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Obama’s Deal With the Ayatollah

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me Obama’s deal with Iran over it’s nuclear program is the absolute height of stupidity and will usher in human suffering like the World has never seen before. The Iranian regime is not made up of sane people. To abet insane people to get a nuclear bomb is insane at best diabolically evil at worst. No good can come of this deal. The unbiased media are claiming it is a historic agreement… and yes, I agree. It will be historic in that it will be the end of history unless someone who is sane intervenes.


The Ayatollah who runs Iran’s theology is not shared by the majority of Muslims or even Iranians. It is called Twelver theology. In it they believe there is the twelfth Imam who is at the bottom of a well. He will remain there until the Earth is washed with blood, chaos and violence. Once this happens he will come out of the well and usher in the end times. It is the duty of those who follow this sect within the Shiite community to bring these things about. It is no matter if they die in the process, because it will be the end times and they will be richly rewarded for their part… washing the world with blood.


The Ayatollah may be insane, and following a theology that is on the face of it insane, but insanity does not require stupidity. In fact often the insane are geniuses. The Iranian regime is following in the footsteps laid out by North Korea. The “Dear Leader” of North Korea did exactly the same thing. He played Clinton for a fool. Clinton would sign a deal with North Korea, (to distract from some scandal), supposedly to stop the weapons program, it would appear to stop, and the North Koreans would get billions of dollars of aid. Aid that would flow into the Army and the nuclear weapons program. This continued until North Korea detonated a bomb.


George Bush then tried to get North Korea to relinquish the A bomb. They played him for a fool too. They would shut down a plutonium plant, for a few billion in aid, then turn it back on when it suited them. This game went on for the entire term of Bush’s Presidency. Today North Korea is a nuclear state that abuses it’s people with famine, oppression, forced labor, dissidents are punished for three generations, while North Korea acts defiantly, by sinking South Korean ships, shelling South Korean cities and threatening all out war every few years.


Every dictator on the planet saw and learned the lesson of the North Korean nuclear program… including the insane theocrats who run Iran. They have learned the lesson well, but to our mutual detriment, Obama and the unbiased press haven’t. The USA Today reported that Iran has “only” enriched five hundred pounds of uranium to within eighty percent of what would be needed to produce bombs. They claimed this would only be enough for one bomb. That is amazing because Little Boy only had fifty six kilograms of uranium, (about 140 pounds) but obliterated Nagasaki. The bomb design the Iranians got from A Q Khan is far more efficient. This implies that Iran has the nuclear pile to create at least three or four bombs.


It would only take one bomb fashioned into an Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon, (EMP), to wipe the US from the map. Detonated in the center of the US at sufficient altitude it would burn out every electronic device in the country and most of Canada and Mexico. Two could be used, Launched in International Waters off each coast, it would accomplish the same thing and would be far easier to accomplish. We wouldn’t even hear a bang. Our cars would stall in the middle of the road, every transformer would fail causing a national blackout, water pumps would stop, farm machinery would stop, pharmaceuticals would rot in warehouses, and we would instantly be thrust into the preindustrial era. The Department of Defense has estimated that if this were done a third of the population of the US would be dead in six months! Over a billion people World wide would be dead within a year from starvation. (the US produces such a large portion of the World’s food supplies). This would indeed wash the World in blood and cause world wide chaos and suffering… sufficient to bring the Imam out of the well.


When the Iranians were testing their delivery system, the missiles would go up to the altitude an EMP would work best at, and explode. The media decried these tests as failures but Ahmadinejad laughed and said they were successes. The path Iran is on was trod and mapped by North Korea and it only takes one or two EMP bombs to wipe the US out, and five to end all civilization. Now Obama has basically given Iran the green light to enrich uranium and soon enough, create plutonium, then build the bombs they need to wash the World in blood. Unless Israel, Saudi Arabia or some sane actor intervenes. So, yes, Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal will in deed be historic… like Neville Chamberlain’s deal with Hitler. Millions will die for Obama’s stupidity… if it is in fact stupidity.





John Pepin

John Kennedy’s Legacy

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, John Kennedy was a great man, for the very same reasons today’s democrats are not and never will be great. Every aspect of Kennedy’s Presidency was the antithesis of progressivism, which made him a curse to the progressives, and so he had to be taken out of the picture. This is a blog I have been mulling writing for a few years and on the 50th anniversary of his murder I thought would be a good time. JFK was a man, with all that being a man implies, he had failings and failures. We are imperfect, we make mistakes and we disappoint, but to be truly human is to strive to be more than we are, we ask others to join us and be great, and we achieve things that are so far beyond what we are, it is certain proof we are the children of the divine. This has special import today in that the world we live in has become earthly and base, our leaders have lowered us to a level below the animals, by their perversions of our founding ethos, their actions and rulings lower us more every day. We are in sore need of another JFK.

John Kennedy was a patriot. He fought for his country in the Second World War on a PT boat. When his boat was sunk John Kennedy swam, carrying a wounded man on his back, for miles to an island. This well known story illustrates several things about the man. He cared for other people, he had a deep endurance, he persevered and he took responsibility. The last thing his war record shows is that he was indeed an American patriot. Being a patriot should be the first qualification a person needs to be President, to lack that important quality, in fact to openly avow the founding documents of our country are deeply flawed, in a sane world, would mean disqualification for any office let alone President.

John Kennedy was an anathema to the democratic party. He didn’t coddle people, instead he urged us all to do more. His famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country…” is not a whine to go on the dole but a call to greatness. He urged us to go the extra mile and to be excellent. The democratic party of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and later Presidents like Carter and Obama, urge us to be less, to demand from our government, and to hate those groups they tell us to. JFK never urged hate or promoted class warfare he uplifted mankind in his words and his deeds.

John Kennedy was a deeply spiritual man. Yes, it is reported he had affairs and was a womanizer, but this simply points out he was a mere human being. His spirituality shone through his words and speeches. Another famous quote, from his inaugural address, ”The world is very different now…and yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe — the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.” This quote not only illustrates his faith but shows his understanding that our Rights come from God and not from government. How wonderful it would be if this basic American concept were understood by the democratic party today.

He had a far sightedness that is lost in our politicians today. His call to put a man on the Moon and return him safely by the end of the decade was inspiring and insightful. This forward looking goal made people look outward instead of inwards. Today Obama has changed the goal of NASA from space exploration to making Muslims feel good about themselves. We have even ceded the ability to put a man into orbit. Every statement from the modern democrat party is a call to look inward and reject big ideas… unless they empower the State. Kennedy’s grand idea, to strive to the future because it is hard, to seize the initiative propelled us, not into the space age as the thought of the time was, but to lay the foundation for the computer age we now live in.

When the US went into recession JFK lowered taxes. His tax cut got the US out of recession, while today Obama uses a recession as an excuse to raise taxes and regulation, ushering in a new normal of low labor participation, high unemployment and economic stagnation, worthy of Carter’s stagflation, FDR’s great depression or Wilson’s economic collapse. Kennedy believed in economic freedom. When Obama was elected the unbiased media declared, “we are all socialists now!”

During the Cuban missile crisis JFK took a strong stance when he knew that to back down would mean certain death for millions. He had learned the lesson of Neville Chamberlain and was loathe to repeat it. Contrast John Kennedy’s strong stance against nuclear missiles being placed in Cuba, to Clinton’s allowing North Korea to gain nuclear technology, or Obama’s placating Iran in his latest bumble, which will certainly result in the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings, in the inevitable nuclear war, once Iran finally gets nuclear arms. JFK stood up to tyranny and hated communism while Obama was raised by a communist and promotes tyranny. John Kennedy was murdered by a communist domestic terrorist, and Obama is good friends with a communist domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

While I don’t agree with every stance JFK took, I recognize the greatness of the man. He was in many ways the opposite of his brother Teddy who rode John’s coattails until they were tattered and worn. We as a nation are indebted to John Kennedy for his patriotism, faith in God, his tough stance on communism, his out of the box thinking, and his insight. Today he wouldn’t be allowed in the democrat party for his stance on abortion, God, defense, economic freedom or space exploration, but these are the very things that made him a legend. These stances were the antithesis of progressive ideology, based on the Frankfurt School, and was reason enough for him to be assassinated. Not saying that it was LBJ who had Kennedy killed, like the Soviet Archives claim, but John was an anathema to them back then as much as today.

God bless John Kennedy, forgive him his sins, and take him into heaven… Amen.

John Pepin


Manipulating Economic Data for Crass Political Gain

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the latest revelation about the ongoing Obama scandal machine, is perhaps the most egregious. The New York Post has reported that the Census counterfeited the employment numbers just before the 2012 election! No President has ever been reelected with unemployment over 8%. The census lowered the unemployment statistic to 7.8%… when the real number was far higher! This has a profound effect on the economic well being of you and I.


The bureaucracy is supposed to be absolutely non partisan. The power of the bureaucracy today dwarfs that of the rest of government. The executive branch, which the bureaucracy falls under, is tasked with enforcement of the laws and rules pertaining to it. This cuts the legislative as well as the judicial branch out of the loop when it comes to bureaucratic oversight. The bureaucracy gives the executive branch has almost unlimited authority over our day to day lives. That the Obama administration is using the power of the bureaucracy to manipulate economic numbers to get reelected is an abuse of power of the highest order.


The IRS scandal was egregious but this latest scandal is far worse. The IRS scandal was where the Obama administration was using the taxing authority of the government to limit the speech and punish his political adversaries. That in and of itself is a high crime due to the clear Constitutional infraction, IE limiting free speech. Manipulating economic numbers has a more pernicious effect however.


The United States is a capitalist nation. In a capitalist country businesses depend on economic data released by the BEA, Census and other departments of the bureaucracy, to make profoundly important decisions. Decisions that effect employment, wages, GDP growth, investments, pensions and the list goes on. These decisions effect the economic well being of every American citizen deeply. Now that we all know that the numbers the government releases are in some cases fiction no one in their right mind can count on any of them.


Even if 99% are true, who is to know which of the thousands of statistics the US government releases are true or politically motivated? The wise person who knows there are lies mixed in with truths will not believe anything unless it is independently verified. Now we all know there are at least some lies designed based on political machinations. To make an economic decision based on false data could cause a person to go bankrupt. When it comes to a person’s own economic well being, we are all rational maximizers.


Therefore, this latest scandal has a greater effect on the economic well being of the American people and people the World over, than any scandal by any President yet. The World will be effected because the US is still the economic engine of the World. Since the US is the engine many economic decisions made in other countries are based on the US economic statistics. Now that they know at least some are politically based, no country can rely on them. This makes the economic foundation not granite but quick sand.


Perhaps this is part of the reason the World’s economy is faltering. Oh yes, Britain is seeing an economic rebound and Germany is going full bore, but the rest of the nations around the World are either in recession or teetering on it. The US economy is on life support through a trillion dollars a year printing and monetizing the debt by the Federal Reserve. Taking money from savers and giving it to spenders. China is faltering as is all of Asia. The recent uptick in the Japanese economy is a mirage based on, again, monetizing their debt too. Most of the nations in Europe are in economic free fall. Italy is in it’s third year of recession and the picture is no better in Africa. Thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean sea trying to get to recession torn Italy!


The excuse the bureaucracy is giving is the manipulation wasn’t systematic! Lies compounding lies. To manipulate such statistics for the crass reason of holding political power is criminal. It will inevitably further lower the economic lot of Mankind. Regardless if the unbiased media pick up this latest scandal or try to cover it up is irrelevant because the monied elite and the world’s bankers know. Rest assured they knew before the Post reported it. They will react accordingly, without regard to the well being of the World’s working people, let alone the impoverished. Yes Obama has really done it this time. There will be no negative consequences for Obama but for you and I the results will be dire. But at least now we know with certainty… the connivers in government cannot be trusted with anything!





John Pepin

Modern Genocide

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is a systematic genocide going on in the World, without the notice of most of the World’s population. This is truly concerning because a prerequisite for genocide is the ignorance, whether willful or unwitting, of the majority of the human population. The elite of most persuasions have piled on board with this genocide banking on the media to keep their complicity hidden. Then again, isn’t it a precondition for evil to grow that it remain in the darkness? This genocide is not limited to one nation persecuting a minority, it spans the globe with several different groups joining in on the oppression. The genocide I am talking about is the slaughter and oppression of Christians in every corner of the planet.


The story of Christianity is filled with bloodshed. The Romans gleefully slaughtered Christians in the arena, the forum and the streets. Christians were crucified by the thousands. Once Constantine made Christianity a “sanctioned” religion the immediate persecution ceased and Christianity peacefully spread throughout the known world.


The rise of Islam brought in a new wave of persecution. The Islamic armies spread Islam at the point of a sword, throughout the Middle East, (which was entirely Christian at the time and where the Nicene creed was written), East into Persia and the Caucasus, West into North Africa, (The home of Saint Augustine), and into Europe. The Islamic armies melted down church bells and cast them into cannons to be used against the Christians. The Islamic crusaders dug up the bones of saints and fed them to dogs. That is why we know of saint Nicholas today. He was the patron saint of Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), and when that great Christian city was about to fall, to protect his venerated bones, they were dug up and moved to Europe, along with his story.


The reformation was another time of slaughter of Christians, that time at the hands of Christians. The protestant armies clashed with the Catholic armies over minute disagreements on doctrine. Nevertheless the slaughter was horrific and state sponsored. The Christians were merely the pawns of the political elite, Christian blood the lubricant for the tyrannical machinery that rose from those wars. Christians were revolted by the bloodshed however, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment, rose from these lessons.


The Islamic invasions of Europe were only curtailed by the escape of Vlad the Impaler. He was sent to the Turkish empire as tribute. The Muslims required hundreds of children a year as tribute else the Islamic army would mobilize against the Christian nations. Vlad’s brother was hansom and so was sent to a pedophilia to be raped. Vlad was intransigent and ugly and so was sent to a torture chamber. He eventually escaped back to Romania and ascended to his seat at the throne. Vlad immediately stopped sending children and the Islamic army mobilized to invade Romania. Vlad led his army against the Muslim invaders and defeated them. Using the lessons Vlad learned in the torture chamber, he ordered the Muslim survivors impaled along the boarder, as a warning not to invade again. The Muslims did, they were defeated and impaled, alongside their brothers. This led to an end of the eastern expansion into Europe.


Today history is repeating itself and Christians are under siege the world over. In Egypt Christian churches are burned, girls are abducted, raped and sold. Morsi ordered Christians run over by armored vehicles while peacefully protesting, and Christians huddle in fear for their lives. The Syrian rebels the US is supporting are burning churches, forcing Christians to convert else be beheaded, and the rebels are warning Christians will be exterminated once they win power. Christianity has ceased to exist in Afghanistan. In Nigeria Boko Haram is burning churches with Christians inside! There is no place in the Muslim world were Christians are safe and protected. Even in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to wear a cross or pray in public.


China and the atheist communists countries are no different. In China Christians are sent to forced labor camps, The Nazis called them concentration camps and sent Jews, Gypsies and Slavs to die in there. Christians are persecuted in North Korea, for merely practicing their faith, and even in the United States Christians are under attack! During the government shutdown Christian priests were ordered not to give communion or hold mass. Army chaplains are now ordered not to reference Christian themes or Jesus Christ! In the US, the government has embraced atheistic hostility to the Christian faith, and is now establishing atheism as the State religion.


The blood of Christians runs down the streets of the world and no one seems to notice or care. We are told of the atrocities Christians did, hundreds and thousands of years ago, (in direct violation of the teachings of Christ), without a murmur about the crimes perpetrated against Christians, then and now. Anti Christian propaganda fills the airwaves promulgated by the self proclaimed “enlightened.” This can only happen with the tacit complicity of the World’s elite. Occasionally there is a blurb about a church bombing here or there but the totality of the intentional, systematic and diabolical genocide against the Christian faith is ignored, apologized for and even justified! As human hearted people we must stand up and point at evil. Evil can only grow in darkness, if we shine a light on it, it will wither like a vampire in the sun. It is up to us as considerate human beings to do whatever we can to stop genocide, be it against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or Muslims… If we truly deserve the moniker, human being that is.





John Pepin

Charity, Redistribution, Compassion and Resentment.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, charity elevates both the giver and the receiver, while redistribution lowers both. This is a critically important thing for the average person to understand. Those who actually want to help their neighbor will try to comprehend, but those who are simply rooting for their team to win the political battle, will refuse to open their minds. This is a tragic fact of democratic politics. We vote for a team, our team, no matter what. Like the Red Sox and the Yankees, it is all about winning the pennant, not improving the lot of Man. The truly human hearted person wants to improve the lot of Man and doesn’t care about party.


Before a problem can be solved it must be understood. The simple fact is, political parties exist to take and hold power. This is their primary goal. Parties deal in votes like a baker deals in dough. In the political arena votes are the currency of the realm. Redistribution is where the government uses it’s power, a monopoly on violence, to take from the politically disfavored, and give that money to politically favored groups. Those who think otherwise are sadly deluded. Money is used by the political elite to purchase votes, whether from firms that support them, or the poor. The recipient of government largess is merely engaging in a crass exchange, a vote and support for money, no different than a baker sells bread else his bakery goes broke.


From this we can see that the political elite use the power of government, violence, to take from those they disfavor to exchange for political power. Government alms for the poor are no different. This makes the poor a party to a basically corrupt practice intended to help a party get and hold political power. Those that receive the money from government become clients of the party that favors them, just as a wealthy person or firm that engages in crony capitalism, is the client of the party that benefits them. Being a party to corruption makes a person corrupt. This follows like water flows down a hill.


Political parties that encourage people to be corrupt show their disregard for civil stability for matters of expediency. Those, whom the money that will be used for political machinations is taken from, are essentially robbed at gun point. If you disagree that violence is the primary means, simply refuse to pay your taxes, then wait and see if armed men don’t appear at your door. Logically, the person who’s money is seized, resents it. This lowers both the giver, the person who’s money is taken by force, and the receiver, the poor, or the corrupt businessman who engages in crony capitalism.


Charity on the other hand uplifts both the giver and the receiver. As I have said many times in these blogs, human beings have three parts, physical, mental and spiritual. If any, some or all of these parts are neglected, they atrophy, while they grow strong with exertion. The person who willingly gives some part of the money he or she has earned is exercising their spiritual part. To not only pay lip service to the less fortunate but to actually give of one’s own hard earned dollar is to show compassion. To demand others pay for the poor are examples of envy and greed. Compassion is uplifting and spiritually invigorating but envy and greed are lowering and spiritually destructive.


The receiver of real charity is not only getting money, food, clothing or housing, they are getting a sense that others value them as human beings. If someone is willing to freely give of their hard work to help another, that giver must believe the recipient has intrinsic worth. When we recognize someone has compassion for us we become more engaged in society, and we reciprocate with compassion for others strengthening our own spirit. Those that get largess from the State, understand it is not because anyone believes they have worth, but is merely a corruptly crass political payment for support and so, like any other market transaction they want the most they can get for their product… their support. The understanding that you have real worth outside some crass political scheme is spiritually uplifting and builds a person’s sense of self worth. When we believe we are a pawn in a power struggle our self worth is lowered. Therefore charity uplifts both the giver and the receiver while redistribution lowers everyone involved.





John Pepin

The Deflation Bugbear

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, when economists worry about deflation it is like a doctor worrying about a runny nose, they both are concentrating on a symptom, not the underlying disease. The consensus among economists is that deflation is so bad a little inflation is needed to insure no deflation occurs. The possibility of deflation is why most economists agree we cannot go back to the gold standard, and why all the proven dangers of fiat money must be tolerated, else we would get the dreaded deflation. But, as we all know putting leaches on a patient because he has high blood pressure is not a viable solution, persistent inflation is as bad and probably worse than a little deflation. The safety of your IRA account and job security depend on this question.


The economy of a country is like the body of a person. The corpus economic is a complex system that reacts to stimulus as is the human body. If we give a person lead oxide, (as they did in the Roman times) it may have a temporary palliative effect but the long term effects will be profoundly negative. The state of modern economics is about where the Romans were in medicine. Our very limited knowledge gives our economists the hubris to prescribe lead oxide when penicillin is what the patient needs.


The argument against deflation is this; if a person knows his money will be more valuable in the future, a rational maximizer will not spend money and instead save it. Using the aggregate supply aggregate demand model as described by John Maynard Keynes, this incentive to save instead of spend, lowers aggregate demand below aggregate supply and this results in economic recession. This logic depends on the aggregate supply, aggregate demand model being an effective analog of how an economy works, it also presumes the incentives will outweigh the needs of individuals.


So, what he is saying is that we wont spend our money, if we know it will be more valuable later. Let’s look into this presumption. If I have a dollar in my pocket, and I know that next year it will be worth one dollar and one cent, is that sufficient incentive against my rumbling stomach? Further, if my washing machine breaks down today, is it logical that for the gain of a penny or two in a year, I will put off buying a new one, and instead wash my clothes in a creek with a washboard? Moreover, if we take the opportunity cost into consideration, in other words the good I could have today weighed against the good I could have tomorrow, it only makes sense to buy the things I need today.


Deflation does provide a greater incentive to save just as inflation does a disincentive to save. If we consider the effects of a greater savings rate in a country, say, the US, we can see a lot of good that can come of it. The balance of trade is effected by the savings rate in a country. Balance of trade is both in goods and money. If the demand for money, capital, exceeds the savings rate money will flow into that country. This importation of money is counted in the balance of trade. If the savings rate exceeds the demand for capital then money will flow out, again effecting the balance of trade, but for the good.


Another effect of a greater savings rate is that more capital would be available for entrepreneurs to invest in ideas, small businessmen to invest in equipment or start businesses and more money available to build homes, cars and washing machines. A greater availability of capital means lower capital costs. But this doesn’t come at cost to savers because the money they have put away is growing both by compounded interest and deflation. There is no need for government to use lead oxide to gin up the savings rate against the disincentives inflation creates.


Economists will scoff at he idea pointing to the Great Depression as historic proof that deflation is a bad thing. In doing so they will confuse the fact that deflation was a symptom not the cause. The cause was government’s tampering in the economy. Price controls, regulations about what farmers could plant, how much any given product could be made, what could be made and making it nearly impossible to start a business. The result was the lowering of the demand for labor, this caused high unemployment and lower wages, lowering demand below aggregate supply. The government poisoned the patient and economists blamed the symptoms not the cause.


Some of the times where growth was highest was in times of deflation. During the 1800’s there were times where the Dollar was deflating… but the economy was growing. This further undermines the historical argument that the consensus of economists use. Economists use this spurious argument against deflation while ignoring the pernicious effects of inflation, negative incentive to save, negative balance of trade that the low saving rate creates, perpetual lowering of wages through the devaluing of the wages that are paid, allowing government to run up huge deficits, all the negative effects of fiat currency… among many others.


Inflation is simply a modern form of seigniorage. Seigniorage is where kings would collect all the money, shave a bit from them all and reissue the coins a little smaller. Inflation allows Governments to rack up huge deficits and have confidence that those deficits will evaporate due to inflation. History shows us that where deficits were too big and money printing got out of control the effect has always been runaway inflation, or in other words, hyper inflation. This is far more destructive of the wealth of a nation than anything proposed by economists about deflation.


So, when you hear that government must do this or that, to defend against deflation, (like monetizing the debt), you will know they are engaging in group think. Today economists are giving the corpus economic lead oxide and leaches when what the economy really needs is the penicillin of deregulation and the nutrition of lower taxes. This doesn’t serve the interests of the elite however, who want more control, not less. So we will continue to be bled, suffer heavy metal poisoning and all the while our leaders will claim it has to be done. To the destruction of the wealth of our nations… and by extension, us.





John Pepin

Obama’s Kraken

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the catastrophe that is Obama care is showing the deep level of incompetence and duplicity of the Obama administration, in reality, Obama care is a modern Kraken, released to destroy our healthcare system and level the ground for single payer. The fiasco of the web site is only the smallest problem. The roll out gets worse every day and the administration along with democrats are determined to get the Kraken out onto our streets. The damage it will wreak on our economy, jobs, and personal health is astounding, let along the profound damage it is and will do to our Constitutional rights.


The web site is the most simple type of HTML code to write. It is nothing more than a self populating database that emails the data to an insurer! This type of web application is available free over the internet for web site sign up and news letters. To have failed so very badly having taken so much money, between 100 million and 600 million, depending on the source, and time… 2 years, shows a level of incompetence that boggles the mind. The excuses the White House are coming up with would be laughable, if the money didn’t come from you and I. They didn’t expect a lot of people would sign on? Seriously? They mandated we all sign on! I suppose they were hampered by the web being so new, the sun was in their eyes and their shoe laces came untied…


As I said before, the web site is the smallest part of the problems with Obama care, a far more serious issue is that so many people are getting cancellation notices from their insurance providers because of the mandates in the law. This could be mitigated if other similar policies were available at the same or lower cost but the costs are skyrocketing! In many if not most cases the monthly premium is double what people were paying before the Kraken was released. Moreover the co pay and deductibles are getting insanely high. It was foretold by the market that this would happen. The prices of health insurance stocks rose dramatically when Obama care was deemed passed. The costs, deductibles and co pays are so high that the policies are basically useless. Expensive useless policies we are forced by law to buy!


Meanwhile, as our insurance premiums are going into orbit on a ticking ICBM the hours for those with jobs are being cut! I am agog that this isn’t the story of the day. Obama care creates the incentives for firms to cut the hours of employees so they don’t fall into the most expensive mandates of Obama care. Job growth, due to Obama Care, is almost non existent… which has the effect of lowering wages. As demand for labor goes down and the amount of labor from new graduates and illegal aliens made legal go up, wages MUST go down! This is economic 101. Even a simpleton should understand this… so why doesn’t Obama. Is he less than a simpleton?


Roe v Wade was based on doctor patient privilege. A doctor cannot be forced to disclose a client’s personal information to government due to Constitutional limits on the government’s ability to seize our personal data. Obama care turns the whole idea on it’s head, with doctors being mandated to ask if their patients have guns in the house, then reporting the answer to the government! That is the tip of the iceberg poking into the hull. Every single aspect of our lives will be open for any government bureaucrat to see… and law enforcement officer as well.


Imagine, someone goes to the doctor, the doctor asks if they are taking drugs. They must answer no, else it will be reported to the government, so the doctor performs surgery based on this wrongful information. The patient then dies because she is taking Ecstacy and it reacts with the doctor’s medicine. Human lives will certainly be lost due to the pernicious incentives of Obama care.


Now that the Kraken has been released we are at it’s mercy. Those intrepid would be Perseus that fought valiantly to stop the opening of the monster’s cage were vilified and denigrated… it continues today even with all the horror stories coming out. The victims litter the beach, human liberty, Constitutional rule, our economic well being, our children’s futures and our very lives. It looks increasingly like the problem is not so much incompetence but duplicity by this administration. Government is the only human institution that the more it fails the more powerful it gets. Until we have single payer, or in other words, Nazi health care… As the Kraken wanders through our cities and towns it will be as Godzilla stomping through Tokyo… except we will be the helpless people on subway trains scream bug eyed as he looks in on us...





John Pepin

The Republican Party is Dead… Long Live the Tea Party

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… the republican party is in a death spiral of it’s own making. No political party can stab it’s base in the back, over and over, and survive as a viable party for long. That the republican party has gotten away with it for so long, and not succumbed to extinction, is testament to the hope of the American people for limited government. This trend has been happening for a long time but has accelerated of late. This bodes ill for American democratic representation and Constitutional rule unless the trend can be stopped. The means are at hand however.


In the last Presidential election only a paltry 40% of the electorate cast a ballot. This historically low turnout means that Obama won the election with only 20-25% of the American people voting for him. A pathetic quarter of the people voted the president into office. If you think about it, 20% of the people also believe in aliens, ghosts and vampires! (I would argue they are the same people who voted for Obama). Low voter turnout has been a mainstay in American elections for decades. The thing that is pitiful however is that politicians blame the voters and not themselves.


No one blames themselves for their own problems. It is a function of human nature. We all prefer to point the finger of blame at someone else. That this goes on in political circles is not hard to understand. Politicians however have paid consultants that get huge sums of money to explain to politicians why they loose elections. These highly paid eggheads should have the ability to see beyond their own noses and mine the data as to why so few people turn out. In this they fall into a thought trap, or in other words, group think.


This group think permeates the highest echelons of the republican party. They believe the only way to win elections is to go after a smaller and smaller faction of the electorate. Romney won the highly touted “undecided” but lost the election. This is clearly because he was a fatally flawed candidate. Obama’s biggest weakness, Obama care, was taken off the table by Romney’s presidential bid. Obama care is only a symptom and not the disease however. Romney never went after the republican base. He instead ignored and even vilified them. As a result, they didn’t vote for him.


This is typical of republican politics. They despise their base as upstarts, who want more liberty and less government, when the “enlightened” republican elite want more government and less liberty. The only difference between the republicans and democrats is… who controls the tyrant’s power. Neither wants to limit the power, scope and role of government, both want to increase it. Republicans believe their base is so stupid they will fall into line even when the republican elite spit in our faces.


This is proven by the Bush presidency. The republican party controlled a plurality of seats in both houses of congress and the presidency. Did we see a diminishing of the scope of government? No. Did we see balanced budgets? No. Did we even see a walking back of entitlements? No! What we did see, was a new entitlement, prescription drug coverage. We got higher deficit spending and thousands more pages of regulation. The republican base is not blind, they are not stupid, they know a liar when they see one, and refuse to participate in the destruction of the United States, by giving these liars and frauds legitimacy by their vote.


This is why the Tea Party faction has grown so powerful, despite the vilification of us. The Tea Party, teabaggers as the elite call us, are a truly grass roots movement. Those who understand that the republicans, as well as the democrats, want unrestricted illegal immigration, ever increasing government, taxes and regulation, regardless of the consequences to the American people, want to change course, but we all know, to a man, that neither the republican old guard, nor the democrat party, will give us what we demand and OUR Constitution requires.


That is why the republican party is in a death spiral and the democrat party is joining them. They both stand against the will of the people, the dictates of our Constitution, and both lie to our faces. They go after an increasingly small lunatic fringe of the public for votes. We are standing up however, wiping republican and democrat spit from our faces, and making ourselves heard. Obama care is only the latest in a series of slaps of our faces and knives in our backs, we refuse to sit any longer. Once Tea Party people get more seats at the table, we will see more turnout of an electorate, that today, increasingly feels disenfranchised. Until then, the republican elite should be on warning, the jig is up.





John Pepin