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Envy and Self Interest

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me our leaders have absolutely no concept of how the market system works or the implications of destroying it. Obama’s executive order the other day is a prime example of this. In his speech he said, “The sad truth is that there are people out there who are less interested in helping our men and women in uniform get ahead and more interested in making a buck,” This is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard a politician say (other than a few of Obama’s other speeches). If our President is really this stupid then we are deep trouble my friends.

In his book, The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith says that it is not out of a sense of charity that the butcher provides us meat, it is out of his self interest. When we get heating oil delivered, we don’t apply to the oil man’s sense of charity, we apply to his sense of self interest. He doesn’t go through the endless paperwork, red tape, and financial risk, to get a well drilled, out of a sense of charity… it is for profit that he does it. Self interest is the motivating factor in our market system. To vilify self interest while applauding envy is not only ignorant but perniciously stupid.

Envy doesn’t elevate or create it destroys. Envy is the motivating factor in socialism, communism and progressivism. The envy of the wealth of others, is no different than a powerful drug addiction, like to Oxycontin. Those addicted have no ability to see themselves with any kind of perspective. They instead use logic to justify their addiction and not to discern right action. This is the paradigm Obama uses. He is addicted to envy and he uses logic to justify his envy instead of finding truth.

Obama ordered the GI Bill program, through executive, order to eschew the market system in favor of the broken collegiate system. You know, the one that leaves their students with over a hundred thousand dollars in debt, and no job prospects to pay it back. The one that intentionally limits enrollment to raise their brand, thus increasing the profit, for those that work in those colleges. The ones that regard knowledge as perspective dependent not objective reality and the ones that graduate students that still cannot read. These are the educational institutions that Obama favors with executive order.

It is obvious to everyone, except the President and his progressive friends who esteem Mao, that there is profit in the non profit colleges. Non Profit University Presidents all make over one hundred thousand dollars, Professors all live in the lap of luxury while having sex with their students. Even a fool can see that these are negative forms of profit. Every “nonprofit” university is awash in endowment money. So much so that they have to constantly build structures to hide the money. Some of the most expensive colleges have so large an endowment, that they could give up charging tuition forever, and fund themselves entirely from the interest on their endowments. The collegiate system, is as corrupt a system as has ever been created by Man…. because all the incentives are pernicious.

Yet, our President sees fit to exclude the boys and girls who have risked their lives and limbs serving our country, from the open doors that a college degree offers. He believes that the gate to wealth should be tightly controlled by an envious Elite. Since there are limited openings in the “nonprofit” collegiate system, there will necessarily be GIs that are left out, under Obama’s executive order, but this is the price Obama is willing, for them to pay, for his political career.

This level of ignorance, if is it ignorance, is very dangerous to our standard of living. If The President has his way, we will all be applying, not only to the meat cutter’s sense of charity for our sustenance, but to the oil delivery man and the car salesman as well. When that is the case, we will be hungry, cold and dependent. Do you suppose it is out of a sense of charity that Obama sought the Presidency or out of self interest. If it was self interest, then we can rightfully say… Obama is the worst kind of hypocrite.


John Pepin

Suicide Solution

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me we are living in historic times. We are witnessing the suicide of Western culture and Western values. The human race will find herself thrust into another thousand year dark ages as a result. It is an amazing thing to behold, the most prosperous people the Earth has ever seen, turning their collective backs on the source of their prosperity, and towards systems, that have shown time and time again that they produce nothing but famine and oppression. I guess envy is a stronger emotion than love of one’s children.

Livy witnessed such times and warned his people as well. His warnings didn’t land on deaf ears, as much as they met the scorn, of all those who heard. Rome would never fall it had lasted a thousand years. But fall it did, to the barbarians that surrounded it, and to the amazement of those that were there. The death was complete, of the thousand years culture and system of government, even their language died out. The most prosperous people the Earth had ever produced till then. Such historic times should be acknowledged, when they happen, they are so rare.

There was an economist who lived in the 19th century. His name was Thorstein Veblen. He put forth a theory, of why the American people were so unlikely to rise up and kill the rich, or even so much as resent them. Thorstein said, it is because, in his or her heart, every American knows that some day… he or she may become rich themselves. This was ingrained into the Psyche of every person born and raised in America… until recently. Today the Elite themselves are ginning up hatred for the rich. The Elite are doing everything possible to create envy and vilify anyone who makes money. Prosperity itself is questioned. This is the antithesis of the “American Way.” And is Russian roulette to the American economy.

The entire continent of Europe is on fire. Their economy is disintegrating in front of their eyes. What are they doing about it? They are throwing sand into the few gears that still mesh. France will be absolutely destitute in a few years allowing the socialists to institute famine as a political tool. Germany and the other northern European nations will be sucked under by the down tow. Even those that somehow weather the economic collapse will succumb to the Islamisation of Europe. Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with a productive economy. No where has it worked ever in history. Unless there is a wealthy group to rob nearby. After the economic collapse there will be no wealth nearby to steal. Only starving and destitute people fighting to the death for a crumb of unleavened bread.

China and Russia think they are in the catbird’s seat. They are not blind to what is going on. Russia has all too close memories of this very thing happening to them. They know very well what happens when government spends far outside it’s ability. They are only now climbing out of the fiscal morass visited on them by the USSR. Twenty years later and they didn’t have to be engaged in an existential war. They are laughing now but when the US is taken out the laughing will quickly stop.

Their economies will go into a tailspin. China is absolutely dependent on exports to fuel it’s economy and economic growth. The moment America collapses China will have to shutter its factories. There will be no place to sell the tsunami of goods that flows from China. That tsunami will wash the factory cities of China, like a real one… erasing decades of economic prosperity in a single swipe. Russia is dependent on Europe for most of it’s economy and Europe is racing to oblivion at double the speed of America.

But, to look on the bright side, once there is universal poverty and oppression, there will no longer be a shining city on the hill. People will have no example of a system that works, no prospect of escaping their daily horrors, and will have no ability to achieve greatness, only just survive. Once that state of affairs is the norm, people will labor like ants… never knowing more and so never wanting more. The perfect society for the Elite to rule and a poison pill for our posterity.

Do you think they will call us smart or wise?


John Pepin

Democracy and Civilization

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the reason so many people around the World seek a better life, even to the point of revolution, and find nothing but tyranny… is because they are confused about what means would get them what they truly seek. Revolutionaries throw the word “democracy” around like it is the be all end all. But democracy is not an end it is a means to an end. When ends are confused with means ultimate goals are never met. Moreover, when a sophist means is confused with an end, it is disastrous for society.

What is really sought, is civilization, because it is civilization that is the source of all the goods we all want to see in our societies and in our lives. We all want prosperity for ourselves and our children, almost all of us want to live our lives in peace and to be free of crime, most of us want to be free of coercion even from government and a few want to be free to express our opinions without threat. All these goods come from civilization not democracy. Democracy itself cannot provide any of these goods. It is a means to determine a small part of the whole that is civilization.

No matter how well democratized a government is it can not instill civilization in a people. Religion, culture, capitalism, laws and experience with them… instil civilization in a people. That we are made civilized and not born that way is a self evident fact. This point made by many philosophers over the ages. It is our exposure to civilized behavior, over time, that civilizes us. Pure democracy is, at it’s nature, an uncivilizing endeavor.

Democracy is a good thing, when it is applied to a civilized people, but it can lead to disastrous results, when applied to people who are not civilized. Where a culture, historic government, or system of law is set up for a childish Elite, to have the goods of society distributed to them by political favor, over the merits of their production, that people are not civilized… and will suffer immensely if given suffrage while in this state. They instead should seek a civilized model to adopt first. When the people have become accustomed to civilized behavior, or in other words become rational maximizers, they can be given the suffrage and society can benefit from it.

We see that the calls for democracy, by self described liberators, are never accompanied with a call for civilization… but of the vilification of civilization. How many tin pot dictators have been installed after some coop or other who immediately eliminated the right to vote, either overtly or subvertly, after he was elected? The list is endless. This then, is why civilization is vilified and democracy is called for, it is so the next oppressor can get voted in. The system is a complex one that has the emergent feature of a closed loop. One oppressor is overthrown, by the next oppressor, who calls for an election, is legitimized by the election, and gets to the business of oppressing.

This complex system’s emergent phenomenon of a closed loop, has interdependencies that rely on the people being urged to be egotistical, instead of self interested rightly understood. This tendency of people, who are taught to be egoists, to vote for a pleasant sounding tyrant… is well documented in our history books, but not well understood by the masses in most countries. The call for democracy being the crucial link in the system. If a people were to call for civilization instead, in short order they would start experiencing the benefits that flow from civilization, like a spring producing clean water.

France will be voting today, the outcome will determine if the people of France, are rational maximizers… or egoists. The total break from civilization in France is at hand, if the masses reach a critical mass, of egoism. With a total break from civilization and the unloosing of their collective ids, the spring that is civilization in France will turn to a sewage pipe, leading to the ill health that Greece, Spain and Italy, are suffering. The leaders will blame the egoist people, who are merely a reflection of themselves, for the catastrophes. The people will shout for democracy, and the cycle will begin anew, reset to a lower standard of living for all… Thus proving our assertion.


John Pepin

Courtesy and Economic Well Being

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one important measure of the civilization of a people, is the courtesy they show each other and to visitors. Courtesy, as a measure, is empirically testable. It is indicative of a whole host of other attributes, that allow a market system to function, as well as to have an ordered society… with a strong ladle of freedom. Societies that are not courteous, have more societal problems, have less liberty and more dysfunctional markets, than societies that are more courteous. This is a critical point, if you want the society you live in to be prosperous, because it can truly be said; courtesy begets prosperity.

We must qualify our statement with a definition of courtesy. While smiling at strangers, shaking hands and holding the door for the next person, are all measures and aspects of courtesy, the nut we are going for is… truthfulness, follow through and intolerance of evil. These are the core attributes of a truly courteous society and culture. The outer manifestations, like smiling and door holding are reflections of the inner state of being, that is courtesy.

If these outward manifestations of courtesy are motivated out of fear, then they are not reflections of inner feelings and motives, but of the external threat of violence. This is patently not a courteous society and will not reap the benefits of passing manifestations of courtesy. In this type of society people are forced to tolerate evil as a matter of daily life. This can never be a truly courteous society.

When the outward and inward attributes of courtesy are present in a society and practiced regularly… that people will be prosperous. We see this in history as well as around us. Since the rise of the market system and the modern age of economics, those societies that have been most courteous, have been the ones who benefited the most from capitalism. The material benefits penetrating to the very core of their societies, while the benefits elude those rude nations… who believe they deserve it more.

As with everything the leaders in society lead, and the masses follow… where we are led. The Elite then are responsible if society under their watch becomes more or less courteous. As the leaders in society become less and less courteous the people will follow and become less and less courteous. The outward manifestations will drop first, but the inward feelings and motives, will drop, eventually. This inevitably lowers the material standard of living of a people.

A lowering standard of living makes people more prone to fall into a trap. The trap, of thinking the government can redistribute wealth… without consequence. This is the snare many have been taken by… Wiemar Germany, Argentina, the USSR, Rome, and many others. As the material wealth of the people was drained away, the people became less and less courteous, and more and more demanding. This set up a feedback loop that led to the total collapse of their societies economies. Today, in Argentina, the pawn shops are still full of the former wealth of the former Argentinian middle class.

But, in a society that has the benefit of a liberal education including history and logic, and who have suffrage, should be able to understand this paradigm. A people schooled in a human hearted, religious doctrine, Christian, Jewish or Buddhist for example, will be able to maintain their courteous ways, in the face of a rude Elite. If the religion can be sufficiently undermined, however, any people can be led to their own destruction. The key, is for society to cling to our religion and our guns, and weather the temporary rule of a rude and self destructive Elite, and get past, without us becoming like them.

Else we join that illustrious group of examples of what not to do…


John Pepin

Evolution of Organizations

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the worst thing that can happen to an organization, is success. Because success means the irrelevance of that organization. To an organization irrelevance is the death knell. No one, who has spent time and energy putting together a group of people, who ultimately succeed, wants to see it disintegrate. This is a fundamental fact of organizations. This is why we see so many that exist as ghosts, they still have a small cadre of devoted followers, but the reason the group was started, has long been rendered moot. However, some are not as much ghosts… as lichs, vicious and evil, trying desperately to reignite the societal problems that begot them, thus making them relevant again.

Most organizations start as a noble enterprise, one devoted to righting some societal or cultural wrong. They work often in the name of God to see that the lot of Mankind is raised. In their birth they understand that, it is only when all are served… are all served. Groups that arise from this type of virtuous founding are often successful.

Success breeds political power. Political power is a magnet to the sociopath who seeks to lord over his or her fellow man. As the organization evolves and matures, the less virtuous attributes of the founders get passed on, instead of the more virtuous ones, because the next to come on are those who are attracted to the power instead of the cause.

As power takes the place of the cause in an organization, it becomes more dedicated to it’s own longevity, than the reason it was founded. If society outruns this group’s reason to exist, it will point to nonexistent injustices, as a reason for it’s continued political relevance. Some, who have really strayed outside the ranch so to speak, will actually try to recreate the conditions, usually of violence, that begot them in the first place.

This is truly a sad state of affairs because it sullies the honorable names of the founders of those organizations. The crass Elite that take over every group of human beings, are immune to the cries of the suffering, in fact, they play the weeping like an instrument of politics.

The misery is only the resonating strings, society’s heart, the resonator. We, with our short memories, are prone to remember the latest leaders, not the virtuous founders. The Elite play their instrument for their audience and it brings tears to to eyes of the beholders. The founders my be spinning in his or her graves… but the new Elite, mesmerize the multitude with suffering, they instigated.

It is unfortunate, it is not in the fundamental nature of groups and organizations, to recognize when they have become redundant… and announce their happy end. Society would be better served and our culture would be less cluttered, with various dated grievances. Stumbling on the arguments of the past, and not moving forward, hinders our ability to grapple with the problems of today, and predict the issues of tomorrow. It would be a great benefit to society if people in charge of organizations acted in this enlightened way.

If those groups that are redundant let go of their members, those members would have the time and energy to join new groups, that are dedicated to tackling today’s problems, or tomorrows troubles. This is how the market system works through the creative destruction of firms. This dynamic, that comes into play in the capitalist system, is not active in the charitable, religious or justice oriented spheres. This is one reason the market system is so much more efficient, at meeting human needs and why the Elite in those other spheres of human operations, hate the market. We all hate when our failures are highlighted by success.


John Pepin

Why are the Elite Stirring up Violence?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Elite in society are trying mightily to stir up racial animosity. The Elite in the unbiased media selectively report the news. Promoting their program to the public. The Elite in our government selectively apply the law creating more anger than is warranted. The question is not that they are trying to stir up racial tensions, it is self evident they are, but why are they trying to stir up racial tensions?

Presumably, the Elite in the unbiased media and the Elite in government, know that someone somewhere will die, because of the emotions that they have lit and are gently encouraging, from a mere spark into a bonfire. It would seem that the reason they seek to create anger, where there should be cooperation, is so important that it trumps human life and economic prosperity. Therefore, what ever reason they are stirring up racial tensions in society for, it must be very important indeed! To be more important then someone’s child.

I call the main stream media, the unbiased media, because they call themselves unbiased, while having a demonstrable bias. As the Elite in the unbiased media decry those that admit they have a bias, and so their listeners and watchers have the foreknowledge to filter what they hear, while listening to the unbiased press wide eyed. I am simply using their own appellation. The unbiased media are regularly caught doctoring recordings, and actually fabricating documents to forward their agenda, in the face of evidence to the contrary. But the unbiased media never let the truth get in the way of a good story. By good they mean one that forwards their agenda.

The Elite in government and the Elite in the media are both doing this. We must be open to the fact they could have different reasons for their actions. The unbiased media may simply be acting out of greed. Like the yellow journalist of old they may be acting out of egoism. Create violence in society and get rich reporting on it. If anyone in the unbiased press are upset or offended by this insinuation, I wonder if they were as incensed, by Obama’s accusation that doctors are cutting off people’s legs to make a buck?

That might be the actuating factor in the unbiased media but what about the Elite in our government? Eric holder will go down in history as, not only the most corrupt Attorney General ever, but as someone who stirred up violence in society, and using the power of his office to do so. His actions in the Fast and Furious case are telling, he was using the violence the unrestricted access to guns he gave the Mexican drug cartels, as rhetoric to vilify gun ownership in the US. When he was discovered, Obama and Holder backed off on the rhetoric then, but this is another chance to vilify, not only gun ownership, but place into question the very idea of the absolute Right of Self Protection.

This must be the all important reason, the Elite in our government are ginning up tensions, they know will result in human deaths. This is what they consider so important, your child can be killed in the street, to make their point… it is so important. The unbiased media are willing to sacrifice our children, and us, to make a buck… Or, perhaps the unbiased media’s reasons are more “altruistic”. Perhaps they are willing for some of our children to die, in random violence they stirred up, so that guns can be taken from society… like the motivation of the Elite in our government.

If this is true, we can only conclude that the unbiased media seek to place themselves and us, under a tyranny. If they and the Elite in government, seek to remove that most basic precept of human moral understanding, the absolute Right of Self Protection, and replace it with a right to a foot massage every Tuesday night at ten, done by some guy the Elite in government don’t like so much, then we are living in state of arbitrary rule. Because, If we don’t have the Right to life, we have no Rights at all…


John Pepin

Deeming your way to prosperity.

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it would be nice to simply “deem” my daily work done, and get to the relaxation part, like they do in government today. One example is when they “deemed” Obama’s healthcare law passed, at the election of Scott Brown, so they wouldn’t have to actually vote on it. This was eye opening but today the Senate budget leader Conrad made the argument that some new debt limit law “deems” the budget passed for years to come. Then claimed the best way forward is to give today’s Elite, unlimited access to the public purse now, while passing laws that will restrain the Elite in coming years. As if the sophistry of this notion is not glaring enough the certain outcome of this bunch getting anymore power is economic ruination.

Today’s Elite seek to control tomorrow’s Elite through legislation. Moreover, to force tomorrow’s leaders to do what today’s leaders will not do, out of egoistic self aggrandizement. They seek to set the precedent of simply deeming work done and others will do the actual work later. Imagine if the septic technician did this? I can see it now… Fred leans back on a chair. He is wearing brown overalls they say, “Fred’s septic” on them. A customer calls complaining his septic has not been pumped but he has been billed for it. Fred leans forward and says, “Are you stupid or something? I said, I Deemed the tank pumped. Someone else will have to do it in the future. But I deemed it done today so I billed you.” The stubborn customer continues arguing. Fred shakes his head and retorts, “Hey, the government does it all the time, are you saying my work is more important than theirs…” In the meantime septic tanks overflow flooding playgrounds.

The Elite must think we have an absolute lack of reasoning power to believe we will fall for this. They are no more restrained by any of their predecessor’s laws then their heirs to the throne will be theirs. That is obvious. But I guess the argument keeps the ball in the air. They can pretend to defend the indefensible, as they concentrate on things other than their actual job. I do hear that hard working Obama has shaved a few strokes off his game, while deeming his job done, then relaxing in the White House. At least he is getting something accomplished.

While the Obama administration was busy taking over one third of the US economy, by deeming a law passed… they would not let anyone read, the economy was on fire. The Administration focused on a soon to be deemed unconstitutional law, instead of passing regulation and tax relief, to help the economy and the working stiff. The Command and controllers in this administration, are passing reams of new regulation, the printing of which will put ink makers in business for centuries to come.

Command and control economies have failed every time they have been tried, the only partially successful try was Nazi Germany, but that economy soon collapsed in the flames of the war it thrust onto humanity. Command and control is distributive justice by political favor. These types of economies love to deem this, and deem that, regardless of the impact those regulations have on the economy and therefore, human beings.

That is why progressives, socialists and marxists love command and control, they love to simply deem what society must do. They reason that, individuals are too unpredictable but government giveth and government taketh away… predictably. In the absence of God the Keynesian is god. Those that control the purse of government therefore can deem anyone’s money into the general pocket. It’s really too bad that the general pocket is not generally controlled, but specifically controlled. Handed out as political favor. Distribution by political favor is great if you are favored, terrible if you are not, with anonymity leading to neglect and starvation…


John Pepin

The Jealousy Glitch

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me people who are jealous and vote by their jealousy get exactly what they deserve. A degrading economy, rising crime rates, increase in drug use and a generally angry society. It is truly unfortunate that people are still so ignorant and egoistic here in the twenty first century. It’s a shame really. The horrible thing is, that those that don’t vote by their emotional state are also thrust into a declining civilization, in every measurable way. We are all swept with the current of society, into a rapids of poverty and away from the lake of prosperity.

When a person knowingly visits an evil on another they are by definition a bad person, to the level of evil they have visited on that other, until amends are made to rectify the situation. This is a basic moral precept of human social existence. It is so subtly known that it is almost never openly stated yet we employ it all the time. We understand and apply this philosophy unconsciously when we are incensed that we are cut off by another driver. We subconsciously know amends can never be made.

No matter if we do a bad thing, to an individual we know or a person we do not know, it is bad, as long as humans are held to be equal in humanity. We can call this another facet of our concept of Reciprocal Applicability. We are far more cognizant of this, when we deal with loved ones and friends, else we don’t have any. We often forget this concept when we deal with strangers and groups of people. It is a human facility that we can easily generalize an entire group of people as bad. When we do, and we are jealous of them, we often lash out at them. If the only way we feel we can seek retribution for that group being evil, in our eyes, is politically, some of us jump at the chance. Setting up the very same tension in society that ended the Roman Republic and produced the Caesar.

When we do evil through our right to suffrage to some despised group we open ourselves to evil being done to us by the government. Moreover, that despised group is not monolithic, no matter how we twist logic to make them so. They are not evil no matter how much we may hate them for being rich, they may even be us… to someone else. If you consider, the mutual applicability of governmental power, for a moment this becomes a self evident fact.

If enough of the voting population of a country votes by their jealousy then that country is doomed. We see empirical examples in the form of Greece, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, now Bolivia and Ecuador along with innumerable others. No matter if the Marxists gain power by revolution or election, the result is the same, poverty, famine, oppression and suffering. But the rich usually escape the worst by rushing the exits. It is the former middle class and poor that suffer the deaths through starvation.

Those unfortunate people who did vote with their brains instead of their pancreas’ have to suffer too. If we cannot wake enough others up we will suffer right along with them. The rich will get out and leave us to starve under socialism. But, oh well… It was Saint Augustine who said, “People get the government they deserve.” That is never more true than under a democracy. Yet…

Until we, as humanity, grow up and understand this precept in human nature and in the operation of the World, applying it not only to our own friends and family but to humanity and government as an institution, this problem, the jealousy glitch, will hold us down forever.


John Pepin

Two Forms of Evil

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who worship evil, are themselves evil. Not self interested evil, as Hsun Ching claimed is the congenital nature of Man, but malevolent, destructive, evil. The human concept of evil has been defined in many ways, they all fall into two main categories, self interested evil and malevolent destructive evil. Both negatively impact civilization and societal structures. Unfortunately the more pernicious form, malevolent evil, is glamorized in our society. This leads to ever more acceptance of both kinds of evil. So, if you want to live among a people, that are being induced to evil, than stop here, this blog has no interest for you, but if you are repulsed by evil, then read on my friend…

Self interested evil is merely that, self interest elevated above every other consideration, or absolute self interest. This is a form of evil and was defined as such by Hsun Ching. He claimed, this is the natural state of mankind upon birth, and the civilization in us is a learned trait This form of evil is destructive of societal interests, and was promoted by Thrasymachus, for the Elite in society in Plato’s Republic. This form of evil is called egoism.

Malevolent destructive evil is a far more dangerous form of evil. It is manifested when people who are proponents of it come into power. The historical examples are frightening. Mao with his manufactured famines that killed millions by starvation, Lenin and the revolution, Stalin and the Ukrainian genocide he perpetrated there, Hitler with his Drang Nach Osten, Robespierre’s reign of terror, and today, in the the exclusive religious philosophy rising in North Africa and the Middle East… the list is endless. Those that worship evil, are the incarnations of malevolent evil on Earth, and always seek to change human nature, by a form of eugenics, killing everyone that disagrees… in horrible ways.

The impact of both forms of evil on society are obvious. The egoist will undermine societal structure as a matter of course. The egoist is like salt on iron. He corrodes societal structures from within. It is often the egoist faction of the Elite, that leads up the the cataclysmic event, shattering republics and leading to tyrannies. The egoist is acid to societies.

The malevolent form takes power after the egoist has sufficiently rotted the structure of society with his or her absolute self interest. As Elitist Theory states, all catastrophic events are preceded by a slow progression of events and decisions… that lead up to it. The egoist sets the stage for the destroyer. Then the destroyer takes the starring role, and kills millions of human beings, trying to remake the human race into ants. Just like the old horror movies where the mad scientist tries to make people into animals… because he likes beasts more than human beings.

Today the purveyors of style, paint the cave wall with images of malevolent evil… portrayed as good. Vampires as the good guy, even as they have to kill now and then, the glamorization of mass murderers like Che Guevara’s and his Motorcycle Diary’s, sexualization of children, promotion of negative stereotypes, the sophist notion of moral equivalency… even President Obama’s close personal domestic terrorist friend, William Ayers, who dedicated his book, Rules For Radicals, to Lucifer! These are such glaring examples of this fact they become self evident.

The egoists have served their purpose, it is now time for the destroyers to come to power, visiting atrocities on our children. Unless we stop them history will repeat itself. I wonder if our civilization, has remembered enough of the lessons of history, or if the corrosion of our society is so thorough, the collapse cannot be averted. I hope and pray the deterioration is not sufficiently advanced… For all of our sakes… especially our children.


John Pepin