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Democracy, Who Favor’s it and Who Doesn’t.

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for people to claim democracy is the be all and end all in government, they must hold the voter in great esteem, else they don’t really esteem democracy. If one believes that democracy is a good then they must also believe in the will of the voter. Because if one believes the voter incompetent to make even the most basic decisions, or comply with the least standardization, then they must also have a hatred for democracy as well. The two go hand in hand. For someone to hold both mutually exclusive ideas simultaneously, is not a sign of intelligence… but of deceit.

Democracy is based on the competence of the voter. No matter how the voter is defined. The basis of all democracy, from Athens to America, is that it rests on the voter casting his or her ballot, for the person or concept of governance, they see most fit. The theory is that the voter, in the aggregate, networked into society, have the “on the ground knowledge” that allows us to make the right decision, most of the time.

If that voter is not only ignorant but is incompetent as well, the entire government, society and civilization suffer. When government is run by egoists the economy suffers. When society is run by ignoramuses crime is rampant, and when civilization is held in low esteem… it is soon lost. These outcomes necessarially follow these preconditions. A person who believes the people incompetent would think, for example, that no good can be done; without the direct intervention of government, that people are incapable of feeding themselves, that people are so inept they cannot work and need a dole, that people must have every aspect of their lives regulated or that people need even to be told to “buckle up,” in government paid ads on television. If a person were to hold the voter in such low esteem then they would naturally fear democracy. This fear would manifest itself in many ways, not the least of which is, by undermining true representative democracy.

We see this very thing acted out in various countries, mostly by tyrants seeking to hold power, that the people begrudge. The tyrant will stuff ballot boxes, he will intimidate voters with violence, the would be tyrant always wins the dead vote and the would be oppressor needs to control the unbiased media. All the time claiming to be a favorer of democratic forms of government. The truth is that they do… as long as the tyrant, not the voters, decide. This play is acted out all over the World. From Africa to Asia, tyrants have “free and fair” elections, while the media is one sided, there are armed gangs at voting stations intimidating voters and there are tons of ineligible votes cast.

We can reliably tell who is, in their hearts, opposed to real democracy by the way they act. When laws standardizing the voting process, to protect the populace from vote fraud are initiated, they scream and whine some voters will be disenfranchised. If they also control the unbiased media and have armed gangs at voting stations, we can reliably tell that they are against democracy, only claiming to be for it… as a means of deceit. In the last election in Russia, there was wide spread claims of voter fraud, and we know the media in Russia is reliably on the side of the governing Elite… else they meet with unfortunate “accidents.”

In the 2008 election in the USA, there were accounts of voter intimidation by armed gangs at voting stations in Chicago and elsewhere. The Black Panthers were implicated but the “Justice Department” never saw fit to prosecute their political allies. The unbiased media is firmly in the “democrats” corner, and the “democrats” seek to stop any and all attempts, to protect the voters ballot from fraud.

They would rather have 100 fraudulent ballots cast than let one person be disenfranchised…


John Pepin

Space X Makes History!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the successful docking of the Dragon capsule with the International Space Station, is as historic an event as the orbiting of John Glenn, or Columbus discovering America. Now that the market system is applying it’s ability to utilize resources, to space, humanity will see some marvelous advancements. Capitalism will expand Mankind’s ability in space farther and faster than anyone predicts. Unless government gets in the way.

Obama has total antipathy for the market system, so it seems an interesting point that he would turn over space, to private industry. Given his ideology he should believe that the private sector will flounder. Every speech Obama makes, shows that he doesn’t think anyone can do anything, without the heavy hand of government. His main thesis is that even the individual cannot cope without government support. So it seems counter intuitive that he would open space to the vexing private sector.

Obama ordered NASA to change it’s policy from space exploration to making Muslims feel good about themselves. This doesn’t seem to be compatible with NASA’s original goal of space exploration. This along with his turning over of space to the market system, would indicate he has antipathy for space exploration as well. If he believes the private sector is inept, as his writings and speeches indicate, and his changing the goals of NASA from space exploration to a social program, then he seeks to eliminate America’s traditional leadership in space technology and innovation.

I believe this will backfire on him. No government is better able to exploit space better than the market system. With it’s built in efficiencies and ability to seize on opportunities, the capitalist system will expand Mankind’s horizon, farther and faster than any government backed jobs program, for entrenched Senators to bring home, ever could. Government by it’s very nature is unable to operate anything efficiently. The nature of government is political, and any time government sets it’s hand to anything, the outcome is colored by politics. The result of his opening space to capitalism will be a drastically expanded human presence in space.

The opportunities that rest in space are actually unimaginable. The resources are unquantifiable and unlimited. The potential for the expansion of mankind, in technology, resources, and even liberty, are enormous and are only available through the market system. As history shows, government run projects can, and usually do, run afoul of political meddling. The history of colonization of the Americas is a relevant example.

Originally the America’s were conquered and colonies set up to enrich the government… whatever government. The first colonies were constituted for the enrichment of those in political power. At the time it was kings and the aristocracy. The colonies that were established by governments were inefficient, and many people who came, starved to death. But, when people started coming for religious and economic freedom, the entire paradigm changed. With the establishment of these types of settlements the colonies became profitable.

The picture was far different in South America however. There, the colonies were entirely concerned with extracting gold and silver, for the government (Elite) of Spain and Portugal. The lot of the people there, was and is, that of oppression and poverty… except for the politically favored. The results speak for themselves. Where the private sector was allowed to flourish, the lot of the people flourished, where the government established and maintained it’s hegemony, the lot of the people suffered. Space will be no different.

Unless government recognizes this truth, if they do, the political class will seek to reestablish their suffocating control over space exploration. Until then, if we are fortunate and the industry leaders are smart, the human race has a great future ahead of us in space… And away from the wars of greedy jealousy, religious intolerance and outright hate, that has characterized our existence on Earth. Perhaps it will be in space where the next United States type Constitution will be written. More importantly, if it is, then maybe our posterity will understand and remember history… unlike the people of today. They will recognize this was the start. Because of Obama’s attempt to sabotage space exploration.


John Pepin

The Deeply Flawed Elite

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the Elite should look to the plank in their own eye, before trying to remove the mote from our eye. The absolute hubris of the Elite is dumbfounding. They are all deeply flawed, not only as human beings, but especially, as elected officials. They lie when the truth would serve them better. They attack their own policies when they run for office. They create problems and claim to be the only ones who can solve them and they hold the American people in absolute disdain. This is not only concerning it has led to every problem we face as a people, a nation and as a civilization!

Christ made this comment about people who should look to their own problems before trying to fix another’s. In this case we have people who are the epitome of egoists telling us we must reduce our standard of living. Al Gore burns fifteen thousand dollars a month in gas in his home yet he begrudges you driving to work. The hypocrisy they show is stupefying. Obama lives and acts like a monarch yet claims to be a friend of the working man? This is absurdity writ large.

The Elite lie under oath regularly yet are never held to the same standard you or I would. Eric Holder is only the latest incarnation. His lies about Fast and Furious are proven by emails released to Congress and are in the National record. Yet, Roger Clemens is facing jail time, for lying to Congress. Hundreds of human beings died violent deaths because of Holder’s actions, yet it is the guy who chased a ball around a field, is the one the unbiased media claim is the threat?

Obama claims he wants people to be rewarded for hard work and doing the right things, yet every policy he proposes and has enacted, stand in stark contrast to his stated ethos. He seeks to socialize every aspect of our lives with all the pernicious incentives this creates. He rewards his political backers at the expense of hard working men and women. He is speeding down the road to serfdom and he sees no problem with Greece type taxing and spending. Every one of his backers has a problem with paying their taxes yet he seeks to raise mine and yours. I ask you… is this not hypocrisy over matched by hubris?

Every problem we face as a nation can be laid at the feet of our elected officials. Not only Obama but we stand at the end of a long line of leaders who have lived on the bad side of Glaucon’s dilemma. Remember Glaucon in Plato’s Republic? He asked Socrates if it is better to be absolutely just, while thought unjust, or to be absolutely unjust and considered just. The Elite are absolutely unjust while seeming just. The unbiased media make sure this paradigm never fails. They support the unjust and call them just… while the truly just are vilified at every turn.

If we change Glaucon’s question a bit to, is it better to be stupid and thought intelligent or to be a genius and be considered a fool? In the case of Obama and Biden we see the answer. In the arena of politics it is better to be stupid and considered intelligent than to be a genius and considered a fool. Biden is a gaff machine, and Obama the orator doesn’t even know… how many states are in America, that he should hold his hand over his heart while the National Anthem is playing, or even what language they speak in Austria. The unbiased media are again complicit in the cover up.

If the future of liberty and of the human race were not at stake, these things would be laughable, but the whole World is on fire… largely because Obama set it. We, as self interested individuals around the World, must wake up and stop laughing at these things, and vote the fools the media tell us are smarter than us, out! I don’t know about you, but I am deeply offended when the Vice President of the United States says, someone who has never done a thing or worked a day in his life, is more qualified to be President, than a plumber. In my world view, a man or woman who is capable of an honest days work, is far more qualified then any half wit who has spent his entire life mixing it up with communists in college! One of the best Presidents the United States has ever had… was Harry Truman! He never went to college, he was hated by the unbiased media, his store went under during Hoover and FDR’s depression, but he had common sense and respect for God… Something we sorely lack in our Elite today.


John Pepin

Government Interference in the Complex System of Economies

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when distributive justice by political favor is the policy of government, as it is the Obama administration, it increases interconnectedness, while at the same time decreasing the feedbacks of the complex system, that is an economy. The increase in interconnectedness is because, as government redistributes our wealth to those politically favored people and firms, we all become more dependent on government favors, and on the largess of government… we become more connected to government and society and less independent. The other side of the coin is that when government, as a policy, eschews the market system, the feed backs that are inherent in the market system are eliminated. People stop looking to their life experiences for information, such as, where we can invest, work, produce and live, and instead we turn to the government, who has taken over this fundamental aspect of market economics. Every time this has been tried it has led to oppression, starvation and collapse. Here I will show why.

Economies are complex systems. They are made up of individuals, who are interconnected through the economy, culture, society and government, we are diverse, we learn, and we respond to the cues of the market, society and our government give us. Adam Smith explained that, it is the “invisible hand” of the market that guides us to make self interested decisions, that improve the lot of Man, without consciously meaning to. This is a reference to complexity theory without actually knowing complexity theory. Economies are complex systems in every sense of the word.

When interconnectedness is tempered with strong feedbacks a complex system has less long tailed events. Long tailed events are outcomes that fall outside the normal bell curve of likelihoods that would be expected in non complex systems. People are between three feet and eight feet tall. If we plot the heights of all people, we get a bell curve, but if someone is born who is a Tom Thumb, ie. six inches tall, we have a long tailed event. Long tailed events in economics include crashes and bubbles. When government interferes with the feedback system we have more frequent long tailed events.

Another negative result is, tempered interconnectedness by government actions, makes people loose the ability to recognize high spots in the dancing landscape of economics. Markets loose their ability to meet the needs of the people by removing the people’s access to stimuli. As a result, people and firms often find themselves unable to adapt to new and changing circumstances… economies flounder, government gets bigger, and people become oppressed.

The way distributive justice through political favor lowers the natural feedback in an economy are many, varied and pernicious. This happens because the government seeks to raise the power of the Elite by negating, to the best of it’s ability, the negative consequences of bad behavior.

Lack of feedbacks create the environment where, people can act in ways that make no sense in the real world but can continue, for a time, through government interference. Like, for example, people can spend their entire lives on welfare… not being productive, people and corporations rent seek instead of providing products that meet human needs, babies are aborted, people can avoid saving for retirement, favored companies can be unprofitable for decades, without failing, due to government favor… among others.

We see the results in Greece, where government has destroyed the people’s ability, to behave as self interested actors rightly understood. When Greece is kicked out of the Euro zone and the Drachma is reprinted, it will certainly be the largest bill in the World… because it will need so many zeros on it.

Whenever governments in the past have stepped in and all but eliminated the natural feedback’s of the markets, we have seen oppression, due to government’s need for absolute power, to mitigate natural consequences, we have seen starvation due to the inability of people and firms to recognize and respond to human needs, moreover, we always see the eventual collapse of the economy, and inevitably the governments themselves. North Korea, Zimbabwe, Greece, Argentina, and Wiemar Germany are only a few examples of this phenomenon in action. This is the inevitable result of socialistic thinking. Distributive justice by political favor, due to the effect it has on the complex system of an economy, always minimizes the feedback’s that act as Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.”

The real question is, are the people of the World aware enough to stem the tide of redistributive justice, or will the whole World become Zimbabwe in a few years?


John Pepin

Government’s War on Virtue

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the governments of the World have declared war on retirees and savers. With World interest rates at or near zero the return on investment income is negative. This is a strong disincentive to save money and puts a strain on people who rely on fixed incomes. The unremitting printing of new money to buy sovereign debt is one of the primary driver of this. The disincentive to save foreshadows a bleak economic future for us and our children.

Those that save money are extremely important to the economy. It is our combined capital that provides the money for companies to upgrade their plant and equipment. The savings of the people are an intrinsic part of the money flow in an economy. Firms demand capital to upgrade their equipment or expand their operations, the workers that are hired buy the products of the market and save some money for the future, the banks aggregate the savings and lend to the firms. The circle is simple and fundamental to a market economy.

I say they have declared war because the policies of our leaders are destroying the economic well being of our seniors. Not only them but of us, and more importantly, our children. The equities markets have not advanced for a decade so they are not producing income for savers. The bond market is in a bubble due to excessive risk avoidance and national bank purchases of sovereign bonds, so is returning a negative rate of return. Lets look at the bond market for US treasuries. First if you buy a US bond you are competing with the FED. They simply print the money they need to buy as much as they see fit driving down interest rates. The Fed has purchased sixty percent of the bonds issued by the US government in the last three years, to try to balance the other disincentives Obama’s regulation, healthcare and tax policies, have created.

The interest rate you will get is, lately, under two percent. Even the under reported rate of inflation is over two percent, therefore, people who are buying bonds are realizing a negative rate of return. This is exacerbated by the printing of money to buy the bonds, because every dollar printed, steals a little piece of the dollars, savers have saved. This lowers the purchasing power of money saved and is a further disincentive to eschew immediate gratification. The result is, that the Fed is using savers own money to lower the rate of return on savings, or in other words is a double whammy to the savers.

If a saver looses his or her money in the equities market the money is lost. If a saver invests in bonds the rate of return is negative, but the, (less than two percent interest), is taxed as capital gains, further lowering the rate of return. The saver is placed in a loose loose situation, because of government policies to counter the other negative incentives the government is creating, with it’s regulation, healthcare and tax policies.

For those people who have done the right thing, went without that vacation, bought a smaller more affordable home, saved for their children’s education, drove more fuel efficient cars and all the other things the working class have to do to save money, are being punished for their virtuous actions. While those that have not saved, have spent every dime on luxury vacations, lived large in giant homes that are now in foreclosure, tossed their children on the State for their educations, and basically lived decadent lives, are being rewarded by government policies.

As negative behaviors are rewarded and positive ones are punished by government policies, we can expect more decadence, and less virtue in our societies. This can only lead to an increase in crime, increasing unemployment, more crony capitalism, more dependence on government, and a lower material standard of living for everyone… except the Elite. The old saying is; reward that which you want more of and punish that which you want less of… Apparently our leaders want more bad and less good. Judging by their policies and actions.


John Pepin

State Power, Economics, and Individual Liberty

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the harder it is to do business in any country, the lower economic output will be. When politicians come into power, they all want to increase the power of government, because it serves their egos. Therefore the politician must claim that more regulation will improve this or that aspect of economic output or minimize some negative aspect of human nature. In this, they all have the same agenda… to increase the power and wealth of the State and politicians, at the expense of the prosperity and liberty of the individual.

Have you ever noticed that the power of the State never goes down it only goes up? Politicians who espouse lowering the power of the State are uniformly vilified in the unbiased press. The press who has a dog in the race so to speak. They get to rub elbows with the statist politicians and celebrities, by backing their efforts. This is one motivating factor for the unbiased press to take the wrong side in the debate about Mankind’s freedom. Another is, the statist politician has no qualms about using the power of the State, to destroy annoying press people. In some countries, as in Russia, the State murders those media people who the egoist statist finds vexing. Therefore we cannot expect the press to paint an accurate picture of reality.

It would seem a self evident fact that as regulation goes up economic activity must go down. Like the see saw of State power versus individual power. As one rises the other necessarially goes down. The same paradigm holds true in economics. As regulation goes up economic output necessarially goes down. The opposite is true as well. As regulation goes down economic output goes up. The egoist has a personal interest in not only denying this reality, but must actively cover this truth, with lies and personal attacks. This has worked for thousands of years of recorded human history, and has resulted in a human history, lubricated with the tears of the oppressed.

A truly unbiased observer of history cannot but come to this conclusion… Every time the power of the State has increased, often for what appears from the outside to be for a benefit, the power of the individual and economic output are lowered. Every time the power of the State has been lowered the power of the individual has been raised. Franklin Roosevelt set the American standard for raising the power of the State. He even went so far as, to get the Supreme Court to find, that a person cannot grow his or her own food on their own land… because it effects interstate commerce! Never has a more pernicious law been held to be acceptable!

Obama and European politicians have enacted the very same statist policies as FDR and we have the exact same results. Stagnation in the economy, destroying the sovereignty of the individual, and widespread disheartening of the people. The examples of the power of the State being lowered, have uniformly resulted in the empowering of the individual, a dramatic rise in economic output, and the happiness of the people expanded. The dishonest politician, that argues that some negative aspect of human nature requires greater regulation, is engaging in self serving sophistry. What is set by culture should be corrected by culture not politics.

Unfortunately today, especially in Europe, the people have only one choice… the statist. Every political party, from both side of the political spectrum, stands for more power to the State. The racist right and the suicidal left all believe that more power, in the hands of ever less regulated politicians, is the answer. Nothing could be further from the truth. This sophist argumentation has resulted in the Nazi and Communist parties getting back into power in Europe. This can only lead to bloodshed, since the Nazis and the Communists are violent by their natures, and recruit from the same segment of the population.

The people of the World are only given spurious logic to mull over, while reality is hidden, with political wrangling and rhetoric. We are poorly served by our media, politicians, and especially our intellectuals, who all know better, but eschew truth for power. Until there is a real alternative in the World from the egoist statist politicians we will be forever burdened. The lot of Mankind, by every measure, will be lowered and lowered. The first step to breaking this pernicious cycle is to recognize the problem and create a viable alternative to the statist. In America the Tea Party is that alternative and in Europe there is a nascent Tea Party forming. Lets pray that it is not too late. For our children’s and grandchildren’s sake.


John Pepin

Incentives Count

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, in every human endeavor, incentives count, but no place more than in the field of economics. Government sets the incentives both obviously and not so obviously. Society and culture also create incentives and disincentives. Incentives are far more important than animal spirits or demand to an economy’s well being. The set of incentives that government creates by it’s actions, laws, regulation, taxation and rhetoric, can devastate an economy, or create the environment for rapid economic expansion. If a person wants to understand why a given economy is faltering or succeeding they need only look at the incentives that government has in place. Your family’s economic well being are subject to this natural law.

The most obvious is the societal attitude to wealth creation. In a society that holds wealth to be a bad thing, there will be few wealthy people, and they will almost certainly be the people who run the government. Under this type of incentives the government will usually be some form of autocracy or plutocracy. Monarchy and aristocracy are most often cited but tyranny and oligarchy are never far away under this set of societal attitudes. The Dark Age in Europe is an example of this societal attitude to wealth creation, with the Renaissance being the watershed moment, that changed the mind set of the people… to embracing wealth creation.

Every parent knows that you punish that which you want less of and reward that which you want more of. Only an idiot would knowingly reward acting out, stealing, lying or any of the other bad behaviors we civilize out of our children. We know this as parents, but amazingly some of us seem to forget this, when it comes to the economy. When government takes the position of a bad parent the economy suffers and the people suffer.

Taxation is most often thought of when talking about the incentives that effect an economy. Taxing something creates negative incentives to that action. Look at the great lengths, companies and individuals go to, to avoid taxes. They invest their money foolishly to get some tax write off. Look at GE in the last few years. They have paid no income tax because they play ball with the government. They buy the electric cars that don’t work, they invest in “green” technologies that cost more, to produce less, etc… This will eventually put GE at a disadvantage to their competitors in the future but today it makes them seem more profitable. Taxing income is an obvious form of discouragement to wealth creation.

When government places more and more regulation on an industry it creates bars to new companies entering that industry. Older more established firms have a regulatory step up, in that they have grown their business around the existing regulation, and can better cope with new regulation as a result. New firms have to research the laws and regulations and have less interaction with the regulators of that industry. Regulatory capture also creates a bar to entry for new firms, because older firms have built a rapport with their regulators, who may not like seeing there “friends” being out competed, so they may look more closely at the actions and business model of a new entry into the market. This is highly pernicious due to it’s undermining the very nature of a competitive marketplace and smothers new ideas. The very definition of Schumpeter’s law.

No matter how much demand there is for a product or service, regulation, taxation, attitudinal incentives and cultural moors have the ability, alone or as a group, to destroy any industry. Incentives can make an economy vibrant or stagnant. When government punishes wealth creation, no matter how, wealth creation slows and can be brought to a complete stop. When this happens we see economic stagnation and depressions. If you think about it a moment, the level of economic activity, as measured by the creation of firms, and how close to perfect competition there is in a country’s economy, is a metric of the incentives to wealth creation and vibrancy, of markets in that country. When we apply this measure to the American economy, since Obama took the Presidency, we see that the incentives his administration have set up… are uniformly negative to wealth creation. We can clearly see that the rhetoric of class warfare is a form of attitudinal negative incentive to wealth creation as well. Under this set of incentives we can expect a continuing lowering of the material standard of living in the USA, and since America is still the engine of the World’s economy, the material standard of living of the people of the World will also suffer.

Even if this concept is completely lost on the Obama administration it is obvious to the American citizenry. Perhaps that is why the Tea Party is ascendant today. They understand incentives…


John Pepin

Illegal Immigration and the Presidential Election

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when an immigrant to the United States comes here illegally, it is stealing what others have worked for. Those that come to the US legally, have had to make sacrifices… and in some cases have waited for years. It seems unlikely that those who have struggled for years and went without, so they could give their children a better life, would appreciate someone else stealing, what they have worked years for. This is among the most spurious arguments we are hearing in this election year. If the American voter falls into this trap, the progressives have laid, it will ensure that illegal immigration and all the ills that go along with it, are entrenched into American society and culture forever.

Most people don’t appreciate someone stealing what they have worked for. Lets say, for example, that a person steals a car from a showroom lot. That person needs the car. The car will make his or her life better, in that it will provide for them transportation, which is in itself a form of freedom. Now, the argument that the progressive make, is that the car dealership has many cars and the loss of one is not an undue burden for them. So, since the person who stole the car needs it, and the person who owns the the car doesn’t, the car should just be given to the thief. Anyone with half a brain can see the sophistry there. But illegal immigration is steeped in such emotional rhetoric that logical thought is almost impossible. Those that engage in logic are vilified as hateful people when the really hateful are those that seek an underclass.

Illegal immigrants are not a valid voting bloc. Those that are illegal immigrants have no legal ability to vote. That the Presidential election is said to hinge on the candidates stand on illegal immigration, IE. The one that promotes it the most will win the Hispanic vote, is insanity. It is premised that those who have struggled, waited years, worked keeping their paperwork up to date and then taken the freeman’s oath and become US citizens, will will vote for the candidate that most encourages further theft of what they have worked for, even as those who have been virtuous, wait to bring their family here legally. This seems absurd to me. Do you want the person who steals a car, to keep it, even though you had to work for yours? What are the incentives there?

People who come to America illegally, put themselves at risk, and endanger the civil society of America. Most people who come to America simply want to be Americans and participate in the American way of life. They want the liberty that the American Constitution provides, they seek economic opportunity that capitalism creates, and for their children to be Americans. There are those, however, that don’t come here wanting these things. Those people seek to destroy what America stands for. Be it for philosophical reasons, communists who despise the market system, and understand that for the oppression of Marxism to ever last, there must be no examples of capitalism to exist… no shining city on a hill. Some seek America’s destruction for religious purposes, and others are simply criminals, looking for a more wealthy victim. Illegal immigration allows these evil people to come here, and work their diabolical plans… in the dark.

Promoting illegal immigration is tantamount to endorsing second class citizenship. Those people who actually want a better life for their children are poorly served when they come here illegally. They have no real rights and by definition live on the boundaries of society. They must work for less, and therefore, lower the prevailing wage, for people who are here legally. People who are illegal, are subject to deprivations, the victimizer would immediately meet with a long jail sentence… if they were visited on legals or citizens. But more perniciously, when illegal immigration is encouraged by our government, it opens the door to more of it. Making more and more people subject to these types of oppression, tantamount to modern slavery.

The answer is to allow unlimited legal immigration, to those who honestly seek to come here, and participate in the American experiment. No matter if they are from Guatemala, Nigeria, Slovakia or Thailand. Especially to the oppressed around the World. People who want to be Americans must be legal. Those that seek to undermine our civilization must be barred. Opening legal immigration, and closing illegal immigration, would achieve these results. That our elected politicians argue and act otherwise, is clear evidence, they seek the civil strife and underclass, that illegal immigration results in. The US is a place, where there should never be an underclass, ever! Equality under the law is impossible if some people are illegal… BY DEFINITION!

So, if a politician, or unbiased media person, claims that the Hispanic vote will turn on the candidates stand on promoting illegal immigration, they are engaging in sophistry in it’s purest form. They seek to lower the lot of Mankind, and undermine the very essence of America… Equality for all under the law. But then again, not everyone who hates capitalism and freedom are illegal immigrants… some hold high elected office, along with all those who hold the title of tzar…


John Pepin

Fundimental Human Rights

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the Chinese government has proven it is evil incarnate, along with the diabolical actions of the Obama administration. The blind Chinese dissident Chen is such a threat, that the Chinese government threatened they would have to beat Chen’s wife to death, if he escaped to the US. The black eye Chen gave the Chinese government pales against the one the Chinese government gave itself. This is very concerning, due to the fact that the whole affair breaks with American tradition and morals and shows a total disregard for human rights, in both China and this administration.

Chen was under illegal house arrest, (under the Chinese Constitution), because he had the nerve to speak up against forced abortions and forced sterilizations. It is self evident that to force an abortion on a woman is evil. It is also self evident that to compel a person to be sterilized against his or her will is evil as well. That the US government would not even acknowledge these atrocities, or even feign to protect that asylum seeker, is damming to the Obama administration.

Traditionally the United States has offered asylum to people who are oppressed and seek it. The Obama administration has taken a new tact. They favor the oppressors and relay threats to dissidents to terrorize them into submission. One of the recent reports says, the diplomatic snafu would have messed up Hillary Clinton’s trip to China, for a joint meeting. Apparently, if it takes a person being beaten to death to make it happen, that is the price the Obama administration is willing for that person to pay, for Hilary’s photo op. A human death for a photo op is a very high price… too high for civilized people, apparently, not for the Obama administration.

The Obama administration has proven over and over it is not a friend of those that seek good in the World. Those that seek to oppress their people are Obama’s friends. He is a friend of any would be tyrant, like the Muslim Brotherhood, and enemy to all those who seek to improve the lot of Mankind in the World. This incident is only the most recent example. Taken singularly it is a smudge on the history of the United States. Taken as a part of a whole it shows a disregard for human rights by this administration.

The lies coming from the Obama administration are staggering. Hillary claims Chen said he wanted to kiss her, but, Chen’s wife says he said he wanted to visit her. The administration claims it never told Chen that the Chinese government was threatening to beat his wife to death, but, he says otherwise. The Obama administration is way out on a limb on this one.

The Chinese government has sunk to a low as well. They are so afraid of a blind man that they threaten to beat a woman to death to keep him close? They routinely force women to get abortions against their will? They force people to be sterilized? The involuntary murder of the most innocent, and coerced sterilizations, are truly Orwellian. This is the American equivalent of the progressive eugenics program, in the US, under the Woodrow Wilson administration. To threaten to beat an innocent woman to death to coerce action, is Machiavellian at best, evil incarnate at worse. But, it seems the World is blind to evil, as long as the oppressor is wealthy and powerful. In this case the blind man sees better than the sighted.

I am amazed that, an administration that came to power claiming it would be the friend to the oppressed, would act this way. This fact, coupled with the obvious lies to the public, show a total disdain for the American people, traditions and public opinion. This egregious affair is in direct opposition to two hundred years of American jurisprudence and Constitutional law. We know that to the progressive, abortion is a sacrament, and John Holdren wants to put sterilants in American drinking water. Michel Obama said that we would have to change our conversation, traditions and history. Apparently they agree with the Chinese government in this. Think about the magnitude of evil this is. How would you feel if you were sterilized against your will… or were forced into an abortion? Your children may find out. Empathy is an emotion lost on this group of people. It is only a political tool… Human rights by political favor, what a pathetic excuse for humanity!


John Pepin