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Obama the Orator and Romney the Sophist.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the difference between Obama the orator and Romney the sophist, is nil. They both follow Bastiat’s law, that politicians seek to protect the wealth of their own faction from plunder, while plundering the wealth of the other faction. They simply represent different factions. Like Marius and Gracchus. Neither have any concept that, service to the whole of society… even the hated other faction, is best served, when all are served. They are both progressives and both Elitists, that is why I say, one is wearing a red jersey and the other a blue jersey. It gives us the appearance of difference but in reality they are on the same team. Our team right or wrong, we have something to root for, our own fall.

In these days, I believe it is very critical, that people read some of the classics. They lived the very political tumult we are going through today. The actors are the same they simply have different names. If more people read the life of Phocion it would enlighten people to what is happening today. Couple this with the life of Cato the younger, and people would have a much better understanding, of what is going to happen to our republic. Despite our technology, we are just as human as they, and just as subject to error.

We still have a choice today, but the Elite are rapidly closing any avenue, other than their selections. Gingrich is the subject of tens of millions of dollars of attack ads. Romney, the sophist, makes no argument why he should be the Republican nominee, except that Gingrich must not be. Why? Because Gingrich is the absolute enemy of the entrenched Elite. They will cross any bridge to destroy Gingrich, personally, then turn around and burn it. They despise him with a passion that can only make me admire the man. The Elite loathe nothing more than a threat to their power and wealth. Obama has greatly enhanced the power and wealth of the Elite to the detriment of the masses. But that is why he was elected… by the Elite. for the Elite so no one can rule… but the Elite.

Ron Paul is another the Elite fear. They have an abhorrence of Ron Paul because he represents an awakening of the people from our slumber. He speaks real truth to power, and power only broaches carefully produced and directed, “truth to power.” The Elite are confident Ron Paul is too fringe to win in the primary, let alone the general election, so they only attack his character daily. Not by the second as they do Gingrich. Ron Paul is a real break from the entrenched Elite. They will stop at nothing to stop him were he to get the nomination. I don’t believe the Elite have any compunction about any action that protects their power.

Rick Perry is hard to read. He isn’t a real threat, electrically, so he has been let alone, not to further enrage the Tea party. The Elite marginalize him, by claiming he is so socially conservative, he is unelectable. Of course, that is only a narrative, not reality. The American people always poll 40% conservative. In most general elections no where near 100% vote. So, if in a general election, 70% voted, (a high turnout), then 40% of 100% would represent 60% of the 70% that voted. Showing clearly, the adage that, it is the moderate middle that elects the government, is a myth. It is a myth designed to suppress the vote of the 40% so that a faction, the Elite, can maintain their hegemony.

If we look at a nearer historical example, than ancient Greece and Rome, we can look at the primary between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Ford was the Elite’s guy. The Elite vilified Reagan. They hated him, with a passion similar to their loathing of Nixon… But with added fear of Reagan’s charisma. The siiting President Ford won the primary, Carter won the election. Had Carter won another term, the USSR would have won the cold war, and the World would today be in abject poverty, war and subjugation… 1984 writ large. Reagan inherited a much deeper and more pernicious economy than did Obama the Orator. Reagan didn’t whine about Carter, once he was in office, Reagan fixed the country. That is the difference between a leader and an orator.

When Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative, it was decried as star wars. Yet it has yielded up not only anti missile systems, that can now actually knock out incoming missiles, if they are deployed, but major advancements in satellite, space hardware and radar tracking technologies. The payoff has been a hundredfold. Yet Reagan was called foolish for his forward thinking at the time. Reagan was also a strong advocate of the US Space program. Initiating the International Space Station.

We, as Americans have a choice, we can follow the Elite, to poverty and learned helplessness, or, we can take another road. The wisdom of the classical geniuses is the most helpful insight we can get into what is happening, and what will happen. Ignorance is unforgivable in this age of ready access to their sage advice. The example of Ronald Reagan, the Teflon president, is the closest historical example of the way out. We can always tell who the Elite despise, by the vigor of the personal attacks, (Reagan was divorced you know), both by the Elite’s favorites and the unbiased media. This is an unerring guide, pointing the way out, of the trap the Elite have set for us.


John Pepin

Learned Helplessness

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the American people are being programmed in learned helplessness. This is an excellent way for the Elite to limit opportunities for the middleclass without repercussions. Leading to a declining middle class, (as we have seen in recent years), so that those who are Elite today, will stay Elite tomorrow. This is the acme of Schumpeter’s warning about the already wealthy, and his warning about the intellectual Elite, is also being carried out in our government. Most of those in the Executive branch today are from academia. This makes my blood run cold and it should yours.

Learned helplessness, is a physiological term denoting an instance, where, an individual has “learned” to be “helpless”. This was discovered accidentally when some lab equipment malfunctioned. There were dogs who were being trained to push a certain button and get a treat else get a shock. The equipment only shocked some dogs. Later, when put in a low pen, one they could easily step over, and given mild shocks they didn’t even get up and step over. They had learned to be helpless in the face of discomfort! It breaks my heart that those dogs were so maltreated, if even accidentally, they lost the ability to make self interested choices.

The loss of the ability to make self interested decisions, because someone believes that it doesn’t help, is tragic. They are feeble. That is the state the Elite would like us to be in. Look at what they are doing. The TSA is a great example of this. They eschew profiling when it would save tens of millions of dollars and make the airways much safer. But politics trump safety and efficiency… or, are they teaching us it is useless to complain, you will only miss your plane. You are being taught. Another is the regulation smothering every aspect of our lives. Do we really need the government to regulate the weight of OUR children? Or are we being taught something? Try suing City Hall for a taste of futility.

Look at the level of depression in our society. Is that not a perfect example of learned helplessness? Isn’t the prevalence of anti depressant drugs a clear sign that there might be a problem? The Elite want to help, they see the real problem and have a real solution, they will give us the antidepressants free of charge… No way numbing the American people could ever lead to South American style government could it? Or has it already?

Obama asked for more power to reorganize the executive branch, powers he “promises” will only be used to make government more responsive to the needs of the people. This very statement is a cattle prod to the eyeball of every Constitution abiding American citizen. Do we really, truly, want to put more power into the hands of the Executive? I will remind you that Bureaucracy writes de facto law in the form of regulation! What about separation of powers? Even European citizens should be outraged! But, on inspection of the unbiased press, no problem, FDR had it, look what a great job he did on the economy and liberty.

Lets see how the Unbiased media react in the next few weeks. Had Bush said it the unbiased media would have freaked out. But, Obama is their baby, they birthed him, they changed his diaper when it got filled, they carry the water for him, they must back him on this… Else they fall victim of cognitive dissonance. So we can’t expect a righteous reaction from the unbiased media. After all, it would be biased, to not be biased. Just as, a State religion, of atheism, must be established, to protect the government from certain established religions.

I consider the reaction of the American people, to be a test, to see how well we have been inculcated in the practice of learned helplessness. If there is no reaction at all… well, all is lost. But if there is some reaction, then we can say that, not everyone has subscribed to the free antidepressants. Maybe there is a chance we can wrest the Elite from their throne and restore Constitutional government to the US. The Elite will say, resistance is futile… but resist we must, else we pass a world of weakness, worry and poverty to our children.


John Pepin

Class Mobility and Centrist Republicans

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that John Boehner’s performance on FOX News Sunday today is exactly why a centrist like Mitt should not be President. They are both upstanding men of high caliber. They are personally good men and they do in their own lives what we all should do. They are members of the Elite and have the goals and aspirations of the Elite as their focus… Not necessarily the good of the Nation.

Lest you believe I am falling into the fundamental attribution error ponder these salient points.

Look at how softly the Speaker spoke about the President. Boehner leaped opportunities to attack Obama on the Keystone Pipeline, Obama care, the Democrat’s total control of government for two years and the American people’s reaction to it, the list goes on and on. Boehner kissed Obama’s derriere more than once in that interview. That makes me think Boehner is onboard with Obama’s destruction of the US Constitution to replace it with words on the wall of a barn. Words that have only the meaning the Elite give them. Subject to change if it suit’s the Elite. Boehner, despite his personal virtue, disappointed me.

The President roundly criticizes Boehner and his caucus. Even as Boehner eschewed criticizing Obama, the President roundly criticizes Boehner and ascribes his caucus with evil intent. The attack is daily and vitriolic. The intensity is ratcheted up with every bill the House passes and the Senate rejects so Obama won’t have to veto it. The unbiased press is doing it’s job to the best of it’s ability, vilifying everyone who is opposed to total government, as evil. Gary Trudeau in Doonesbury, called anyone who is against Obama evil. Categorizing logic this way is what Islamofascists and Inquisitors do.

Obama is merely speeding up the progressive agenda. Lets face the facts Joseph Schumpeter had the Elite nailed. They only liked the market system when it made them rich Elite, but now they are, the door must be closed. Else they will have to compete with more virtuous people on the way up, even as the Elite fall. This is unacceptable so regulations must be put in place to slow and eventually stop class mobility. Because that is what it is all about. The evil of class mobility. Obama has merely accelerated the miring of class mobility through gumming up the markets with regulation.

When Mitt Romeny had political power he forwarded the goals and ends of the progressives. He was firmly for every progressive plank. He firmly believed, and voted for, the State superseding the parents in abortions for minor children. (Against the proscriptions of his religion). But, after all, doesn’t the faceless bureaucrat care far more for that number, than the parent who has committed his and her, entire life, fortune and most importantly, affection for? The faceless bureaucrat is the side Romney voted on when he wielded political power. The most damming thing Romney is responsible for, however, is Romneycare. As the template for Obamacare, class mobility slowing regulation and all, it is telling that the very people Romneycare was foisted on, (the people of Massachusetts), made the decisive vote for Scott Brown, to end the Democrat filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and stop Obama care. No matter, Obama, Pelosi and Reed used an extra constitutional trick, to get the unconstitutionally sweeping law passed.

Obama came in with a veto proof majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. The Progressives had absolute power for two years in the American government. The 2010 election was an indictment of Obama’s policies. The Republicans were not voted in to work with Obama in destroying the US Constitution, they were voted in to stop him! Only a fool or a con man would claim different. The fool has hope of waking up but the con man is in on the con…

The assault on the US Constitution must stop. The original intent must be restored. If people really believe, abortion should be enshrined within the US Constitution, there is a means. If people think strongly enough, the Federal government really should regulate every facet of our lives Constitutionally, throw out the perverted definition of the Commerce Clause, and use the proscribed means to change the US Constitution. It is not supposed to be as easy as, getting five people of the same faction on the Supreme Court, to change the Constitution. That we have allowed it to become so bastardized is to our immortal shame and chastisement. It is time to elect someone who will take the slings and arrows to restore our Republic. A middle of the road progressive is not that person!

Gingrich has won the undying enmity of the Elite, for lowering their power, when he wielded political power. Expect them to personally destroy him for it. He has committed the unforgivable… even worse than Nixon in the Alger Hiss affair. Now he has won South Carolina the vomit will pour forth on him like a waterfall. Lets see how he stands up. Or he dissolves away.




John Pepin

Who Really Needs to be Policed?

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that if any segment of the population of any country, need surveillance, it is the Elite. No other group has a greater ability to lower the standard of living of a people, than the Elite. No other group of people, have proven themselves more unfit to police themselves, than the Elite. History shows, over and over, that the Elite abuse their power for personal gain. There is no nation, city state, country or principality that is immune. But at this place and time, the Elite are instituting more and more intrusive monitoring of us? While the Elite’s scandals grow daily, in severity, and blatancy, yet go unpunished.

The Elite are the ten or so percent that rise to the top of any group of people. Take any random group of people and ten or so percent will lead the group. The ninety percent are happy to follow. That is fortunate because there would be pandemonium if everyone tried to lead. So, Elitist theory states that in any random group of people, ten percent will lead. Moreover, If a member of the standing Elite, proves to be detrimental to the Elite’s interests, that individual will be replaced by another, more suited to protect and enhance the power and prestige of the Elite.

The leaders of any group have the most impact on that group’s success. If the decision makers make good decisions, the group advances. When the decision makers make bad decisions the group falters. The Elite never accept blame when their decisions cause an economic slowdown. The Elite call that “headwinds.” They do, however, take credit whenever there is any advance in society, even if that advance is in direct contravention to the Elite’s past rhetoric.

Logically… who seeks power? Those that seek to wield it. Those that have no interest in wielding power over others don’t seek power. If you don’t like fishing you don’t fish… Unless you are hungry. Some people seek power, to lower the power of the Elite, over them and us. The Elite immediately destroy that person without mercy. The attacks are personal and the intent is personal. In this one thing all the Elite are in lockstep. Any threat to the Elite must be destroyed.

Of course, no one claims, they want to control your life to the nth degree. They claim to be the protectors of society. All they need to really improve society is a little bit more power over us. They promise they will use it for goodness and not evilness. The Elite look into the camera, with puppy dog eyes, even as they tell tales and perjure themselves before it. You have to ask yourself, am I going to believe my lying eyes or honest Bob the used car salesman/lawyer turned politician? Because one of them is lying… And we are still believing the politician, not our eyes.

The Elite are prosecuting people for insider trading today. The inside traders are going to be made examples of. While the Elite have carved out a loophole for themselves, so it is perfectly legal for a Congressman to do the exact same thing, out in the open! Confucius said, that people follow their leaders, if the leaders are corrupt, the people will be corrupt, and if the leaders are virtuous, the people will be virtuous. Give our leaders a good long hard look, are they virtuous or are they corrupt? Have you wondered why there has been a rash of white collar crime in America lately? If the Elite can do it… why not me?

At the founding of the US both the people and their congressmen could post mail free of charge. But, the liberty was so abused by the Elite, in one case a horse was sent, farm to farm, through the US mail, the right was taken away from everybody. A few years later, the Elite gave it back to themselves… not to the people who hadn’t abused the privilege. Of course that pales in comparison to beheadings of undesirables and coerced starvation of millions. Those Elite will have to answer to God himself. I shudder at the thought…

Here on the temporal plane, there is only one conclusion that can be made, the Elite must be policed. They must be policed by the most draconian police force we can institute and force down their throats. No halo shines more brightly, no teeth more white, than that of a politician, when he or she is convincing you that up is down and down is up. Isn’t it time for us, to start believing our lying eyes, for a change? Unless all we want in our pockets… is a little change.



John Pepin

Sophist Rhetoric Spanning Logical Chasms

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the adage, “Government is responsible for the welfare of it’s citizens,” is based on a false premise, that we the people, are incompetent to care for our own welfare. This type of sophist rhetoric is a major factor in why the economies of the Western World are declining. This pernicious notion has pervaded the zeitgeist, to such an extreme, that it is accepted without question. This leads to the Elite gaining power, and us, loosing liberty. If you are comfortable, loosing your liberty so the Elite can have more power, then you should stop reading now.

Our adage is an example of framing the subject. A question can be framed in many ways. The language that is used is the rhetoric the presumptions are the sophistry. Control of the rhetoric is a large portion of any argument in the public arena. Most of the audience to the debate, have lives to live, and have no time to look into every item independently, so we often go with out hearts. In this case framing the question is of paramount importance because it can bypass logic by appealing to emotion.

This gets a position accepted without argument. By framing the question in a manner that makes a logical leap has been known since the time of Socrates. It was the topic of Plato‘s book about Protagoras. The most well known modern example is the trial question, “when did you stop beating your wife?” This question has been framed such that it has been accepted, that the person questioned, beats his wife. In the case of the sophist argument, Government is responsible for the welfare of it’s citizens, the premise that the citizens are too incompetent to care for themselves is implicit in the assertion.

This conveniently omits, government is dependant on those incompetent’s, for everything and in every way. Government can only exist, as long as those governed, have sufficient funds for the Elite to take, to fund their operations. Once the Elite have spent the populace into poverty and destitution the government necessarily topples. But, until it topples, the more destitute the people become the more the government is required… to help. Look at Greece. How much longer will it hold out? It is now entirely supported by other governments.

The argument itself opens a whole avenue of potential government interventions in it’s citizens lives. The truly pernicious element, is that the argument makes intervention in the lives of it’s citizens, not only acceptable but a necessary part of governmental functions. Anti smoking regulations, anti obesity regulations, making the weight of a family’s children a matter of legal entanglement, monitoring of it’s citizens, as well as giant overarching laws like, Obama care, the Consumer protection agency, the EPA, and the FED, among others. More and more interference in our lives is justified by this, and other, sophistry.

Welfare is inextricably tied to a country’s economy. What else is more tied to the welfare of a people than their economic well being? This is an opening for the Elite to tinker with a country’s economy. Tinkering, that can only lead to the lowering of the general welfare, not increasing it. Because the Elite, have at the core of their ethos, a theory of power that matches Thrasymachus. They blindly follow Bastiat’s false concept of government. The concept that Bastiat gives in his book “The Law“, namely, that government is a means to loot the money of other factions, and protect the money of your faction, from being looted.

This is but one example, of how the progressives change the debate, to make their positions seem logical without there being any actual logic to them. Unfortunately, most people never look at the premise of an argument, we mostly look at the topic. The progressives always frame the debate with the help of the unbiased media. The two have gone hand in hand, getting the citizens of the World past giant logical chasms, with the use of this sophist bridge. Then, the Elite can ride their rhetorical limonene across, to the promised land of total government.

But don’t worry. This time our overlords will be benevolent… As long as we behave!





John Pepin

True Economic Stimulus

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one of the only ways government spends money that is useful to the economy, is in a space program. The technology development from such endeavors is alone sufficient, add to that, the potential opening of the vast resources, that space offers, the potential for human growth and economic advancement are phenomenal. An effective program would amount to a supply side economic stimulus program. Therefore it would necessarily create jobs. With the caveat that the government must allow the developed technologies to filter into the private sector. More jobs and better paying jobs, are what such a program offers to the nation, willing to take on the risk and reap the rewards…

The secret is smart infrastructure growth. Had the US spent the money it has, more intelligently, the human race would be on Mars now. To the World’s benefit. Lets do a thought experiment, lets say, the next few steps in a potential space program. Each step costing no more than an aircraft carrier.

The first step should in some way leverage existing space infrastructure like the International Space Station (ISS). This would be utilized as a construction platform at first. We would build reusable transfer vehicles, that would go to lunar orbit (HLO) from low Earth orbit (LEO) and back. We could call them HILOs. These vehicles would be fueled by water, lugged up as cheaply as possible, turned into hydrogen and oxygen, by electricity created with solar panels in orbit. After the new infrastructure is operational the ISS would be a way station in low Earth orbit. Next to it would be the space fuel station.

This space fuel station would be specified, with standard features required, and then posted for the market system to produce. Perhaps it would be even better for Nasa to put out a contract(s) for hydrogen and oxygen delivered to LEO. Then let the market sort out how it can be done most effectively.

Along with the development of the HILO space craft, there would be concurrent development of a reusable HLO to lunar surface, and back, landing craft. The Lander could be carried back to Earth orbit for fueling and back on the HILO, or, if it is more efficient, it could be left in high Lunar Orbit and fueled there.

The base would have to be in a commercially viable location, like the rim of a crater, on the Moon’s south pole. There has been proven to be water in the form of ice there. Providing a potential fuel source that is not subject to Earth’s gravity well. There is constant access to sunlight in some locations, facilitating solar arrays to power such a settlement. The location would also lend itself to astronomy.

The lunar base would be the construction facility for the next step… Building a reusable space ship capable of, safely getting people and equipment from Earth to Mars and or Venus and back. We could call it ERMA. The first trip would land people on Demos and or Phobos using the tried and tested reusable Lander. Samples could be taken regarding commercially valuable minerals.

If the trip were successful, the next step would be to develop a Mars Lander/ ascent craft, that would get people to the surface and back to orbit, on the second trip. This in itself is a giant technical feat, that would yield up gems of technology, for the economy and personal comfort. Once people have landed on Mars, studies should be undertaken into the feasibility of terraforming Mars, and the viability of colonization and commercialization.

Some of the economic effects would include… Demand for technicians and skilled labor in developed countries would denude the workforce. This would compel companies, to look to undeveloped countries, for labor and engineers. The lot of the World’s people would be greatly enhanced from the demand for all sorts of people. All we have to do is avoid a war, and get rid of a nuclear program or two to fund it, the World’s people could live safer, better and happier lives. With the security that humanity could avoid a catastrophic event such as a meteor strike.

If we actually had a Leader in the World then this could be a possibility. Unfortunately, our “leaders” have always liked war… far better than they like actual progress in the lot of Man.


John Pepin

Pernicious Meme that Socialism is a Viable System

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, while people will die to institute a Marxist regime, people are only lukewarm about one that protects the right to do business. The socialist creates a feeling of team and esprit de corps, while the capitalist shouts, every man for himself. The one stirs the heart while the other clenches the rectum. We are an emotional people who’s reason only rides our emotional elephant. No matter how vividly we see, that the results of socialism always fall far short of it’s expectations, we hope it will work, just this once. While at the same time knowing, that the result this time, will be just as dismal as it has always been. This is a tough meme to break. But understanding that it is a meme, and that we have the ability to break it, is the first step to actually ridding ourselves of this pernicious belief… That socialism is a viable economic or political system.

Emotion is why, despite the history of the market system in front of us, we fail to see the truth. Every advancement that the human race has seen, in the last five centuries, has been due to market forces at work. Adam Smith’s guiding hand. The logical argument was won, conclusively, by the nineteen forties. Yet there are more socialist regimes in the World today than then.

Apartheid in South Africa was overturned almost two decades ago, and the people of South Africa are more destitute today, than under the despotic government of P. W. Botha. The people united, under the ANC, against apartheid. It created a sense of esprit de corps and unified the people against apartheid. The Afrikaner people were granted freedom under F W De Klerk and immediately voted in the ANC. The ANC was, of course, a socialist organization. It instituted socialist regulation of the economy. Today we see the results of the ANC’s radical mishandling of the South African Economy. Yet, in the upcoming elections, the ANC is expected to win handily.

No pro market political party would ever get so much forgiveness of such an economic mess. Pro market political parties are attacked before they even come into power. Their legitimacy is attacked and the people who make up a pro capitalist political party are vilified. History and logic are eschewed as propaganda, while emotionally based sophistry, is regarded as supreme truth. Even when a pro capitalist is driven from power they are hounded by the socialist… Given a good fair trial and executed.

In all of South America, Chile stands out, as a country that moved from socialist policies to pro capitalist policies. The pro capitalist policies, like moving the Chilean social security system to a market based one, changed the dynamic of the entire Chilean economy. GDP started growing again. The young mavericks, that emerged from the tutelage of Milton Freidman, changed the Chilean economic paradigm. The dictator during that time, General Pinochet, has been tried and convicted in abstentia. Were he not already dead they would kill him. Yet how many former anti capitalist dictators and their henchmen have been even tried let alone found guilty… Other than Nuremburg?

When we compare the treatment of the two political ideas, we see a huge discrepancy, in how they are regarded and talked about. The media puts forth the notion, that socialism is actually a viable economic system, despite mountains of historical evidence, because they feel it must be. Their emotions trump their reason. If a well educated person in the unbiased media, who has the benefit of a liberal college education, is so powerfully controlled by his or her emotions, to our mutual detriment, then how much less in control is the average citizen, who does not the benefit of a thorough knowledge of the actual history, of the market system verses the socialist system?

In this, the State run school monopoly, has let us down. Not only in the US but the World over. No matter the proficiency of graduates in math, science, reading, and social justice, the complete whitewashing of economic history, is unforgivable. If not for that, more people would be aware of history, especially economic history, the percentage of our society that falls victim to the pernicious notion, that socialism is a viable system, would go down. Some of us are less driven by emotion, but we need knowledge, for reason to drive our emotion. Else, lacking another driver, emotion will rule the day… and so will the socialism meme.


John Pepin

We Are Entering a Brave New World Under Obama…

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, this new Consumer Protection Bureau, will be a Constitutional catastrophe. The more I read about it the more my blood runs cold. It is only one of the many ways, our Constitutional rights are being directly challenged, like they have never been challenged before. The new Defense budget gives the President the “right” to detain a US citizen without charge and without legal representation?!! Our negligence is putting our children’s liberties at risk. Look at the child you are raising or have raised. We have already spent, a large portion of their prosperity, due to our allowing the government’s profligate spending. Do you want that little angel, (or little devil), you love, to live under a despotic government?

The Consumer Protection Bureau is amazingly unconstitutional. It’s budget is not overseen by Congress! They are funded by the FED. Another group of Elite with absolutely no oversight. This new Bureau will have the ability to WRITE LAW! Unelected Elite writing laws to benefit the banking system (Themselves). No way that could ever go wrong. Apparently, the way “forward” is with unelected Elite writing law, and the police picking people up without warrant, representation or any hope of getting out. Kind of like Burma, oh, sorry, Myanmar does. Huh, Is Obama, taking advice from the Myanmar Junta?

The really pernicious part, is that it creates a whole web of regulation, that firms will have to navigate through. A web that will, assuredly, eliminate competition, creating the perfect conditions for oligarchal capitalism. The oligarchs will be the ones who have access to the political Elite. If you think about it for even a moment, it should be obvious, that a huge new web of regulation will prevent, or at least hinder, new firms from competing with older established firms. Therefore, old firms will, necessarily, get bigger…. NOT smaller they will get bigger. The whole scheme will result, not only in unelected Elite writing law, with absolutely no check, or balance, by Congressional oversight, or the electoral process… it will make too big to fail a much bigger problem! Exactly the opposite of what is was “supposed” to do. Like, for example, the Energy Department Carter created, which was supposed to, eliminate America’s dependence on foreign oil. Another huge success… oh actually no, we are far more dependant today than then despite finding HUGE national reserves and spending billions of dollars…. Well spent I’m sure.

What hubris of president Obama to acknowledge that he now has the “right” to detain any US citizen he deems a terrorist… But won’t use it? Who is defined as a terrorist? Obama doesn’t think an Islamofascist is a terrorist he has said so. He believes that people who, own guns, have affinity for the US Constitution, are War veterans, anyone (the government) considers “Right Wing,” People concerned with illegal immigration, People wary of a One World Government and anyone expressing strong disagreement with government policies… is who, President Obama, deems a terrorist. So, if you or I fall into one of these groups, in the future, it will be possible for the US government to come into your home in the middle of the night, ala Elia Gonzalas, and abduct you. Take you to an undisclosed location. Hold you for as long as they want allowing you no access to a lawyer. As an American citizen however, you are subject to, water boarding. A torture, if used on a person who kills anyone who doesn’t follow his or her violent ideology, but acceptable to use on US servicemen (citizens), as a training tool. The killing, by executive fiat, of a US citizen precedent has been set, so that impediment to Obama is already out of the way.

Just sit back for a moment and think about what you have just read here. If you doubt any of it, or all of it, ask yourself this one question, “Wouldn’t it be really bad, if only one single thing here, is true… a new bureau without Congressional oversight, unelected officials writing law, evolving the US Constitution so that the Executive branch can arrest anyone it sees fit, without any Constitutional protections… would any of these things make you concerned if they were true?” How bad would it be, if even one of these things were true, let alone all? I have included links so you can see for yourself… They are all true.

If no oversight works, then why not eliminate the police and FBI, letting us police ourselves? Because, it would be stupid, that’s why. The same as, it is stupid, to let the Elite police themselves! If group A need policing, and group B comes from group A, then necessarily, group B need policing too. Logic, it seems, is perspective dependant… I clearly see, the people are reprobates and need to be policed, but I am so perfect in thought and action that I need no policing myself… So say the Elite…

So what do we do with this information? Go back to sleep? I think it is time to put some teeth in the US Constitution. (And all other Constitutions as well). In light of the unrestricted assault on the US Constitution, the Obama administrating is waging, I would like to add a new idea to my NUMA concept. That is, if an elected official is found to have been derelict in his or her duty to protect of the US Constitution, the most important function and duty of any government official, they will be, impeached, personally fined, or jailed, if the Constitutional attack was found to be intentional. The penalty levied by the NUMA and prosecuted by the NUMA, adjudicated by the Judicial Branch, for the people.

But then again… we have never had a problem with the Elite breaking the law… they are not subject to it… We are.






Oh, hold on, Someone’s at the door…

Spending More Than Income

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the root of all the sovereign debt problems, in the World, ever… can be traced back to one thing; spending more income. You would think this is so obvious that it would be the topic of conversation. However, people hotly debate where to find new sources of revenue, they call for more taxation on vilified factions of society, in the name of “fairness” while all the time… avoiding the real argument. It is like a husband and wife who argue. They are on the same side, but fight to the bitter end… while their marriage slips into divorce.

If a government is set up, such that, it’s incentives are to spend more money than it takes in, is unlikely to balance it’s budget, no matter the revenue stream… or river. We have seen this over and over in human economic history. From City States that bankrupted themselves due to incessant wars, the tulip bubble at the dawn of capitalism, through the Argentine monetary hyperinflation crisis… to now, with the European debt crisis and the soon to be American debt crisis. The simple fact is, government, with this set of incentives, cannot be fiscally sound. It is impossible.

Like I said in an earlier blog, even if space aliens landed and gave our collective governments a trillion dollars a day to spend on social programs, the resulting debt would dwarf any ability to pay it back. Because of the incentives that our Elite have set up. They have inculcated in society, the false notion, that the roof can support the foundation. Resulting in a greater rise in demand for government services than could possibly be provided for.

Having the people supported by their government is like a house that’s foundation is supported by it’s roof. That should seem obvious. A house that could do such a thing would be wonderful indeed. But, as we have seen over and over in the annuls of human economic history, socialism fails every time. It fails because it defies basic economics just as our house would defy physics.

The fundamental answer is not to seek stronger structural supports for our house. They come at cost of liberty. A house supported by it’s roof must be strongly constructed with no room for any slack. If there were any slack even the slightest wind would impose impossibly powerful forces on the structure. Just as a society that is largely supported by the government must have few liberties else at the first challenge people will flood the streets calling for change. The result is; the house collapses.

It is an attractive notion.. to have a society where no one has to work. Everyone gets a check from the government. Would you like to be idle? To live like mold. Have the motivation of mold and the charisma of mold. Not to denigrate mold that much I like the benefits of penicillin. To many idleness is attractive. We all seek leisure. But leisure is a means not an end. To believe it is an end is to loose focus on the truth of life. We exist to some end, a life of hedonism and leisure is a denial of that basic end… therefore that basic truth.

Because no end is achieved by absolute leisure except decrepitude. Ends are achieved by action. Perhaps as Lau Tzu said, through passionless action or as Christ said, empathetically loving action, no matter the end, it requires action. Action being the opposite of leisure. Not to say that there is no place for leisure. Nothing could be further from the truth. Moses ordered, the Jews must have a day in seven, for leisure. It is needed for the Human psyche but not as an end in itself…. anymore than penicillin, taken daily, would help prevent anything.

All these things lead inexorably to impel government to be profligate with the public purse. The spurious notion that leisure is the highest good should be shown as the sophistry it is. It leads to the insanity that a society can be supported by it’s government. When nothing could be further from the truth. Reality is stark and unforgiving. We all live in the real world but the Elite live in a fanciful world of fanciful make believe. They can build their hypothetical houses/governments, so tight, that they must be sound… and soundly stifling.

It all boils down to this, the incentives in society are set up wrong, the societal myth of hard work leading to riches, has been supplanted with a sophist notion, the house analogy, and this leads to the pernicious incentive for government to spend more than it takes in… no matter how much it takes in.

Now that we have found the tap root… should we chop it out, or should we fertilize it and water it?