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Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, for a statement of a moral character to be true, it must be universally applicable. By universally applicable I mean that the actors must be replaceable without changing the moral character of the situation. Since moral statements always regard situations there are necessarilly actors. If, however, a moral statement is, actor dependent, it is not a moral statement but rhetoric. This is a very important point to make. Morality is not a tool, to be used for a faction to gain political power over the masses, it is a means of determining right action in any given circumstance. When morality is used as an implement it is inevitably a pry bar. To pry liberty from the witless. Unless you wish to be witless…

Moral statements are about situational actions. It is wrong to do this in that situation or it is polite to do this action in that situation. Moral statements are always about situations. The situation determines if a given action is moral or not. The actors are just that, actors, they play parts in a situation and they have input into the evolving of the situation. This is the basis of human morality. What is wrong, is wrong, no matter who does it.

The actor in a situation is able to effect change in that situation. One person may be driving the scenario to the point that the other actor or actors have no ability to change the situation. In the case of a rape the woman is certainly an actor, but has very limited ability to change the situation, to one more favorable to her. The rapist has the initiative, possibly due to superior strength, or maybe he has a weapon, but regardless, he is the driver of the scenario.

We can all agree that rape is a moral outrage. It is a patently immoral act. We know this because no matter who the rapist is it remains an immoral act. If Fred rapes Eggberdina it is as immoral as if Tom raped Wilhelmina. The actor is not relevant to the morality of the act, only the act itself within the framework of the situation, is relevant. This is why we can say that for a statement about morality to be true it must be universally applicable. Just as Rape is morally wrong no matter who engages in it.

Moral statements have great power to sway public sentiment. They have great power because they have great emotional appeal. Often when people are told of a moral situation our emotions take hold and our sense of disbelief is suspended. We lower our logic guards and are moved by the story. This fact is not lost on those who seek power by whatever means. Sophist moral statements have had utility since prehistory. It was taught in the Academy as rhetoric and sophistry.

The pernicious use of feigned moral outrage lowers the effect of actual moral outrage. Just like the Boy who cried wolf, people become inured to moral outrage, when we hear it constantly, and especially, when it is mere feigned outrage. The saturation of feigned moral outrage in the unbiased media today is, more often than not, used as a means to gain the upper hand in the political battles of our day,and is morally reprehensible. No matter who engages in it…

lately the unbiased media have been surrounding us with “moral outrages” but where there are actual moral outrages the unbiased media is silent. Take a look at what the unbiased media shriek about and apply this little scale. By this metric, are they really moral outrages, or are they merely rhetoric? If they call a thing morally outrageous and apply skin color, change the color and ponder if that would change the moral outrage, felt by outraged people. If, by that metric they would not find it a moral outrage then they are engaging in rhetoric. If that is the case, they are morally reprehensible egoists, who only seek their own good above the good of society. If that is the case they should loose any and all credibility. No matter who pursues it…


John Pepin

Basic Human Rights vs Sophist Social Justice

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when new “freedoms,” that are outgrowths of social “justice” are proposed, they inevitably require government to destroy actual basic Human Rights, this is pernicious in that it destroys genuine liberty, and replaces it with the autonomy of a slave to the State, but it is also insidious in that it works in the dark, claiming one thing while doing another, and always results in great human suffering. What is lacking in the World’s societies to stop it, is a fundamental understanding of, what is an actual basic Human Right, and what is nothing but sophistry and spurious logic, used to install tyranny and oppression.

The basic Human Rights are:

Freedom of Religion. It is a basic Right to see the World and creation through the eyes God gave us, as such, it is a ‘thought’ liberty. If someone has an understanding of the World and it’s workings then who am I, or you, to use force to change their opinion? The only limits on this freedom, is where someone’s, claimed religion, forces them to do violence, to the Human Rights of another. In this case, as in almost all cases, the individual Human Right trumps the rights of society, or religion… to compel the individual.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This is another ‘thought’ liberty. Thought liberties are sacrosanct in that they are based in our personal thoughts and feelings. Thought liberties are also strong protectors of society and civilization from oppression and would be tyrants. Freedom of speech and of the press is merely a light that shines on society. The mold that is political corruption is stymied by light and always grows best in the dark.

Freedom of self defense and of gun ownership. The Right of self defense is so fundamental, it transcends, and is far more ancient than, human law. The right to life is the foundation upon which all other Rights are built. What good is the Right to speak if you can be killed? The dead are notoriously silent on the issue. This ultimate Right must be backed with teeth. In this case the individual Right to keep and bear arms must be protected.

Freedom of private property and security in that property. There has never been an example in human history, where the farms have been seized by government, and production has not gone down. Starvation has always followed the incursion of private property ownership, in any and every society and civilization that has engaged in it.

Freedom of security in our persons. What good is security in our private property if we cannot venture beyond our own gate? The streets must be safe for the comings and goings of society. We people must be safe from random searches and seizures.

Freedom of commerce. The protection of this Right makes the difference between prosperity and poverty. In every case in human history, the protection of this Right has led to great societal and individual wealth and the derision of it, with re-distributional practices, has inevitably led to general poverty for all… except the Elite.

Any siren call for social justice that requires, in it’s very premise, that one of these basic Rights be undermined… is a sophist fraud being perpetrated on you and I. Never forget that what has been done to another, by your government, can be done to you, and with far less backlash, once it has been done before. Rights are different than social rights. Rights are based on the fundamental natural law and social justice is based on someone’s hubris, greed and jealousy.


John Pepin

Constitutions, Government and Arbitrary Rule.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that many people are confused when it comes to the the Constitution and the government. Some believe that the government is the Constitution and have no understanding of the role of each in our Constitutional republic. Ignorance is idiocy when it comes to our liberty, those who are witless, stumble into tyranny. I can not stress enough how important our Constitution is to our well being. If you are not willing to lower your cup, in every measurable way, so he Elite’s can go up, then close attention you’ll pay.

The Constitution is supposed to set the boundaries of government. Those boundaries are to be inviolate unless the Constitution is amended. The amendment process was intended to be difficult to keep people from changing it willy-nilly. Making a Constitution that is changeable as the wind is a sure path to oppression. The Founding Fathers knew this.

The Founders understood, that passion sweeps through humanity occasionally, and it is imperative that basic rights and protections be maintained. They knew the siren call of equal distribution and shuddered at the thought. They were well versed in human nature and the history of Mankind. Knowledge that is utterly lacking in society today. This led them to create the Constitutional republic We live under.

The Constitutional republic is the form of government our Constitution requires of the Elite. In a Constitutional Republic the government is under the direct limitation of the Constitution. No power not expressly given to government by that Constitution is forbidden from government. This is the most basic concept of a Constitution and it’s role in governance.

Today the Elite have found a way around the Constitution, that is simply, place people on the Supreme Court who despise the Constitution. As in the case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who doesn’t even think our Constitution is a well crafted system. She tells newly forming Republics to follow the socialist model. Her statements and findings, show that she seeks to change the US Constitution arbitrarily, by fiat, to whatever she deems it should be, regardless of the original intent.

Modern politicians want to change Constitutional governance, from a thing that forbids arbitrary rule, to one that requires arbitrary rule. Of course the Elite will argue, it is not arbitrary rule they seek, only that we do whatever they tell us to. Not so much order us to… as forbid us not to. Yet they want to maintain an appearance of Constitutional rule to keep a facade of legitimacy on their absolute power.

Obama openly avowed, he doesn’t like our Constitution, because it is a charter of negative liberties, and he would like it better if it had positive ones. Like government required to provide this and that need. How can anyone logically argue that a constitution that calls for “Positive liberties” is a Constitution in any real sense? The difference between negative liberties and positive ones are, the negative ones limit the power, scope and role of government, positive ones empower government to regulate every aspect of human existence. The one ensures liberty for us while the other enshrines tyranny over us.

So, the difference is that government is not the Constitution, it is limited by the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties as they pertain to the State. The Elite seek to change the role, scope and nature of government to allow them arbitrary rule. As proponents of arbitrary rule today’s politicians are in historic company… Thrasymachus, Alcibiades, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, The Tzars, The Caliphs, Hitler, Stalin, the list is endless and very historic.


John Pepin

Politicizing of Our Energy

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that our energy supply has become politicized to such an extent that our access to it is being jeopardized. Access to energy is of the utmost importance to us. Our entire system of not only economy but society, and even civilization, depend on access to it. If you don’t want your lives to be upended due to the politicizing of our energy supply, and you want to understand how and why, then read on…

The primary way our energy supply has been politicized, is by the environmental movement, imposing it’s socialistic ethos on the rest of us. Having been largely taken over by anti capitalists, who understand the need, of the market system to function, of energy, thus politicizing our energy supply as a means to disrupt the market system. Then they can point to the disruptions as proof the market system doesn’t work. If people are sufficiently ignorant of the historical incarnations of socialism, and the horrors they individually and cumulatively visited on Mankind, the ignorant may be persuaded to voluntarily give up their and our liberty… by handing over access to energy to the would be despots and our children will live the worst parts of human history. Here is what they understand.

The economy is profoundly effected by the cost of energy. Those that own the means of production, which increasingly has become widows and retirees through the retirement funded equities markets, have little ability to switch from one energy source to another, if the one they are using has become more expensive, relative to the rest. If they then change to the cheaper source then that source may become more expensive as well. This is primarily due to the politicizing our our energy supply. Countries that have not allowed their energy supplies to be politicized will get a distinctive advantage in the Global Marketplace.

Energy not only represents liberty but is the means by which we enjoy so much freedom where energy is most available. Energy is what makes our cars go on the Sunday drive in the country after church. Energy is how we take warm showers in the morning instead of cold ones. Energy is why some of us can stay up until midnight and beyond eschewing the natural day-night cycle. Energy give us the exhilaration of ride a snowmobile through the woods on a cold winter’s night, or ski down a triple diamond trail. Energy makes it possible for one man to plow a hundred acres in one day. Energy lights the movie you loved as a kid, and it is energy that gets the stuff we want and need, to us. Control energy and you control everything. Control everything and you are master of the World.

The Elite try to sow panic with their scam of Man Made Global Warming. When it is pointed out that, other planets and moons in our Solar System are heating as well, in lockstep with Earth, the alarmists argue they are all local phenomenon, at any time they might be going up or down. If that is the case, I ask, point out the ones that are going down… There are none. Mars, Venus, Pluto, and some Galilean Moons are shown to be warming about the same time frame Earth has. Are we to believe that every case is localized but they all just happen to be climbing? Is this sufficient reason, why I should hand over access to energy, (economic well being, liberty, and even societal ethos), to the Elite? Really.

The reason we are paying so much for gas, oil, propane, electricity and even natural gas is because it has been politicized. If coal to oil technology were allowed to be implemented in the US the flood of crude on the market would cause widespread bankruptcies by speculators in the speculation markets, the unleashing of the World’s economies and a total collapse of the economy of Iran. The Global warming fraud has been a boon to the radical islamofascists, greatly empowering them to murder innocent people, to further their evil agenda. The politicizing of our energy supply is one of the biggest reason we live with the problems we do in the World today, isn’t it time to grow up and put our combined foot down? Else they will put theirs down, on our throat, our access to energy.


John Pepin

Reciprocal Applicability

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, when a person seeks to inflict some harm on another, the theory of Reciprocal Applicability is invoked. This concept of Reciprocal Applicability simply means, if one party applies an idea, status or action on or to another, that other has the reciprocal right to apply the same to the first person. This idea has profound implications for a better functioning of society. We live in society and can benefit by it, or at least avoid loss from it.

It is just common sense. If a lion attacks you then you have every right and entitlement to kill that lion. Take it a step further, and if the “Son of Sam” tries to kill you, you have every right and entitlement to kill him. In fact, you have not only a right but a duty, to kill the turd. Society and civilization are relieved of a burden, at his death at the hands, of one of his very own victims. If a bully seeks to beat you up you have the right to beat him up. To the very limit he would have beaten you. The very fact that, a bully might meet up with a righteous man who is only restrained by his ethos to the extent of Reciprocal Applicability, is a restraining factor. Such a man or woman would come as a rare and dangerous surprise to the villain.

This is codified into common law. Most countries recognize that if a person breaks into your home, and tries to kill you, you have the right to use deadly force to stop them. This is simply another way of explaining a facet of the theory of Reciprocal Applicability.

Reciprocal Applicability is the basis for the United States Constitutional Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms. What good is a gun if a person is barred from using it in self defense. The right to keep and bear arms is the Founding Father’s application of the right of Reciprocal Applicability. This was understood when people lived close to the land. Not as much as farmers, close to the land means, close to reality, as opposed to today, where people are so removed from reality they seek to hug lions, tigers and bears.

The concept goes beyond mere self defense. It extends to interactions within society. It can be said to be the basis for courtesy. We are courteous to others, not as an intrinsic attribute of them or us, but as an extrinsic attribute to the society in which we live, that we be treated with, at least the courtesy we bestow on others. That others do not follow the idea of reciprocity, shows they, not the courteous, are deficient in manners and civilization.

The theory of Reciprocal Applicability gives rise to our loathing of slavery. The person who would enslave another certainly deserves to be enslaved by the very person who is victimized. Since most people who are tied up in the slave trade or in “Human Trafficking” are evil incarnate, no amount of punishment is sufficient, in this corporeal world to make amends, so we must seek to make examples of those who are caught, by making them World recognized slaves, their owners, their victims. The Victim(s) turned owner(s) would be given wide latitude. Not so much for punishment but as a deterrent to other would be slave traders.

The theory of Reciprocal Applicability can be applied to a wide range of human cultural, societal and personal interactions. I can easily think of hundreds of other application than the ones I have mentioned here. These were the examples I thought would most hammer home the idea and it’s implications. The concept may be of use to some future researcher, or it may find the bottom of the dust bin… but that is it. Take it as you want.


John Pepin

Obama and His Legacy

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that Obama will be remembered as the worst President in US history. He has not missed a single opportunity to lower the status, wealth and power, of the US in the World. He has delivered foreign policy catastrophe after foreign policy catastrophe. His mishandling of the economy is horrendous and his policies have led to diminishing expectations from our youth; the new normal. In every measure he will be shown to be not only lacking but dangerously incompetent or perhaps even a Manchurian Candidate. You and your children and your children’s children will be paying the price for his Presidency. Another four years of Obama and we can reasonably expect the United States will cease to exist as a sovereign country. We will all be required to bow to Saudi Kings.

Members of the unbiased media, either consider Obama to be precious… or terrifying. They never attack Obama about anything he says or does. The unbiased media are perfectly willing to attack every aspect of a “Conservative” but when Obama makes an absurd statement like, there are fifty eight states in the US, he gets a total pass. Some consider Obama to be precious, in the same way Smeagol did his ring, in the JRR Tolkien books. They worship Obama and throw laurel wreaths at his feet. He is protected and coddled by even the “conservative” biased media. No one is willing to point out a single foible of the man, like say, his communist friends and ideology. This is extremely dangerous to our Constitutional freedoms. A cult of personality is the worst possible of Presidents.

The jobs economy has not improved under Obama’s leadership. In fact it has been made much worse by his policies. The US has five point four million fewer jobs now than when Obama took office. Any month the numbers have improved even slightly, the unbiased press has come out and claimed the unemployment rate may not be good, but at least it is moving in the “right” direction, when it has been lower than expected, the unbiased media are silent. Everyone forgets the fact that since Obama took office, millions of new workers would like to enter the job market, but are stymied by the few employment opportunities available. Youth unemployment is at an historic high under Obama. Unemployment will never get back to five percent under Obama… even if he were given four terms, like FDR.

Energy prices have skyrocketed under Obama. He has spent billions upon billions of tax payer dollars, funding boondoggles like Solyndra, as well as ten others, to the tune of six and one half billion dollars. All that spending has not amounted to one penny decrease in the cost of energy. That wasteful spending totally driven by Obama’s politics has only been a subsidy to his political supporters and Chinese manufacturing. They have been able to swoop in and pick up that technology for pennies on the dollar. I ask you, do the Chinese really need Obama, to subsidize their energy companies?

As bad as Obama has delivered on the economy and energy his foreign policy blunders have been epic. He squandered a chance to overthrow the Iranian Regime, relieving the World of an existential nuclear threat, when he refused to back the democracy protesters in Iran. He remained silent, when the suicidal apocalyptic theocracy government in Iran, abused dissidents into Europe and the US. He remained silent when the families of those dissidents were rounded up and tortured. His silence makes him complicit with the Iranian Regime… Our mortal enemy.

Obama has set the Middle East on fire. His policies have directly led to the collapse of a friendly nation, Egypt, and turned that friend into a foe. His policies has delivered Tunisia and Libya into the hands of islamofascists. He is working to undermine our allies everywhere on the planet. His apologies to the Taliban, have empowered them to kill American soldiers, by the very people they have personally trained. It never crossed Obama’s mind to punish the glistening turds that defaced those quarans, but he is willing enough to punish American soldiers, who make the smallest mistake in religious sensitivity. He is snatching failure from the jaws of victory in the War on Terror.

Obama is the biggest threat to our Constitutional liberties ever. He seeks to take over all Christian churches in America, while giving a free pass to islamofascists to close Wall street every day, for prayers, among other things a Christian would never be allowed to get away with. He denies the Catholic church has even the right to appoint bishops, or establish cannon, (like Obama’s hero Mao), and seeks to take on that responsibility himself. It is apparent, Obama wants to become the titular head of Christianity in America, as well as political despot. This is only the tip of the iceberg of Obama’s unconstitutional acts. From deeming his healthcare bill passed-without an actual vote, his legislating by fiat, the list is endless and shows a total hatred for our Constitutional liberties and limited government.

I could write for pages and pages, why Obama is the worst President we have ever had, and may be the last President we ever have, but I try mightily to keep my blog one page. In short, Obama is as dangerous to our rights and freedoms, as any head of State has ever been. He compares to Adolph Hitler and Mussolini in his policies. He is a vehement anti Semite and I believe he hates Christianity as well, he hates the free market, he is a Stateist, the list is endless… how Obama is like Hitler and Mussolini. His actions speak far louder then the unbiased media’s silence.

Friends, we are in mortal danger, from this man remaining President. Unfortunately, it looks like the anti capitalist Elite, are going to get their man into the Republican slot. If that happens, and Romney is the Republican pick, I will not vote at all. I refuse to vote for a progressive no matter if there is a D after his name or an R. Romney doesn’t want to disassemble Obama’s machine; Romney wants to run it. He believes, the American people want a republican progressive to run the tyranny machine, not a democrat progressive. I think he is wrong… No One wants a tyranny in America, except the Elite, who would be the oppressors.

Do you want a tyranny here? Too bad. it’s coming, whether or not you or I want it.


John Pepin

Evil Bestrides the World

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that evil bestrides the World today. Evil is at an acme of power and influence on our Planet. It stands over all of us yet most of us see it not. Yet it surrounds us at every turn. We are quickly becoming the puppets of evil and so loosing our ability to arrest it due to our intentional inattention.

Evil is lies. When the Elite tell us that we must lower our standard of living, because we all have to make a sacrifice in the face of the threat of Global Warming, we are being lied to. The Elite will broach no diminishing in their standard of living is lie number one. The Elite know there is no actual man made climate change, that is a scam they are playing on us, to take away our access to cheap energy. Do you think the unemployment rate is really what the BEA claims? Is GDP growth what they claim? Can we believe a thing our government says? How about the unbiased media?

Evil calls the good bad and the bad good. That is why the communists and progressives have to change the language so much. They cannot be found out. If the people were to understand the actual debate, and not be swayed by the rhetoric, no sane person would vote their liberties away. But evil calls what is good, family, bad, male dominated hierarchy, when Clinton was caught lying the unbiased media was full of stories about how lying is good, when Obama claimed the free market doesn’t work, the unbiased media went amnesiac on the last five hundred years of human history, the list is far longer than you have patience to read.

Evil is poverty. The progressives and communists love the poor so much they make more of them whenever they come into power. Look at Greece. The communists have a large portion of the legislative seats and they have lowered the economy of Greece to a shadow of itself. Obama has magnified the numbers of people on assistance socialism has as it’s best attribute the creation of poverty. Evil loves poverty because it is a form of suffering.

Evil is total government. No individual can accomplish the level of human suffering a government can. If human suffering is a person’s goal then total government is the means. There has been no time in human history when there was a state of total government and there was not an accordant amount of human suffering at the hands of that State.

Evil is oppression. Oppression and total government go hand in hand but oppression can exist without total government. Wives can be oppressed by their husbands and husbands can be oppressed by their wives. Society can oppress individuals who are different and individuals can oppress individuals. When I look at the World and local news all I see is oppression. Human trafficking is the most loathsome form of oppression and is the only case I can be swayed to accept, possibly, mortal punishment.

Evil is magnetic. The most insidious thing about Evil is that it is magnetic. People like the idea of actions without consequences. God doesn’t have to force us to follow his will, if we don’t, we run afoul of natural law. But in human affairs the consequences can be put off almost indefinitely. Stacking the collapse higher and higher until the eventual happens. When we see others engaging in actions that should have profound consequences and they appear, from a distance, to have none then we are attracted. They appear magnetic because they, seem to, transcend the laws of nature.

Someone once said, “For evil to gain power good people must look away.” When you look around do you see oppression? Do you see the government and the Elite lying without consequences? Are the Elite building a total government where your every action is scrutinized by the State? Is poverty on the rise or declining? Are the very Elite that run everything calling themselves just even as they act unjustly? If you see this then you have opened your eyes. Please don’t close them again.


John Pepin

The Values Voter

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Dear Friends,

I always thought the memory of the people was short, but I stand in awe at the total lack of retention of the Elite, regarding the 2004 elections and the debate afterward. That debate was all about, how the democrats could show the American people, they had values too. Because the previous election in November had hinged on values. In 2008 the democrats didn’t as much convince the electorate that they had values, as much as the salacious emails to a page convinced us, the republicans were just as reprobate. Today, the democrats have not only shown they have no values, but, the power of the State to compel. The short memory of the Elite is astounding and may yet offer us hope of turning back the progressives.

Historically the progressives have always failed once their true plans and nature came out. The American people have always recoiled at the evil and the progressives have had to go into hiding, melting into the Elite of the republican and the democrat parties, until the generation that remembers them has passed. The the progressives emerge again shiny and new. This has almost been a dynamic rhythm set up by the complex system that is American politics.

In December 2004, the question on everyone’s lips was, how can the democrats get their power back? The unbiased media was awash in debate how could the American people not know that the democrats had values too? They bent logic into balloon elephants and kangaroos and offered them to the public. Then the Elite changed the subject by running down the economy until they caused it to crash with both their rhetoric and their regulation.

Today, with the Economy in shambles, the progressive Elite must change the subject again. The progressive Elite are of the opinion, the American people have been rendered so ignorant of the underlying issues and so lowered in our moral ethos, that we will turn away from the Constitution in favor of free stuff. The pro Sodom and Gomorrah sect think they are winning. They have the unbiased media filling the airwaves with push polling and editorials attacking Rush Limbaugh instead of looking into the actual Constitutional issues.

Nancy Pelosi has argued that, access to contraceptives is a “right” and therefore religious should be compelled to pay for it. If that is true then PETA could be compelled to pay for a baby seal hunting trip for every one of it’s employees. Absolute secrecy about who takes these trips would have to be maintained so the zealots wouldn’t take retribution against the takers. Perhaps Planned Parenthood would be coerced into paying for a Roman Catholic church on one side, a Protestant cathedral on the other with a Mormon Temple across the street, as a gesture to diversity. The list of compulsions the State can come up with is endless.

The point is not, to get free contraceptives into the hands of willing women, it is to pry the Rights from our slippery hands. The progressive Elite have chosen a group to present as the villains, in their idol of the theater, the “conservative” wealthy, the progressive Elite believe they have successfully nullified the Constitution and they may be correct. They may be able to usurp the Constitution. But only if the people let them.

In 2004 it was about the values of the President, in 2008 it was about salacious emails to a page, but today, it is about the values the Elite want to coerce from us. Once they can do it to someone they can do it to anyone! It is the next logical step, to changing the role of the State to that of God, as it was in the days of Pharaoh. History shows what ensues when that happens, oppression and suffering. It has always been and it always will be the values voter who swings the tide from tyranny to liberty. It was the values voter that never gave up on emancipation, and only once the values voter has been thoroughly disheartened and marginalized, can the tyrant win.

The Values voter, will strike once more, the Elite disheartened, their plans still born…


John Pepin


Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that if a person was to examine the issue open eyed, the reasoning person would ascertain that the primary source of friction in a modern economy, is the bureaucratic organization that is quickly becoming omnipotent. This should challenge everyone, to think of a way by which, the bureaucratic organization can be tamed. But it may very well be, that the time has passed to actually tame the bureaucratic beast, before we are gored by it’s horns of intransigence.

Look at the countries that used to have very effective economies and now have poorly performing ones. Japan is a perfect, and recent, example. Formerly Japan’s growth rate was unparalleled. People extrapolated that growth rate into the future and stood in awe. Japan would rule the Earth in a few decades… was the opinion in the 1980’s. Of course… that didn’t happen.

Instead, Japan went into recession, followed by slow growth. Japanese GDP has been slow for two decades. The government has gone from huge surpluses to giant deficits. The government has thrown billions of Yen at the slow growth, but slow growth seems to be the new norm, in Japan and elsewhere. This despite the good work ethic in Japan as well as the high education level.

Japan should be booming economically but it is not. Why do you suppose? They have used demand side economic stimulus. Far more than the bankrupt USA ever could. Yet, the Japanese economy remains in the doldrums. Many claim it is due to the aging of Japan. But in a true entrepreneurial society, change presents economic opportunity, to meet new needs.

Here we have touched the problem but we have yet to grasp it fully. In an entrepreneurial society, change is always opportunity but in a socialist society, change means hardship, because no one fills the new needs. Those needs are not filled so the people with them suffer, the potential entrepreneur suffers, because he or she didn’t get rich and the economy suffers because, it’s missing all the jobs that were not created when the entrepreneur didn’t get rich.

With the high level of educational achievement of the Japanese people why do you think there is not sufficient entrepreneurial energy to meet the new needs and enrich a new generation of entrepreneurs? The answer is the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy grows as a government matures. The good public servant never bends a rule no matter how idiotic that rule is. Bureaucracy is unbending and rigid. The real world is fluid. Bureaucracy seeks to change a complex system into a simple one.

The fundamental natures of human existences are complex systems, from our family life through neighborhood politics to the macro economy, we interact with complex systems all the time. The role of bureaucracy is to limit that complexity so we can more easily see the local peak. But bureaucracy begets bureaucracy. It quickly outgrows the need and smothers any economic recovery like a pillow a baby. Bureaucracy is unaffected, by the smothering of this or that, bureaucracy is it’s own best good.

Especially when it is a source of monopoly and hack jobs. Bureaucracy naturally breeds corruption, due to the fact that bureaucracy makes it’s own law, polices it’s law, then adjudicates it. No need for traditional governmental structures, that limit the power of any one unit by means of separation of powers, or some other outdated notion. No, it is much more efficient to invest all the power of government into one body, that is appointed for life and unaccountable. No way that could ever be a problem…

But, of course, it is. The material welfare of us and our children are manifestly lowered. Unless we get some kind of control over the growing bureaucracy we will be consumed by it. The very reason the Elite love it, it’s efficiency in passing regulation, and enforcing that regulation, is why it is so very dangerous. The only real means I can come up with is the citizen protection department of the NUMA.


John Pepin