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Resistance to the New World Order is Futile…

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the long knives will be coming out for Ted Cruz, on both the left and the right. The elite cannot allow a politician to undo all the advances they have made, in perverting our Constitution, installing a police state and getting us to go along with opaque government, while we are stripped naked before government. No, those advances are too hard fought, too long in coming, and too empowering for the elite… for the elite to allow that. That is why the left and the right are united in their hatred of Ted Cruz. He not only stands in the way of their progress to tyranny but he threatens to even reverse it! The new class cannot allow liberty at the table of power, because liberty is a mortal danger to the despotic police state, their end goal. It is amazing that the new class, on both sides of the isle, will always come together in that one thing… to destroy a constitutionalist.

The new class media have already lobbed a few salvos at Ted Cruz. The birther debate, while ignored by the media when it came to Obama’s fake birth certificate, is a very important piece of news today. You can always count on the media to do their very best work, when it comes to personally destroying someone who stands for liberty, while supporting and backing a politician who seeks to subjugate the people. It is their forte. Their undying enmity for anyone who believes in liberty and is not on board with the new class agenda, to progress the US and indeed the world to a Utopian socialist state, where liberty is so far behind it cannot be seen in the rear view mirror, is their one universal quality.

Politicians in Cruz’s own party have attacked him mercilessly, even while refusing to attack Obama for subverting our Constitution, not following laws or even court orders. Those who like to claim they are conservatives seem to be happy with more government… as long as they are the ones to control it. The power brokers in the republican party hate Ted Cruz more than the democrats. When Ted Cruz stood up and filibustered Obama care, an action that was favored by the American people but despised by the elite, his own party were his worst attackers. I am sure republicans will place more knives in Ted Cruz’s back to add to the ones they have already embedded there.

The democrat party has been totally usurped by outright Marxists. Such great names in democrat politics, like John Kennedy and Harry Truman, would not even be allowed on stage next to Elizabeth Warren or Barack Obama. Their extreme stances on abortion, the federal reserve, US sovereignty, ect… couldn’t be stood by today’s democrats. Those who worship at the alter of Marx and international socialism have no time for anyone who isn’t in their denomination. The Marxists are smart however, evil and conniving, but smart, they will allow the republican progressives to destroy Cruz, keeping their hands clean to destroy the progressive the republicans do run.

If Ted Cruz gets the nomination however, and goes for the sixty percent of the US electorate that are fed up with the false choice we are given, as Reagan did, then he would win in a landslide… which would be intolerable. So the pundits, brainiacs and cronies of big government, will claim he is a fool if he doesn’t go for the five percent who vote, but are so confused, they have no idea what for. Since that worked out so well for Romney. The sixty percent who want more liberty, less corruption, transparent and limited government, are to be ignored as extremists and nuts. Ted Cruz has the ability to appeal to those of us who are tired of the choice of a Marxist or a Socialist. Those of us who want our government to follow our Constitution, as we are forced to follow their laws and regulations, could have a choice, unless Cruz is destroyed by the new class.

Personal destruction is very effective at getting the worst possible candidate, from a liberty point of view, and has worked wonders to pervert our political system. Reagan was attacked at every turn. He was hated by the republican elite as much as by the democrats and media. They called him the “Teflon President,” because they threw so much spurious mud at Reagan, and none of it stuck. Harry Truman was loathed by the new class. They despised Truman because he was a man of the people, and most alarmingly, he didn’t have a college degree! He hadn’t been indoctrinated by the new class! Ted Cruz will suffer attacks from all three sides. His own villainous party will attack him most duplicitously, the media will go after his character and democrats will feed lies and rumors to Cruz’s detractors. Ted Cruz has his work cut out for him. The ground won’t be smoothed for him, as it was for Obama, it will be plowed up and mined. If he can succeed, and he is who he claims to be, the real winners will be the American people. If he is destroyed and a progressive is put up, like another Bush, the victory for the new class and the Marxists will come at great cost to the American people.


John Pepin

The 100 Trillion Dollar Bond Bubble

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, whenever a bubble is expanding, articles are written by the smartest people in the room, excoriating those who are “loosing out” on the huge profits. The more the bubble grows the more shrill those pundits become. This is because a bubble is in reality a trick of perception. That is why so many are caught in them. We see easy money and the lure is too much for us to withstand, we are cajoled by those who are wallowing in money they “made” from the bubble, and we become jealous, moreover we convince ourselves that the bubble will inflate forever, and so we jump in. The result? People loose their hard earned savings, nations become bankrupt, wars are started and governments fall. History is replete with stories of epic bubbles and the chaos they wrought on humanity, yet the frequency and size of bubbles grows with every passing year. Your savings, your national budget and your very life is dependent upon you and your government learning this lesson, a leasson that has been taught so many times in the past.

Tzu Ssu said, “Everyone says “I Know” but they are driven into nets, caught in traps, fall into pitfalls, and not one knows how to avoid this…” Bubbles are a perfect example of what the sage meant in his “Mean in action.” Seeking great profits for little or no effort, certainly, by any measure, is not the mean in action! To follow the crowd into a trap is not the mean nor is running off a cliff. The wise avoid danger when a safe path is before them but a fool will jump at the chance to step into a bear trap. It is a sad quality of humanity that we are so. But that it is a quality of humanity doesn’t mean it must always be so. Tzu Ssu also said, “He [the enlightened man] preserves an easy mind as he awaits the will of heaven, (in contrast to) the man who is not true, who walks in perilous paths and hopes for good luck.”

When a pundit brings up the hundreds of trillion dollar bond bubble, other pundits will say, “I know,” but then argue how bonds are the safest investment. They will harangue others who have stayed out as loosing their client’s money and not taking advantage of opportunity. The harassment ratchets up if a bubble doesn’t burst when someone predicts it will, convincing the rest of the herd to believe it will expand forever. We convince ourselves we are missing a great opportunity and that if we stay out it will pass us by. Opportunity only knocks once you know. But is that knocking really opportunity… or misfortune?

The tulip bubble was a classic example. As the price of tulip bulbs grew so did everyone’s interest in them. The Dutch could be forgiven since bubbles were a relatively new economic phenomenon. They poured the national treasure into more and more exotic tulip bulbs. The more colorful and extreme the better. The bubble grew to encompass almost all the wealth of the people and royalty. The bubble expanded for quite a while, creating untold wealth… until it was discovered that the striations and many of the exotic qualities of many of the bulbs, was due to a virus and not genetics! Then the bottom fell out of the tulip bulb bubble. Overnight the wealth of Holland was lost. It took decades to rebuilt even a portion of what was lost.

How many nations on Earth are issuing more debt, debt that is rated AA or better, who are actually insolvent? Greece is rated junk bond status but still borrows money at absurdly low interest. The US is insolvent by many standards but pays essentially a zero interest rate, and some European countries are paying negative interest! Banks are required by law, to hold government debt, which lowers the rate of interest a government pays for racking up debt and creates a false shortage of bonds. Even as governments pile debt upon debt, central banks print money and hand it to banks to buy that debt. The machine works day and night inflating the bond bubble.

I am not saying the bond bubble will burst tomorrow, or even next year, I strongly suspect it will be held together, by central banks and other interested actors, until at least 2017 for political considerations. But, by their nature, bubbles are unpredictable. It could burst tomorrow or next year. There is really no knowing what will prick the bubble and cause it to burst, with all the negative consequences that humanity has suffered in the past. This bubble however dwarfs any that have preceded it. The collapse of the big banks that required a bailout for them, was fueled by a bubble created by central bank policies, and this bond bubble is only different in orders of magnitude. I know, I know, I am missing out on a great opportunity… to get driven into a net, caught in a trap, fall in a pitfall…


John Pepin

A Platform of Liberty is Unthinkable to the Elite

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a political party actually seeks liberty, campaigning on a platform of slavery is probably not a good idea. Of course they don’t call it slavery overtly. Those who, like Philistus, favor arbitrary rule, always couch their rhetoric in flowery phrases and spurious arguments. None of us knowingly seeks to be a slave, but many if not most, seek to be cared for, like children… or slaves. Yet a large percent of the population know the strings that are attached to government largess and refuse to be fooled. Those egoists who favor arbitrary power, their arbitrary power, pervert all political systems so there is no real choice. They claim the choice is between Marxism and Fascism, liberty is never a option. They play on the selfish wants of ignorant people to trick them into voting for their oppressors. In that way, the political elite have moved nations from liberty to tyranny, helped and aided by the very people to be subjugated!

Those who seek to be fed, clothed and housed at another’s expense, understand on some level they are giving up sovereignty for it. In wanting to be treated as a child by government one becomes childlike. A child is fed, clothed, and housed, but has no say in their lives. A child is told, and forced if necessary, to do what the parent, or government elite, tell them to. But, while a parent loves and nurtures their own child, holding the child’s interests above their own, government sees their children, the people, as mere tools to their ends, the welfare of any one person is irrelevant because there are plenty more if a few die or are broken.

A part of the population, rational maximizers,  understand the reality that liberty is incompatible with government coddling. Since we are given a false choice, either Marxism or Fascism, those who understand that it is a false choice will drop out of a corrupt system, and stop voting. If there is only the choice of this dictator or that despot, there is no real choice. To vote for the one because they will manage the leviathan better is no choice if one wants liberty. Only a politician who stands for liberty will be honored with the vote of an adult. A child however, will vote for the mommy or daddy who offers the most comfort, for the least effort.

In the United States this has been the paradigm for generations. The democrats offer more government largess, and the republicans offer better management of the tyranny the democrats create. Romney care for example, worked better than Obama care, but they are both a means to slavery! That the one tyrant is better at managing the tyranny than the one who builds it, is an anathema to those of us who seek liberty, not slavery. This is why such a pathetically small percentage of the population actually cast ballots. In the 2010 US election a paltry 37% of the eligible population voted! That means, Obama was elected by less than 20% of the people! 63% of the people didn’t think they had any real choice.

Yet the republicans continue to go for the 2-8% of people in the so called “middle.” They see that as a more viable strategy, than seeking the vote of the 63%, that are so disgusted with the false choice, they sit out elections. Even someone schooled by Common Core understands, 63% of a population is nearly 8 times larger than 8%, an order of magnitude larger. Yet republicans don’t seem to be able to do the math. That 60% of people who don’t vote, aren’t seeking more slavery, to be surveilled more or to be coddled, those individuals seek liberty. It is only by offering liberty, like Ronald Reagan did, that any politician can get their vote. By eschewing those votes, the actions of the republicans as well as the democrats, belie their intentions. Democrats want arbitrary power and the republicans think they can manage that arbitrary power better.

This same paradigm works in every nation on Earth. Why do you suppose Greece is in the predicament it is? Is it because the evil big banks have stolen from the Greek people? Of course not. The Greek government has willingly taken money from those evil big banks to feed, clothe and house children, who just happen to be over 18 years old. Do you suppose Italy’s problem is the mammoth debt… or the policies that led to that debt? Those children, who have been fed, clothed and housed, when faced with the removal of that largess, like children throw a temper tantrum and riot. Those who have got the benefit of crony capitalism, will not budge, as those who play Bacci ball on the beach are irate their sugar daddy might not be able to perpetually fund their “way of life.”

The real economy of those states that coddle the people is inevitably ruined. Crony capitalism is as corrosive of an economy as sulfuric acid is to aluminum. Welfare burns the work ethic from a people as effectively as water does lithium. Both together utterly destroy a country’s economy. Since there are no jobs for those children who have been coddled by government to go to, and they have been rendered unable to participate in the economy anyway, they have no choice but to riot in the streets. When the party comes crashing down, as it must eventually, there is only one choice, outright tyranny, to quell popular distemper. Which is the ultimate goal anyway showing why political parties don’t run on a platform of liberty in the first place.


John Pepin

Netanyahu’s Election

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when someone is intent on killing you, the only meaningful negotiation you can have with them is… the method of your death. The recent victory of Benjamin Netanyahu shows the Israeli people are not content to negotiate the method of their death, they seek life, even in the face of hatred and bigotry. The results of that election hold lessons for the world in general and the US in particular. It would seem that this election puts Israel on a collision course with those who seek to exterminate the Jews. It is truly sad, when the international community takes the position that a race of people should be exterminated, but that is effectively the position of the UN today. Many people wrongly think that the extermination of the Jews and Israel will result in peace. The truth is… that is a fool’s errand. To seek peace in such a way is to ensure war. What is most important to understand however, is that if Israel is destroyed, and the Jews are exterminated, war will sweep the globe. War that is both a religious war and a war of extermination with all the human suffering that goes along with any war.

In a speech about Libenstraum and the extermination of the Polish people Hitler is remembered as saying… “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians!” Hitler meant that once a people are killed, there is no one to call attention to that atrocity. If no one will stand with those who are threatened with murder, then it follows, that no one will call attention to it after the fact. Simply because doing so calls attention to the complicity of everyone who let it happen. It is not human nature to seek to let the future know what a heinous bastard one is. That is why exterminations of vast swaths of humanity are quickly forgotten.

Israel is surrounded by people that openly call for their extermination. For 1500 years, war, usurpation, tyranny and oppression have been the norm. Those who are not members of the officially sanctioned group, are routinely murdered, stolen from, enslaved and raped. The history of that part of the world is written in the blood of innocents. Such exclusive people cannot abide others who are not members of the select group living among them, and so have sworn to kill every last Jew on the planet, for having the audacity to return to the empty desert that was their homeland before their return. The Israelis know this all too well and know the consequences of capitulation.

Allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons in such a climate is the height of either stupidity, hubris or villainy. Iran’s government is controlled by zealots who are anxious to die. The people of Iran used to be very cosmopolitan, enlightened and open minded. Their thousands of years history is singular in it’s contributions to humanity. It was Cyrus the great who saved the Jews from captivity in Babylon and returned them to their homeland, resulting in the first rebirth of that nation. Sadly the people of Iran have no say in their government. They are given a choice of this zealot or that terrorist. In their uprising Obama abandoned them to the zealots, to be murdered, tortured and otherwise slapped back down.

When the Ayatollah seized power in Iran there were many Iranians studying in the US. I knew one. His name was Sayyid. He was a good guy, and although he is my age, is probably dead today. He told me that the people who had usurped power were insane. I asked what he meant, he shuddered and said, they are evil men. He understood who they were, they are what is referred to as, “Twelvers.” An end of the world cult who believe it is their duty to wash the world in blood to bring back the twelfth Imam. Who will team up with Jesus and cut the heads from all Christians, Jews Buddhists, Hindus, etc… To allow, and even to pave the way for such people to get nuclear weapons, is not only an attack on the Jews, who are the main targets of those nutcases, but an abandonment of the Persian people as well, who will certainly suffer in the inevitable retaliation.

Judging by his actions Obama is totally cool with the extermination of the Jews. He, being raised as a Muslim, even though he has converted to Christianity, knows full well the end times philosophy of the theocracy in Iran. Since he is intent on giving them a path to get nuclear weapons, even to the point of unconstitutionally cutting the Senate from the process… by his actions, which speak louder than words if only you listen, he doesn’t have a problem with the extermination of the Jews, Persians and even the American people. Perhaps Europe would be spared direct attack, but would breathe radioactive air during a nuclear winter, for a few decades. Kind of makes getting rid of nuclear reactors redundant doesn’t it? How do you suppose all those solar panels will work under a permanent radioactive cloud?

The people of Iran recently sent Obama an open letter pleading for his support in overthrowing the psychopaths that run Iran, a letter that will be given a good leaving alone, by Obama and the unbiased media. Since the Lunatic fringe government in Iran calls the US the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan,” it should be obvious who the second, or maybe first, target of nuclear attack would be. Other regional powers are not so sanguine about Iran’s getting nuclear capability. They rightly understand that a nuclear armed Iran would threaten them too, and so if Iran gets close, they will arm as well. Setting off a nuclear arms race in the region that can only end in nuclear winter for the planet.

Despite illegally spending huge amounts of US taxpayer money to unseat Netanyahu, so a willing accomplice would be elected, the Israeli people voted to live instead of negotiate their execution. There is a lesson here for American libertarians and conservatives. Netanyahu didn’t track to the left, he went more right. Unlike Republicans who abandon their base the first chance they get. That is why so few Americans vote today. We understand we have a false choice. This Marxist or that Progressive. They both have the same agenda, and it is not liberty nor prosperity, it is slavery. In the last election for President, a bit over fifty percent of the eligible population voted, less than forty percent in 2010! signaling how wide the gulf has become… between the republican party, yea the entire political establishment, from the American people. Yes, politicians in the US could learn a lesson from Netanyahu’s election.

Those who seek the extermination of the Jews, got a slap in the face yesterday, and for that they will be angry. It is self evident, those in the UN who insist on Israel’s concession to those who seek her annihilation, must seek it as well. In their hatred, Iran is a proxy and victim, in their unsubtle attempt to wipe out Israel and the Jews. Moreover, by his actions Obama is complicit in the future crime against humanity, despite his assurances to the contrary. He is placid about the clear and present danger, not only to the Jews by nuclear armed suicidal zealots, but even to the existential threat to the US! It is clear that the Republicans could learn a thing or two from the election in Israel, but that lesson is lost on those unwilling to learn. To sum it all up, the villains in the world will be calling Netanyahu a villain… because he and the Jews refuse to be exterminated gracefully.


John Pepin

Equality, Fairness, Fraternity and Brotherly Love…

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… liberty is the answer to all of our desires. Those who seek equality, fairness, fraternity and brotherly love, the answer is, and has always been, liberty. To seek equality through oppression is like breaking someone’s bones and expecting them to run a marathon. To try to attain fairness by force is like strangling someone with velvet rope. To achieve fraternity with exclusivity is to take a fish out of water. Finally, to create brotherly love with hate, is baking a cake with nightshade as flavoring. No matter how much someone might want to get these things, fairness, equality, brotherly love and fraternity, the means is always liberty… oppression, force, exclusivity and hate create the opposite of the desired goal. This is terribly important for people to understand, so that we can achieve these things, instead of searching for them by destroying them.

Equality is to be treated the same. It is not equal distribution of the goods of society, it is to be seen as the same as everyone else. Equality is an attitude, not a state of being, it is a state of mind. To confuse a state of mind with a state of being is the source of the misunderstanding. A state of mind cannot be got by oppressing certain people, it cannot be had by government lowering some to the state of others, it must be created by holding everyone the same. Oppression and force effect the state of being, liberty effects the attitude. An attitude can only be effected by changes to the mindset from oppression to liberty… of individuals, politicians and the cultural elite.

Fairness is another state of mind and not a state of being. One cannot force another to be fair and thought is not subject to regulation. That is absurd. To be fair a person needs first to treat all people equally. So if equality requires as a prerequisite liberty, and fairness requires treating others equally, than liberty is a prerequisite for fairness as well. It is the opposite of fairness, to damage the one to help the other, that is the definition of unfairness. Force cannot make people treat each other fairly, it is the application of unfairness to create fairness, which intuitively, is unfair. To be fair to each other, we must have the mind set that everyone is equal, to hold some more equal than others, is the very opposite of fairness.

Fraternity is a state of the heart. A state of the heart cannot be changed by force, it is not subject to government regulation and it certainly is not improved by hate. Fraternity is to both support each other and to be friends with our fellow human beings. It should be obvious that the state of the heart of fraternity cannot be created by exclusivity. How can we hold others as our fellows if we are exclusive in our love of them? Those people are bad, and so they are not deserving… is the opposite of fraternity. To be exclusive in our love cannot lead to mutual support, it cannot create friendship, no, such a feeling instead makes us angry, hateful and jealous. Fraternity is the opposite of jealousy, hate and anger, it is to support each other, to be friendly and help our fellow travelers, regardless even of their flaws.

Brotherly love is another state of the heart. Hate is the opposite of love and so cannot be the font of any form of love whatsoever. To harbor, nurse and husband hate in our hearts is to reject brotherly love. Love of our brothers and sisters improves the lot of mankind, it makes us healthier, it makes the economy work better, it enriches us in so many ways that it is hard to fathom why so many of us wax hatred in our hearts. To hold hate in our hearts is to lower ourselves below animals. A mere animal doesn’t hate, but it can love, and so to hate is to opt to be lower than an animal. Our hearts are there to love. The love of humanity, not one segment, not one economic group, and not a certain religion, is the definition of brotherly love. Hate lowers while love elevates.

The underlying theme is, to effect a state of mind and a state of heart, there must be liberty. Oppression, force, exclusivity and hate are the opposite of liberty. They are the tools of evil. It is self evident, that the tools of evil cannot lead to a good outcome, no matter how much someone might want them to, the tools of evil will never achieve good, no matter how many times they are tried, and the tools of evil always result in evil, no matter who uses them. The tools of evil must be rejected, while liberty, the tool of good must be embraced.

Liberty is the tool of virtue. To be effective however, liberty must be used, inculcated, felt and understood. We can talk all we want about liberty, but until we actually implement it, in our own hearts and minds, the result will always fall short. So we must ask ourselves, do we want equality, fairness, fraternity and brotherly love, or do we want to continue to oppress, use force, be exclusive, and harbor hate in our hearts? The two paths diverge in liberty. It is up to us what future we beget to our children…


John Pepin

Repent! The Global Warming Apocalypse is Nigh!

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the global warming crowd have become like the guy who stands on a street corner with a sign that says, “Repent! The end is near!” The main differences are, the guy on the street corner doesn’t exact money from taxpayers to prove his ideas, and his prediction is based on the prophets, who made accurate predictions in the past, where the global warming alarmists, extract money from the rest of us at gunpoint, demand our unquestioned obedience and have never made an accurate prediction. Despite the many predictions of catastrophe by the anthropogenic climate change doomsayers not one of their predictions has ever panned out. Not only has the global warming crowd failed to make any accurate predictions, based on their hypothesis, but all the Eco Henny Penny’s are uniform in that they are always wrong, at least so far. Despite the track record of failure to predict anything, the people that shill for global warming claim, we must act now! Of course, acting now means giving them unlimited power over us and smashing our economy, else they predict terrible things will happen… like a collapsing economy and tyranny.

Millions, perhaps billions of research dollars are handed out every year, to promote and dream up what terrible consequences might happen when our planet warms, because you drive to work and live in a heated house. Anyone can get access to that treasure trove of money just by writing a grant paper in which you will predict some disaster that “will” be generated by anthropogenic climate change. I predict… global warming will result in more big toe bones being broken. Since the temperatures will be higher, and people are more lethargic in heat, more people will stub their toes, and voila, more broken toe bones, all because you want to be able to cook your food! That should be worth a few million to verify.

The reason we drive past the guy on the street corner with a sign claiming the end is nigh, and shake our heads, is because nut jobs have been claiming the end is nigh, since the time of Christ. Every generation has had it’s supposed prophet of doom giving the day and time of the apocalypse, and every one has been wrong. Someday one will be right, the world will end, not because they see the future… but in the same way a stopped clock is correct twice a day. The stopped clock is not accurate but time overtakes it. The street preacher bases his or her warnings, on the predictions of the prophets, who have made accurate predictions in the past. Prophecy however is not subject to time constraints, and makes no such claim, as do climate change fear mongers.

The enlightenment was all about not taking the word of authorities just because of their authority. The new means was supposed to be debate and logic, as the arbiters of what is right, instead of authority. The heirs of the enlightenment however have a different take. They agree that we shouldn’t believe anything certain authorities tell us, even when their predictions turn out to be correct, but to accept without question their word, because they are the authority in science. Not to take a position on birth control but to illustrate the point… When the Pill came out, Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae, in which he predicted a dramatic rise in divorces, children born out of wedlock, abortions and venereal diseases, (all of which have happened), he was vilified by the heirs to the enlightenment, and is even more hated today for his correct predictions.

The global warming crowd, on the other hand, have a zero track record in their predictions. So far not one prediction of any of the Eco alarmists has come true. Who could forget Al Gore’s prediction in 2008 that the polar ice caps would be gone in 5 years? Well, 2013 has come and passed and the ice caps are bigger than ever. In the 1970s the new class was shilling a new round of glaciation. To stop it they envisioned all kinds of dangerous remedies. Rachel Carson predicted, in her book Silent Spring, millions of deaths by pesticide poisoning, the extinction of birds and bees, none of which came true. Her book was largely responsible for the eradication of DDT however, which led to the resurgence of malaria… and millions of deaths from that dreaded disease.

Which brings me to the focal point of this article, that entrusting self appointed egoists the power to make planet wide changes based on their self interested predictions, is a recipe for true disaster. Today, there are scientists who want to put mirrors in orbit to direct some sunlight away from the planet, some want to seed the oceans with iron to stimulate algae growth to suck up carbon dioxide and others want to force millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s crust to sequester it. No way any of those schemes could go disastrously wrong. Like introducing the cane toad to Australia.

Global warming alarmists are similar to the guy on the street corner, but the guy on the street doesn’t demand you give your money and sovereignty to him, only to repent. The climate change crowd refuses debate, because it might diminish their authority, and thereby reject the advances of the enlightenment. While a sign that tells us to repent is based on past predictions, that have come true, those of the Eco fear mongers are based on predictions that have never panned out. When you drill down to the reality of what the green movement stands for, it is not environmentalism, nor saving the whales, but socialism and the unlimited power socialism will give them. That is why their arguments are so inconsistent, the voracity of their predictions irrelevant and they argue against the enlightenment, it is because they are not advocating for their real goal, total control of the hoi polloi.


John Pepin

What is Wrong With the Republicans?

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me… you have to wonder what is wrong with the Republican party. They were elected in a landslide to counter Obama’s extra constitutional actions, especially on immigration, they have control of the House and Senate, yet they go along with everything Obama is doing to the country in direct violation of their mandate! Take illegal immigration for example, a policy in which the vast majority of the electorate agree needs to be addressed, but the republicans have become accomplices in amnesty! They could have defunded Obama care, but didn’t, and so have saddled the US economy with at least another year of that economic train wreck. It makes one wonder what the republicans actually will do? They were happy to attack Ted Cruise, when he stood up for our Constitution, but are unwilling to attack Obama for violating that Constitution. It would seem, the republican elite agree with Obama in moving the country from Constitutional rule, to arbitrary power, they just want to be the ones to run it. However, as opposed to Obama who is doing it out in the open, the republicans are backing Obama’s power grab in secret. As I always say, look at someone’s actions, not their rhetoric, actions speak the truth where rhetoric is mostly lies.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants is a home run for the republicans. The vast majority of Americans want to put an end to illegal immigration. Secure the boarders is a winner in poll after poll. The average guy and gal know, illegal immigration drives down wages, is an incentive for crime, unbalances the demographics, creates a class that is above the law as well as a permanent underclass, etc… the American people want the boarder secure and don’t want more incentives for people to come here illegally. Amnesty, the dream act, releasing alien criminals out on the streets, not enforcing drunk driving laws on illegals, allowing identity theft, etc… sends exactly the wrong message! Yet the Republicans will not fight Obama even on that issue! Despite the backing of the vast majority of the electorate!

In Silicon Valley, American programmers are teaching immigrants to do their jobs, then are laid off! So those new class run, billion dollar highly profitable companies, can lower wages in the high tech sector! In every sector of the economy the new class are using immigrants as a hammer to pound the wages of Americans lower. Americans are becoming very angry at our government for encouraging the destruction of jobs, lowering of our wages and changing the demographics of our nation. Clearly the government is not working in the best interests of citizens. The new class doesn’t like how we vote, and so since they can’t change how we vote and think, they will change us. Such actions are sinister.

Everyone who is honest with him or herself knows Obama care has been a catastrophe for the American economy. It limits the size of business, it limits the amount of full time work firms can have, it has driven up costs dramatically, while lowering the quality of service, it has nationalized a huge portion of the economy and it is creating a two tiered healthcare system, one for the haves and the other for everyone else. Poll after poll show the American people do not like Obama care, we don’t like it in our lives, we don’t like it for our wives, we don’t like it at our jobs, we don’t like it’s huge cost. We don’t like it in the mall, we don’t like Obama care at all. But the republicans can’t even bring themselves to defund that widely hated power grab to undermine individual sovereignty.

Who are we to vote for then? If we vote for the democrats we know what we are getting, new class progressives who despise our Constitution and the Rights it guarantees. If we vote for republicans, they will do the exact same things as democrats, just claiming they disagree. At least the democrats are honest that they hate God, our Rights and our Constitution. Republicans are connivers who claim to love those things, but go along with everything the democrats do to undermine them. Is it any wonder the percentage of the American population that doesn’t vote is getting ever larger? Obama was elected both times with less than twenty eight percent of the American people’s votes! Less then forty percent of Americans eligible to vote are so offended by the lack of real choices they don’t even bother to participate in the rigged system the new class has devised.

Our two party system has been perverted. The new class took the soviet example to heart. You have a choice… a choice between this Marxist, or that Marxist. Both options are exactly the same they differ in name only. The new class has engineered a means by which they can move the US away from Constitutional rule… with it’s hated limits on government power, Judeo Christian moral structure, and market system, to one where no matter who you vote for, it moves the ball down the road to serfdom. Today, our Constitution means whatever they say it does, just like the barn in Orwell’s Animal Farm. All animals are equal, but some animals are MORE equal than others… Perhaps we should vote for and back the Tea party as a real alternative to serfdom? Or, do more of the same and expect different results.


John Pepin

Net Neutrality and the Corruption of Regulation

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if “net neutrality” was a standard, it would only require a page at most to explain it, it would be open to the public and would actually standardize access for new businesses, since it is over three hundred pages, is not available to the public, even for comment, and passed by the bureaucracy in darkness, shows it is regulation that should have been forcefully condemned by everyone. The unbiased media claim the regulation will force internet providers, like the politically disfavored firm Comcast, to allow all data to go through their networks without bias. Of course, that description only took one sentence. The regulation took over three hundred pages which can only make us ponder what else is in it? Furthermore, the regulation was and is not open to the public for review, so one must wonder, how does the unbiased media know anything at all about it? The government claims the regulation will help protect free speech… by regulating it. Because nothing is as free as when you have to get permission from government to do it. The only entity it seems that was allowed, not only to see the regulation, but change it to suit their needs… was Google. All of which illustrates the point I have made many times in my articles, that regulation is destructive of the market while standardization is helpful.

If the regulation was “neutral,” then why was the largest internet company on the planet, allowed to change it to suit their wants and needs? Proving it is not neutral but biased. Regulation, as I have said before, is by design a means for politically favored companies to avoid competition (crony capitalism), to give politically favored groups a leg up on an otherwise free interaction (state discrimination), protect politicians ambitions (enshrine political power) or to establish a politically favored company’s monopoly. Regulation never goes away it only gets more convoluted and destructive of market interactions as time goes on. Those who pass regulation don’t ever want people to understand what it is really for, so they always couch it in good sounding terms like, neutrality, when nothing could be further from the truth. But then again, truth has nothing to do with politics… does it?

A standard is simple to understand. All standards are this way, a gallon is a fixed amount, a mile is a fixed distance, HDTV is a fixed way of encoding video and sound, etc… A standard applies equally to everyone, and as such, is a benefit to the market. Confucius called it, rectifying terms. Imagine if a gallon was a regulation instead of a standard… How would that work, well a gallon of oil would be different from a gallon of milk which would vary depending on who the buyer was or the seller was. The volume of a gallon of water would vary depending on it’s purity content. The regulation of a gallon would run into the hundreds or thousands of pages of regulation… to protect the interests of politically favored people, groups and companies. Imagine how hard it would be to do business in liquids if that was the case? Every firm would need armies of accountants to comply with the regulation. That net neutrality took over three hundred pages is proof it is a regulation not a standard.

How does the media know… that which we are not allowed to know? Obama has prosecuted and jailed more whistle blowers than every other administration combined. His iron fisted hold on information is legendary. Since that is the case, how is it the unbiased media have information that is not in the public domain? …and are not being hounded for it, like Cheryl Atkinson? The only answer is, they are reporting press briefings on the regulation, and not on the actual content. They are merely parroting the propaganda that those who seek to regulate the internet want them to parrot. If the media took their station as the fourth estate seriously, they would verify the party line independently, that they didn’t, shows they are the willing dupes, or cronies, of nefarious government officials.

In what universe has regulation ever made anything more free? Regulation creates barriers to entry, it increases the cost of doing business, it requires government permission to do business, it crushes firms that are not politically favored and it drives up the cost of products and services. Regulation is the opposite of free, it is designed to regulate that which otherwise would be free! When government decides what you can and cannot say, is that more free or less free? Is an open forum where anyone can say anything they want, more or less free, than one where government permission is required first? When government decides what data is given priority, do you honestly think politically unfavored speech is going to be given equal access? Like the tax free status of Tea party groups under the IRS was protected by regulation?

Lastly, what grows in the dark of night… mold, fungus, bacteria and corruption, that is all. That Net Neutrality was written, passed and now is being implemented, in the dark of night, is proof enough it is corrupt, else the regulations would have been published for anyone to see and comment on. The only one to get a say is the giant internet company Google, and does anyone more than a year old, believe Google would change regulation to benefit it’s customers or competitors? Of course not! The changes Google put in the three hundred page regulation, was to benefit Google, at the cost to the public and it’s competition. Corruption piled upon corruption, and the unbiased media sang the party song, like the good little propagandists they are.

Perhaps standardization of access might be helpful but the debate would have to be open with everyone having a say before we knew. The final standard would have to be simple to understand and public knowledge. To now… the internet has been an open forum for anyone to access and get their message out. In that way the internet has been the most democratizing instrument ever devised by mankind. Now that the door has been opened to regulation, it will be used to protect those in political power, politically favored groups, people and businesses, while smothering the availability of information government doesn’t want out. Very soon there will be calls to license bloggers and internet sites, (if it isn’t already in the regulation), for the benefit of “openness.” Because nothing is more free than when government regulates it. Now that governments, the world over, are regulating the internet… the goose that laid the golden egg is being slaughtered, not for the gold inside, but to keep it from laying any more of those damnable golden eggs.


John Pepin

What is education…

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the goal of any education system should be to produce educated human beings, rational maximizers capable of participating in the market system, the political system and navigating the turmoils of life itself. That requires, as a self evident fact, the teaching of math, reading, science, philosophy, history, and religion. Because, for a person to be educated, he or she must know… the religions of the world, where we came from, really understand human nature, be able to reason, comprehend science to the level it is in at the time, and the most arithmetic possible. Any other motivation is opposed to that goal. If we really want our children to be educated then, and there is not one among us who doesn’t, we must strive to our utmost to make our schools produce educated people.

Every major religion should be taught in our schools. The biographies should be taught, as understood by the religions themselves, of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Confucius, Krishna, Moses, David, Abraham, Issac, Ishmael and Mohamed. They should be understood by every student graduating school. The system of worship should have less attention than the foundational ethos. Not just Western and Middle Eastern religions, but Eastern ones too. A well educated student must understand where so many of our expressions come from. How can anyone understand what a Prodigal Son is, without knowing the parable? The basics of Shinto and other Eastern religions must be taught as well. Religion provides us with a moral code, that code is like the laws of physics under which a machine works, alter or ignore those laws, and the machine of civilization ceases to function. When the machine of civilization fails humanity falls into barbarism.

Our history teaches us what has been done. That which has succeeded and that which has failed is the provender of the history teacher. Those who do not know history, are damned to repeat every bloody, violent second of it, personally and in living color. Human history, all human history, is bloody, violent and plague ridden. It is the tragic story of violent men, marshalling great forces, to subdue other violent men, who have marshaled great forces to subdue nations and peoples. The reason Athens and Rome are so singular in human history is they had liberty. Albeit for the citizen and denied to the slave. History shows, slavery and tyranny are the persistent lot of the individual… not liberty. The lessons of the past teach, unambiguously, that liberty begets prosperity and tyranny begets poverty. Those lessons should be well understood by every student.

Philosophy is ignored by schools today as outmoded, which shows the ignorance, or sinister motives of those who set the curriculum today. Philosophy at the most basic level is grammar. Call grammar class philosophy 101. Language is one of the primary topics of philosophy. Think about Kung Sun Lung’s White horse paradox, showing the insufficiency of language to accurate reflect human thought or the world. Once grammar is understood, the well educated student would be taught epistemology, the study of knowledge. To be truly self aware is to look at ourselves with the eye of another. Just looking into what is knowledge, if what we think is true, really is true, etc… gives us perspective and enhances our self awareness in a positive way. To debate existence itself is to reach for enlightenment. Each area of philosophy should be taught from both the Eastern and Western perspective. Because a thing cannot be understood unless it is looked at from different angles.

Science must be taught to the level it is in the society. To flick a switch, and have no concept of how the electricity that excites the ionized gas in a florescent lamp, was made, transported to the switch, or that there even is such a thing as ionized gas, is to be uneducated, it is to be enslaved by technology. How things work is more important in a technological society than any other. To that end, the education system has to teach the dirty part of science, plumbing, electronics, mechanics, etc… as well as the inspirational flights of physics, astronomy, geology and biology.

Unless a person is able to read, they are unable to interact with the mass of information available to all of us, thus making them ignorant in the most villainous fashion, because it enforces that ignorance. Reading not only opens up highways of information it helps standardize the mind to the rest of humanity. Reading gives us a reference point. The ability to read provides a framework in which we are able to apply the lessons of religion, history, philosophy, science, and math. The student who graduates unable to read has been embezzled from. Without reading, the acquisition of future knowledge is made much harder, and verification of what has been taught becomes impossible.

Those who cannot do basic math are lost in any society and are especially hobbled in the market system. Even the most basic market interaction requires a knowledge of math. Further, math is pure logic, and is the only area where truth can be deduced from pure reason. In no other aspect of human existence can pure reason be applied to get a result consistent with reality. Therefore, math and the logical structure it imparts to the mind, is critical for a person to be able to reason. A person without math skills cannot be called educated in even the broadest sense of the term.

Most of all the love of knowledge must be taught. It is that thirst for knowledge that differentiates human beings from animals. A dog is self aware, experiences love and is able to reason, but has no thirst for knowledge. Humanity advances along with our knowledge. The advance of our knowledge is limited by our philosophy and morality. To be an educated human being, is to have insatiable curiosity, never to be satisfied with what is known, it is to be always seeking to know the unknown. Without curiosity we stagnate, individually as well as a society. Since all knowledge is impossible to have, the thirst for knowledge is one that is impossible to slake. That is the advantage of curiosity, it drives the advancement of the person, society and the culture.

A system that graduates a large portion of students unable to read, make change, or find their own nation on a globe, is one that has failed spectacularly. Where students leave school without a sense of the moral code, that humanity has spent thousands of years and oceans of blood constructing, is to have failed society itself, and condemns those graduates to retrod that ground, with all the blood, violence and human suffering that went along with the first and every subsequent pass. To further the insult by graduating students who are unable to reason, have no curiosity and cannot interact with others, is to betray on the most basic level. That schools, colleges and universities in the US and elsewhere, are graduating students lacking some or all of these fundamental attributes, shows an utter, total and complete failure of the entire education system, from top to bottom. Such a system doesn’t need more money, or power, it needs to be replaced, with a system that creates educated human beings, not politically indoctrinated, entitled, egoistic, new class, morons.


John Pepin