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Greece and Their Spending

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that when governments get into predicaments like Greece they are acting very much like alcoholics. They display the same behaviors and attitudes. The descent path is even similar. It’s funny how macro economic phenomenon can mimic individual human behaviors. I suppose this is a synchronicity that arises from the fact that macro economics is at heart a complex mechanism and human behavior is also a complex mechanism. Perhaps if the analogy holds up we can take lessons from the arena of human behavior modification and apply it to the Greek situation.

The “alcohol” that a government gets addicted to is government spending. There are several reasons spending gets out of control in modern governments most of them involve some aspect of welfare state capitalism. The Greek situation is no different. The Greek government Elite have a decided anti capitalist bent and it is born out by the fact that 40% of the economy of Greece is government controlled. This profound level of inefficiency, coupled with insane government benefits for the indigent, wed to form a perfect union of uncontrollable government spending and shrinking GDP.

There is an entitled mentality that is epidemic in Greece. I figure the Greeks have decided to follow the example of Thrasymachus. This is again born out by the fact that there are demonstrations in Greece at any hint of a diminishment of government largess. (By the way, I would never own a McDonald’s franchise in any country other than the US, apparently rioters hate cheap food served quickly). I have no idea what logical point the general strikers could be making…

Maybe; lets have a total and catastrophic collapse of our economy? Hunger and starvation for everyone? Crash smash, bus crush, we want to feel jack boots on us? Where do the rioters believe the money is going to come from? Or do they think they are entitled to the labor of Germans?

I would say at this point. Greece is the guy who was keeping it together at work. but now he is screwing up badly. Late for work, drunk, and is a drag on moral, he is dancing with termination. Before, everyone loved him, always drunk and happy. Giving away money and buying lunch like there was no tomorrow. And now there really is no tomorrow unless he gets sober. But he is MAD. Mad that anyone would have a problem with his drinking. Even as he goes to the bathroom and pulls a flask from the toilet tank. “What is wrong with them!” Thinks the alcoholic who’s problem has moved up to the next level.

Soon he is out of work and soon Greece will be bankrupt. Even as the people riot in the streets and the government “invests” in “infrastructure.” As I have written before, even if a benevolent alien space people landed on Earth and gave he government of Greece the equivalent of their total debt today, every year for ever, adjusted for inflation, Greece would be in default eventually, and I bet sooner rather than later. Then there would be rioting in the streets over the greediness of those Aliens!!!!

What would a loving family do for a person who has such a powerful drinking problem? They would intervene. On the surface that is what the European Union seems to be doing. But, is giving a drunk keg in his basement… really helping? I don’t think so and I bet most other people don’t either. But as the problem grows bigger and bigger and more and more money is thrown at he problem, when the eventual fall comes, it will cross State lines. Growing in magnitude every time Greece is bailed out.

So here we are, Greece is reeking of liquor and getting bailed out again. They promise not to stop at the bar on the way home… We’ll see. The term kicking the can down the road is used to the point of becoming trite. I think a better term would be enabling.

Unfortunately Greece is not the only drunk at work…

Political Standards

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that if one set of standards is good two must be better. Holding one political philosophy to a much different standard of personal conduct is one example. Holding the different political philosophies to multiple standards in rhetoric is another example, but having two standards of political attack depending if the person is pro capitalist or anti capitalist is the best example. Two sets of standards must be better because it encourages fair debate which affects all of our rights and prosperity.

Michele Bachman is a pro capitalist politician who is credited with multiple gaffs. One is that she once said that there are members of Congress who hold anti American views. She has been roundly criticized for it and is called a nut by the unbiased media for it.

It is empirically true that; there are Congressmen and women who hold the US Constitution in absolute disdain. Many openly claim as much. Many members of the US Congress are anti capitalists and avow it. There are members of the US Congress who believe that it is wrong the US is a superpower and seek to lower the status of the US to something less then a “superpower.” It is also patently true that anyone who holds these beliefs are anti American to the core. To openly admit to be an anti capitalist who thinks the Constitution is an impediment and seeks to lower the power and status of the US is obviously an anti American Congressman or woman. So Congresswoman Bachman must be called a nut to protect her political adversaries from themselves.

But no unbiased media person holds that an anti capitalist, who is running for the presidency should have a grip on such arcane knowledge as… how many States comprise the US. This is such esoteric knowledge about America, that to hold an anti capitalist politician who says there are 57 States in the US, (instead of 50), as being a nut for not knowing this, would be wrong. This is why there needs to be two sets of standards. To have only one and hold every politician to it is patently unfair. Especially to those who are so ignorant they do not know how many States are in the Union, because how can someone so obviously stupid, thrive under an honest system with only one standard everyone is held to?

Another reason why having two sets of standards is important, is to foster rigorous political debate. Imagine if pro capitalists were given the free reign to place the vitriolic rhetoric in political ads the anti capitalists are. That would be as unfair as possible. How can you hold People who regard the US as evil to the same standard you hold pro American politicians? Tossing an old woman off a cliff is acceptable political rhetoric because it is produced by anti capitalist politicians. But if a pro capitalist politician made a political ad showing an anti capitalist tossing a farmer onto the street because he couldn’t pay his taxes or axing workers because of regulation… that would be unconscionable.

Take the debate about the US national debt. An apt analogy is a mini van racing at a stone wall. The van is doing 100MPH at the wall. Everyone in the van sees the wall approaching fast but no one can see exactly how far away it is. So a debate breaks out. The debate is whether the driver, (the political Elite) should hold the accelerator to the floor or lift up a tiny bit. Those who argue to lift the foot a bit are vilified as hate mongers who want grandma to go without her social security check. Those that want to hold the peddle firmly to the floor are depicted as caring for grandma, children and little dogs.

No matter because, when the mini van hit’s the wall and everyone (except the Elite) are killed or maimed, the call will go out that it was the fault of those that wanted to lift the foot a bit off the accelerator. Not those that held it to the floor and steered at the wall. But the rhetoric will not matter because grandma will not get her check anymore. She will probably starve. Universal nationalized healthcare will no longer be dispersed because no one in their right mind will buy US bonds to pay for it. The economy will collapse because there will be no capital available for investment in plant and equipment, so the unemployment rate will necessarily skyrocket, along with the costs of everything due to the devaluation of the US dollar.

So you see, it is important that we have at least two sets of standards. If we only had one then those that seek to destroy the US Constitution and all capitalism would have a much harder time of it. Multiple standards allows the corrupt Elite to escape any meaningful scrutiny of their actions. But most importantly it is all important to hold those that are pro capitalists to a much different standard, else the logic of their position might be actually examined by the people at large.

Therefore anyone who is anti capitalist and anti American must agree… Two sets of standards are much better than one. There is no better way to lower the lot of Mankind. (If that is your goal).

My Confession

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that there can be an effective ad homonym attack made on me and my motives in writing my blogs. The assault could be that I stand to gain materially if the ideas that I write about are implemented. Unfortunately this is true. I do stand to gain if the ideas that I write about are implemented. Lets look further into it…

Take for example if the NUMA were implemented in some country other than the one I live in. The people of that country would enjoy genuine liberty because their government would be actually yoked. The Elite would be harnessed to the interests of the society as a whole instead of a faction only. This would indirectly benefit me in that if the tyranny of the World’s people is lowered then, as a member of the human race, I stand to gain as well. So in this example I can be vilified.

Another example is if Capitalist Social Security were implemented in some other country than that which I live. The people in that country would start building societal/generational wealth. The prosperity and economic stability that such a system would provide would boost the economy of that country. As the years go on and the fund builds the amount of money available for starting a firm would grow to be enormous. This would allow large projects to be initiated locally with local resources. The increase in economic activity this would generate would directly benefit every one ion the planet and I live on the planet…

As the economy of any country is improved World aggregate demand is driven up. As World aggregate demand is driven up supply must necessarily be driven up to meet the demand. This is the basis of the aggregate supply aggregate demand model of macro economics. So even in this I would directly benefit. Again opening me to criticism that all I do is try to get people to implement ideas that are actually in my self interest.

Woe to me if regulation was periodically washed of redundant rules. This would again drive up economic activity in any country that did it. Again opening me to the criticism that I write in my self interest only. Regulations being as pernicious as they are a source of friction.

Greece being the poster child of stupid regulation. When regulation in a country becomes so onerous that economic activity must cease people go around it. When they do, as they must, they become more and more egoistic and less and less individualistic. This is the fundamental problem in Greece. The corruption in the society is manifested in endemic tax evasion, scoff law behavior, etc… All because regulation is out of control. The first step to repairing the problem is to overhaul regulation in Greece. Until that is done the Greek sovereign debt crisis will be combed over with less and less hair.

So here is another example of me writing in my own self interest! If the Greek sovereign debt crisis is solved I stand to personally gain money! Yes it is true. If the Greek sovereign debt crisis is actually resolved the US stock market would rise dramatically. I am invested in the US stock market so I stand to materially gain if my idea is implemented.

Never mind if my ideas are implemented in my own country! The added prosperity for the entire country would go up. I am a member of that society, so I would gain from it, directly and materially. Damming evidence to be sure.

Even my posterity would directly benefit from the implementation of my ideas. So even in this I have potentially corrupt motives. To improve the lives of my family and extended family. But even the lives of people that I know and even friends would be better off. You see; there is no bottom to my corrupt motives.

So in the glaring light of scrutiny, of my motivations in writing this blog and founding this party, I must be found guilty. Yes I admit it. I am guilty of wanting to personally benefit from improving the lot of Mankind. It is unfortunately true, that if my ideas are implemented the lot of humanity will improve, and I being a human will have my personal lot improved as well. I beg your forgiveness and understanding.

But the blogs will continue…

Logic and Emotion

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the minds of anti capitalists are made up and there is no argument that can ever reach their ears that would, or could, remove the scales from their eyes. The romantic anti capitalist is vehement that he or she sit in their cave and only watch the shadows on the wall, their back to the opening, while professing to know reality. Always feeling instead of thinking they sit in judgment of every facet of their neighbor’s lives. Never understanding the irony of a person who is at once the absolute judgementalist while demanding not only no judgment of their lives but approbation, no matter the action, if it is theirs.

We all make snap emotional judgments it is in our nature. There is no one among us who is not afflicted with this trait. Our ancestors lived in a world where snap judgments meant the difference between life and death. It is ingrained in us. But it is also ingrained in us to consider our reaction afterward. That is one of the traits of civilization in Mankind. The ability and attribute of assessing our actions and the outcome of them to garner better outcomes in the future.

This ability to look at the past and understand, intellectually, how our actions and the actions of others, even those of historical figures, have effected the World. It is our intellect that allows us to make these considered judgments. It is our intellect hat Socrates held as the primary difference between Man and beast. It was Emotion that Thrasymachus begged in his argument. By the last days of the Republic Rome had totally devolved into emotional decisions backed by sophist arguments to justify emotional actions. Sulla was no less guilty in this than Marius.

Look at the unquestionable evil that anti capitalists have visited on Mankind. From Stalin’s imposed famines through the Killing fields of Cambodia to Osama Bin Laden’s attack on the World Trade Center. Anti capitalists use logic, as a means only, to justify emotional reactions. Like arguing it would be a good thing to put sterilants in other people’s drinking water. No one argues that they personally should be fed sterilants against their will. It is others that have too many children and should be treated thusly.

As soon as the argument is won logically the anti capitalist flies into a rage. Then the personal attacks come out. No level of vitriol is too low to be leveled at a person arguing for liberty and the market system to cog and the sprocket of the machine of Mankind‘s advancement. The US Constitution is often at the point of attack. The anti capitalist faction seeks to undermine capitalism by gutting the Constitution. They make absurd arguments like the bill of Rights is there to protect the government’s rights to disarm the people. One of the most contemptible things anti capitalists do is redefine the Constitution. Take the redefinition of freedom of religion to separation of church and State.

Separation of church and state is a means to destroy freedom of religion for those anti capitalists that hate God. They believe that they can destroy their creator with rhetoric. Then when confronted with the question, what if there is a God they respond, well he must be a good guy and will forgive me… Presuming there will be no consequences no matter what. A very poor presumption to make; one that will possibly lead to ruination.

The anti capitalist will march all day to call for action in the face of Global Warming. Cite all the fabricated and out of context data the alarmists at the IPCC pull from their butts… and eat every bit. But any reasoning person must consider the fact that there is incontrovertible proof that Mars has warmed in the same time frame as Earth and about the same amount. This is far too coincidental to fluff off as a change in the color. I suppose a planet going from 2/3s ice cap in 1959 to 1/8th ice cap today would change the color from white to red. But the color change is an effect not a cause. It is possible human activity may have a slight effect on planetary climate, but the total effect must be solar system wide, if it is experienced solar system wide.

But the anti capitalist sees red when this argument is presented to them. No! It must be humans! No critical thinking at all. Because the theory fits well within the anti capitalist’s world view. That other people are bad and need to be controlled. Not only their property but their persons even down to their personal reproductive rights. There is no facet of human existence the anti capitalist does not consider himself entitled to control.

How a person can share every philosophical point with the National Socialist party, but call them evil and toss their common name around as an epithet to their political enemies, is amazing to me. But when a person is tied to the world with bindings of emotion, eschewing logical argumentation, it is not only possible but is a necessity. So keep arguing 5.5% unemployment is a jobless recovery but today we are living large at almost 90% employment.

Cognitive Dissonance

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Dear Friends,

What does it say about a government’s attitude towards it’s citizens, when that government allows illegal aliens to break the laws of the country with practical impunity (not requiring drivers licenses for instance), allows lawmakers the privilege to break any law they see fit with no negative repercussions (tax evasion for example) but holds the average citizen to the highest standard of personal conduct, even enforcing that conduct with the use of intrusive surveillance techniques such as video monitoring, including breath, urine and blood tests of the citizens (to prove their innocence), coupled with ever more attacks on free hold property rights? What would you think of someone you treated so poorly?

There is a psychological term called cognitive dissonance. Without going into a long lecture on every connotation and possible meaning of the term I will simply explain it as, Mental moment of inertia. We do what we do and we keep doing it. So for example if we stop at an Arby’s for lunch, the next day we are slightly more likely to stop at Arby’s for lunch. If we do, then the likely hood of stopping the next day grows, so on and so forth… If we are mean to a stranger… then we like that person less. It is in our nature, to justify, in our minds, that which we do, as occasioned by the other. So if we are accidentally mean to someone or intentionally unkind we dislike that person more after. Our attitude must comport with our actions. We have started Mental moment of inertia and the next time we see them we will be more likely to be unkind to them… etc.

So when a government treats it’s citizens as enemy combatants while treating illegal aliens, foreign terrorists and seditionists better than citizens; that government starts to dislike it’s citizens. To offset cognitive dissonance. The more it is done the less the Elite in government like the people they “serve.” This is a fundamental fact of human nature.

If you are a thinking person, you have already considered the slippery slope dilemma, that is the obvious outcome. The slope is, an Elite that increasingly, and at an increasing rate, come to despise the people. Once the Elite actually despise the citizens the government has every incentive to attack the people’s rights in every way. The attacks become more loathsome and less based in pseudo logical rhetoric (sophist or spurious logic), and grow into more emotionally based rhetoric. Once the cycle has completed the Elite will disarm the people, eliminate the market system and it’s feedbacks, and once and for all reduce the people to slaves. The normal state of Mankind; Not the Right state of Mankind. In a few hundred or maybe a few thousand years…

If you think about it, what is a sobriety road block or a safety road block, but a violation of the 4th amendment to the US Constitution? Not that I in any way advocate drunk driving or unsafe operation of a motor vehicle but I do believe a slippery slope that has the obviously terrible consequences as this should be taken seriously. Because it has far more dire consequences for Mankind, than the carnage that drunk drivers wrought on our highways, but less obvious. The one is not shown at all in the unbiased media while the other is sensationalized. Which kills more children every year in the US, guns or bicycles?

Consider this; In Germany in the 1930s the economy was destroyed by a foolish government that spent far too much money, was too liberal in their social policies and not liberal enough in their economic policies. This inevitably led to a backlash in society and a cultural philosophy catching on that liberty was in conflict with good economics. Liberty was seen as the threat not illiberal economic policies.

So if we accept that those in government are human beings and we accept that the theory of cognitive dissonance has merit, then we must also accept that the Elite in government are emotionally affected by their actions in the day to day running of government. The actions and rhetoric of the Elite in government for once agree, the people cannot be trusted.

Who is vilified when the economy goes bad? Business. Who is vilified when energy prices go up? Energy producers. Who is vilified when children cannot read? The parents. The list is endless and the point is clear, we cannot be trusted. But who is always blameless? The people running the show. They are faultless in everything and in every way. Unless something goes right…

Cognitive dissonance explains a lot. Look around at reality and get a good look. Take it in. It may be ugly and revolting but even the ugly and revolting can be avoided if we look at it and actually see it. Otherwise we end up scraping it off our shoe.

Is there anyone who thinks this is a good thing? And is there anyone who doesn’t see it?

Good and Bad; Black and White

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems amazing to me that, as a great Chinese philosopher (Mo Ti) once said, “This is something that confuses us… Take the case of a man who when shown a few black objects calls them black, but when he is shown a large number of black objects calls them white. He would have to admit his eyesight was in disorder and that he did not know the difference between black and white.” The “objects” he referred to were evils in the World. A few evils committed by a few men are obviously evil. But many evils done by many appear, (or are called) good. This philosophical distinction has implications in our daily lives and in the way our respective government’s assemble into political organizations.

When we see a person rob a store we say that is a bad thing. But we don’t examine the question further. Why is it a bad thing? Because the clerk could have been hurt? Because property was taken by someone other than the rightful owner? Because the environment is harmed by the burning of gunpowder? Or maybe because all these things amount to the same thing… that the good ordering of society is upset.

But when politicians cheat on their taxes or enact laws and regulations that benefit their political faction at the cost to society as a whole, people laugh it off. When confronted with the reality that a new regulation put in place for no purpose other than to protect a bureaucrat’s job will result in the ruination of someone they will laugh. Take another example that of war. How many people have been saved by NATO attacking in Libya? None. A grinding war takes a huge toll on the people and their welfare in a country. The destruction of infrastructure will result in hunger, disease, and poverty. The toll on the population doesn’t end there however.

People are the tinder of war. Human beings are consumed in the furnace of war. It is powered thusly. Therefore war should be taken seriously. Only engaged when the material welfare of a countries people is directly threatened. Because war is a large number of black objects and it is the definition of upsetting the orderly functioning of society, it is a bad (black) object that is often called good.

What about when a small faction believes it has the moral authority to demand others relinquish their personal right of self determination? Or that others relinquish their personal property. For such dubious reasons as protecting the Earth form Mankind. There is no bridge some of these people will not cross then turn and burn behind them to get their way. I have experience with people of this kind. They cannot be reasoned with or compromised with. There is no action they will not take to meet their ends. But they are portrayed as heroes in the unbiased press.

The example of abortion is glaring. Here we have the producers of modern culture claiming that abortion in the aggregate is good. To do so requires a change of rhetoric and abortion is deemed freedom of choice. The irony of people who despise other people’s right of self determination to claim to protect a freedom of choice is lost on most people today. But won’t be in the future. No one who witnessed an abortion would call it a good and righteous act. But veiled under a new name and it is a large number of black objects that are called white.

To what end are large numbers of bad things called good? Do you suppose it is for good ends? Is it in your experience that good things come of bad actions? Pile bad upon bad and will the result be good? I personally don’t think so. But the unbiased media and others, that create modern culture disagree with me, and now (hopefully) you.

Falkland Islands

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that everyone on the planet should be concerned, by the Obama administration’s backing of anti capitalist regimes in South America, undermining the Right of Self Determination in the Falkland Islands. Isn’t the Right of Self Determination the basis of Democracy? I thought these people, (the Obama administration), were blindly democratic but apparently only when it leads to famine, violence and bloodshed, but when undermining Self Determination leads to violence, famine and bloodshed they take that position. Two positions counter to each other… This leads me to conclude that the Obama administration likes, and wants, violence, famine and bloodshed in the World. This being the common thread.

The people of the Falkland Islands consider themselves to be British. They want to remain British citizens and they have representation in Parliament. But the Argentine government wants the land because in 1882 they landed a raiding party. Britain has exercised sovereignty over them since 1883.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia, a very leftist, biased organization that skews truth subtly and sometimes not so subtly, knowing it’s extreme bias, Wikipedia shows the attitude of the communist government’s, (and the attitude of any government that sides with Argentina), to the people that inhabit the Falklands, (and therefore you and I);

“Contemporary Falkland Islanders consider themselves to be British. They gained full British citizenship with the British Nationality (Falkland Islands) Act 1983, after the Falklands War. Argentina argues that the islanders do not have the right to self-determination, arguing that they are not aboriginal and were brought to replace the Argentine population that Argentina claims was expelled after the re-establishment of British rule in 1833.[2] The United Nations have called on both countries to begin dialogue over the sovereignty claim.”

So it appears, (reading between the lines), that the Argentine government is not interested in the people’s interest that live there and would rather the population of the Falkland Islands  emigrated, or in other words, ethnically cleanse the Falklands. I suppose this is acceptable since the people in question are British subjects…

Obviously Britain cannot abide such foolishness and neither should any civilized country. Not only abide, but condone, is what the US government is doing however. Yes the communist countries of South America all signed on to a pact, urging Britain to negotiate the ethnic cleansing of it’s citizens, and yes the Obama administration also signed on to this pact negating US and British common law regarding Self Determination, and yes there are some corrupt oligarchal capitalist countries in South America that agree that people are subjects and not citizens… but are these the human hearted people and goals we should be following?

In Libya the US is bombing people to protect their Right of Self Determination. In Afghanistan the US is bleeding it’s youth to protect the Afghan people’s right of Self Determination and in Iraq the ground has been fertilized with the blood of Men and Women who died and were maimed, to grow the Right of Self Determination for the people of Iraq, (but this was done by a prior administration).

The Obama administration has stabbed many allies in the back, (I predict Hosni will die at the gallows), and brought a faction to power in Egypt that has, as it’s central goal, the extinction of a race of human beings. It has delivered Yemen into those same hands and is in the process of delivering Libya into those same filthy hands. All in the name of democracy (self determination)?

It seems, that is what this administration does best, stab friends in the back and sow the seed of violence and war. Poland is another example of a friend scratching at a blade left in his back. Poland and several of our European allies, had the promised missile shield unilaterally taken away by Obama, to appease Russia and Putin. In return Russia has accelerated it’s help with Iran’s nuclear program and Iran will be producing nuclear bombs in 2 months.

Even the media have discovered evidence Iran is making nuclear bombs and modifying it‘s missiles to receive them. Yet when the uprisings appeared in Iran… Obama was silent. Silent of an uprising that could overthrow a suicidally apocalyptic regime soon to be equipped with nuclear bombs while stabbing allies in the back at the same time. Again it makes me conclude The Obama administration is not working to promote peace only sow and tenderly care for the seeds of war.

The only philosopher, (I know of), to say “the way to the over-man is under.” is Nietzsche. It always gives me the shivers reading him. I feel as if I am reading something Lucifer himself might have posited…

Arab Spring

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that his Arab Spring has taken some alarming turns. Changes in the apparent nature of the collective movements that signal a situation that will become more unstable not less unstable. This is very concerning to each and every one of us because it has implications, not only for World prosperity but more importantly, World peace.

The Arab people are perfectly well suited to living in a liberal democratically represented republic. The philosophy that they have lived under is not compatible with a liberal democratically represented republic however. The cultural ethos is that of a tribal/feudal system. So while there is no deficiency in the people whatsoever their philosophy is at odds with liberal democracy, which is the siren call of the unbiased media.

In Egypt events have traveled in a decidedly illiberal direction. Calls to quit the peace treaty with Israel are growing in frequency and amplitude. Calls for war with Israel are becoming more mainstream in Egyptian society than ever before. I remember what Machiavelli said about democracy, “A stable tyranny is better for the middle class than an unstable democracy.” Because in an unstable democracy there is no safety or security in one’s person or property but in a stable tyranny it is only the aristocracy that are actually tyrannized. In this context the average people of Egypt have gone from a stable tyranny to an unstable democracy. One that is becoming more unstable instead of less unstable.

Couple this with the fact that the largest and most violent demonstrations come directly after Friday Mosque says a lot about the root of the vine. With the rebellions in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and elsewhere driven by radical clerics calling on the people to Jihad against their rulers, to what end do you suppose those radical clerics are working… a liberal democratically represented republic?

It should make us all wonder what is the goal is in Libya. We are told it is to unseat Moammar. But then what? To give Libya to the radical Islamic clerics who are ginning up the rebellions around the rest of the Islamic World? That is suicidal foolishness. But it looks like that is the actual policy of NATO. Without effective control of the ground air power can only smash and destroy. It cannot enact political change. It’s like using a sledge hammer to filigree a tin ceiling…

Combine all these things together and we have a building disaster on our collective hands. Growing in magnitude due to the demolishing of infrastructure in the effected countries and the growing anger at the deteriorating living conditions that the rebellions are creating in their societies. Anger and hunger are easily channeled into mindless violence by the evil among us.

Just as 18th century France rage at the Aristocracy and hunger fed into the French revolution, or the massacre of the peaceful demonstrations in Saint Petersburg by Tsar Nicolas led to the rebellion that eventually brought Lenin and the Bolsheviks to power with all the intendent bloodshed. These examples give us some warning signs to look for. Like, the execution of old leaders, total triumph of secularism over religion or the reverse, and lastly the wholesale changing of the modes of people’s lives (treating people like lab rats).

We see the beginnings of all these things happening in the Arab Spring. In Egypt, where perhaps, the rebellion has evolved the farthest, Hosni is under indictment along with most of the old ruling guard. The outcome keeps sliding down the slippery slope…

What is lacking in these countries that would allow for an actual liberal democratically represented republics, is a capitalistic ethos, it is unfortunately not trite to say. As the great thinkers of the Enlightenment concluded, market thinking pervades every aspect of our lives, making us measure and weigh the good and bad in every decision. This has the effect of making people pragmatic and tolerant.

It is not virtue to be tolerant in a feudal or tribal society. These types of societies must be tempered by the introduction of a functional market system, before it can be imagined that democracy can be thrust upon a people who have been conditioned, not to be pragmatic… Doing so insures the splintering of a society into hard core factions and all the violence that entails until a new strongman brings all the factions under control.

Remember what Aristotle said about democracy, “There are three right forms of government and three wrong forms of government, the three right forms are, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, the three wrong forms are, despotism, oligarchy and democracy… for democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority.”

Where there is no pragmatism there can be no polity. Even the most pragmatic people must alloy democracy within a republic…

It’s the Economy Stupid

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me no matter how many times anti capitalists are wrong or how badly wrong they turn out to be, over and over and over, they are always the ultimate authority on any subject, especially the economy… Their economic prognostications that are wrong effect our personal economics.

Today’s economy is a perfect example. The beautiful people told us that if they spent trillions of dollars on infrastructure the economy would come quickly out of the recession, create or save millions of jobs, and they would pass smart regulation that would prevent too big to fail and fix past problems with the economy and the banking system.

What they delivered is replacing some road signs that did not need to be replaced, handed out gobs of money to ACORN and other political organizations, gave bailouts to the corrupt industrialists that had a hand in the economic downturn, prop up corrupt businesses that were (and continue to grow) too big to fail, gave money to foreign banks, gave money to corrupt dictators and such blazing successes as cash for clunkers.

On the regulation front, they delivered thousand upon thousands of pages of regulation that has not addressed a single problem that led to the economic collapse, has created new economic problems, added huge costs to doing business in the US, driven up health care costs while pretending to “fix” health care, taken away much consumer flexibility in the form of credit card regulation, driven up the cost of energy through not only regulating new drilling away but reckless printing of dollars.

The results are dismal at best, the unemployment rate is still going up 2 years into the “recovery,” the number of people who have fallen out of the job market and given up is around 35%! Gdp growth is being revised lower as I write this, housing starts are dropping still, the US budget deficit has hit the ceiling, and the stock market rise is entirely due to Quantitative Easing 2, (QE2).

QE2 is simply the Fed printing dollars then spending them buying US bonds. Today the fed is buying 70% of US bonds! That means only 30% are bought by US citizens, foreign citizens or sovereign funds (other governments). QE2 is supposed to run out at the end of June 2011. People who read this blog after then will know the answer, but I believe when QE2 stops, the Dow Jones industrial average will fall off the table… Unless the Fed steps in and announces QE3. If they do that it will be purely a political tool to keep public opinion positive about the anti capitalists that run the show today in the US government.

The simple fact of the matter is the US government has over promised and has painted itself into a corner. The ability of the economy to produce the things the government has promised is being materially harmed by the government’s regulation and taxation of the economy. Raising taxes or increasing regulation during a downturn in the economy is risky but to do both is ridiculous. That is what the anti capitalists that run the US government have done, in fact the first thing they did when they came into office was to raise taxes on the poor.

Yes, that’s right one of  Obama’s first action was to raise the cigarette taxes. Who smokes cigarettes? The Vanderbilt’s? The Lintilhacs? Maybe the Rockefeller clan… No, believe it or not, it is the poor who largely partake of cigarettes. So, when government raises taxes on cigarettes, government raises taxes on the poor. Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.

Boil it down and spending will come under control. No matter how much the anti capitalist element in the US government raises taxes on the entrepreneur government spending will go down. The real question is, will it go down in a controlled manner, or will it collapse when QE3 runs out. The fed’s ability to print money will be extinguished, the dollar will be worthless and no one will be stupid enough step up to buy the trillions of dollars of bonds the US government must sell to continue the profligate spending.

Collapse or controlled, it depends if the American people fall for the anti capitalist advertisement, of Paul Ryan throwing grandma off the cliff or are smart enough themselves to see through the rhetoric. In other words stop believing the people who are constantly wrong about the economy.

I wonder… If the anti abortion people made an ad showing, graphically, (like throwing a person off a cliff for example), an abortion gleefully performed by some pro abortion politician… would that too, be acceptable political rhetoric, or would it be offensive? What is the difference?