good Intentions, Bad Ones, and Avarice… the Road to Tyranny

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, bad ones and avarice. Through a sense of altruism, watchers will want to help those they watch, more than they can now, because to do that they always need more power, when they get that power, they find it is insufficient and so… thereby advancing inevitably to tyranny. Tyranny doesn’t require as a prerequisite, malevolent thought, not at all, tyranny can arise from perfectly altruistic intentions. Each man and woman having different tolerances for despotism will wake up and find themselves in tyranny sooner or later, but all eventually will, once it has got too late.

In our modern surveillance state there are watchers, this is a new fact of life, and if they have a sense of compassion, which is a perfectly human quality, those they watch will become like pets, to be protected, nurtured and fed. Imagine having a beloved pet and you can only splash water at it’s dish? Wouldn’t you want the power to pour water directly into it’s dish? Now that you can pour water directly into it’s dish, shouldn’t you have the power to clean it? Isn’t it cruel to force it to drink from a filthy dish? You could minimize the violence it faces by collaring and leashing it. It would get the benefit of not fighting as much and the wounds that come with fighting.

When the watchers have no one to watch them their other human traits come to the fore. Vice, avarice and opulence creeps into the lives of the watchers, with no immediate direct negative consequences, because they are above being watched. No matter if it is personally immoral, socially immoral or just plain uncivilized behavior, the whole of the nation must suffer when the watchers become corrupt. Like a volcano spewing lava from the top, society vomits corruption from the top, and it oozes from the top down, covering the rest of the mountain in due time. Once corruption has reached the lowest echelons of the bureaucracy, you know every inch is saturated.

Our watchers have no one to watch them, the proof is where there have been attempts to limit the actions, even in extreme cases, the watchers have marshaled their political power, through their unions, the political faction that derives it’s sustenance from those unions, the judicial faction that sees our Constitution as liquid, and the unbiased media… to push back those limits. During the financial crisis of 2008, it was discovered that the very people who were supposed to watch over the banking system, were instead, watching porn. When it came out that they were derelict in their duty, their right to watch porn instead of work, was upheld in the arena of political power and they enjoy their right to watch porn at work today.

Which presents us with a second means a watched society can devolve into tyranny, if the first is through a sense of compassion, the second through corruption, and a third a sense of superiority. Sitting in a dark cubicle watching the comings and goings of other people, all day and all night, either directly or indirectly using meta data, can only lead to a sense of superiority. If I am setting there watching some person make the same mistakes over and over, even if I make those same mistakes myself, gives me a sense of superiority. That is human nature.

A sense of superiority dehumanizes those the superior person oversees. They become less than a human being in his or her eyes, they may be beloved pets, chumps to be fleeced or maybe just an ant farm. If you are overseeing an ant farm, you want your ant farm to be bigger than other people’s, don’t you? That would be the goal of an ant farm. So you would do everything you could to make your ant farm bigger. You might find a better medium for the ants and so transfer them into the better sand. They might outgrow the terrarium so you might move them to a larger terrarium. Maybe, you could add some plants for your ants to crawl around on, because it amuses you to watch them crawl around plants.

There is no possible way a system where there is a caste of people who watch the rest of society, enforcing every law, rule, regulation, either civic, social, or criminal, at every moment of the day, everywhere… that doesn’t lead inevitably to despotism and is itself tyranny. If the watchers were computers, programmed to watch everyone, all the time, no matter where they are, would remove the human element. But that would not be acceptable to the elite, who make those laws, rules and regulations. Such a system would enforce their own rules on the elite, which is unacceptable, so they need a group of humans to stand in the way. But even a cursory look at a computer driven system, shows it is utter tyranny of the highest order, it’s one redeeming feature is that even the elite would chafe under it’s provisions, showing that while not being liberty itself, it would lead to liberty in short order.

While the benefits of being watched over, might seem like a good thing to some people, random violent crime would become regular, plenty of soylent green for everyone, parks to crawl around on, everyone could live in Cabrini Green, a vibrant vice economy would employ many, etc… the inevitable tyranny that would result isn’t as rosy. No matter the nature of our watchers, and the likelihood is that every type will be represented, it will initiate a slide to tyranny that will be hard to stop. A Fourth Branch, or NUMAfourth branch, might mitigate the negative side so we could get some of the positives, but that is for another blog. The takeaway point of this article, is that a system where some watch others is a path to tyranny, no matter if the watchers are virtuous or villainous. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, bad ones, and gluttony.


John Pepin

Limits on Speech, Action and Thought are The Progressive Way…

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives want to be able to think as they want, do as they wish and say what they will, while claiming offense whenever someone else exercises those same rights, thus limiting what others can think, their actions and control the dialogue. While a progressive would scream to the heavens if a conservative tried to control what they say but feel entitled to control what a conservative says without the least guilt. This is one of the facets of progressivism that so flummoxes libertarians and conservatives. We are limited in our speech, actions and thought while the progressives are allowed to think of ways to destroy our Constitutional form of government, they are allowed to promote perversion in our schools and their speech is sacrosanct, which limits our ability to effect the society and our civilization and empowers theirs. As we watch our liberties slip away, our options limited and even our thoughts controlled, the means is the double standard where one faction is allowed unlimited actions, speech and thought while those who would oppose them are strictly limited. This paradigm can only lead to suffering and poverty for mankind.

Progressive protesters, like the Occupy crowd, do the most vile things in their protests, yet if anyone were to even brooch the subject of limiting their actions by threat of jail, the unbiased media would fill will vitriol like a tsunami filling a bay in Japan. Like the tsunami lifts the water level above where it normally is, the false outrage generated and promoted by the left, is out of proportion to reality. On the other side of the isle however, laws have been passed limiting where a pro life person can protest, what they can say or show, which amounts to limits of free speech, actions and thought. Courts are finally finding this to be unconstitutional, but the damage is done, a right limited is a right taken away, a right taken away is a right denied and once denied is gone forever.

Today, a Right that is codified in our Constitution, freedom of religion, has taken a backseat to Gay rights, that were invented by progressives to undermine the nuclear family and religion. The firestorm over a freedom of religion acknowledgment law in Indiana is a case in point. What the progressives are actually arguing… is that no matter the religious compunctions of a business owner, they can be forced by writ of law to violate them, at any time for any reason as the elite see fit. The elite see it as their duty to undermine religion and progress all of humanity to becoming atheists.

The elite in our society have absolutely no respect for the rest of us, to the point they see us little more then Guinea pigs, to be experimented on as they see fit. No scientist want’s his experiment subjects to talk back or to have an opinion on the experiments carried out on them, and no politician wants his or her subjects talking back, thinking for themselves, or worse yet, convincing others not to bend to the experiments. That lack of respect is based in a lack of compassion. They claim to have compassion, but their actions, attitudes and rhetoric show they are empty. What scientist has compassion for the rat he while he is inserting electrodes into it’s head?

The lack of respect and compassion by the new class elite for us, along with their method of controlling our speech, actions and thoughts, can only result in poverty, tyranny and suffering. Limiting speech stifles philosophic advancement, controlling actions results in lowered expectations and minimizing thought can only lead to ignorant and thoughtless people. These things do have one benefit however, they allow the elite to amass power, wealth and prestige, while eliminating any threat to the hegemony of the new class. The ability of the new class to control speech, thought and actions is only limited by our fear of the names they call us. They know that, and use that fear as well as our existing liberties to undermine our individual sovereignty.

That is the font of the many inconsistencies of progressivism. They claim aborting an innocent baby is a good thing, but killing a murderer is a bad thing, they argue the sexual preference of an individual trumps my religious right of conscience, they detonate bombs with impunity and we can’t even open a lemonade stand without their permission, the list of inconsistencies of the policies of new class progressives is limitless. We are to ignore those inconsistencies and lapses of logic for the beauty of their Utopian new world order.

So here we are, in a place where one faction can say anything, do anything and think anything, while they deny the rest of humanity those freedoms. That faction that has risen above the rest of us, has an agenda that is as diabolical as it is conniving. They have no respect or compassion for the rest of humanity, which they see as mere lab rats to be manipulated as they see fit, so they have no guilt to muddy up their world view. The only place such a system can lead is one where poverty, tyranny and slavery are the norm. We only have ourselves to blame. We have allowed it, gone along blindly and voted for them. We have been tricked by the oldest con game in existence, trusting a despot not to be who he is.


John Pepin

The War on… Small Businesses

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… small businesses are under attack in the US like never before. The first step to starting a small business is higher than ever, the red tape to running a small business is stickier, anyone owning a small business can be required by force of law to violate their religious principles, minimum wage laws limit the utility of new employees, Obama care constrains the size of a small business as well as increases the cost of compliance, and not one of these hindrances to small business is getting better, in fact, they are getting worse. Since small businesses are the font of innovation in any economy, provide the bulk of jobs, create elasticity in the labor market and are the single biggest source of societal wealth, you would think government would try to improve the environment for small businesses, instead of making it all but impossible to start and run one, but government seems intent on wiping small businesses from the economic landscape.

Starting and running a small business is a gamble in the best of times. Even when there was little regulation and low to no taxes starting a small business required a lot of investment in money and time. Sweat equity was one of the ways people could start a small business in the past. Today, with regulations digging a wide moat around the start up process, that calculation becomes ever more risky, and sweat equity becomes impossible. Gamblers will take risks but no sane person will jump into a loose loose scenario.

Small businesses are where innovation starts in an economy. Monopolies may be able to produce a product at a lower price point than a small business, but monopolies never innovate. It is not in the interests of those that run a monopoly to innovate. Change is painful in a giant corporation. Innovation is always done by small businesses… and innovation is the primary driver of economic growth! The Schumpetarian model of economic growth, the creative destruction cycle, is all about innovation. Stop innovation and economic growth stops. Perhaps that is why central banks inflate so many bubbles today, to give the illusion of economic growth, to hide the fact that government policies have ground our actual economic growth to a halt.

Small businesses employ most of the labor force. Chances are you work or have worked for a small business but not so likely you have worked for a giant corporation. Most people work for a small business. One of the reasons is simply because, there are so many small businesses, another is that huge corporations reach a resonant employee equilibrium. A firm grows organically as it’s market share goes up, demand for it’s product rises or both. Once it has reached it’s potential, it stops hiring more people, the unit labor cost per unit becomes less and less, which is the source of efficiency of a large corporation. That is why they can make products cheaper than small businesses.

Under conditions where starting a business is easy, when someone gets laid off or looses their job, they have the option of starting a business to replace it. In doing so, they pull more people into the labor force, to do labor the owner cannot or doesn’t have time to do. This has the effect in an economy of driving up demand for labor. When the system of small business creation is undermined, for whatever reason, the demand for labor goes down and wages follow it. One sure sign of this paradigm at work, is comparing wages across decades and correcting for inflation, real inflation, not the fiction that we are sold about deflation. If real wages are falling, it is a certain sign small businesses are suffering.

To run a small business in the US today you have to give up your religion. More and more the new class elite are forcing small business owners to violate their deeply held religious faiths. Not just small business owners but all business owners. This is the implementation of the newly established State religion of atheism. We all know dozens of examples of this in action. A person of faith has two choices, running a business in violation of your faith, or giving it up and working for someone else. Look at the firestorm over legislation giving people of faith standing in court, to protect their First Amendment Rights against intrusions by government, in Indiana.

The proof is in the pudding so to speak. Small business start ups in the US are negative for the first time in US history. That means more small businesses are going belly up than are being created! As I have been pointing out in this article, small businesses are the source of innovation and thus growth in an economy, they employ most of the labor force, they create elasticity in the labor market by providing an outlet for people if they are laid off, etc… The destruction of small businesses can only lead to lower wages, negative economic growth and a diminishing standard of living. The answer is to eliminate as much regulations as possible, lower taxes, eliminate minimum wage laws and allow small business owners their right of conscience, but the elite would never allow that to happen… so it is what it is.


John Pepin