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Missing the Forest For the Trees

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, it is human nature to ignore the big things we agree on, and vilify each other for the little things we disagree on. Christianity is one example. There are protestants who believe the Roman Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon. Many Christians who follow the European branch have, or had, utter disdain for the Coptics who have a different view of the divinity of Christ. It doesn’t stop there. Conservatives fight amongst themselves over everything while ignoring the big picture. What is interesting however is that those who seek fundamental change are united. Perhaps once our civilization collapses, they will turn on each other and wash the World with blood, over their disagreements. No matter if they will, because first they seek our civilization’s destruction.


There are so many Christian sects it is impossible to count them all. We have argued over Justification to the death. The Coptics were let to the wolves because they believe Jesus was fully God, while Europeans believe Jesus was fully God and fully man. I imagine there is even a sect out there, that will fight to the death if someone claims Jesus took three steps on the top of Calvary, instead of four. These are really petty disagreements and have the effect of delegitimizing Christianity not empowering it. The basic fact is that Christians believe Jesus was the messiah. All other disagreements are superfluous to that over arching truth. To kill or denigrate someone who believes in Jesus is absurd and endangers one’s immortal soul.


In the United States, those who seek to preserve the founding principles argue and fight all the time. To the detriment of the Republic. The Founding Fathers didn’t agree on much, but they did agree on the founding principles, that the power resides in the people, God is the source of our Rights and that government must be limited. To disagree on the finer points is ok but to undermine our own sovereignty because of a small disagreement is stupid.


Those who seek to destroy the founding principles of our republic are united in their loathing of them. They will most certainly go to war once they have successfully destroyed the republic, and thereby civilization itself, because they will all want to be the dictator. To that end they will fight to the death, but over larger issues, like, should the World be atheistic communist, should all the people of the World be subjected to Sharia, which form of Islam, Sunni or Shia, they will fight to the death about any number of issues, but the issues they will fight over will be the larger ones.


Clearly, it is idiotic to fight over small things, and in doing so, loose the most important thing. Mature adults, (a very rare thing today), understand that honest people will disagree honestly. That I believe Justification is by faith and works, does not mean I drink the blood of the saints, and I don’t think those who believe justification is by faith alone are evil. We simply disagree on a small point but agree on the larger one. Moreover, it is impossible for any of us to know the truth of it, because God has not revealed it to us. Those who think they absolutely know the will of God are presumptuous in the most pernicious way.


What we need to do is shake hands on what we agree on. We can come together on the big choices, like the founding principles of the US. To fight a new reformation about politics is to allow the founding principles to be destroyed. We might win a small argument but what good is that if we become slaves? What good is it to be right about how many steps Jesus took on Calvary if our immortal souls are lost? Perhaps I have mispelled a word, does that negate everything I have said? If you believe it does then you are blinded to the large because you focus on the small. There is an old saying, “To miss the forest for the trees.” It seems appropriate when referring to our petty disagreements while we allow fundamental principles to be lost. The future will be bright, if we come together on the underlying principles, but dark if we do not.





John Pepin

Things that Work and Things that Don’t Work

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, no matter how much someone wants a thing to be true, if it is not, it is not, and never will be. The desire of a person bears not a whit on reality. We might want to fly without the use of wings, and many have died trying, but the simple truth is, we need the use of machinery to fly. Moreover, no matter how many times a thing that will not work is tried, it will not work. The average man and woman understands this very basic concept, because we are subject to the results of our actions, and we bear the costs of those that do not work, but the elite have no such training in reality. The road is paved for them so they need not stumble. This makes them appear deft but in reality it hobbles them, and profoundly distorts their ability to discern truth from fiction and right from wrong.


Take economics. The elite love and worship at the feet of John Menard Keynes. This economist gave the elite not just permission to deficit spend but he made it a duty. The elite in every country on Earth believe in Keynesian economics. Because Keynes gave them an excuse to do what they really want… tax and spend. There is no thought required to open a checkbook and write a check, especially if the money is earned by someone else.


The elite don’t have to suffer for their bad decisions, the rest of us do. The elite destroy the economy through high taxes and regulation, and they get richer, while the rest of us get poorer. Notice how under Obama, the supposed champion of the poor and middle class, the world economy is muddling along, but the wealthy’s fortunes are sailing? Is it a coincidence, while the wages of Americans have taken a historic hit under this Keynesian, the stock market is breaking records weekly? The answer is simple, money printing has allowed the elite to escape the negative effects of their own policies. You and I on the other hand are stuck in the mire of the Keynesian swamp.


Every time Keynesian economic theory has been used it has resulted in failure of the economy. There is not one example where Keynesian theory has gotten a country out of recession, while every example where this fellow’s theory has been used, has resulted in economic malaise. Some notable examples are, Woodrow Wilson’s magnificent recession, Franklin Roosevelt’s Great Depression, Carter’s stagflation and now Obama’s great recession. Is it coincidental, that the economic times under Keynesians are so unique in their poverty generation, they are named?


The elite so want Keynesianism to work they will never stop trying. They cough up excuses like phloem, “we didn’t spend enough,” or “we didn’t spend long enough.” The answer is never that the policy is flawed. The elite do the same thing over and over, always getting the same result, economic stagnation, but they never tire of it. Largely because they don’t suffer the negative effects, we do. They want Keynesian economics to work so badly they cannot imagine it wont… someday. Since they don’t feel the effects of low wages, except in lower employee cost, they have no problem enacting a flawed economic policy, over and over.


There is an interview of Frederik Hayek on Youtube in which that great economist laments being right. He wrote the book, The Road to Serfdom. In which he extols the virtue of laissez faire economics and the palliative effect of low taxes and regulation on an economy. While Keynes told the elite to print, tax, regulate and spend. Keynes was, and still is a hero to the elite, while Hayek is a villain. The few times Hayek’s policies have been implemented the results were quick and decisive. Under Coolidge the economy surged and we got the Roaring Twenties. Ronald Reagan did it again with similar results, but Reagan was hobbled by a democratic congress that was intransigent, they so loved Keynesian policies they fought Reagan at every turn. Despite the push back, the fact is, Reagan’s policies pulled the US out from Carter’s stagflation and ushered in the boom of the eighties. Obama’s Keynesian policies have eliminated all the economic gains since then.


In the halls of power, the elite sit with their backs to us. They suffer no ill effects of their policies, and to insure that fact, they exempt themselves from their own laws. Like Obama care. Since they never suffer for their own policies they have no incentive to learn. Why would they go about it any differently in the future? Their power is assured by the unbiased media, who dutifully pillory any other point of view, than that of the progressive elite. Listen to what the unbiased media call the Tea Party. For the elite, to do something that has never worked, over and over, is genius, for the rest of us… it is insanity.





John Pepin

The Economic Argument Why Obama Care Must be Defunded

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… Obama care is an economic train wreck. The devastation it’s already done, has lowered the standard of living of the World’s people for generations, let alone the future damage it will do. Since the growth of an economy is an aggregate thing, it piles upon itself, slow economic growth, for whatever reason, lowers the pile that is being piled on as well as the amount that is added… The effect is not only immediate but cumulative and everlasting. This is very bad, if you consider that we have been under this economic malaise, since the recession was claimed to have ended. So, not only are your economic outlooks lowered the well being of your children and grandchildren will be effected… negatively.


Think of this, the Federal Reserve has been printing 85 billion dollars a month for a year. In 12 months that accumulates to a bit over a trillion dollars. Now compare that trillion of printing to our actual GDP growth. The US is an economy that is about 15.7 trillion dollars, (according to the BEA)… at a growth rate of 2% yields annual growth of about 320 billion dollars. In other words, to get 310 billion in annual growth the Federal Reserve is printing, from whole cloth and adding into the economy, over a trillion! That implies a recession loosing 680 billion annually if the printing went away! Moreover, it’s a pathetic return at 1/3 of the money put in! Instead of getting more money out, due to the ability of banks to magnify the money supply, the FED is seeing negative return on their printed money! So… what is happening to that 680 billion? Is there so little business activity the money is setting in the banking system’s reserves, or is it going overseas? Now the question must become, why is it not spent here?


Businesses need to know what their cost structure will be to project future profit or loss. Obama care throws a huge monkey wrench in firm’s ability to predict. The law is thousands of pages long, it’s impossible to know how the bureaucrats will interpret and apply them, heck, they haven’t even written all of them yet, and they have already written tens of thousands of pages of regulation! Therefore, no one knows what they really are, or will be, and obviously how they will effect businesses. Moreover, Obama care is costing firms real money today to hire experts to answer these very unanswerable questions, money that could be better spent investing in labor or productive machinery. The sad part is, until Obama care is implemented, or not, the uncertainty of it will continue to corrode the economy, like acid. If it is implemented the continuing damage to economic growth will be immortalized in entitlement.


The lack of investment in machinery and labor will accumulate. As the demand for labor goes down the price of labor must go down. Meanwhile, Obama care is driving up the cost of doing business so prices must rise else firms will have to lay off or go out of business, further driving down the demand for labor. As people’s wages are driven down by Obama care, and the prices we all have to pay for the goods of society go up, our standard of living must necessarily go down… profoundly. In Complexity Theory this is called a feedback loop. The negative input into the system, is fed back into the system, by the system, in a self sustaining way, thus exaggerating the initial input.


Experts are telling businesses large to small that Obama care is going to hobble them. That is why so many firms and groups, using political favor, have escaped Obama care. The associated paperwork, taxes, and regulations will drive up their costs and lower their efficiency dramatically. No one knows how much… but everyone knows it will be impressive. Since the first responsibility of a business owner is to keep the doors open they will try mightily to do just that. Unfortunately, due to Obama care, they have to limit the hours their employees can work, else they get hit with the most draconian parts of the law, simply to keep the doors open. Small businesses, who have much more limited ability to hire lawyers and experts than large firms, are effected far more than big ones.


Small business is the engine of any economy. Real growth in an economy is organically driven by small startups not giant ones. Entrepreneurs get an idea and they start a business. If that new idea revolutionizes some aspect of business, a new economic cycle is started. Ford did that with the Model T, Gates did that with MSDOS… hydro-fracking and 3D printing are just the newest incarnations of this paradigm. When the environment for small business becomes toxic, as Obama care makes it, the cycle is shut down. Banks won’t loan money to a fly by night who has no useful projections of his or her cost structure. That would be an irresponsible thing to do with depositor’s money. The leviathan bureaucracy of today’s government, a Godzilla that has been expanded dramatically by Obama care, now has the ability to regulate in real time. Thousands of little bureaucrats in their cubicles, dutifully regulating anything they can get their hands on, especially new ideas… undermining economic growth in the process.


The main reason our economy is so wounded is Obama Care, pure and simple. This tragically flawed law stops the entrepreneurial process in it’s tracks. Small businesses are hurt the most… magnifying the effect on real economic growth. Diminished growth, that will be exaggerated over time, as future growth has a smaller base to expand upon. Nothing I have said here is astounding or out of left field, it is economics 101. Any economist will tell you that incentives count. This is a basic law of economics. But, due to the willingness of this administration to use the mechanism of government, for political ends, economists are cowed… one only need look at the way Nial Ferguson was treated. Obama and the democrats have silenced most opposition, and set regulatory incentives against the capitalist mode of production. That is why the republicans must not blink, they must defund Obama care… Not as much for ours, but our children and grandchildren’s economic future depends on it.





John Pepin

The Slippery Slope of Utilitarianism

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the philosophy of utilitarianism is a slippery slope. Many well intentioned people have espoused the utilitarian philosophy with tragic results. Utilitarianism, like Bentham and John Stuart Mill’s seem to have an empirical basis, but in fact are based entirely on subjective opinion. That such a huge mistake is made in defining them is astounding. Some of the worst atrocities ever committed by men upon mankind have been justified under a utilitarian philosophy. Even today utilitarianism under girds the thinking of many philosophers. The weakness of utilitarianism needs to be pointed out else our society is susceptible to evils from all directions.


Utilitarianism is thought to be a form of morality based on logic, and is often summed up with the trite saying, that which brings the greatest good to the greatest number. The pleasure, or happiness, (depending on the philosopher), is quantified and compared to the suffering it will bring about. In this, it appears to be based on a cost benefit analysis, when in fact it has no such basis. Mill tried to put a counterpoint to the strict utilitarianism of Bentham with his notion of the quality of pleasure. Quality being a metric of the goodness of a pleasure, torture my be pleasurable to the sadist but is of a lower quality than say, philosophy. In my mind quality falls very short because it depends on who is doing the measuring.


I am a bit of a utilitarian myself. I do agree that there should be some form of cost benefit put on an action, philosophy, economic or governing system. Where I fall away from the utilitarian ethos, is that I believe in an overarching morality, that of Human Heartedness. The theory of human heartedness comes from Confucius. He meant it to be tangentially defined as the Golden Rule but it goes further. If an action is not human hearted it is not good no matter the “quality.” Furthermore quality is subjective to the measurer not an objective measure. The sadist may believe his pleasure outweighs the pain of the victim but only a demon could believe torture is human hearted.


My favorite philosopher, Mo Ti, had a strictly empirical utilitarian philosophy. Mo Ti was far more empirical in his philosophy then Bentham or Mill. To sum up one of Mo Ti’s arguments… if we weigh the damage to the carts, the weapons, armor, infrastructure, crops, and the loss of productive capacity of those killed or handicapped in war, against the uncertain gain of winning, it is obvious that the cost far outweighs the benefit… This is far more empirical than any of the arguments I have heard made by Mill. Unfortunately the very caring philosophy of Mo Ti was followed, logically, by the cruel philosophy of Shang Yang, who’s philosophy visited suffering on the entire Middle Kingdom, during the Chin dynasty.


Another reason naked utilitarianism is so profoundly dangerous is that it is based on pure logic. The Ancient Chinese philosopher, Kung-Sun Lung, who argued in dialectic that a White Horse is not a Horse, was not actually saying a white horse is not a horse, but that logic and language are deficient, ad absurdum. In Kant’s, Critique of Pure Reason, he used a different argument to come to the similar conclusion… that pure logic is inadequate to come to any real understanding, because it can go so far afield from actual reality.


In modern times we see the results of utilitarianism in the suffering socialism has wrought on mankind. The communist, socialist and progressive all argue in utilitarian terms. The example, from each according to his ability to each according to his need, is a nakedly utilitarian statement. It assumes that most will benefit if the goods of society are forcibly, equally distributed. Pleasant sounding rhetoric but history shows the foolishness of that notion. Over one hundred million human beings murdered to enforce it to date. Clearly not at all human hearted.


Utilitarianism has value but falls short of a truly human hearted philosophy. It lacks the moral foundation of the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you… the foundation of human heartedness, and Christianity by the way. Utilitarianism lacks the basis of empirically measurable reality like William James philosophy of Pragmatism, and being based upon pure logic, it can go very far away from the good into evil. That history shows us utilitarianism philosophies have been the font of so much human suffering is a sure sign it is wanting. That is why I say, utilitarianism is a slippery slope… to despotism.





John Pepin



Who to Believe

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, lest anyone believe too much what the media or government claims, all one needs to do is open an encyclopedia from the 1930’s, and read what it says about the Soviet Union under Stalin. People have far too much faith in what we are told by the unbiased media and government. We accept the stories as gospel, and are told to disbelieve gospel, thinking and acting wrongly as a result. We should read all that is available on a subject… especially that which we don’t agree with, else our perception becomes narrower and we ourselves become more and more ignorant, regardless of how enlightened we consider ourselves. The times in which we live are too perilous to be willfully ignorant.


Any encyclopedia you open, from the 1930’s, will have a glowing account of the wonders of communism under Stalin. I have a copy from 1940. It goes on and on about the rights of the people living under communism. It claims poverty is eliminated in the USSR. While history shows us, at the same time, the people of the Ukraine were being systematically starved to death. Untold human suffering was brought about by Stalin. In addition to the millions who had food stolen from them, food they had grown, there were purges that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths by firing squad, hanging, and torture. History shows how very very wrong those encyclopedias were.


Despite the fact that many knew about the atrocities of the communists at the time, these fictions were written in encyclopedias and distributed to the American people as reality. Any librarian will tell you that an encyclopedia is the best of reference material. That they are subject to political ideology is not tragic, it is a statement on the veracity of those, who are the gatekeepers of information. Not a pretty statement either. That such atrocities were glossed over, by the media elite and even the writers of encyclopedias, is damming of those who promoted such fables as truth.


Truth is not subject to perspective. Truth must be objective else it is opinion. Today we are inundated with opinion that masquerades as truth. The tragic part is that real truth is more often than not, derided as opinion or conspiracy. We can see in the example of the encyclopedia that even the most reliable sources of information are subject to political calculation. Opinions that are portrayed as truth, are a fallacy that we must realize as such, or we will be subject to acting on lies… to our own and our children’s detriment.


When we have only lies, opinion and falsification to base our decisions on, we are not really making informed decisions… we are being manipulated. People who manipulate, never do it for the benefit of those who are manipulated, but for their own egoistic self aggrandizement, to garner wealth or to seize power. Not one of those reasons are human hearted. The thoughtful individual has to be very careful of what we believe, and what we disbelieve, but to be a rational maximizer we must not discount information, we are told by the elite media, is conspiracy. They have been caught so many times fabricating lies and portraying them as truth they cannot be believed at all. Look at CBS, creating from whole cloth lies about George Bush’s military record, reporting it days before an election and claiming them as reality, when nothing could be further from the truth.


The wise man and woman believes everything and nothing. It is critical to understand the nature of men and mankind to know truth. When a news story claims that people are behaving in a way that is not consistent with history, human nature or logic, the rational human being has to weigh that information carefully, else he or she is subject to manipulation. We must understand that truth is not perspective dependent it is objective, perspective is subject to personal bias, bigotry and self interest. Our media is never unbiased and those who claim that mantel are lying to our faces… and they know it. To believe a liar is to be willfully ignorant and therefore makes us subject to acting against our self interest. That there is even one example of reference material that promotes a false narrative, shows us that even the most reliable sources must be evaluated and checked against historic norms, the teller’s biases and our own rational self interest. To understand is to be catholic in our reading and critical in our acceptance. To do otherwise makes us a tool of the elite, and human beings are NOT tools, we are ends in and of ourselves.





John Pepin

911 and the Surveillance State

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, one of the results of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center, is the surveillance state we now live under. The surveillance state has been a long time coming but the terrorist attacks of 12 years ago greatly accelerated the trend. The elite seized on the opportunity to move ahead with their plan to monitor every aspect of our lives, not to protect us from terrorists, but to protect their shredding the Constitution from our outrage. This is a continuation of the elite’s overall scheme to move the US from a Constitutional republic to a socialist democracy. Anyone who has their eyes open must be alarmed at the development.


The NSA scandal has it’s roots in the 911 attacks. When the Patriot act was implemented and became law under George Bush it was sold as a means to protect the homeland from future terrorist attacks. The reality it seems, is far more sinister. The sweeping surveillance of the American people by our own government is Orwellian in it’s scope and intrusiveness. The Snowden leak is only the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid.


There is not a single aspect of our lives that is not monitored by our government. They vacuum up information from our Twitter and Facebook posts, our phone records, our personal information and our financial information. If you or I were to get just the phone records the government claims are not personal or private, we would be charged with a CPNI, (Customer Personal Information) crime. We would be tried with the full weight of Federal law. The irony is delicious. If those records are truly impersonal and not private then why is it illegal for us to gather that information? Because they are personal and private.


Many police cars have license plate readers that operate all the time. The readers log the owner of every car they pass, where that car is, at what time… and store that information in a government database. The government could conceivably use this information to model every American’s comings and goings. Software could use this data to predict not only where we are at any given time it could be used to predict our actions. Most major cities have government cameras on street corners. If these cameras are coupled with face recognition software they could be used to reduce the granularity of the police license plate readers. It is impossible to argue this is not an intrusion on our privacy.


Off site backup is a great idea and a wonderful business model but leaves anyone who uses it open to further government intrusion. Every bit of your hard drive is backed up on the firm’s server farm. They can have the very vest encryption software and have the most stringent privacy policies, but all that information is only a subpoena away from the government tracking your web habits, writings, political leanings, financial information and who your friends are. All in real time without you even knowing they are doing it! The problem is only magnified by cloud computing.


As we know, the government, not just the American government but all governments seek to increase their power over the citizenry. This is not new nor is it startling. Governments have always been this way and the United States founding fathers understood all too well this pernicious nature of government. That is why they put such stringent restrictions on the US government in the Constitution. Those restrictions have been under direct assault for over a century now. The fear that 911 caused in the American psyche was exploited to speed the scheme up.


Today if you or I bring up the Constitution we are scoffed at. Nancy Pelosy laughed when she was asked if Obama Care was Constitutional. The unbiased media derisively call those of us who argue on Constitutional grounds, “conspiracy theorists” and our own government has issued directives that clearly state that Constitutionalists are potential terrorists! Imagine that! Patriots who consider the Constitution a limiting document are called terrorists, but those who openly call for the overthrow of the US government, are not! Our government refuses even to call Islamic terrorists, who openly avow terror as a means to conquer the World, terrorists! This shows conclusively, the surveillance state is not aimed at real terrorists, it is aimed at citizens who seek to limit government on Constitutional grounds.


The IRS scandal is proof positive that the US government is, or at least has, used the apparatus of government to promote a political ideology, and we can reasonably extrapolate that scandal to any other surveillance program. If someone misuses one tool without consequence why wouldn’t they misuse other tools? Now the IRS is the gatekeeper of our health care as well as who gets tax free status. The ability to deny medical coverage to someone, due to his or her political ideology, is a very powerful tool to dominate citizens, by the political party that wields power. Coupled with the ambitious program to monitor our every move gives government unprecedented power to control us. There is no hiding from Big Brother government, and I am afraid that is exactly where we are headed, an Orwellian state… if we are not already there.





John Pepin

Al-Queda’s Newfound Chemical Weapons

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Iraq war was fought to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of Al-Queda, not to protect civilians from Saddam. The US government has shown conclusively, by past actions, that it doesn’t care a whit if people are slaughtered by their own government. Not once has the US gone to war in a country to save civilians that doesn’t pose a threat to US interests. The sophist arguments being made by Senators and political hacks belies that fact. The US under Clinton did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide, Saddam Hussein’s chemical attack on civilians that killed over 10,000 people was ignored by the unbiased media as well as our government, the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks wasn’t even reported until years later and the extermination of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, and Islamists in WWII, had nothing to do with America’s involvement in that war. As I recall, Obama was against the Iraq war, why has he pivoted 180 degrees? This latest atrocity is being promoted as a reason to send American boys and girls into the meat grinder of war, so that President Obama can save face and support his allies, the Muslim Brotherhood. That people have to die so that Obama can save face is criminal but that our government is allied with the Brotherhood and Al-Queda is truly alarming.


The most dangerous part of this whole theater, is that if you look at a map of Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles and overlay a map of rebel held areas, Al-Queda controlled areas, a large portion of the chemical weapons stockpiles are already in rebel hands. That the most effective troops among the rebels are Al-Queda, who have honed their fighting skills against the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan, gives us assurance that Al-Queda has weapons of mass destruction in their hands. As we know, the untermenschen of Al-Queda have no qualms about using any weapon against their enemies, this should give us pause. Now that it seems certain our mortal enemy has chemical weapons it is only a matter of time before they use them in Europe and/or America, in their war to impose sharia on the World.


This president never accepts responsibility for the outcome of his policies. His past actions prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The real reason Obama wants Congress to pass a resolution, or not, is so Obama can escape any blame. If they vote for military action, Obama will happily attack Syria, and if it goes wrong he will point the finger of blame at Congress for authorizing it. If Al-Queda uses chemical weapons against American civilians, Obama will blame Congress for their vote, no matter what it is. Regardless of what happens, Obama will have a scapegoat for his blundering… again.


What is also concerning about this civil war in Syria is that the Christian minority has been protected by Assad. He is not a good guy by any measure, but that the Christians are protected by him is widely known, but not reported by the unbiased press. The rebels have threatened the Christians with extermination once the rebellion is victorious. So it appears that the US President has no room in his heart for the Christians his allies are slaughtering in Syria and Egypt. The claim the US must go to war to stop this humanitarian disaster is spurious, because when Christian children are burned to death in churches in Nigeria, Obama is silent, when 50,000 Christian children are starved to death by Islamist rebels in Somalia, Obama cannot be disturbed and when Christian schools are firebombed while is session by military planes of the Sudanese air force, our government can’t be bothered even to mention it.


Egyptian newspapers have portrayed Obama as Satan because of his unquestioned backing of the Muslim Brotherhood. This US president has ignored his responsibility to defend our embassy in Benghazi, and has yet to do a thing about the terrorist attack a year ago. Even to the point of initially trying to divert blame from Islamist terrorists by blaming and imprisoning a filmmaker, who is still in jail for exorcising his Right to free speech, while the CIA and NSA knew very well that it was clearly a terrorist attack. I remind you that if you or I lie to the government it is a felony, but if the government lies to us, it is politics… no matter the damage to American interests or the deaths of American citizens. If you chisel on your taxes, no one dies, but you go to jail, when the government lies to us, people often die horribly. In the case of Syrian Chemical weapons that are now in the hands of Al-Queda, the next horrific news videos will be of American or European children spasming as they die from a Sarin gas attack… maybe yours.


The reason Obama wants to go to war in Syria cannot be for humanitarian reasons. History shows us that. It is not for the chemical attack, the government never cared before, and it is not to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of Islamic terrorists, since they now almost certainly have them. The US government has shown a total disregard for atrocities committed against Christians, and if the US comes in on the side of Al-Queda, the lot of the Christians there will be genocide and a humanitarian disaster. Therefore Obama’s beating the war drums must be for something else. Given the inflated ego of a man who has had the road paved for him his entire life, the reason is far more likely to be personal aggrandizement, than any human hearted effort to prevent future chemical attacks. The only reason to go to war is to protect the US and US interests. If a war is begun that will negatively effect US interests, encourage a chemical attack in America and must result in American deaths for dubious reasons, that war is unconscionable and must be stopped… before it has begun.





John Pepin

The US and China’s Different Approaches to Africa

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the United States takes a militaristic approach to Africa, while China takes the capitalist. In the short term, the militaristic gives the US the most impact on events but in the long term, the capitalist approach will yield the best results all around. Moreover, the military approach will inevitably cost much more in blood and in treasure, for dubious gains. The capitalist way will not cost blood or treasure but will yield dividends for years to come. Anyone who thinks about it, for even a moment, will understand this, but the leaders of the US seem to be unable to make this simple cost benefit calculation, to the World’s detriment.


Today, the United States has troops in many countries in Africa. Small units are hunting down the Lord’s Resistance Army in the Republic of the Congo and in the Central African Republic, the US has stationed the Coast Guard in Cape Verde, in fact, there are around 19 US military actions going on. They range from actively engaged to mere drone bases. The US has a large military footprint in Africa. In Iraq, the US has spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives, but the oil revenue is going to the Chinese, and peace is nowhere to be found.


Military interventions are very expensive. Not only in the blood of our children but in our nation’s treasure. People and money that would be better invested in entrepreneurial activities. But the US government sees fit to drain off those resources for overseas adventures. Adventures that will never show a profit for anyone in the US or even US interests. Most of the time military intervention results in hatred for the US and it’s people, diminished economic returns for the US and the countries it tries to help, and usually ends up putting a dictator in office, propped up at US taxpayer expense.


The Chinese capitalist footprint is even larger than America’s militarist. The Chinese approach is to invest in businesses and infrastructure throughout the continent. The Chinese don’t put their own money up for infrastructure improvements though, they rely on the International Development fund, to pay for their projects, with China only putting up a token amount. The cost to China is insignificant, and certainly will not result in the loss of Chinese military personnel.


The profit to the Chinese will far exceed the US return on investment. For almost no investment the Chinese model will yield many favorable results. Not the least of which is the long lasting favor of the people of Africa. While the US is paying handsomely for hatred China is gaining good public relations almost for free. Another dividend for China is access to African markets. The benefit of this cannot be overstated. China is opening up rapidly growing markets for it’s goods and services, while the US militaristic approach closes the African markets to US goods and services, (like in Iraq) largely due to the animosity that military intercession builds up.


In the end it is the introduction of Capitalism that will settle the wars and insurgencies across Africa. The stated goal of the US is to export democracy around the World. But even a cursory look at history and the present shows, nowhere in the World has democracy flourished, unless and until the economy of a State is capitalist. Where democracy has been imposed from the outside, it has resulted in war and revolution, as soon as the money and troops stop flowing. In no case in history or in the present has democracy caught on without a functional market system, and nowhere has there been a functional market system, and despotism. The two are incompatible.


So it appears that while the US wastes money, and lives, generating hate and distrust, China is doing the right thing in Africa. The Chinese approach will yield democracy faster and with more durability then any amount of military intervention ever could. Exporting capitalism will make China rich and the nations that receive it will become free and prosperous. That is the way it is. If we truly want peace and prosperity in the World, then exporting capitalism is the way, if we want more war, revolution and poverty, the militaristic approach is best. I guess it depends on what you want for the World and your people.





John Pepin

Syrian Chemical Weapons

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Syrian use of chemical weapons while Obama vacillates issue, highlights a few major underlying problems here in America. Some of those troubles are, our military is gutted under Obama, our economy is still on FED life support four years into the recovery, the deplorable state of the media and the ineptitude of the US government among others. We shouldn’t look at these as reasons to fret however we must look at them as opportunities for positive change. That they are more obvious to the non engaged or party stalwart, brings in the possibility they will see the light, allowing us all to band together, rectifying these problems for good. To go back to sleep would be the surest path to a collapse of our civilization.


The unbiased media have bungled their jobs so bad the American people have to go to foreign sources for any real information. The pernicious group think of the unbiased press is malpractice of the highest order. The unbiased media have ignored the question if it really was Bashar or the rebels, who had more to gain from an American intervention, and the destruction of eighty Coptic Churches in the last few weeks in Egypt alone, the death threats and murders of Copts in Egypt and in Syria (by our allies), and Nigeria where burning Christian places of worship, full of worshipers, is common. Our media and government are complicit in genocide by their silence.


The US and the World’s economies are barely limping along. Despite magnificent amounts of money printing, via Quantitative Easing, TARP, the European Union violating their charter and offering to ease the money supply, Japanese record amount of money printing, etc… the World’s economy sits in Intensive care, with little hope of a full recovery. The media try to minimize the dramatic decline of the economy by calling it the “New normal.” As if this would ever be accepted as normal under any other administration. The profound degeneration of the US economy directly effects the US’ ability to field an army and support that army.


The US military has seen drastic budget cuts. Not just in growth but in actual inflation adjusted numbers. This, along with our commitment to dozens of small gorilla actions around the World, has stretched the US fighting forces very thin. This belies the fact, the US military has a very high ratio of battle hardened non commissioned officers to enlisted men, which is a traditional means of measuring an army’s combat effectiveness. Along with the deep pool of combat trained reservists, the US could be untouchable, it is just weak now. As the old saying goes, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The US government, in hollowing out the US’ military, has invited war.


The US government under the Obama administration is either incompetent or traitors. This Syrian issue points strongly to incompetence. Remember that the Middle East and North Africa, while never a hotbed for serenity, was largely at peace. The US had won the war in Iraq and Muammar was quiet. The standard of living in Egypt, while not in the top ten percent of the World, was rising in relation to the World. But, when Obama called the fellow who set himself on fire in Tunisia, “Rosa Parks.” He signaled to the World, that the US would not only avoid stopping revolutions, but would actively encourage them, the race was off and the Middle East and North Africa was set on fire.


Several years later, the Coptic Christians in North Africa and the Middle East are being slaughtered, (by our allies}, Iran is getting ever closer to a deliverable nuclear EMP warhead, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, the standard of living in the Middle East and North Africa has plummeted, the fire of war is threatening our allies, Turkey, while Israel sits placidly in the middle of it all. That this President is supporting those who are committing genocide is appalling, but when viewed from higher up, it seems quite in line with this President’s actions. Start a fire, then back away and let someone else deal with it, as Obama adds fuel.


If the US is to be disengage then disengage. This half in half out simply encourages our would be enemies. Our economy cannot really recover until the misty darkness of Obama care is fully revealed, so the damage to the economy can be seen, and entrepreneurs can fully assess the law so they can work within it. We must use the flawed primary process to get smart, patriotic, entrepreneurs to run for president, not the old boy network’s pick this time too. We can let each other know when we come across a good news outlet so the good ones can prosper. We need to write our news people and ask them, in a unified voice, to open up the information spigot and shower us with the truth. We are adult enough to see the plight of the Coptic Christians, we are mature enough to debate the damage a deliverable Iranian EMP would present, and we have the wherewithal to stand the decisions, were they made. But this President is not willing to make them. He seeks to avoid any blame for anything, while using his bull in a china shop policies, to clumsily grab credit for something… anything.





John Pepin