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French Elections

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that, if France actually does go with the socialist candidate in the upcoming elections, the French people will be committing economic suicide. As a principle member of the revived Roman Empire, the economy of France has a great deal more weight than, say, Greece to the European enterprise. This will be regarded in the future as, an egoistic and suicidal vote that, collapsed the European Union. This will effect the World’s economy in unexpected ways. The effect on you and I, in our disparate countries, may be ruinous or benign… but, the effect on the average Frenchman and Woman will assuredly be, catastrophic!

The election of the socialist would put France on the same road as Spain. Everyone knows that, a road always leads to the same place, no matter how many times you take it. That is why we have maps, because this always holds true, so it should be no surprise that, France will end up where Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland (for other reasons), are now. We can safely say that the same road will lead to the same destination. Do the French people really want to go there?

The election of the socialist would, necesarially, bring in new taxes and new regulation, this is common sense because it is the platform of socialism. Regulation to solve this or that magnified problem. The new regulation, inevitably leading to new problems and exasperating old ones, leading to the “need” for new regulation. A feedback loop of bureaucracy and regulation staunching all economic activity.

If that were not enough, the newly elected socialist will enact more and more taxes, to redistribute the goods of society by political favor. Taxes will necessarially go up. As taxes go up they will be increasingly evaded. The pernicious feedback loop of higher taxes, leading to lower revenue, leading to higher taxes again, will be set up. Any economic activity that escapes the regulatory friction will be crushed by the tax load. (Or be corrupted and evade the new taxes).

New social welfare spending would also be ushered in by a socialist regime. The socialist always makes the demand side argument… as if it has any real merit. Demand side is as disgraced as it can be because it has failed every time it has been tried. Failure is not a positive attribute to those that have their eyes open and common sense as our guide. The people put on the dole, will grow increasingly angry at their boredom, and the wealthy that pay for it will be increasingly angry about the poor’s indigence. The equation of, one faction taking their wealth and giving it away to support their political power will be run. with all the ensuing negative returns.

The European Union is at a tipping point. With national economic indigence epidemic, the economic underpinnings of the European Union, are disintegrating. Germany cannot force the people of the disparate European Nations to choose wealth instead of welfare. Moreover, it is not possible for Germany to support every other European Union Nation, that seeks a welfare check. It cannot be done by any Nation. France is simply Too big to fail… especially now.

The French should read their own philosopher Fredrick Bastiat. He had a great deal of intelligent things to say, on this very matter, to his fellow Frenchmen and Women. The French eschewed Bastiat’s advice once, and it cost us a generation of the best and brightest, in the executions and Napoleonic wars. It is my ardent hope, and prayer, that the French people not only read and understand what Bastiat teaches us… but take it to heart. Not that there is any European politician that the International Capitalist Party can support, due to the insidious penetration of the Marxist ethos into the body politic, of Europe. A vote against socialism is a good start to changing the direction of Europe, from welfare, to wealth.

Lets all pray the French, this year and time, are rational maximizers instead of egoists.


John Pepin

Obama’s Vision of Distributive Justice

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that Obama seeks to utilize political favor as the new metric of distributive justice. When government does this it has set up perfect conditions for crony capitalism. This is incredibly bad for society and the economy. The potential and outcome for everyone is diminished. What is not really understood however is that this type of distributive justice erodes the people’s productivity, ethos and self sufficiency.

The government, by so doing, must become more powerful than the most powerful faction, else government cannot seize the wealth of that faction. This, it would seem, is self evident but not necessarily the first thing you would think of. If a faction retains control of it’s money, under a socialist regime, that regime quickly looses power. The socioeconomic tensions will build, do to jealousy, to a point that the populace will erupt in anger. No government that ventures down the road to socialist redistribution can be queezy about usurping power and then exercising that power or it is short lived.

As I started with, socialist redistribution is no more or less, than distributive justice by political favor. When this is the case people will seek political favor and eschew productive labor. If for no other reason than, it is the political favored who get the goods of society and it is the producers in such a society, that get the shaft. The incentive for business is to rent seek not to build quality products and find innovative solutions. Under these conditions, profit is not from production, but in political favor. Crony Capitalism produces profit but production produces penalty.

Today we have several glaring examples of oligarchical capitalism practiced by the Obama administration. Solyndra is the best known but there are many others where the Obama administration pushed a loan to a political donor’s “green” company. The company never produces anything, and once it has squandered the money and protected the politically favored, it goes bankrupt. In the case of Solyndra to the tune of half a billion dollars!

The shelves in countries, that practice political favor as their metric for distributive justice, are always bare. Historical examples like the former Soviet Union stand as stark reminders. Bread was 10 cents a loaf but there was none on the store shelves. When firms rent seek and foreswear production they necessarily have lower efficiency than firms that seek alpha. As a result, in societies that utilize socialist redistribution as a means of the distribution of the goods of society, everyone becomes poor. No matter how politically favored you are, if the society cannot produce it, it is not on the store shelf.

Those people who had garnered political favor and paid out hansom bribes got a car in the USSR. But those that produced those cars and weren’t political favored didn’t. They were subjected to dehumanizing labor and their labor was truly exploited for the total benefit their overlords. (Those with political connections). Without the ability to move or seek another job, or even, especially, start a business, a person can be said to be indentured. So, history shows us, redistribution does diminish the outcomes for everyone, in a society that falls prey to that perniciously seductive idea of socialist redistributive justice, or, as I like to call it, distributive justice by political favor.

We have an election coming up in the US. In one corner, we have a bonafide communist named Barack Hussein Obama, in the other corner we have an empty seat. He may be another Ronald Reagan or another Gerald Ford. One thing that is for certain… if you want diminishing potentials and outcomes for your children and grandchildren, then Obama’s distributive justice by political favor is the road for you.


John Pepin

A Civilzation Ending Event

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the suicidally apocalyptic death cult that tyrannizes Iran, getting a functionally deliverable atom bomb, would be a civilization ending event. Those that claim otherwise are either ignorant or too afraid to act. A civilization ending event would necessarily kill billions of people in the short run and another billion or more in the long run. Our societies would collapse along with civilization. But, how could this possibly happen… you ask?

The means would be an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon (EMP). This weapon kills no one when it goes off. It is detonated far above the target. The people closest would only see a flash most would see and hear nothing. The resulting EMP destroys all electronic equipment within a radius of, potentially, thousands of miles. Everything is destroyed, cars, trucks, the electric grid, refrigerators, televisions, PDAs, Ipods, I-anything, electric motors, and most light bulbs. In one quick flash the people under the EMP zone would be thrust back to the 18th Century.

All the fanatical Iranian Regime needs build are 7 such bombs. Detonate one over… Europe, Russia, between Japan and China, Australia, The West and the East coasts of the US, a conventional nuke on Tel Aviv, and the World would change in an instant. All could be launched from a yacht. People that rely on medicine for their survival would be the first to die. All the machines that make the medicine would be destroyed, around the World, so the supply would be cut off. Transportation would also be destroyed so the remaining quantities would rot in storage while people die who need them. But why would anyone do such a thing?

The despotic fanatically suicidal apocalyptic death cult, that has hegemony over Iran, believe they can hasten the end of time by destroying civilization. It is at the core of their philosophy. Ahmadinejad prays for it every time he speaks to an audience. When the Iranian ballistic missile tests exploded at the apex of their arc, the West claimed it was a failure, but Ahmadinejad laughed and said, it depends on what is success and what is failure. EMPs go off at the apex of the missile’s arc. He and those with him, are of the ilk to strap a bomb on their child’s back, send the child into a crowd, detonate the bomb killing their own child, simply to force their twisted will on others that don’t agree with them. Really, are these the kind of people, that should have atom bombs let alone an EMP weapon?

As World political leaders leer at the bonfire, that is Syria today, they ignore the mortal danger that Iran poses. The centrifuges spin and our Elite dawdle their fingers, as you read this. The Elite would waste no time if you or I posed a threat to their power, but dealing with these people, also poses a threat to their power. Since power is all the Elite seek and worship, power is their motivating and de motivating focus, it sets the boundaries of their actions. But, you might ask, isn’t the threat of World annihilation a larger and more pressing threat to their power?

The Elite are more short sighted than most people. They don’t have to look into the future as you and I do. If they miscalculate they simply raise our taxes, spend more of our money and send our childern to feed the dogs of war. If we miscalculate we go into bankruptsy and indigence. The worse the political Elite perform, however, the more job security they have. There is almost no incentive for the Elite to look ahead, in fact, there is a strong disincentive. Looking into the future and doing something about it is proactive. The relative value of stopping a catastrophe is impossible to quantify. How do you count people that didn’t die? It is counting conjecture and is almost never acceptable. But it is easy to count the 100 million people killed by communism or the 10 million Christians killed by Tamerlane. The immediate cost to the Elite’s power of acting outweighs the distant threat of not acting. Once the World is on fire, due to their dereliction of duty, the Elite have a perfect opportunity to magnify their power.

So the Elite will not act. The tyranny of the insane in Iran, know this, and are counting on it. They have eyes, and saw what happened when North Korea went for and obtained nuclear capabilities… nothing. Our media keeps us in the dark. Those in Russia, China and Europe feel they are safe for now. Iran only poses a threat to the US and Israel. Such stupidity will be rewarded by a civilization ending pop in the sky. Cars will stall and radios will stop. Planes will fall from the sky and people will stand in bewilderment as our civilization crumbles around our ears… Like the Iron and clay it is made from.

But, who knows, maybe the next dark age won’t last a thousand years…


John Pepin

Egyptian Democracy in Action

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me Egypt is a time bomb ticking away. The ticks grow louder but the Elite are deaf to them. Even as one of their very own children is held hostage. The son of an administration official is being held on charges of fomenting discord. The Egyptian government is now controlled, by more than 30% Salafi, and over 45% Muslim Brotherhood taqiyya, the remaining 25% will be executed at a later date. The new government has been vocal about their antipathy to the peace treaty with Israel. They have openly and vociferously stated they will dissolve it when they are ready. The newly elected Islamofascist government will invade Israel sooner or later when it suits them. They have said as much. This action will usher in a whole new level of evil into the World. I personally shudder at the thought of the loss of human life, that is coming, unless our Elite start getting their act together!

In an election year you would think this would be big news. Sam LaHood held in an Egyptian jail. In an election year I would think this would be even bigger news, a good way to stand out from the crowd, make a stance, or cave, (depending on where the politician sees the American people). But all I hear are crickets. Even the unbiased media are silent on the issue. Stories are on the internet but I have seen scant coverage over the airwaves. This LaHood kid is in far more danger then the Elite here realize. This has a very real potential of exploding in the faces of the entire Obama administration.

Now, the democratically elected Egyptian Islamic hard line government, is ordering the US to continue paying the Dhimmi tax else they will invade Israel. I say Dhimmi tax because that is how they see it. Not how we see it. Perception is everything in the Middle East. Now that we are paying an Islamofascist government not to invade Israel, it in fact is, a Dhimmi tax. They are allowing us to live in peace as long as we pay them to. Like Don Corleone in the God Father. Basically a protection racket.

Since the democratically elected Hard line Islamic rulers of Egypt intend to go to war with Israel anyway, the money and military aid will be used to build up their army, for that eventuality. Every dollar we send them will be put to this end. It is obvious since their rhetoric is uniform and consistent. Only an ignoramus, fool, blind man or coconspirator could miss it.

The Elite in Washington have missed it and apparently don’t understand who they are dealing with. The people democratically elected with total UN monitoring are the same people who cut off Daniel Pearl’s head, they are the same people who had a celebratory gang raping of Lara Logan in Tahrir square the night Hosni was overthrown, they are the same people who will not stop at Israel, they mean to conquer the World. Listen to one single sermon of that henna haired half witted iron sided bigot who is the “Spiritual leader” of the Muslim brotherhood. I bet not one in ten of my readers can listen to an entire sermon without feeling your stomach turn. Yet he is listened to and adored by millions of people in Egypt.

The duly elected and sworn in Islamo fascist government in Egypt today need to get the NGOs out of the country because the NGOs are the eyes of the World. The, “would be” human rights violators need to close those eyes, so they can start the general slaughter. Remember when Saddam Hussein came to power? The legislators were led, one by one, to the firing squad, and shot, as Saddam cried and cried. Poor Saddam, he felt awful, that he had to do it! Just like John Corzine felt terrible he had to steal 1.2 billion dollars from his customers segregated accounts, and the Salfi and Brother hood will… as they lead others to the firing squad.

That is only one facet of what we can expect. There will be a crackdown on the protesters now that they have overthrown Hosni. Just like the Nazis would let the Baltic states set up elections after the wehrmacht would roll through. Then the Schutzstaffel would roll in, round up the participants as potential rebellious elements, shoot them and bury them in unmarked mass graves. The trademark of tyranny… unmarked mass graves, like were found in Iraq. In Egypt the first occupants will most likely be Coptic Christians followed by others.

Was this so hard to predict? There were voices, including me who warned that this would be coming if Hosni was overthrown. But the Obama administration and the Elite in the unbiased media were universal in cheering this human rights train wreck on. The complete imprudence of the Obama administration as well as the unbiased media, has and will, visit horrors on the people of Egypt, the likes of which will make us all turn away from the spectacle of slaughter.

But, hey, the people of Egypt had a free and fair election. The last they will ever see, but at least Obama gave them, 1.


John Pepin

If I Were Dictator of Greece..

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if I were made dictator of Greece for one year , I would implement a much better plan to fix the economy than anything I have seen yet. The stakes are huge but the Elite are playing the lute while Athens burns. The instrument is socialistic demand side fixes, that have been proven to fail, every time they are tried. Meanwhile… circumstances change for the worse, daily. Greek GDP is falling off the table. The situation requires drastic action to stem the economic blood loss, and to, change the trajectory of the debt to growth ratio. Your 401k and retirement are directly threatened by this state of affairs even if you haven‘t invested in Greek or European debt. When it explodes, the Elite will not take any loss, you will, look at MF Global, the Elite will simply raid our accounts to pay themselves off… Then weep how bad the feel that they had to do it! Like Jon Corzine

Bankruptcy is coming anyways so get it over with. The next thing I would do is eliminate all taxes… At this point, the societal myth of Greece is such that, the Greek people will not pay taxes. As a result of this pernicious situation, everyone is a criminal, since no one pays all of his or her taxes. This creates a corrosive attitude to government and morality that enables dependency and undermines productivity. Since taxes are not paid anyways, eliminating them would serve as a means, to raise some of the underground economy aboveground and produce economic growth.

Taxes would be replaced with import duties on all goods. An equal duty of ten percent put on all imports would be the maximum I would institute. This would only last until the new Constitution was ready and the reset is complete. Then the import duties would be eliminated and replaced with a consumption tax. Income based taxation would be Constitutionally prohibited. All taxation would be maxed out at ten percent Constitutionally. This would hold the new government to an actuarially predictable limit.

All second pensions and pensions to persons under fifty years of age would be immediately eliminated. The entire dependency ethos would be questioned in a advertising campaign across all media. The contrast between someone working daily, while someone else, the same age, plays bocce ball on the beach collecting their parent pension, would be highlighted. I would use every means to inculcate to the people the necessity of being productive. School children, in Greece especially, should read Plato’s reflections on Socrates. The ethos that Socrates propounded was as productive and morally responsible as any. The fact that Saint Thomas Aquinas, one of the doctors of the Church, included the teachings of Aristotle in the cannon of the Church, shows the moral truth of the philosophy. The uplifting stories of Horatio Alger should be included in every school children’s reading around the World.

The next would be to eliminate all bureaucratic regulation while keeping all legislatively founded laws. Regulation, permitting and licensing would be gone. Historic protections would be the only bureaucratic regulation kept. Bureaucratic regulation creates an atmosphere of molasses for the economy. Regular law would be kept and enforced. Criminal law especially would remain because it would be the acme of insanity to eliminate it.

The elimination of bureaucratic regulation would be a huge supply side stimulus to the Greek economy. This supply side stimulus would necessarily generate jobs and economic growth. As people start businesses they have been thinking about for years, there would be creative destruction, with the resulting economic efficiency and productivity increase that follows. These two things alone, eliminating bureaucratic regulation and all taxes, would create the conditions for GDP growth over seven percent, even staying within the Euro zone.

Next, I would set up a new Constitutional panel of ten people, (none of them communists or socialists), using the US Constitution as a model… I would, of course, add a NUMA or Fourth Branch, to it. This new Greek Constitution would limit the power of the Elite as much as realistically possible. Openly avowing, in writing, it’s antipathy to the welfare state and regulation produced by bureaucracy. The last thing would be to, have elections, reset the government, and step down. Go on a trip around the Mediterranean for a few years. Maybe visit Lydia and Sparta.

The path the Elite in Europe and Greece are taking is not working. Clearly it will not lead to a good outcome for anyone. Moreover it puts the World’s economy at risk. Bankruptcy is coming sooner or later, the only question is, how big will it be? Every tranche of money the IMF piles on makes the eventual fall bigger. The Elite, however, are of the opinion that they should do whatever is the easiest thing to do… Keep bailing Greece out. Like a lemming that runs in the middle of the stampede. It has no concept of another thing to do. It just runs. No way that could ever go wrong… Right?


John Pepin

Elite’s Assault on the Constitution

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the US Constitution is under assault as it never has been before. Woodrow Wilson and FDR came close to destroying it, but fortunately for us, they were stopped by the Constitution‘s innate checks and balances. This assault is becoming more and more open. Those that believe it should be thrown out are coming out of the woodwork and avowing their antipathy to our sacred document. If you want your children to live in liberty you must open your eyes!

How scary is it, when one of our Supreme Court Justices, expresses hatred for the Constitution, while traveling abroad! It is amazing, that someone who has more of a fondness for the old Soviet Constitution, would ever be put in charge of protecting the US Constitution. What insanity! She should be impeached immediately. If there is no proscribed means… then by all means, lets add an amendment to it, so we can! Any Supreme Court Justice that despises the Constitution is not going to protect it. A total fool can clearly see that. But the Elite think us so stupid and blind that we won’t? If Ruth Bader Ginsburg is typical of the caliber person we have, protecting our only safeguard from the Elite, the US Constitution, then we are in DIRE straights my friends!

The Obama administration is openly passing laws prohibiting the free exercise of Roman Catholics, and other religions, who have scriptural doctrine against murder… in any form. Abortion is murder no matter if it is committed with a pill, (poison), or it is done with scissors, (dismemberment). The child is killed, no matter if he or she is, killed with toxins or chopped up feet first, the result is the same, the death of a human being. The Roman Catholic Church, along with many other Protestant churches, abhor abortion in any form. Other religions have scriptural prohibitions against abortion as well.

The Elite want to qualify the definition of a human being. Today they exclude the life stage of “fetus” but tomorrow they are pushing to exclude infant as well. The life stage of elderly will be next. Human life itself has been downgraded, by the National Institute of health, to the same level as a dandelion weed. The NIH came out with a new ethics recommendations that claims, “if it is not immoral to weed a garden then” [it is not immoral to kill a human being.] This lowers all of us, no matter the life stage we are in, to a weed in the eyes of government. (If we are no longer useful to the government). Obama the orator, has set up whole life panels, to decide who should live and who should die. Making Obama care, healthcare, distributed by political favor. Is that a form of, promoting the general welfare, or the Elite’s welfare?

The recent article in the New York Times, that derided the US Constitution as “archaic” and “idiosyncratic,” is another example of the open assault. The writer of the article seems to prefer a Constitution that gives government far more power then the US Constitution. He claims that the US Constitution has lost favor around the World lately. One of the modern Constitutions he refers to, as better, is the South African Constitution. That one is unabashedly Marxist. The South African economy has fallen steadily since it adopted the communist manifesto as their constitution. There will eventually be widespread bloodshed there because of it. To argue, the South African Constitution is better, than one that has lasted longer, and provided more liberty for more people, than any other, bar none, is absurdity in ten foot red neon lights!

Constitutions are the only means ever devised to protect the people from the rapine and wanton power of the Elite. The reason other Constitutions have not lasted is because they empower the Elite. A cycle is started where the empowered Elite soon become tyrants. The tyranny leads inexorably to bloodshed. The government topples. Then, a new Marxist Constitution that empowers faction, is written, to replace the old Marxist Constitution that empowered faction. The cycle passes aphelion and continues on.

What it boils down to is this, We better wake up fast, or we will wake up to a tyranny. Like the song says, “How did I get here?” The US Constitution has, so far, broken the cycle, but is now in mortal danger. Will you muster to it’s defense or participate in it’s destruction by your indolence? You have to choose one or the choice will be made for you. The one made for you, will most assuredly, be the wrong one.


John Pepin

Modern Hedonism

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that while Sodom and Gomorrah may have been destroyed by God’s wrath, they could not have lasted long anyways… as a purely hedonistic society cannot long prosper. Hedonism is contrary to wealth creation. It, in fact, destroys wealth and creates public health disasters. Many will immediately criticize this blog as hate speech, because they know, there is no cogent, non spurious logical response to it. Using the hate speech rhetorical diversion is tried and true. No one wants to be called a hater, even when it is the real hater who is spitting at you, to call attention away, from his own inner loathing. If you think a hedonistic society is for you, read on, if you realize it is a quicksand trap, you will be interested in the argument.

Hedonism is primarily a self centered ethos. It places as it’s highest goal personal pleasure. The premise of this type of ethos is self centeredness. Thus it creates a self centered people. This is corrosive to a work ethic. Work is serving another for profit. This is tangentially self centered, and as such, is contrary to a hedonistic ethos. So we can safely say that hedonism slowly degrades the work ethic of people who practice it.

Once a people’s work ethic has been thoroughly undermined, by the hedonistic ethos, economic activity will necessarily decline. People, who live in a society that has a lowering level of macro economic growth, will always try to slice the pie more “evenly.” They will gladly trade personal and political liberty, for a handout, as long as their self centered hedonistic lifestyle is not threatened. A lowered work ethic, coupled with a self centered ethos go hand in hand, to make the people dependent on government handouts. Hedonism makes people helpless dependents.

Hedonist societies quickly fall victim to invaders. Once a society has so degraded, the people become dependent on government, it is like a house that’s roof supports it’s foundation. It creates a fundamentally unstable situation. The government will be spending in deficit and the people will be unwilling to engage in work or war. This all combines to make the hedonistic society ripe for invaders to sweep in. The invaders can take the remaining vestiges of wealth, and the people themselves, as spoils. Which will not fundamentally change their life anyways, they have been slaves to their desires any way… they have simply changed masters.

Hedonism has led to the fall of every great society since Man coalesced into the City State. It naturally undermines the societal myth. The Mongolian empire rose in virtue and fell spectacularly in hedonism. Sparta is another example despite her twisted lifestyle. Rome being the most well known… Livy warned, and Machiavelli continued where Livy left off, Roman hedonism led to her fall. In the end, the Roman people were so dependent and lascivious in their entertainment, they eschewed fighting in their own wars. They commissioned the Huns and other barbarians to fight for them, offering citizenship as a reward. When the Huns turned against them, the Romans were subject to the terror of true slavery… the terror of slaves to their masters, own desires.

Here we are, in the twenty first century, and are much more intelligent than those stupid Romans. We can engage in any hedonistic desire we have, solve it with abortion on demand, and it has no consequences. We are so clever that we can become dependent on the State without worry. The loss of the American work ethic is of no concern to the enlightened among us, because there is an unending stream of illegal immigrants, who can be worked as indentured servants because they have no documentation. They can be “protected” from our laws, but kept as a permanent underclass… like slaves. They do a better job mowing the lawn than free people anyway.

The illegal immigrants and contractors should fight our wars for us because the American people are too queasy about it. This is of course completely safe and wise. We are so much brighter than the ancient Romans. They must have been stupid to let hedonism lead to their downfall. The result was a thousand years dark age. Not a big deal to us, because we cannot possibly fall into another dark age, due to our own stupidity. Because we are so learned!

John Pepin

Snake in the Garden of Liberty.

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the true snake in the garden of liberty, is, when there is good governance, people become complacent and stop bothering to vote, those that do, are more inclined to change, change from good governance, is by definition, bad governance, therefore, good governance sows the seeds of bad governance. If you are fortunate enough to live under good governance, this is the blog for you, but if you live under bad governance, this blog will give you ideas…

When people, (lets call them the first ethos), live in a state of general liberty, we become complacent. It is just the way it is. We all are this way, the better we have it, the more comfortable we become. In our comfort we may understand what is in our best interest but we may not act on it. If things are going fine, why fool with them? It is easy to fall into this form of thinking. Especially when we have to specialize so much in our daily work, that we don’t have time to do the proper research it would take, to make a reasoned decision, so we don’t. Leaving those that want change from liberty to statist governance more voting power..

Other folks,( lets call them the second ethos), who are unsatisfied with general liberty, they see their fellow man as a problem, incompetent, stupid, ignorant or what have you, they see it as their atheistically god given duty, to control us, if only to protect us from ourselves. The only really effective means to this end is total government. They believe themselves above the total state they will impose on society. A person committed to this ideology will often die for their cause. By definition this type of person will never miss an opportunity to vote. They understand, all they need to win is once, where you don‘t.

If you think about it, in this way for a moment, it will come to you that this set of incentives and feedbacks, will lead to some sort of frequency. A swinging from bad to good and back again. Except that, once bad governance is ushered in, people of the second ethos will undermine the democratic process, with voter fraud, vote rigging, ballot stuffing, voter intimidation, in short a Chicago style election. So the swing from good to bad will be quick, but, the swing back will be retarded through undermining the democratic process, by those with the second ethos. We, of the first ethos, by definition, don’t seek to control others and so don‘t vote rig. So, once power swings decisively to the second ethos, the pendulum will stop there for some time.

Sometimes the pendulum slowly swings back, but more often than not, it takes violence to get it back to the side of liberty. Statists, by definition, don’t cede power willingly. One Historical example of this process is, Nazi Germany, Hitler was elected in a generally free election. Once he gained power, he consolidated it, and ended the Republic. It took the Second World War to unseat him. Sixty million people died to restore liberty to Germany and Japan. Because of a bad vote.

The future will fall victim, to this pernicious cycle, as we do today. People are people, and we can expect to see, in the future, what we have seen in the past. That is the nature of humanity. We learn very slowly, even when history books, stand open in front of us, with dire warnings. We become complacent, and cede to radicals, our government. Then we complain our liberty is rapidly disappearing. Even as the statist policies cause us to loose our jobs and we become dependent on them.

According to Tzu Ssu, Confucius said, “All men say ‘I know,‘ but they are driven into nets, caught in traps, fall into pitfalls, and not one knows how to avoid this.” We are the people he talked about. We are the ones caught and driven into nets, because we don’t open our eyes. We follow what people who claim to be unbiased say without a glint of disbelief. We look at the cave wall and are mesmerized by the shadows there. Apparently it is in our nature to be this way. To our children’s grave peril.

But then again, if we are so stupid we allow ourselves to be tricked out of our liberty, did we ever really deserve it in the first place? Which would make the statists right, we are too stupid to do for ourselves, we need Big Brother, to do for incompetent us.

Cradle to grave baby, cradle to grave… never to leave the bassinette.



John Pepin