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Progressive Excuses for Detroit

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me willful blindness is the most dangerous form of blindness there is. Those who turn their eyes off, intentionally, subject themselves to every form of invasion of their rights and liberties imaginable, moreover, their willful blindness puts all of our rights and liberties at risk. No amount of goading, will get someone who has turned off their ability to sense truth from fiction, to restart their sense of perspective. This can only lead humanity to ruin.


Detroit is a perfect example of this in action. The example of Detroit’s downfall at the hands of progressives, can be extrapolated to any other city, state, country or even our entire planet. The results of progressive doctrines are empirically shown in the failure of the once most prosperous city in the United States. The nightly news programs, show the progressive faction in both parties going through logical calisthenics to divert blame from themselves, to anyone else, and the hope is enough of us are sufficiently blind to accept it.


They blame the faction that has not wielded power in Detroit for more than a generation. This argument is clearly sophistry writ large, but the total lack of critical thinking in the unbiased press, allow such nonsense to be spouted without so much as batting an eye or cracking a smile. That the media claims to be unbiased, while promoting an obvious agenda, has been known for a long time. Their complete lack of critical thinking, willful blindness, is not only a danger to their ratings, (statistics show the ratings, both in viewership and in trust, plummeting to new lows daily), but to our republic as well. Only a fool of the highest order, could possibly believe that the faction that has run a city, has no culpability in that city’s collapse.


Detroit was once the most prosperous city in the United States… and possibly the World. The automobile industry was started in Detroit and made that city great. Progressives promised the working people a better life if they voted them in. Once in, the progressives did everything they could, to drive all industry out of the city. At first, the emplaced manufacturing plants made it uneconomical to move to other more inviting cities, so the shell game went on. However, as plants needed to be upgraded and the cost of doing business in Detroit skyrocketed, plants and therefore jobs, moved out of the city and the state. The proof that it was the policies of progressives, and not the collapse of the auto industry, is the fact that the Auto industry still exists and is producing cars at a good clip… just not in Detroit.


Policies that undermine the ability of the market to function are the bread and butter of progressivism. Progressives are cut from the same cloth as communists. In fact, the only real difference between progressives and communists, is communist’s belief in the “revolution.” Progressives, as their name implies, believe they can progress society and government into communism, without the bloodshed of a revolution. The means are different but the ends are the same… a socialist nation where the goods of society are distributed by political favor, instead of merit. As such the policies of progressives have a decided anti capitalist slant.


What is certain, is that when a city passes a whole slew of anti capitalist policies, regulations and laws, it becomes more and more expensive to do business there. Companies don’t have the benefit of government’s monopoly on power however and must compete in the marketplace. As a company that is based in a progressive city’s costs go up, they are less able to compete with those firms in less expensive cities. The result is, either the company moves to a more business friendly city, or it goes out of business. This is a basic law of the market and only a fool is blind to it.


As the policies and regulations of Detroit’s progressives drove firms to other cities, and even countries, the income to fund the huge redistribution ideas of progressives dried up. This must become a downward spiral, because progressives never cut spending, they only raise taxes and regulations. Higher taxes and regulations increase the cost to firms, driving those that have toughed it out, because of their commitment to the city. As the funding for big welfare dries up, while the population that had become dependent on government services rises, due to the lack of jobs, the shortfall necessarily goes up. Again, this is basic common sense… but alas, it has become less and less common.


Nationally, progressives must believe that if only the entire country goes their way, firms will not be able to migrate jobs to less expensive cities and states. Obama being the poster child for this fallacy. What they lack in understanding however… is that firms must compete internationally. Those that are stuck in high cost countries simply cannot compete with those in less costly countries. So, despite the nationalization of stupidity, the economy will still suffer. The country that embraces progressivism, must fail economically, then culturally and socially. Perhaps this is why progressives seek World government. They believe that if their idiocy is made to cover the entire World, businesses will eventually all go away, and the starving populations will have to turn to socialism. This would progress the people of the world to total government, where there is no escape… except to space. Like I said, willful blindness is the most dangerous form of blindness there is.





John Pepin

Appeasement Begets War

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, it takes two for peace, and only one for war. Where one party to a conflict is intent upon war, war is inevitable, usually on the aggressor’s terms. No matter how much the pacifist party may want peace, war will be thrust upon them, especially if they display sufficient weakness to give the aggressor a good chance at winning. This is a universal truth about humanity. History is clear on this subject, if a political union wants war, no matter how much the other side doesn’t… there will be war. It seems our politicians have forgotten this basic truth.


History is full of examples where this has happened. The Greeks didn’t want war with Darius, but Darius made war on them, the Persians didn’t want war with Alexander, but they became his subjects, the Russians didn’t want war with Tamerlane, but millions of Russian Christians were slaughtered and enslaved by his invading army, and the French didn’t want war with Nazi Germany, but they were invaded and conquered within a month. History is rife with thousands of examples of people who wanted only to live in peace, but were forced to fight a war.


History is so absolute on this subject it must be understood as a fundamental rule of state interaction. The only cases where war has been avoided, is where the aggressor couldn’t get a tactical or strategic advantage, and so all out war was avoided. The Cold War is an example of this. An understanding of this basic human attribute is where the phrase, “if a nation wants peace, it must prepare for war,” came from. Those who wield political power have the best educations but have a blind spot for this truism. They try to pacify the war monger with concessions of land, subjects and money.


The Turkish empire demanded money and children from Europe in the dark ages. Many children were sent to the Ottomans, who were then forcibly converted to Islam, and made into Janissaries. They became shock troops for future invasions of Europe. Millions of dollars of ransom was paid to the Barbary Pirates to protect shipping, and to get back captured people who were enslaved, even in the modern era, Chamberlain signed a “peace” treaty with Hitler, and we all know how that turned out. History shows that appeasement is the surest way of being subjected to war.


Millions upon millions of human beings have died at the hands of those who sought war. The suffering that appeasement has brought into the world is as heartbreaking as it is mind boggling. No amount of supplication will change the minds of evil men who seek power, glory and wealth, it only encourages them. To encourage evil is to be evil. Those that claim, if we enrich those who openly call for our destruction, it will make them like us… are either stupid or treasonous. If they understand history and the ramifications of it, they are traitors, and if they are so profoundly stupid they don’t understand this attribute of human nature, they have no business anywhere near the reigns of power.


That is why Ronald Reagan sought peace through strength. His policies headed off a nuclear war that could have wiped mankind and most of the ecosystem from the face of the planet. He understood history and the lessons that it teaches. Moreover, he was a patriot, wanting to see the US avoid all out war. Our leaders today, on the other hand, give billions of dollars to those who openly call for our destruction. They bend over backward appeasing those that chant “Death to America” and call the US “The Great Satan.” Our mortal enemies are given total access to our defense department’s top secret documents, and our politicians even allow people with ties to Islamofascists, to edit our policies how to fight the war on terror! Our government calls Christians, patriots and constitutionalists, terrorists but not Muslims who detonate bombs in marathons. Shooting our troops in our own base while chanting alou akbar is called “workplace violence!” So I ask you, is the President an absolute fool, or is he a traitor? Because there are no other possibilities.





John Pepin

Exploiting Trayvon Martin’s Death for Crass Political Gain

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the controversy about the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, has little to do with race but a great deal to do with liberty. The crass race baiters in our country have made millions upon millions of dollars ginning up racial animosity, and this case is no different in that respect, but when we examine the underlying assumptions, incentives and political repercussions, an even more insidious picture comes to light. There is so much wrong, not only with the case itself but with the detestable reaction from the unbiased media and our own government, it is not possible to list them all, there is an aspect to it however that illustrates how the political, cultural and social elite use divisiveness to forward their pernicious agenda.


The tragic loss of a teenager in an altercation with a neighborhood watch captain has been exhaustively reported on. The unbiased media maliciously edited recordings and reported them as truth, to bring in a race component where there was none in the actual confrontation. If there was any bigoted component it was an adult who has a negative perception of hoodlums and a teenager who had a negative stereotype of adults. The crassness of the race baiters and the unbiased media is so despicable, in a sane world they would be facing criminal charges, for creating racially motivated violence against innocent individuals. Every person who has been attacked by an angry mob that cheers this is justice for Trayvon, in my view, has a legitimate law suit against most of the unbiased media as well as our own government, for using tax dollars to infuriate people into rioting.


The reality of what is being debated however is not what is talked about. What is really being attacked is the Right of self defense. The media is silent about the unconscionable loss of children in Chicago, because their murders cannot be exploited to undermine a basic human right, those killings show the profound iniquity of those in power there. People who seek a society, where the average person has no right to defend his or her life, loved ones, liberty or property, are the same egoists who have armed guards protecting them, their families and their property, paid for by people who they have denied that same Right. They have every benefit of government, due to their political favor, and so have far less need of protection than you and I. They exploit tragedy to undermine our Rights because the Right of self defense is a cornerstone in the concept of natural rights… that we have a natural Right to life, property, and liberty. These ideas must be entirely destroyed for the socialist state to work. Once this is done, only those at the top will have any rights at all, the rest of us will be little more than slaves, with no property, no right to life or even self determination.


This entire affair shows the negative outcome of the socialist mindset where everyone vies for victim hood. Under socialism the distribution of goods in society is done by political favor. Those with the most political favor get the most stuff. This is the basis of socialism and I have written about it extensively in earlier blogs. The incentive this form of distributive justice has on society, is to gather up individuals into groups, and to assign those groups various levels of political favor by their perceived victim status. Instead of striving for excellence, as in the capitalist system, socialism makes people claim persecution, so they can get the benefit of the political favor that comes with it.


In this case we have several politically favored groups vying for top victim hood. You have African Americans, Latinos, and now as it turns out, the gay community. In the socialist utopia there are not individuals but groups. You are no more or less than the group you are assigned membership to. If you have an altercation with someone of a group with more political favor, (higher perception of victim hood), you are the villain, regardless of the circumstances, and if you are a member of the group with more favor, you are in the right, again regardless of the circumstances. The political, cultural and media elite will ensure that outcome, exactly like the Jim Crow days… only the favor of the groups has changed.


As is usually the case, when the media divide people by political favor, innocent people get hurt. The elite are insensitive to the suffering of people when that suffering cannot be exploited to political advantage. Has the President said a word about the victims of mob attacks? These are people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the Trayvon Martin case, but the President has no room in his heart for them… only when he can exploit the victim for crass political gain does he care.


Our society has proven itself to be tough. The complex system that is the social structure of nations and countries is resilient but not immortal. Chipping away at social conventions like, kindness, reciprocity, trust and even basic manners, by exploiting racial tensions, creates a society where an open state of war exists between individuals and groups. Denying us the Right of self protection, in an open state of war, creates the conditions where we must rely on the State for everything. Empowering the elite to do as they wish and enslaving the people to perpetual victim hood. That is why the elite are exploiting this tragic episode. May God bless Trayvon’s soul and may he rest in peace. His memory deserves better than to be exploited for selfish political gain.





John Pepin


Ends and Means, Faith and Reason

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the ends do not justify the means; the means taint the ends. In the Machiavellian sense of good ends justifying bad means, the the logic is understood to be flawed. Not only flawed but dangerously and perniciously tarnished. This was understood when people were not ignorant of biblical principles, but today those same principles are nowhere to be found in popular culture, social interactions or are even commonly known. That we have lost such an important measure of rightness, is tragic, that our society is so negatively impacted by such ignorance, is damning.


If we go to get food from the store, no one would carry vegetables through raw sewage, even though that may be the most direct route home. Simply exposing them to effluent will taint the vegetables. This is so obvious to anyone that it is considered common sense. But, just as dragging food through human waste taints that food, using evil means to good ends taints those ends. If we seek freedom and liberty, murdering all those who oppose us, is an evil means that taint the good ends, ie. liberty and freedom. The result will inevitably be tyranny and oppression.


Ignorance is never a form of enlightenment. Western philosophy is based on reason and faith. Reason comes to us from Plato and Aristotle, while faith comes to us by way of Christianity, through Judaism. Far from being incompatible, Christian faith and reason are harmoniously married into a enlightened philosophy. Pragmatic reason shows us that what has resulted in good in the past, is good, and that which has resulted in evil, is evil. Faith teaches us to be on constant guard for evil that couches itself in goodness. If we combine the two, it becomes obvious that doing an evil, can only beget more evil, no matter the intentions. In fact the Bible says, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” When people understood these biblical principles, along with the reason that underlies them, people were better armed to intrinsically understand that the means taint the ends, but when people are ignorant of both reason and faith… they become ripe for the picking.


Schools don’t teach biblical principles anymore due to the spurious claim of separation of church and state. This sophist notion has replaced the original intent of the First Amendment… which was freedom of religion. Now, our children are set adrift in the World, ignorant of biblical principles, unless parents make a herculean effort to establish that knowledge in our little sweethearts. Every bit of propaganda they are taught, from our culture, society and especially politics, undermines this effort. Reason is not taught in schools, rote and following are instead… for political expediency. Reason interferes with the powerful’s ability to convince us, what is not good for us, is good for us. Evil is called good and good is called evil, while we are disarmed of reason and faith as a sword and shield.


A large part of the political establishment today, believe the ends justify the means, and as a result they rationalize using evil means to self interested “good ends.” They don’t openly avow it, but their actions convey it, louder than any words could ever convince. Since the political elite, the cultural and social elite as well, believe that good ends can be achieved by evil means, they put no limits on their actions… to get their ends. They ignore Constitutional limits on government authority, because they presume themselves so enlightened, they need not follow old rules that the elite find limiting. The elite believe they know best and who are a few old dead guys to tell them this or that is evil.


The result is that citizens have neither the reason to understand, the ends do not justify the means; the means taint the ends, nor the faith to be aware that evil always cloaks itself in a sheep’s skin of goodness, as a way to trick us into evil. The elite, who have the advantage of the best education, either are willfully ignorant, and so ignorantly use evil means to what they believe to be good ends, else they do know and are unaffected by the sight and smell of evil. So much of what is purported to be enlightened thinking is based on this pernicious view of good and evil. Abortion is one example, but the list is nearly endless.


We rationalize our evil actions by claiming the intentions are good, proving our ignorance of biblical principles, and our lack of ability to reason. If we truly seek to live in an enlightened society, it is imperative we return to the foundational principles handed down to us by our forefathers… faith and reason. To eschew faith is to act the fool and to forgo reason is to prove ignorance. It is up to us to ask for grace for us and our children and teach our children how to reason. If we don’t, and continue down the road we are on, calamity can be the only result.





John Pepin

Innovation Portends Change

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Obama administration has instituted a whole host of government innovations, some of which have the ability to change the very nature of the relationship, between the US government and it’s citizens. Political innovation can result in the bettering of the lot of Man; or it can be the downfall of great empires and societies. The edge of innovation in the realm of government is often razor sharp, slicing deep wounds into the body of government, society and possibly even civilization itself. For this reason, political innovation should always be enacted carefully, and with great deliberation. If innovation is done without a care, then the results are universally negative for Mankind. When they are done thoughtfully, and with an eye to backing away if the predicted results don’t happen, or especially if the results go counter to the interests of civil society. Our lives, fortunes and very freedom can be upended by political innovation faster than any other type of political event.


  • Selective enforcement of the law. The US Constitution makes it clear, the Executive must enforce the laws, equally and without bias. Obama has innovated in not enforcing laws he personally is opposed to. Gay Marriage is one example, immigration laws are another. In the sequester, the administration released thousands of violent illegal immigrants onto the streets of the US, which has certainly resulted in rapes, murders and violent attacks on innocent American citizens. This was done in direct contravention of both the US Constitution, common sense and US Law. With this new innovation, Obama has set the precedent that he has imperial power to rule as he sees fit, regardless of the Constitution, US Law and common sense. In fact, Obama is so bold he has openly declared he will not enforce key provisions of his very own health care law, for obvious political purposes.


  • Going “around” Congress. Obama is the first sitting US President who has been able to do this. That in and of itself is quite an innovation in the rule of law. Obama has unilaterally passed regulations that would ordinarily take an act of Congress. This innovation has made the US government far more efficient… at stepping on people’s rights.


  • Lying under oath has always been done by human beings if they thought they could get away with it. Bill Clinton was famously caught lying under oath to a grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky affair. His defense was what the definition of “is” is. While this has always been a problem, perjury has been raised to an art under the Obama administration. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been caught over and over, in absolute lies while under oath. His Fast and Furious testimony was as egregious as it comes, but his lack of alacrity has only grown with all the scandals that he has lied about, without consequence. At this point, the only thing we can believe with any certainty that this administration says, is that what ever they say… is not the truth.


These are only a few of the political innovations the Obama administration has brought into the American government, to name them all would require a tome, while I am limited to a page. Each of the innovations I have outlined, have the potential to drastically change the nature, role, and scope of the government in the United States, but, added together they will certainly fundamentally change America. Only an emperor or king, can selectively enforce laws, even the British Kings were barred from this, by the Magna Carta. The inevitable result will be greater distrust of our politicians and their motives. Going around the legislative body is another power that conventionally was reserved for despots and usurpers. That the President has gotten away with passing laws by executive fiat, cheered on by the unbiased media, proves the President now has arbitrary power. Added to these innovations, elevating perjury to an art, disconnects the government from any truth. Taken together, they show the US has turned it’s back on limited government, for the glitter of arbitrary power. That this has happened, without any real push back from Congress or the Judiciary, strongly suggests they agree with it, (regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary). One of the near results of all this innovation, is that in the past, people have come to the US for asylum against political oppression, but now, whistle blowers flee the US for refuge. That they need to go places where the rule of law has traditionally been arbitrary, is empirical evidence that the US has decoupled from the Constitution, and become a banana republic, in fact… if not in name.





John Pepin



Morality, Groups and Government

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if something is wrong for me to do, it is wrong for anyone to do, if it is wrong for anyone to do, then it is wrong for a group to do… and if it is wrong for groups to do, then it is wrong for government to do as well. The democratic process does not invalidate natural rights. Government edict cannot supersede God’s laws, no more then a chair can throw off the bonds of physics, and become sentient and mobile. This should be obvious to everyone, but the percent of the World’s population that understand this simple and basic truth, shrinks every day, soon there will only be you and I.


If I as a human being have no right to do a thing to another, steal from her for example, I cannot empower another to do it for me. If I do hire someone to steal from another, I am as guilty of theft as the person I hired. If everyone on my street wanted the property of the people on the next street, we cannot ban together and simply take the items, without committing a moral wrong. Even if the group is very large, the wrong is not lowered, it is instead magnified. Natural rights are God’s laws, and it is presumptuous to believe that anyone or any group, even government, has the ability to do a wrong and claim it as right.


I believe it was Mo Ti who said, One thing bothers me. I do not understand how a person shown a black dot can call it black. But when shown a million black dots they call them white. One would have to inquire about their vision… This analogy compared a single bad thing, a murder, with a multitude of bad things, the killing in wartime. This is not where the logic stops though. The analogy holds for anything that is morally wrong. If I steal from you it is wrong, if I assault you it is wrong, if I destroy your property it is wrong, along with the entire host of sins… and I cannot empower another to do it, even government. We cannot empower anyone else to do what is morally wrong without participating in that wrong.


Democracy does not invalidate this logic. No matter how large the group is, that seeks to wound another, it is morally reprehensible. Even if everyone in the World thought, I should not have the flute I whittled from a stick I found, and mutually agree to take it, the act is still a wrong. If one black dot is bad a multitude of black dots are orders of magnitude worse. If I commit a sin, I am to blame, and no one else. But if I include the people in my sin, I have magnified the infraction, by drawing others into my wickedness. This, in and of itself shows, the larger the group doing a wrong the worse the wrong is.


If I hold up a couple walking down the street from a movie at gun point, and use the money to pay for cancer therapy for someone else, it is still a wrong. The end does not justify the means, the means taints the ends. To argue, the government will put my money to better use than I will, is self centered sophistry. To do something bad to one so that one can do good for another is the road to Tartarus. The good intentions are the pavement.


The opposite view however is favored by the political elite. They gaze longingly at the accumulated wealth of others with a lustful eye. They want what others have built and will use any means to get it. Money you have earned by the sweat of your brow is not yours by this logic, it is the person or group, that has the will and the power to take it. In the end, isn’t that exactly what is happening, when government takes from producers to redistribute to non producers, the elite can, simply because they have the political power to do so… without consequence? To covet the goods of my neighbor, to steal from my neighbor, to bear false witness against him or to kill him is wrong for me, and therefore it is wrong for government to do. Government gets it’s power from us. We give up a little of our sovereignty to government for our mutual good. Good never flows from wrong, but, such spurious arguments are the font of evil. We participate in the elite’s covetousness at peril to our very souls.





John Pepin

Amnesty, Reward and the Elite

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if you want a stable, productive and wealthy society, government should punish law breaking and reward those who follow the law. The exact opposite of what is done today. When law breaking is rewarded it inevitably leads to more law breaking. Couple this with punishing law following and you have the perfect system to destroy any civilization. I would think this is fairly obvious but apparently it is not. The elite must believe the opposite else they seek to destroy our society. Those who seek to destroy societies and civilizations are, by their actions, evil. Therefore, if the elite actually are not drooling mentally retarded people, then they are evil.


Society works best when all the people follow the rules. Every society today has a faction of the citizenry that is above the law and some faction that is below the law. The larger those factions are, the more destructive of societal equilibrium. If a State becomes lawless it ceases being a State. Look at the failed States around the World. Those few examples in history where most of the people followed the law and societal moors, are singular in that they provided the people with the most real security, and consistently supply high standards of living.


The elite are universally above the law in every country to a greater or lesser extent. The politically despised are below the law in every country. Even where this practice is specifically outlawed by a constitution we see that this universal paradigm holds true. In the US Congressmen are allowed to break the law with impunity. Unless their actions are so obnoxious, the people get riled up, there are no consequences for the elite who break the law.


That punishing following the law will lead to less people following the law, should be pretty obvious to everyone… except the elite. If we go all the way back to childhood we remember that when our parents punished us, we were less inclined to repeat the behavior later, due to fear of the punishment should we be caught. This translates into adulthood as well. When an adult is punished for an action, say following the law, he or she is induced not to repeat that action again, due to fear of future punishment.


Just as punishing following the laws, will lead to less people following the law, rewarding breaking the law will lead to more people breaking the law. Using the childhood analogy again, if a child gets a reward for some behavior the parent likes they will be more inclined to do that behavior again, if it was rewarded. The same again holds true of adults. When we are rewarded we seek more reward and past experience has shown us that a reward can be had if we do such and such. If it is breaking the law, oh well, the reward itself is rationalization enough.


Some few examples of how the political elite reward law breaking and punish law following are; amnesty for illegal aliens while legal immigrants wait on the list for years, constant perjury without consequence by the political elite, while the average guy is prosecuted for any untruth told to the government, I could go on but the paper runs out…


Since nothing I have said in this blog yet is the tiniest bit controversial, then either the political and cultural elite are dumber than dirt, or they understand this too. If the elite really want to be “fair” then why not round up all the people who have jumped the boarder and send them home, and give a path to citizenship, to all those waiting on the list to come in legally. If there were true justice of any kind in the World, the political elite would be punished just as you or I would be, if we perjured ourselves in front of Congress.


Clearly, to reward law breaking while punishing following the law, will result in breakdown of society and all the ills that follow. Like crime, poverty, and despair. If we judge people by their actions and we believe the elite are not idiots then the only conclusion that can be reached, judging by their actions, the elite want a breakdown in society, and they want the crime, poverty and despair that follows. The only reason the elite could want these things, is if they want to use the chaos to declare marshal law, and make their seats at the head of society’s table, permanent. At the cost to everyone else.





John Pepin

Scandal, Outrage and Changing the Subject

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the NSA scandal has been turned from a government outrage against a fundamental aspect of Constitutional authority, to a personal story about the leaker. The magnitude of the offense to the Constitution’s provision, that citizens be secure in their persons, papers and possessions, is appalling. How are our personal phone records, who we call and when, any different than papers I have locked in my desk? Other than in means they amount to the same thing, a way to keep information. They are personal records for private use. Those who have so flippantly waved off this affair, along with the others, will have only themselves to blame when disaster strikes, and the machine they helped build is fully operational.

Most people who call themselves enlightened would act decisively when someone is caught breaking a law. Especially when that law is fundamental to our government. For example, if you or I were accused of embezzling, the police would act immediately and decisively. They wouldn’t call us and tell us we have been accused of embezzling. Accepting our pledge that we won’t do it again and we go right back to handling the books. That would be absurd. But that is exactly what we are doing in the NSA spying scandal. Letting the people, caught red handed, walk, on their personal recognizance that they won’t ever use the illegally got information politically, criminally or unethically. Despite the IRS scandal where they did that very thing!

Instead, the media and government have turned the scandal about government overstepping it’s Constitutional bounds, into a crime drama. Where is he now, where will he go next, every question is being asked, but the important ones. Instead of what airport the leaker is hold up in today, what about how high the knowledge about this program went? What about looking into deleting the information from government computers? If there is a pressing need in the future, the information they claim they need, is stored on Phone company computers. Get a warrant and do it Constitutionally.

By making it about the leaker and not about the leak the unbiased media are covering up for the Obama administration again. This has become a theme for the unbiased media. Cover for Biden’s gaffs and Obama’s mishandling of… whatever he is handling today. Fast and Furious wasn’t even a blip on the radar to the unbiased American media. The Latino media however did a good exclusive about it. Perhaps because so many Mexicans died, as a direct result of this attempt to undermine the Second Amendment, or maybe they were just doing the jobs Americans just won’t do. Benghazi, where even an Ambassador died, was given a weekend then given a good letting alone. If it hadn’t been for the leakers the whole thing would have been forgotten with the unbiased press’ help. Then there is APgate, but we can’t forget IRSgate, although the unbiased media want’s us to. As I said in a previous blog, the unbiased media should read the story of the frog and the scorpion, it might save a nasty sting.

Clearly the American people have become inured to scandal, toughened to corruption and trusting of propaganda… probably not a good sign. This type of incessant scandal and political corruption is more indicative of a Third World country than a First World Superpower. But, history has many lessons for us, if we only open our eyes to them. The complete degradation of the people is always the last step before the collapse of the civilization. How much more degraded can we get than to be immune to the obvious putrescence we live in? Elitist thinkers have posited that no fall is ever sudden, there are always a series of events that led to that fall, events that were ignored. Since we are not ignoring them… One answer would be a Fourth Branch, but, perhaps that will be work for another generation, one that builds, not destroys.


John Pepin