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Logically Consistent Measure of Right Versus Wrong

Sunday, April 27th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, what most of us consider wrong, depends on whether we identify with one or the other actor. While this is perfectly human, being subjective, it is not a good measure of good and evil. A better way would be to find an objective measure that is not emotionally dependent but logically consistent. A great deal of the arguments we have in our society can be traced back to this fundamental truism. Government and law would be well served to move past this archaic means of measuring right from wrong. Imagine if we did move our legal system and cultural ethos beyond this pernicious paradigm? Much of the energy we now waste arguing based on our subjective emotions, could be turned to productive discussion, evil would be struck a powerful blow, and people could live much more freely.


Who we identify with says a lot about us. Some people believe abortion is perfectly acceptable while others believe abortion is a terrific evil. Both positions today are largely dependent on who the person identifies with. Those who identify with the woman favor abortion, and those who identify with the baby, are pro life. This fairly obvious observation applies to most of the questions we face as a people. Even questions that bring war into the world can be examined this way. Who you or I believe is right depends on who we identify with.


Let’s face facts, we are not going to change human nature, and to try only shows arrogance and presumption. I cede the fact, we are not going to change, mature or evolve, out of who and what we are. That is not possible. As a people however, we can grow out of our individual dogmatism to find a more human hearted and logical metric, with which to gauge right from wrong. This is only possible if the leaders of society subject their own prejudices to the test. To accomplish that would require limiting the power of the elite at the individual level and empowering a wide range of elite as a group.


There is a stream of philosophical thought in which an action can be measured by the good versus the harm it brings. This is pure sophistry because it takes the individual’s sovereign right out of the equation. All human beings have a right to exist, live as human beings and have property, that supersedes anyone else’s right to enjoyment, food, medicine or even harm. If a scientist came up with a machine that would cure cancer at all stages, but as an input it required a child be put in it and tortured for months, as the innocent child dies of pain overdose, his or her body would emit a substance the machine would then refine that would cure a thousand cases of cancer, would it be right or wrong? What if it would cure ten million? There are those who would identify with the cancer patient and say yes! Those who identify with the child would shudder and scream NO!


Instead of making our decisions on an emotional basis we should strive to take emotions out of it and instead try to use the logic if individual liberty. If a thing harms and individual, even if it brings great benefit to another, it is wrong… no matter the level of benefit. To say a thing is good, even though it does great evil to someone, because it brings great good to another… is selfishness writ large. The good from any action cannot be judged good if it comes at cost to another. What I am saying is that the individual’s sovereign rights must not be infringed on, else that action is wrong, pure and simple.


If we could move as a society, away from measuring good and evil based on some sophist calculation of the good it brings one against the harm it brings another, then we would have made a great leap in human understanding. The rights of the individual must be protected and cannot be measured by another. No one is saintly enough to make that calculation. As in our fictitious machine that cures cancer, the right of the person to life liberty and happiness cannot be trumped by the “good” that would come to millions, even billions of OTHERS, by stepping on the rights of that person. Protecting the individual, my good friends, is the logically consistent measure of right and wrong I would have us replace the emotionally dependent one we use today, that of who we identify with.





John Pepin



Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, persistence in the face of adversity is a sign of inner strength, and the only way to succeed. We all meet challenges in our daily lives. It is the human condition. To get mad, depressed or angry when we are held back is normal, but to move ahead is uber human. To advance when the ground has been cleared for us is no sign of strength but one of weakness. We grow in adversity and stagnate in ease. This truism is one of the counter intuitive facts of human existence. The old saying, “only the strong survive.” is more true than we like to think. Knowing this is one of the keys to success in life.


Persistence is not giving up. Many times we are told this or that cannot work, that we are not qualified or competent enough, but these are fallacies told us by the prince of lies. Virtually every advancement in human history was poo pooed by the “learned” in society. If those great men and women who advanced the cause of science, philosophy, government and invention gave up, we would still be in the stone age. None of the advancements that have freed us to pursue our dreams could have happened. If we allow ourselves to be frustrated by the gate keepers we cede the future of humanity to them.


It is all too easy to give up when we experience a setback by life. We can easily loose hope and fall into self recriminations. This is the path to mediocrity and failure. Those who have succeeded in the face of great adversity have always been those who get back up and move on. The truth is, anyone can lay down, but only the powerful of heart move forward. It is up to us to choose to be powerful of heart or weak in spirit. I suggest we choose strength instead of weakness.


It is human to get mad, feel despair, or turn inward when our ideas, plans and ambitions are turned back by the gatekeepers, but those very human emotions can be turned to our advantage. We can feed from anger to push against the tide of ignorant people. Despair however chains us as does turning inward. We must temper our emotions with logic, but as Freud proposed, the poor ego is attacked at every turn by the super ego and the id. It has also been said differently, but the same, that our emotions are like an elephant, our rationality the driver. The driver has limited control and it is the elephant that has the real power. If we let the elephant control us we are lost but if we nudge the elephant into the right path we can use it’s power to do real work.


Every good in the World comes through other people from God. We can use this to our advantage by asking other people’s advice. We must stay in communication with each other to get the good that God bestows on us because it is his will that we do. Allow others to teach us, help us and sustain us, it not only helps us but them as well. People need to be needed and by our asking or leaning on them, we tell them in no uncertain terms that we need them. Others can be a font of strength that we sometimes need when we have been pushed down.


Unfortunately some people don’t want us to succeed because it makes them feel big to see us fail. They toss road blocks in our way and laugh that we are too dumb, too ignorant or too idealistic to pass. They revel in stomping on our dreams because theirs are so mundane. In a barrel of monkeys none can get out because if one tries the others will pull it back in. We cannot be monkeys we must be human hearted people.


If success is because the road has been paved for us it is not real success. Those who are given awards they do not deserve, positions they do not merit and accolades they have not earned, are weakened by them not strengthened. It is human nature to grow in wisdom when a thing is earned and to grow in hubris when it is not. Those who get ahead this way never really mature they simply get older. It is not in our best interest to get ahead by these methods but to push through adversity. I sometimes feel that it is the struggle that is the most important thing… not the success.


Our world needs us to stand up pushing through the road blocks that the elite have tossed in our paths. We will be strengthened by doing so, while those the elite have raised on their shoulders, will become children. Our society, culture and governments will become more humane and free by our efforts. To shrivel back would be to allow those children to keep ruining our World. Not only would we allow but we would actually participate in it’s destruction. So, I say to you, push, strive and persist! That is the only way we will be successful. In life as in saving our planet from those who would enslave us.





John Pepin


God and the State

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, government is intent on replacing God, and in doing so they demand equal supplication. This is not a new thing, the ancient empires all did it. The Egyptian Pharaohs were considered the sons of gods, as were many other kings. It was a means back then, when people were ignorant and superstitious, to legitimize arbitrary rule by kings over the people. Today the idea is essentially the same, the elite claim there is no God, and if there is no God, then all of our rights come from the State. If our rights come from the State then the State can revoke them as the politically elite see fit. This circular reasoning is elevated to an actual religion in the case of Communist States where we see mass murderers worshiped like Gods. Lenin and Mao come immediately to mind as does the North Korean demon Kim. The communist manifesto argued that religion is the opium of the people, and by that logic that pernicious religion seeks to replace God with the State. As we slide deeper into the morass of Statism, we will find ourselves in exactly the same position as the ancient peoples, subjects and slaves. If we allow it then we deserve it.


The US Constitution is based on a Judeo Christian definition of God. This cannot be denied unless one is ignorant of the words of the founding fathers or intentionally misleading the public. Moreover the Declaration of Independence clearly states that our Rights come from God. Which means that the founders of the American republic recognized God and that the State is a necessary evil to protect us and our property from those who would take them. They sought the most limited State possible that would have the power to protect us, our children and our things. The US founding documents are unambiguous about this.


That paradigm doesn’t suit the progressive and socialist faction. They seek to unshackle the US government, and indeed all governments, from any limitations whatsoever. They imagine all the good they could do if only they had unlimited power to redistribute the goods of society as they see fit. The State could eliminate all the ills of society and culture by deciding who wins and who looses in various human and economic interactions. They even have the hubris to seek to change our very nature, as in Marx’s Manifesto, he claims that once we live under communism we will loose touch with our individual selves and evolve into our species selves. All of this implies a strong worship of the State and the power of the State.


Of course all the “good” that could be done by government is dependent on eliminating the limitations that Constitutions and a belief in God place on them. Under a system where eternal punishment is taken as a given we are more placid knowing everything is in God’s very capable hands. But the socialist needs people to forget the eternal and dwell in the moment. This makes us jealous of our things, scared of each other, it forces us to be politically active all the time and lowers us to the level of mere animals. All of which works in the favor of those that seek to replace God with the State.


There are very few who have not witnessed a miracle. Perhaps it is the birth of a baby, the spontaneous remission of cancer or an astonishingly unlikely happenstance that benefited us in some way, but most of us have witnessed an act of God. Not to mention the miracles recorded in the Bible… like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This makes the task of those that seek to replace God with the State much harder, and so they deny any of these things are miracles. Like a shyster they tell us to ignore our lying eyes and believe their honest pleas. Only a fool however will ignore his own eyes, experience and history to believe in a scam being perpetrated on them by a huckster. Unfortunately many do.


It is not reasonable to deny God exists in the face of the miraculous and worship the State given the history of human government. The State is administered by human beings, who are greedy, conniving and fearful, making the State these same things. Only a State administered by saints would be different. Those who consider themselves saints however, are in fact demons, and those who are saints, eschew power, making it impossible for a State to be anything but greedy, conniving and fearful. A self interested people rightly understood, understand these basic facts, but those who remain willfully ignorant do not. A rational maximizer will weigh the cost of turning from God to the State and find the wager absurd, while a fool will not only go along, but will attack the rational maximizer as mean and old fashioned. The results of turning away from God and to the State are there for all of us to see, they are arbitrary rule, if only we open our eyes and look.





John Pepin

Uplifted People

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… it is impossible to lift someone up by tearing them down. This logic applies in all walks of life and in every circumstance. Those who claim otherwise are abusers. To lift someone up, we have to raise their perspective with sound religious teachings, give them the confidence that comes from self assurance and the wherewithal to stand back up when they fail. When a human being reaches his or her highest potential it is always because they can stand on their own two feet. Moreover, when someone reaches their potential, the rest of us are improved both physically and spiritually. If a culture where people are uplifted is what we seek, then tearing people down is the opposite of what we should be doing, but if what we really want is a society where poverty, violence and social ills are the norm… we are on the right path.


To teach someone they cannot make it, they are subhuman or that they are hated, only lowers them. These memes in our society are forwarded by the progressive socialist faction, who benefit directly from poverty, need and depression. Socialism and Progressivism preys on victim hood. They drink social ills like a vampire drinks blood. Progressives pander to those who have been taught they are downtrodden, and who are so torn down they cannot see a path to self fulfillment, so they turn to government for the succor they believe they deserve. We have seen over and over this path leads to perpetual dependence, anger and social unrest. All of which lowers us all.


One of the schemes the progressive socialist left uses to lower people is to vilify accumulation. If you disagree, read Joesph Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, in it he outlines this as a means to socialism. (You have to actually read the book to know what is in it… just like a bill before Congress). High tax rates, and creating barriers to starting a business fetter capitalism and are a few of the means to this end. What the vilification of accumulation actually does in a market system is to keep people down. If we cannot accumulate wealth, there will be less and less to invest, both for our old age and for innovators to use to fund their innovations, further lowering us all.


Race baiting tears down people in the most pernicious way. Telling a group of people they are too stupid, they are hated or that they cannot make it in free enterprise, only destroys human beings self image, makes them angry, resentful and violent. None of which is uplifting in any way. The whole of the human race is lowered when people are taught they are worth less than others. This goes both ways. Some people are taught that simply by virtue of their birth and skin color, they inherit a propensity to hate, which is absurd and is not the least uplifting for anyone. This is furthered by hate crime legislation, or in other words, thought laws. Under such a regime everyone is lowered. They teach the vilified race they are evil, and teaches those whom the thought laws don’t apply to, that they are substandard, because they cannot be held to the same standard as others.


If what we want is to elevate people to their highest, we must not tear them down, we have to raise them up. Schools should teach basic economics. Children and teens would understand how the market works. Should that be done, they could more fully engage in it, to their and our benefit. Thought laws must be overturned especially those that ostensibly apply to only one race. People must be allowed to think and debate freely, and if some people act out on bad thoughts, there are laws that apply. It is not the role of schools to undermine the teachings of religion. To do so only cuts the ties that civilize children and lowers them. People who are atheists can never be at peace. Since their philosophy teaches them this is the only possibility, they have nothing stopping them from grasping at anything they can, especially hedonistic pleasures, like sex and drugs. Instead of self regulation, they must be policed from the outside, since they don’t believe in an everlasting reward.


If we want to lift people up we have to stop tearing them down. The results of tearing people down are plain to see for anyone brave enough to open their eyes and look. Humanity is not served when people are destroyed, told they are substandard or made dependent. Our goal should be to uplift everyone, by being good courteous people, teaching right from wrong, practicing the golden rule, treating people the same regardless of any arbitrary grouping, and most of all, stop abusing people by tearing them down. If we do… good will follow.





John Pepin

Weakness Begets War

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… weakness always begets war. The Ukrainian crisis illustrates the weakness of the West in negotiations with Russia, brought about by the fecklessness and stupidity of our leaders. One point I have not heard anyone else make, yet, is that the US is dependent on Russia for access to space and the International Space station. The US cannot impose economic sanctions on Russia without consequence unlike Iran or North Korea. Couple that with the fact that Europe is dependent on Russian natural gas, and the entire West is effectively castrated, seriously limiting the ability of the US to put leverage on Russia. So, the fact is there is nothing really stopping Russia, from doing whatever they want… potentially leading to World War.


Europe needs Russian natural gas because, while they have plenty of natural gas under their own feet, they are unwilling to get it out. The new fracking technology has opened up millions of cubic feet of natural gas but the environmental weenies in Europe, (backed by Russia), bar them from getting it. Nuclear technology is off the table for the same reason. This policy has delivered Europe into the hands of Putin. The Arab Spring and Syrian civil war has also closed off another avenue of potential natural gas into Europe… the proposed gas pipeline from the Middle East. Both the abandoned gas pipeline and the reluctance of European leaders to open up their own natural resources has made Europe into a vassal state of Russia.


The US, by accepting dependence on Russia for access to the International Space Station, has put that very expensive experiment into the hands of Russia. Should the US government level sanctions on Russia for annexing the Crimea, Russia can simply stop bringing American astronauts to the space station, effectively taking that hardware over, along with most of Ukraine. The US has always been the leader in space exploration in my lifetime but now has taken a back seat. Doing so puts all the billions of dollars we have invested in space infrastructure, technology and knowledge base in jeopardy. Not only that, but now that we rely on Russia for access to the trillion dollar space station, they have a pretty big card to play should the US government get too feisty


Putin is taking a play from Hitler’s playbook, and is ginning up more protests in Eastern Ukraine, ala Czechoslovakia 1939, in his continuing crusade to conquer Eastern Ukraine. Hitler claimed he would invade Czechoslovakia, to “protect” the Germanic people there, (like Putin is exploiting the Russians in Ukraine), unless the European powers caved and signed over the only democratic republic in Europe at the time. That little gambit gave hundreds of Czechoslovakian tanks into Hitler’s hands. Neville Chamberlain did, and the rest is the violent history of WWII, violence that resulted in 60 million human beings dead. Hitler had even less bargaining power then, than Putin does now.


The upshot is, Ronald Reagan was right… again. Reagan warned about the dangers of Europe becoming dependent on Russia for natural gas. Now our President has so weakened the US, not only in military power, but economic and space as well, the US has become a paper tiger. Europe is cowed by Putin’s outmaneuvering, and so cannot mount any defense of themselves, let alone the sovereign integrity of Ukraine. China has it’s own expansionist goals as well, so they are going to sit back and see how this all plays out, endangering all of eastern Asia. Yes, Poland, Georgia, the Baltic Republics, Europe are facing imminent danger. Indeed the whole world is entering a very dangerous place. All because our leaders have been stupid, lax and selfish. Woe to us if this episode in human history works out as bad as it did before. Weakness always begets war, it is a fact of human history, and our leaders have made us weak.





John Pepin

Fast Food Economies

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, just because someone eats nothing but doughnuts, drinks only soda and chain smokes cigarettes, doesn’t mean they are going to have a heart attack tomorrow, but it is an indication they will have problems in the future, economies work the same way. When an economy depends on nothing but printed money, government deficit spending and crony capitalism, it doesn’t mean that economy is going to collapse tomorrow, but it does mean there will be some big problems in the future. It should be obvious to anyone that doing these things will negatively effect an economy over the long term, and anyone who disavows that they will, is either in denial or conning us. Since our lives are so profoundly effected by the economic situation we find ourselves in, it is of the utmost importance we understand the consequences when our leaders do these things with our economy, just as it is when we smoke, eat fatty foods and drink sugary soda.


The guy who eats nothing but doughnuts and believes he is different and can eat trash without effect is just like the lawmaker who claims deficit spending is a good thing. Deficit spending is like empty calories, it seems good when we see the GDP “growth” that comes of it, but that “growth” is nothing more than fat. What makes it worse is that the fat that comes from deficit spending requires more deficit spending, else it wastes away and we see negative GDP growth… and no one wants that. What we don’t see, is that fat doesn’t do actual work, it just sits there sopping up more and more capital from productive economic uses.


Soda tastes so good, it is hard to believe that it has any bad effects on our health, exactly like monetizing the debt is so delicious that it cannot possibly effect the currency. The fact that it seems to be benign in the short term buttresses this false notion. The effects on our currency from continued money printing, especially printing that far exceeds our GDP growth, builds up tension in the currency. The US is not alone in the money printing business however, and perhaps this is another reason the short term results appear to be harmless… so far. Nothing could be further from the truth, there is not one example in human history where monetizing debt has not eventually resulted in runaway inflation, the fact that the whole world has gone down that rabbit hole might delay the consequences for a while, but the eventual results will not be ignored.


Just as the smoker is in denial his or her smoking will effect their health… the government pretends that crony capitalism will have any side effects on an economy. Crony capitalism seems like a win win to both the crooked politician and the corrupt businessman. The President, lawmaker or bureaucrat who gives beneficial regulations, tax breaks and other hand outs to his political backers, only sees the benefit to them but not the negative effect on the market. Crony capitalism pollutes and rots out the core of an economy. The lawmaker might get reelected, because of the vast amounts of campaign money crony capitalism brings into the electoral system, but the incentives in an economy change when crony capitalism is used. Where crony capitalism is rampant, instead of providing better products, service and value for consumers, businesses seek political favor. This is because under such circumstances it is more profitable for a firm to garner political favor than to meet customer’s needs. This pollutes the market with political favor and rots it with declining productivity.


It is not just the US that is eating fast food and chain smoking countries the world over are doing the very same thing. That we all have poorly performing economies is only one symptom, like shortness of breath, but these policies have a much more pernicious long term burden. If a person lives this way he or she eventually experiences cardiac arrest, and when a nation lives this way, they must experience catastrophic economic collapse. It is funny that we can see this clearly in people but are blind to it in our government policies and national economies. Heart attacks can be survived, if the proper procedures are used, catastrophic economic failures can be survived as well, but there must be people available who have the power, knowledge and guts to implement the right fixes. More smoking, drinking soda and eating doughnuts is never the proper prescription… no matter how good they taste.





John Pepin

The Godhead of the State

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, government is intent on replacing God, and by doing so enslaving humanity. This is not a new thing, in fact, it is human history’s meme. The Egyptian Pharaohs, Hittite kings, and Genghis Khan, along with every other mass murderer who declared himself emperor, called themselves the sons of gods. It was and is, a means to legitimize arbitrary rule by kings over us, keeping us ignorant and superstitious. Today, the idea is essentially the same, if there is no God, then all of our rights come from the State. Since the State is controlled by the political elite, and if our rights come from the State and not God, then the State can revoke them as the elite see fit, sans God. This is elevated to an actual religion in the case of Communist countries where we see mass murderers worshiped like Gods. Lenin, and Mao come immediately to mind as does the North Korean devil Kim mentally ill. Marx argued that religion is the opium of the people, and so that pernicious religion of the State, Marxism, replaces God. As we slide deeper into the morass of Statism, we will find ourselves in exactly the same position as the ancient peoples… slaves. If we allow it, then we deserve it, but our children deserve better.


Those who are the most vociferous against God, are the very ones who are foisting the imbecilic notion, that the State is the font of all that is good… against every example in human history. They claim God is Dead, like Nietzsche. Now Nietzsche is not my favorite philosopher by any stretch. In fact I have a hard time reading his work because it gives me the chills, as if a demon is toying with my soul, but he has a point with his master, slave mentality. Nietzsche said that there is a direct dichotomy between the mentality of a master and a slave. The master’s mentality is that of action and the slave is reaction. Since the master can do as he or she pleases, they do just that and are active, but slaves must not offend their masters and so they must react to the actions of the master. Nietzsche said this is the inheritance of Western culture, that we all have the slave mentality. I offer however, those of us that have been raised in the American experiment are active, and not reactive. It is because our founders placed the State in the correct position, below us, and not above us.


As the State is elevated to Godhead, our mentality will change from active to reactive, and we see this happening all around us. The US government is militarizing every branch, bureau and agency, regulations are so arcane even lawyers cannot know them all, we have to get permission from the government for almost any action in the form of a license or permit… the list is endless. Traditionally in the US, the philosophy has been that which has not been made illegal is legal, but today that mentality is changing to, that which is not made legal is illegal. Where a thing needs to be sanctioned by the State before it is considered legal, people must be reactive, and where a thing needs to be made illegal before it is illegal, people are active. Each ethos begets a mindset either of action or reaction. Where people are active there is scientific advancement, economic progress, wealth creation and liberty, but where the people are reactive there is stagnation, superstition, poverty and tyranny. Governments that usurp the role of God create a slaves mentality in the people and indeed slaves in all but name.


We have to ask ourselves… what kind of world do we want to bequeath to our children and grandchildren? Do we want them to be slaves or do we want them to be free human beings, with every right and prerogative that is the inheritance of a free people? If we want them to be slaves all we need do is sit back and continue on the path we are on. In doing so we will be following the history of the human race. If we want to leave them with a free society where people are sovereign then we must act. Act to stop the usurpations of Western governments that undermine limited government, demand our political elite be held to the law, and most importantly our Constitutions. The choice is ours and ours alone. Our children will not be given a choice unless we fight to give one to them. Then they will have to fight the same fight, because it is the battle every generation has fought, since the first man crushed the head of another, weapon in hand and covered in the blood of his foe, declared himself king.





John Pepin


Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, justice is simply the golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is the most realistic and clear definition of that mercurial term there can be. Any other definition requires people to do to someone else, that which they would chafe under where it done to them, and thus is not just. It is important to define such a widely used word as justice, because when a speaker claims he or she seeks justice, and ten people are listening, inevitably there are eleven definitions of justice in the conversation. This makes the term a sophist tool to trap people. Everyone has a sense of justice but few have a defined definition that is simple and universal. If we want true justice in our world, then we must agree on a definition, else it means nothing.


People bandy the term justice about constantly, to get the upper hand in an argument or to denigrate this or that action, thought or philosophy, but to do so if the term is not defined, is simply spurious. It is like me saying I will give a car for this or that. Every listener will have a different idea of what type of car I mean, but lacking a definition, no one will know. If I continue claiming I am going to give people a car I can convince people to do real damage to their self interests. Once I have got money, power or property from them for this car, I can give them a plastic toy car and have not overtly lied.


Any definition that is more complex than the golden rule opens itself to injustice. Once we say justice requires calculations and metrics, we have made the word so complex it looses all meaning, and devolves back to a mere tool of sophists. Furthermore, justice cannot mean doing different things to different people. The moment we say it is just to do this to him, and something different to her, we have waded into quicksand. For a thing to be just it must be universally just.


Justice as it applies to property is the golden rule as well. If I pick up a rock and using only my talent and another rock… I carve a figurine, that figurine is mine and no one else’s. To take it violates my right to that which I have made by my own hands, and also steals my liberty in the form of the time it took to make the figurine, because had I known it would be stolen I would not have spent the time to make it. This same logic applies if I have made a thousand figurines, because to take from someone while defending one’s own property, (and everyone defends his or her own property)… violates the golden rule.


Rawls definition of justice comes in two parts and is meant to show how socialism is just. The first part and therefore the foundational part is that any definition of justice must give people the most liberty possible without trampling their rights. The second is that for a person to make an unbiased decision about what economic system is just, they must do it in a, “Veil of ignorance.” This veil is supposed to show that if we don’t know where we will land in this new economic system we will want everything distributed equally.


Nozick’s take on Rawls, is that Rawls believes money and property are like mana from heaven, and that Rawls ignores the very real effort that it takes to get money and property. My take is that Rawls second principle violates his first. If any definition of justice must firstly give maximum liberty and not violate people’s rights, then it is not possible to take from one and give to another. The very act itself makes a slave of one of the parties. Only a twisted mind would argue slavery gives maximum liberty or that it doesn’t violate human rights.


So… justice can be simply defined as the golden rule. Doing something to another, you would not like done to you, no matter the societal good that would be theoretically gained, is fundamentally unjust. The term justice, undefined, can be used for all sorts of pernicious ends, and usually is. Economic justice must also rest on the golden rule, it cannot be given a complex definition, and must be universal, else it is spurious. Over the years, philosophers have tried to twist justice into a reason for injustice, using complex arguments and smart sounding phraseology, but what they propose is not justice but a perversion of justice. It is important for us to understand what justice really is, to stay clear of the pitfalls of sophistry, that brings into the world injustice called justice, always at the point of a gun.





John Pepin