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The Irrelevancy of Congress

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… workers in various industries have a tendency to give up their work. This happens many times in union shops as well. Often, difficult jobs are rejected by workers, and the work is then performed by contractors. Eventually, the workers that have given up all the difficult tasks, find their jobs become easier and easier, taking up less and less time during their day. All the difficult tasks are given away to contractors. Without exception, those workers become redundant and a burden to the firm that employs them, and as a result, they are laid off or replaced with contractors. This paradigm has appeared many times in many industries around the World. Congress should beware of this trend, because they are at the that road, and are nearing the end of it.

Congress has given up most of it’s responsibility to the Bureaucracy, the Executive and the Judiciary. Today, any major public concern is far more likely to be addressed by the court system, than by the political system. As Congress becomes more and more superfluous, and redundant, they will continue to loose all the power to legislate, control government’s purse and write the laws they pass… and they will loose their jobs.

The Court system is the source of most of our social legislation today. No social ill is exempt from legislation from the bench. From abortion to gay marriage the court system has become the legislator of last resort. This not only renders Congress irrelevant but sets a dangerous precedent. The court system has become an oligarchy by this paradigm. They pass laws that enrich lawyers at cost to the economy, liberty and common sense. The state of our republic is inevitably defiled by this action of the oligarchical Judicial branch. We suffer as a result… but our children will suffer far more as this trend continues to it’s logical conclusion.

The Executive now ignores the irrelevant Congress regularly. Obama is asked if he can go “around” congress almost daily by the unbiased press. They expound on the efficiency of an executive who wields arbitrary power. The fact that this is antithetical to Our Constitution gives them a shiver up their collective legs. This has progressed to the point where Obama has arbitrarily decided what laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. The check on the power of the Executive is eliminated by this very fact.

The bureaucracy has taken over almost all the tedious responsibilities of the legislative. Recently there was a Supreme Court ruling that imparted the bureaucracy with this power. The Supreme Court basically accepted that Congress had ceded their power to pass laws to the bureaucracy, the fact of their acquiescence being sufficient to set the precedent for the bureaucracy to take over most of the law writing and regulating functions, that are given to the Legislative branch under the Constitution.

Beware power granted because once granted it is very difficult to take back. Now that Congress has ceded so much of their power to legislate, control the purse of government and write the laws they pass, they have become redundant in all but name. This may seem a good thing to those who agree with what the government is doing today, but the real problem is, you may not agree with what they do with that power tomorrow. The limit on the Executive, Judiciary and Bureaucracy’s ability to ignore the national government, Congress, has become entrenched.

This trend has been going on for a long time now. The weal of politics turns slowly but inexorably. The legislative branch has willingly given all the tough jobs to contractors and scabs. Those that have inherited the tough jobs, don’t have to face the people’s wrath for their decisions, they are immune from prosecution for undermining Our Constitution, and they are only too happy to do it. The laziness of the Legislative branch have rendered them supercilious. But, they are happy to attend black tie parties, make a speech or two, and pretend to be power brokers. But, they are getting closer and closer to the day when the Executive will simply order them disbanded, and lay them all off. Will this make our liberty safer or more at risk?


John Pepin

The Threat of Bureaucracy.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the bureaucratic part of the US government is not only unconstitutional, it poses the greatest risk to constitutionalism that exists today. Nowhere in the US Constitution is there permission given, for unelected administrators to pass laws, enforce those laws and punish infractions of their laws. Regulations that are written by bureaucrats have the full weight and measure of laws passed by elected members of Congress. Bureaucracy creates the darkness that allows unfettered growth of government intrusion. Regulation that stymies economic opportunities, limits people’s potential and protects the power and privilege of the Elite. To sharpen the point further, bureaucracy is not only a perversion of our founding principles, it has become immortal… like a demon, feeding on the rights of the people.

Bureaucracy is a threat for a myriad of reasons. The bureaucracy falls under the Executive, undermining the separation of powers in the Constitution, it works under the veil of darkness that bureaucracy provides, the members have no loyalty to the citizens, only to the department heads and other bureaucrats, but perhaps most alarming, is that bureaucracy changes the very relationship between the citizens and our government. The bureaucrat, being human, want’s job security and so there is no limit the bureaucrat will accept on his or her power to regulate, because that would put their cushy job at risk, thus immortalizing bureaucracy. Bureaucracy has the ability to pass thousands of pages of regulation annually. Think of it, tens of thousands of administrators, working tirelessly, passing pages of regulations every day, every month, and every year, regulating the most minute aspects of human existence, and that regulation necessarily becoming more intrusive each passing day.

The Founding Fathers of the US had in mind to limit the power, role and scope of government, by separating powers. They looked back at human history and recognized the natural progression of government. All the great civilizations were universally founded in some virtue, but over time, descended into totalitarianism. History shows this tendency of the Elite, invested with power over the affairs of men, to be without exception. The Founders understood this fact of human nature and sought to control it to protect mankind’s liberty. In this they looked at Constitutionalism as the best means available to limit the role, scope and power of the political Elite. They included Montesquieu’s Third Branch, taken from the Executive.

The Founders understood that it is usually the Executive that is the source of tyranny. Bureaucracy turns the logic of the Founders on it’s head, by coalescing all the power of government, back into the hands of the Executive. This is an obvious perversion of the most basic idea of the US Constitution, and renders moot Montesquieu’s idea of a Third branch, limiting the power of the Executive. Bureaucracy makes all other branches of government irrelevant by taking over all their functions. Even the Judiciary will become irrelevant as bureaucracy evolves to it’s natural end.

Some argue that Bureaucracy is efficient. They claim that the government could not maintain it’s scope and power, if bureaucracy were eliminated, and that all the good that comes from government regulation, clean air and water for example, would go away. The point they miss, (intentionally so), is that under the Federalist system, the Federal government was never supposed to have that power, scope or intrusiveness, to begin with! Those powers, under the Tenth Amendment, were given to the diverse States, to protect the environment, teach children, to build and maintain infrastructure. Furthermore, efficiency in oppression is not a good thing, and that is what bureaucracy must necessarialy become!

The individual States, have the Constitutional power to limit economic growth with regulation within their jurisdictions, they have the power even to set up bureaucracies. There are few limits to the power of the States under the US Constitution. Only those powers that are specifically given to the Federal government, and limits found in the Bill of Rights, are the State governments barred from enacting. Other than those few limitations the State government were given wide latitude to pass innovative laws and regulations. The States were to be little laboratories to test laws and regulations to plumb both their effectiveness and their utility. If a State’s regulations become so onerous economic activity is harmed, under the US Constitution, people have the right to vote with their feet, moving to a State with less oppressive laws. Under the new perverted Federal bureaucratic model… there is no escaping the oppression of the bureaucrat.

The State governments, the Legislative branch, and even the Judiciary, are being made redundant by bureaucracy. As power is moved further from the people and universalized, the limits on what government can,and cannot do, are blurred. Bureaucracy contributes to the natural growth of government power and eliminates the limits put on government by the Founders. That is why Bureaucracy is so dangerous… and why it is immortal. For true liberty to be restored, bureaucracy must be eliminated… but to kill an immortal is never easy, in fact, immortality bequeaths the immortal with arbitrary power as well as unlimited life.


John Pepin

Incentives From the Cyprus Banking Bailout

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everyone knows that you punish that which you don’t want, and reward that which you do want. Even a fool understands this concept. The Elite who make far more money than the average person should understand this as well. When asked, why do they make so much more then the rest of us, they always explain that they are much smarter than us, so they must get more money. Presuming their explanation to be true… we can only conclude that when they reward some behavior, they want more of that behavior, and when they punish some behavior, they want less of it. Nothing else follows logically.

Using this concept we can place the actions of the Elite into context. We don’t have to assume what they want more of… we have empirical proof. We don’t have to assume what they want less of… we also have empirical proof. This allows us to know when they are lying because we know the truth of their actions.

One example of this are the actions of the Elite in Europe and Cyprus. They are taking money from savers to keep the banks solvent. Those on the public dole however will not have any reductions in their welfare. Even a cursory examination of the reward and punishment concept gives us pause. Those that work, save money for retirement and provide investment capital for the market, will be punished by having their money taken directly from their bank accounts. The product of their labor will be stolen from them. The very fact this was considered shows, unequivocally, that the Elite in Europe and Cyprus don’t want people to work, don’t want people to save and otherwise be mature citizens.

Those that do not work, do not save for retirement and plan to live off the public dole the whole of their lives, are a large part of the financial problems of the government in Cyprus and Europe, but will face no reduction in their welfare checks. This amounts to a reward. Therefore, it is clear that the Elite in Europe want people to go on the dole, layabout all day contributing nothing, and demanding more. The old adage, “Idle hands are the devils tools and an idle mind is the devils playground,” is appropriate. Those that have nothing to do all day, because they are on public assistance, are by definition… idle minds and idle hands. This makes them a source of social unrest and criminality. If we consider our concept of punishment and reward, it is obvious, the Elite in Europe want more crime and social unrest.

Now that we have determined what the Elite want, the question that inevitably come up is, why? Why would the Elite want people to be dependent on the State for everything even to the point of encouraging crime and social unrest? It would seem that this is the opposite of their mandate to promote social order, a thriving economy, and an industrious and wealthy populous. To a person who is invested in their country, this is a hard concept to grasp, that the Elite would want these things.

Thrasymachus said, in Plato’s Republic, that most people only want to live their lives, so they readily accept the concept of justice, but those that want to rule must not. Those that seek power over others, must appear to be just, while actually being unjust… We see in the actions of reward and punishment that the modern Elite, those who seek power over others, seek to appear just, ie, saving the banking system, while actually being unjust, ie, seizing money that doesn’t belong to them. Using Thrasymachus’ logic we see that this is a means to enhance the power of the Elite.

People who follow the reward and avoid the punishment, will become dependent on the State for their sustenance, and their indigent lifestyle. Dependents worry they are unable to engage in the market system, and this gives them certain knowledge that their lifestyle will suffer, if the power of the State is eroded in any way. Therefore, as more people become dependent on the State for their livelihoods, the power of the State and of the Elite will grow. The Elite’s power to take that which they have not earned, will be increased commensurately with the number of dependents, and so we see why the Elite want less people to work, less people to save for their retirement and less money available to the market for upgrading plant and equipment. That would diminish their power not enhance it. Social unrest and crime drives a demand for government to pass more laws further increasing the power of the Elite.

The Elite have armed guards protecting them, so they don’t have to worry about crime, they have high paid, cushy government jobs, that are more protected the further society slides into chaos, and their retirements are secured by the power of the State to take the assets of those that still work. We have come full circle. The incentives and intentions of the welfare state, are far from benign, they are diabolical. Until we wake up and put a stop to it, our assets are not safe, our children are not safe and we are not safe. Are the Elite in America any different? The inevitable slide to depravity will consume us all… all but the Elite.


John Pepin

Diversity in Education

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, diversity in education is a bulwark against economic and intellectual stagnation. Diversity in education is an anathema to the Elite in America however. They seek to limit children’s access to a diverse subject matter, diverse methods of learning, and instead impose doctrinal standards on our children, theirs however are in private schools. Anyone with their eyes open can see the results of this policy over the last few generations. US children falling behind in math, reading, writing, history and critical thinking. We also see the manifestation of the practice of common core type education, imposed from the top, that every child must follow, in the lowering of the work ethic. If we don’t address this growing problem it will become a crisis, one that will not only destroy the standard of living of Americans, but will usher in a World wide recession.

Today, industries in the US are able to find qualified applicants with a good work ethic, from immigrants. In other countries where the school system is an educational enterprise, instead of an indoctrination center, the level of education is exceptional. The students from these countries regularly outperform US students, in standardized tests, on most any subject. The Education department in the Federal government, (an unconstitutional apparition), makes the excuse that many in America test poorly, because they have economic disadvantages. Are we to assume that American children are on a lower economic rung than children in China? Where wages are a tenth of the US? A friend of mine says, “Excuses are like rear ends, everyone has them, and they all stink.”

The answer of the US educational elite is always to do more of what is not working. The latest incarnation is Common Core, where new math is taught, communism is glorified, and reading is reduced from mind elevating literature, like Great Expectations… to federal reserve fact sheets. Boy what interesting material for a kid to read, economic fact sheets. The government is even planning on foisting this insanity on home schooled children! The Executive branch under Obama has foisted this absurdity on every school child in the US. Inevitably lowering the education of our children even further. As it is most likely intended to.

In the 1970’s they tried new math. If you ever see the old TV show, Family Affair, Buffy and Jodie’s homework was new math. Old math apparently was seen as outmoded. The result of new math was a dramatic lowering of the arithmetic skills of American school children. Instead of elevating, as it was promised to do, the ability of US educated students was diminished to that of a third world country. Not only the economy suffered as a result, but the waste of human potential, people who could have achieved excellence but, due to the failing of our schools, achieved mediocrity instead, was a tragedy. In the end new math had to be abandoned for old math. Today, under common core we are embarking on a new, new math experiment. One that will certainly end the same way the last one did… No matter how much I want vinegar to mix with baking soda without reaction, it won’t, empirical testing proves that.

The education department within the Federal government, is unconstitutional, because the Constitution doesn’t give the Federal government the power… to concentrate all educational decisions in the hands of unelected bureaucrats, working in the dark of night, imposing their view of how every child must be taught in the US. The tenth amendment is the most overlooked in the Bill of Rights and this is as good an example as any. The education department in the Federal government should be eliminated, not only to save our children from the vicissitudes of power drunk bureaucrats, but to save their little minds from the indoctrination centers our schools have become.

To achieve diversity in education there needs to be a voucher system. One where schools don’t need to be accredited by a Federal agency, but by the parents, who freely choose to send their kids there. Instead of regulating means, the bailiwick of tyrants, regulate results. Test students who graduate from the diverse schools set up under the voucher, publish the results, and let the voucher schools compete for students in the marketplace of education, that would be created under such a system. Some will argue, “But some schools under a voucher system will give poor educations.” Which is a high form of spurious reasoning because, under their system, all of the students are getting a poor education. The real worry is that some will get exceptional educations… and we can’t have that! Only the children of the Elite should get a good education! Obama’s daughters are not in public schools, they are not subject to common core… your children are!

Education is a fundamentally important undertaking. The economy of the nation depends on it. Our children’s futures depend on it. Unconstitutional top down imposition of the means, has never worked, but it empowers the bureaucrat to be all knowing and all seeing… like Oz. The ego of the Elite is massaged when they choose the curriculum and subject matter of every student in the nation. But education is not a means to serve the bloated egos of bureaucrats, it is to prepare children to engage in the market system, become thoughtful citizens and have the tools to make critical decisions. Diversity in education, created by a voucher system, delivers that ideal. Let’s get back to educating children instead of indoctrinating them… for the sake of our children, and our own.


John Pepin

Kindness, Courtesy and Civilization

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, civilization, being a manifestation of humanity, is based on human hearted actions… like kindness and courtesy. These two mutually harmonious ways of being are the cement and aggregate that make up the foundation of civilization. Those that practice them advance civilization and those who don’t destroy it. We all want to live in a civilized society, and all of us seek the advantages that civilization brings, but to live in a civilized society requires us to be civilized ourselves. We are obligated to be kind and courteous, if we are to be civilized, not to be so, is to be uncivilized. We loose sight of this at risk not only to our fortunes and pleasures but to our very souls.

Aristotle said that people are social animals. Civilization is not necessarially a fact of us being social however. Ants are social, in fact, it could be argued that they are more social than us, but an ant colony, no matter the order it displays, is not civilized. By this example we see that social organization is not a primary attribute of civilization. Nor is communal living necessarially an attribute of civilization… as every historical example of socialist and communist nations have descended into barbarity, bloodshed and depravity… they are the antithesis of civilization. Civilization requires human heartedness as a prerequisite, order and communal living are created by civilization, but civilization is not based on them, it creates them.

Kindness is simply an attitude of holding others charitably, overlooking their faults, doing acts that advance the well being of our fellows and making the lives of strangers more comfortable. This is an easy concept to understand, every one of us wants to be treated kindly, but it is far harder to practice in our daily lives. We all have days when we are grumpy, out of sorts and simply mad at the world. It is at these times that it is the most important that we act kindly to those we come across. We grow as a result both intellectually and spiritually. Moreover, the very act of being kind not only creates civilization in us, but it grows civilization in others.

There is an old axiom that courtesy is the lubricant of society. Courtesy is a twin to kindness in that it is treating others in a way that makes it emotionally safe to interact with friends and strangers. Courtesy is an indication that we recognize the humanity and worth of those we interact with. Since all of us must interact with our fellow man to get our needs met, courtesy facilitates the process. From such mundane acts, like shopping, to extreme times of sorrow, we need others to help us in our day to day lives. Civilization allows this to happen in a way that is efficient and comfortable. The efficiency of meeting our needs and the needs of others, that civilization fosters, is enhanced by courtesy.

It is not possible to pass our obligation for kindness to the State. The State is a product of the lack of civilization of those within it. If mankind lived in a spirit of absolute civilization the State would be superfluous. As such, the State is an entity that acts as a backstop for those that act uncivilized, IE, unkind and iniquitous. As we pass our duties to be kind to the State, we become less civilized, and the power of the State must grow to balance our selfishness and inequity. The result is less civilization, not more. The same can be said of courtesy, the less we display, the more the State must coerce social harmony.

If we want to live in a society that is civilized we must act both kindly to others and courteously. If we try to pass our obligation to be civilized to the State, the quality of civilization is diminished… necessarially. The State cannot hold people charitably, it cannot overlook the faults of people and it cannot treat others as it would be treated… because it is not a human being. The State is an entity that is based on power to punish and force action to create social concord where there is none. The State imposes order on society… civilization creates it. Strict order is not civilization nor is communal living, they are side effects of civilization, but are not a prerequisite of it. We are obligated to act in a way that forwards the goal of civilization not stunt it. Those that understand and learn this lesson will be more human hearted and those that scoff will be less so. The state of our civilization will be enhanced or harmed by your actions. In the end, the real question is, do you want to live in a civilized society… or an ordered one?


John Pepin

The Sequester Debate or the Lack of One…

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the real debate, the one we should be having about the sequester is, what pressing need is there for government to grow at more than twice the rate of inflation… or is there one? Baseline budgeting, the kind that the US government uses, has a built in raise of 4% per year. The BLS claims CPI inflation is running at a modest 1-2% per year. Since the baseline is 4% then government has built in growth at twice the rate of inflation. If we further take the mandate of the FED, that they manage the money supply so that inflation runs at 2% per year, then we can see that government is designed to grow at double the rate of inflation ad infinitem. The long term trend of this policy is that government will eventually consume the entire non government GDP of the US. The only people who could consider this a good thing are communists and socialists since total government control of the economy is their goal.

Is there a national need for government to grow at this rate? Government spending is considered part of GDP. As government grows, GDP appears to grow, due to the increase in government spending. Since government is slated to grow at twice the rate of inflation, as it is targeted by the Federal Reserve, GDP growth is boosted, regardless of the fundamental underlying economic conditions. This allows the Elite to mask their policies that have a negative effect on the economy. The growth in government spending makes GDP growth appear to be higher than it really is. Is that a valid reason?

What will be the eventual result of such rapid expansion of government spending? The growth of government spending necessarially lowers the amount of money that people and businesses can spend. 70% of the US economy is consumer spending, consumer demand is necessarially lowered as government taxing and spending goes up, therefore the economy will experience stagnation. This, it seems obvious, will eventually destroy the market system in the US, and people’s perception of it. The destruction of which will bring government spending back to zero, no one to tax means government must either stop it’s own spending, borrow to keep it up or convert to a communist economy. If government stops spending the economy that has become totally dependent on government largess, will collapse, if government borrows to maintain spending, it must borrow from other nation’s stores of capital, without any way to raise funds to pay them back. This is a situation that is the definition of unsustainable.

Why then is it, that the Elite claim reigning in government growth to the rate of inflation, as the sequester does, is so detrimental to the economy? Unless government is hiring more workers and taking on more responsibilities growth in government beyond the rate of inflation is unnecessary. The additional growth, beyond the rate of inflation, cannot be needed to continue existing government programs, (unless the wages they are paying are growing in access of the rate of inflation driving down real wages among working people)… so why is there a need for the executive to shut down critical operations of government? Presumably the budget last year was sufficient to pay for such services? Unless the cuts themselves are nothing more then a crass political maneuver to keep the rate of government growth exceeding inflation, or they seek to mask the results of their policies on the economy, by increasing government spending.

The lack of real debate about the issue, leaves us with only two possibilities, either the BLS is lying about the rate of inflation, or, the Elite in the government and in the unbiased media, want to progress government spending and thus power, to become total in nature and extent, thus placing all economic activity under the control of the political Elite… distributive justice by political favor. Neither possibility is flattering for the Elite. History has many examples of socialist regimes, the outcome of that philosophy of government is empirically proven… economic stagnation, oppression and violence by government against politically disfavored groups. Under the policy of growing government at twice the rate of inflation, socialism and/or communism is the only possible outcome, with all the attendant problems associated with it. The moment someone claims, “this time will be different,” they are showing themselves to be not only ignorant, but stupid as well. It is like claiming that this time when I throw the ball into the air, it will not fall back to the ground but will go into orbit… experience shows the absurdity of the statement. If the BLS is lying, the honchos in that department should be prosecuted, and if the political Elite stupidly seek a totalitarian state, then they are usurpers to the Constitution. Their very own rhetoric and actions belie their unsuitability for government service, and we suffer them to hold office, to our eventual oppression.


John Pepin

Justice, Political Favor and Fairness

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for a nation to call itself civilized, it must hold all people to be equal under the law… that no one be above the law and no one is below the law, is the first definition of equality. Nations, systems of laws and mores, that hold people unequally are unjust and injustice is the definition of tyranny. It is the duty of all free citizens of a nation, that call themselves free, to point out anytime people are above or below the law. Deviation from this philosophy negates any good that is claimed by the political leader who engages in it. That leader is an oppressor, no matter how much we may love them, or hate the people being unjustly treated.

To have a faction that is above the law is the most pernicious form of inequality. Those that are above the law are treated so because of political favor. This is always so. Those that have political favor are under the constant inducement to act outside the law… as it would be applied to everyone else. As a result, we can say that the source of inequality in nations, is the pernicious incentives that political favor sets up.

A more obvious form of injustice is when there is a faction that is below the law. This means, they don’t enjoy the protections of the law, due to their lack of political favor or negative political favor. This is often apparent or it can be subversive. People who are below the law, know in their hearts they are not protected by the very laws that will protect others, but lacking political favor they have no way to change the paradigm in government, because political change requires, as a prerequisite, political favor.

An example of those that are above the law in the US are our Elite. The Elite in government are only held to the law when their actions are so egregious, there is public outcry, and their political favor is diminished by it. Those that are below the law, are citizens who in some way anger the political establishment and as a result, have the legal protections we all assume, taken away from them. We know this is so because, in our own lives we are willing to turn a blind eye to the injustices of our friends, and we use rules and law against those we dislike. Quite often bigotry in society is the source of negative political favor.

Those that enjoy the fruits of political favor, being human, seek to enhance the effects of political favor… since they have it. Some ways to do this include, but are not limited to, grouping people and vilifying some groups while lionizing others, using the sophist rhetoric of “fairness,” to claim that some should be above the law, or holding others to be below the law, and lastly, the ever present drive from all governing Elite, to have political favor be the source of distributive justice. If you have political favor or are in a favored group, the incentives are to continue the injustice generated by it. Since we are human beings, and like animals, all seek our own good, this must be so.

Because government gets it’s power from those it governs, it can only legally and morally engage in those actions that we as people can engage in morally, and under natural law. Murder is immoral and so government cannot simply kill those that it finds obnoxious, stealing is immoral so we cannot empower government to steal from a politically disfavored group, using violence to force others to our will is another form of injustice we cannot pass to government, because we don’t have that power by morality or natural law. All these things are done however, in the name of the people, by those with political favor to enhance their favor and to enrich themselves, in the name of “fairness.”

This is the reason why the governing Elite are so enamored with socialism… it is distributive justice by political favor. Socialism is by definition redistribution by the State. The State is government and government is always and everywhere political. Therefore socialism is distributive justice by political favor. No matter the wrongs it claims to seek to rectify, it is a form of injustice in the name of justice. Injustice is a wrong. To do a wrong, is wrong, no matter who does it… even a politically favored person, no matter if we love them or not.

If we want to live in a society that is truly just, it is incumbent upon us to not only be just in our own actions, but to hold our political leaders to be just also. When we see them using rhetoric to enforce injustice on some segment of society, even if we personally dislike that faction ourselves, we must point out the injustice. If we see that the Elite are above the law, we must demand justice be applied, no matter how much we like that politician. Because my friends, to allow someone else to be treated unjustly, sets the precedent that injustice is allowable by government, and political favor, being a fickle thing, we may find ourselves in the politically unfavored group someday, and we have forfeited our right to legal protections… by our own actions, or lack thereof. By political favor and a sophist notion of “Fairness” we are the authors of our own oppression.


John Pepin

Wisdom in Politics

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, wisdom is the awareness of the truth around us, ignorance is a lack of such awareness. To listen to our leaders, political and otherwise, without a discerning ear, an ear to fundamental reality instead of crass political correctness, is a sign of wisdom. Those that believe the propaganda of the Elite become more ignorant every day. Most thoughtful people understand that ignorance is not a good position to be in, when making a decision, but many who are otherwise thoughtful embrace ignorance and propaganda when it is their guy. This lack of wisdom has a very corrosive effect on our society and government.

One method of discernment is to believe people’s actions and listen to their rhetoric with disbelief. Actions speak louder than words. When a person who is clearly engaging in some action, claims he is doing the opposite, the wise person discredits the words and takes the actions for the truth. The unwise person will ignore the actions and believe the rhetoric. We see this more and more form our political elite. They say one thing while doing the opposite, and if you or I point this out we are given derisive monikers like extremists, conspiracy theorists and hate mongers. This is an old tactic to quiet those who would point out the glittering lies, and by doing so, shine light on the ugly truth.

Some heinous examples that are happening now, are the Fast and Furious coverup, Benghazi gate, government debt and deficit spending. These are but a few, the Obama administration never tells the truth it always blankets itself in obfuscations and stonewalling. Fast and Furious should be on everyone’s lips, due to the present debate whether we should abandon the Second Amendment… or not. This scandal, that was covered up by both the administration and a complicit media, is not only a national shame but an act of war against a friendly nation.

In Fast and Furious the Obama administration claimed in their rhetoric, that they sought to stymy the flow of guns into Mexico, by sending guns into Mexico. The absurdity of it doesn’t stop there however. The Obama administration sent thousands of guns into Mexico and at the same time were pillorying US gun dealers along the boarder for it. Their actions indicate the real intention, was to vilify gun ownership in the US, and the violence the Obama administration promoted in Mexico, was the means. Their actions were of people who will encourage violence to their own political end, in this case undermining the Second Amendment, while their rhetoric was of people trying to stop that violence. Their actions were the opposite of their words. Thrasymachus would be proud.

Benghazi gate is in some ways even more egregious. The rhetoric of the Obama administration has been proven to be a pack of lies. The Obama administration even put a man into jail on some trumped up charge to give merit to their lie that the attack was the result of a movie that was offensive. They jailed an innocent man for political expediency, who by the way, is still imprisoned. The administration, as we now know from news reports, was asked numerous times for reinforcements at the compound, but were turned down repeatedly… The administration ignored the assassination attempt of the British ambassador, a few weeks before the devastating attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, this administration even provided weapons to the Libyan rebels reminiscent of Fast and Furious, and they even told responding military to stand down. Those who survived the attack are being hidden by the Obama administration, further veiling Obama’s actions… and true intentions. These actions in and of themselves point to ulterior motives, but when coupled with the propaganda and outright lies, the truth behind it becomes ever darker.

Obama’s rhetoric and actions don’t agree on the huge issue of government spending and debt either. They claim they seek a balanced budget, long term financial responsibility and fairness in the tax code, but their actions are one hundred and eighty degrees from their rhetoric. They raised the tax burden on every American who works by two percent while claiming they will only raise taxes on the “rich.” Do you believe Warren Buffett’s taxes went up? Do you think George Soros’ taxes went up? Of course they didn’t! Yours did! Obama bemoans an eighty five billion dollar cut in the rate of growth of government spending while we take a two percent cut in our real income. So much for fairness. The deficit has skyrocketed under Obama, almost two trillion dollars a year and growing, in part due to the lack of a budget in four years. Obama proposes more and more spending while seeking to raise taxes at every turn. More revenue is the one note song coming from this White House. I wonder what will be a sufficient level of taxation for this president? His actions indicate one hundred percent.

A wise man or woman looks at reality instead of rhetoric. The media’s complete lack of curiosity about this president’s actions, and total slavering at his words, shows their absolute lack of wisdom. Those who’s eyes are open, and observe that the Elite in our society say one thing and do another, display wisdom and know the truth. Those that slop up the lies and propaganda are doomed to disappointment, slavery and poverty. The real question in my mind is, “Will wisdom ever become widespread in the World again or are we all doomed by the ignorance of the sheep?”


John Pepin