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Korean Crisis

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that the mounting tensions between North Korea and South Korea, are simply a contrived “teaching moment” for the Dear Leader’s son, and heir apparent. The tyrant to be must learn the weakness of the West. That no matter how far you push, the West will never actually go to War, no matter how blatant the aggression, the West will always blame itself for it. Moreover that no matter how out of hand your shenanigans have gotten, the West will always take a fig leaf, if only to cover their impotence.

How many times in the past has North Korea ratcheted up the rhetoric. How many times has North Korea offended the armistice? With what negative consequences? The more a schoolyard bully gets away with his anti social behavior the more aggressive he will become. Eventually dooming himself to a life of violence and incarceration… Where does North Korea stand among the nations of the World?

I have a question. Where did those retaliatory artillery shells land in North Korea? An empty field? Apparently no one was killed maimed or hurt by the West’s retaliation for, shelling a civilian area, resulting in two South Korean civilian deaths as well as of two military personnel. The unprovoked, sudden, clearly in violation of the armistice, attack, would have started a war in any other instance. If Canada attacked the USA in the same manner the two nations would teeter on the brink. Not so when North Korea attacks it’s southern neighbor.

In this case we have an example of a country doing, what it claims, would instantly send it’s army to war… if it were done to them. Holding others to a much higher standard of tolerance then they even claim to have. To the point of taking innocent human life… and there is nothing is less human hearted than that.

Next time, and there will be a next time, instead of shelling a minefield, South Korea should shell every artillery battery that fires on her, delivering it into oblivion. Don’t launch an invasion, don’t shell civilian targets but crush any weapon used against them. That would be a statement of determination. If the retaliatory shelling takes a week to do it. Pound the batteries to dust. But importantly, tyrants are like cats, they have poor memories and need to be corrected immediately, waiting a year and watering down any negative consequences with rewards is incentive to continue the negative behavior.

But what is the point of all this violence from the Communist tyrant in the North? The point is, that the Dear Leader’s son, needs to see, first hand, that the West is docile. Like a dog it can be beaten. Even though the dog, if it turned on it’s tormentor, would rip the abuser to shreds.

The last point to make about this “Teaching Moment” is that nothing galvanizes support for the regime in power more, than an external threat, even if it is generated by the regime itself. People have a natural fear of an “outsider” having power over them. Judging others by themselves they believe they would be tyrannized even worse then they are by their own government. So people rally around their tormentor in fear of the unknown. The people of North Korea are especially vulnerable largely because they have no yardstick to weigh their tyranny. They are subjected to constant indoctrination and propaganda. They are isolated from the rest of the world and they are terrorized by their own government. Here is a true story from the history of the old USSR to illustrate the point.

During the Second World War Stalin called STAVKA into his office. When they arrived Stalin had a chicken in his arms. Stalin then said, “Now I will show you how to rule the people.: Then, Stalin grabbed the chicken tight with one hand, ripping handfuls of feathers from the terrified chicken with the other. The chicken screamed in pain and terror. Blood filled the air. The Elite in the USSR watched the spectacle astonished. Then Stalin stopped. Reaching into his pocket he took out some grain and fed the terrified chicken. The chicken, out of it’s mind in pain and fear, ate the grain. When it had calmed down and had eaten some food Stalin set it down. The frightened chicken immediately clutched Stalin’s leg. Terrified it would be tortured again. Proudly, with a grin on his face, Stalin looked up at the men, standing in horror before him, and said, “That, is how you rule the people.”

And That, is the lesson for today, for North Korea’s tyrant to be… it applies to the people, and it applies to the World at large… It is only for the World’s Elite to prove it to him.

What do you think?

Societal Ethos

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems with the modern ethos is embodied in a advertisement that I heard the other day. It was making the valid point that people shouldn’t park in handicapped parking areas if they are not handicapped. The part that piqued my interest was one line; “Parking in a handicapped space is not just wrong it is illegal.”

What makes this line stand out to me is the priority of wrong. By the order of the harms it appears that, in the mindset of the person writing the commercial, to do something illegal is worse than to do something morally wrong… When in reality the exact opposite is true.

For example, it is legal for Prudential Insurance company to rip off the widows and orphans of American soldiers killed in action. But at the same time it is morally reprehensible. While it is illegal to build within the zoned setback in the area that you live in. The one is reprehensible and the other is simply rude.

The pernicious idea is that, people hold Man’s law above God’s law, the worldly over the divine, the passing over the eternal. It makes us feel, as long as I am not breaking the law, whatever I do, without limit, is ok. Changing the societal ethos to, that which is immoral should be eschewed; that which is illegal must be eschewed.

When people value the law of Man over the law of God government must necessarily get large. Ever larger government to regulate ever smaller portions of daily life. More and More to do less and less. Building tension until societal structure catastrophically fails and there is a general breakdown.

Because government is like the roof of a house. The roof should be light, sound, watertight and long lasting. The people are like the foundation and business the structure. The roof cannot long support the foundation no matter how strong it gets. Else the Law of physics is violated and being one of God’s Laws it must necessarily have dire consequences were it violated. There is no political out for the Elite no matter their worldly power… Even Marius the enemy of Sulla, died a horrible death despite his immense wealth and power.

But where a people practice self control there is necessarily less need for government. Self sufficient people need no dubious help from government, self sufficient people need less policing, self sufficient people need less regulation, self sufficient people are a threat to the power of the Elite.

Livy pointed to these issues in ancient Rome. He was ridiculed for his portentous advice. Because Rome would fall exactly as Livy said it would, for largely the reasons he claimed. What has happened in the past, is proven possible, thus can happen in the future. To believe otherwise is to be willfully ignorant.

But it is the Elite’s self interest to, nudge, society away from self sufficiency. Take for an extreme example laws against holding firearms. No liberal democracy on Earth does not have a monopoly on violence in it’s jurisdiction. Only in the poorest and nonfunctioning States does the State loose it’s monopoly on violence. With it’s monopoly on violence, (a part of the social contract), the State is empowered to take the property, rights and lives of it’s citizens in the form of taxes, punishments and coercion. Some legitimate some illegitimate. But all are universal powers of the modern State.

But where guns are the most illegal for the citizenry to hold we see the State has the least monopoly on violence. Mexico is an example. The Elite argue that guns are too dangerous a right to allow. It’s misuse results in human deaths. Ignoring the obvious counter argument, that the right to free speech is far more dangerous then the right to keep and bear arms, their argument flies in the face of the modern States monopoly on violence.

But what is the result of an unarmed citizenry? People who are utterly dependant on government for protection. If a person breaks into the home of an unarmed citizen the citizen is at the mercy of the invader, (never a good position to be in), but the home invader who enters the house of an armed and prepared citizen, is in mortal danger.

The Elite argue, we are not to be trusted with arms, despite our demonstrated morality, but they can be trusted with a monopoly on violence, despite their demonstrated corruption… And they are believed because in our hearts we all want a big brother to look after us… Or do we?

Net Neutrality

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the political Elite are always searching for ways to control the flow of information, especially political information. Free flowing political information represents a threat to the power of the political Elite. They, being human, want to defend themselves from any threat, not least of which, to their political power, so it follows that they obey their self interest and seek to control information.

The new bill to come out of the Senate committee, ‘Net Neutrality’ is an thinly veiled attempt to control information on the internet under the guise of a legitimate function of government i.e., protection of property.

As I stated in my last blog, that not only is it important for government to protect the property of It’s citizens… it is an imperative. Because if government does not, the lot of everyone in that society, will go down… Intellectual property being the hardest to protect.

Net Neutrality is supposed to protect intellectual property, by allowing the US government to shut down any website, that violates any copyright protection, no matter how tangential. If a website has a link to another site that has been deemed to have been guilty of copyright infringement, the offending site can be simply turned off, by a government bureaucrat without du process… Simply by erasing the DNS entry.

If a certain political faction, that has a history of propagandizing, had control of that function of the government, for example, they could close a site that reported an inconvenient fact by finding a site several links away that violates copyright law no matter how tangentially, then follow the chain of links to the offending site without any supervision. Even a cashier at Wal-Mart has more oversight than government would under this bill.

The US government, under this bill, would be able to turn off websites that offend the political Elite no matter where the are, in any country or nation, on Earth. Putting the US government in the position of potentially being the gatekeeper of information to the World. No way that could go wrong…

The most interesting thing is the way this bill has been reported in the unbiased media. It has been reported as a technical bill to address bandwidth challenges posed by the carriers of internet traffic. Those carriers, (Verizon, ATT, ETC…), want to continue having the ability to choke off bandwidth hogging applications, if their network begins to bog down. This technical and erudite description totally misses the mark. Perhaps intentionally so.

The bill, as advertised, does seek to address a problem with the internet, the ability of internet users to exchange data, (often copyrighted), between each other. This has dramatically diminished the profit of the people who produce content. “Good!” Some anti capitalists might say. “Why should they get rich from music or from a movie?” Because they made it. Just like if you make a chair. It is your property. If someone wants to have it in their house they must reimburse you for your labor producing it to your satisfaction. To do otherwise is stealing. Intellectual property is no different.

Moreover, if intellectual property becomes impossible to profit from there will be less and less available. No one will spend millions of dollars and hours heaped on hours of time to produce a movie that will be stolen immediately. They will go hungry. No one would do that.

In meeting a truly legitimate function of government, our government is seizing an opportunity. An opportunity to snatch the reigns of the flow of information. Elegant in principle, overtly using an important function of government, to subvertly undermine that very function, certainly making Trasymachus proud!

Great politicians don’t necessarily make acceptable lawmakers…

Property Rights

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that there are three general practices that government can follow, in the area of property rights, of it’s citizens and non citizens; They are, government protects the property and free use of it‘s citizens and non citizens, government can allow the corrupt to usurp the property and rights of the politically weak while protecting the usurper from any negative consequences, or government can be the usurper.

Governments that are the usurper of property include but are not limited to, Nazi Germany, The United Soviet Socialist Republic, Cambodia, North Korea, with many others far too numerous to count, modern examples including, Cuba, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe among others. Clearly an historic group of countries contributing much to the historical annuls, the combined knowledge base and lore of humanity, the true misery, visited on a people who follow an ethos based on jealousy.

These countries all had, (have) a declining standard of living. The governments of these countries are united, in their usurping of private property rights, of their citizens and non citizens. Regardless of the original motives behind the government’s usurping property rights the result, universally, is misery.

Other countries have a semi rule of Law, where there is Law, but it is selectively applied. Countries with oligarchal capitalist systems follow this path. Mexico is a glittering example of an oligarchal capitalist country that has a system of Law but it is selectively applied.

The results of the Mexican practice is large scale poverty along with corruption in, government, business and the population. Perhaps the reason is that, if a drug lord killed a person’s son, for example, there would be no government attempt to prosecute the drug lord or any of his minions. If however the person who suffered a real loss takes matters into his own hands and retaliates killing the drug lord and the minions that were directly involved in his son‘s murder, rest assured, that person would be tried to the utmost limits of the Law, and made an example of.

What is the incentive for the average person in such a system?

The last system is where government holds the property rights of individuals equally and as freehold. There are no examples in the world today, of this right government, all falling into some level of the others. Historic examples include the US, Denmark, and England among few others.

History emphatically shows that where this is the state of affairs, government protects property rights of it’s citizens and non citizens, the standard of living increases dramatically. Reading the writings of Voltaire and Hume shows the advancement of the standard of living of the human race directly as a result of the enlightenment. The advent of the Market System could not have happened where government does not protect property rights. It’s not hard to understand why, when Denmark vociferously claimed they would protect, even the property rights of the hated Jews, was where and when the Market System came into being.

The thing I find wonderful, is that the standard of living of people, not even involved in the market system, standard off living went and continues to, go up. Like a desert getting slowly flooded. Plants and animals gather where the water is deepest, but water leeches through the sand, nourishing other places. Especially where there is some attempt to protect property rights… We find cacti and succulents. Imagine how much better it would be if those countries that practice usurpation or allow usurpation changed course?

If they started actually protecting, equally, access to property, including the means of production, controlling the avarice of the Elite, making equal demands of all citizens and holding the powerful to the same Law the weak are held to, Imagine how much better the lot of Mankind would be. Everywhere.

Why not?

TEA Party and Taxation

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that any plan to balance the US budget that includes raising taxes is a betrayal of the Tea Party movement. Remember TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already? The reason for the Tea Party movement is that the American people, people that have been steeped in market theory, are rational self interested people.

Being Rationally self interested we understand that, even though the ride seems fine now, the rapidly approaching rock ledge will stop us far too quickly for our comfort. We have been asking our lawmakers to apply the brakes for awhile now but the music must be too high. Our increasingly frantic pleas for some slowing to our breakneck speed has been met with the driver stomping down on the pedal. Panicked the American people are reacting as anyone would in a life threatening situation. In this case economically life threatening.

The American people’s spending is measured every day and in every way. Daily reports come out, stressing that this or that sector, has seen a slipping of consumer spending. Whole industries stock value rise and fall on consumer sentiment for that afternoon. Fortunes are made and lost over a rumor about what Americans are going to buy next.

But what about the American consumer? That greedy, self absorbed, crass, purchaser of goods, what about her? Accumulator of stuff for no other reason than to… Shore up the world’s economy?

That gal is being stretched economically. Her husband has been laid off and there are no small startups to provide another, perhapse because the government has been propping up inefficient companies, at the expense of entrepreneurs, for political gain. Her cost of living is rising fast even as her disposable income is shrinking and she watches in horror at the mushroom cloud of government debt rising over her head.

The answer, according to the Elite, is to raise her taxes, say only $.15 a gallon. Or perhaps eliminate the exemption on mortgage interest? What is a few thousand dollars a year out of the American consumer? Nothing really, what, only 5% more taken from her.

What will she have to do to make up for that mere 5%? Lower her standard of living, (buy less stuff). That is the effect of the cause, i.e. raising her taxes. She is an American and knows this even if only on a subconscious level. She also understands that Wall Street is watching her every move. If she stops spending on this or that people will loose there jobs, maybe her. How will she pay taxes then? Oh… they will just go up more to make up for her loss…

When something burns it is really an oxidation reaction. The carbon compound is heated to a sufficient level to start reacting with the oxygen in the air around it. The nature of the reaction is such that sufficient heat is generated that it produces a surplus. That surplus heat then causes more of the combustible material to react with the surrounding oxygen. The reaction is said to be self sustaining. Put another way a feedback loop.

Many situations can cause a feedback loop or self sustaining reaction to occur. The scenario I have related is one. The funny thing is that the “ignorant” masses understand this, as I said, perhaps on a subconscious level, but they understand it. The droll part is that the Elite do not. They understand little of what is in front of their eyes. But we are the ignorant masses.

The Elite are like a crowd of hoodlums siphoning gas at night. Eyes stinging with gasoline fumes mouths dry from spitting out gas fumes hanging in the air, they can’t quite see, so one asks, “Gimme a light.” The guy behind flicks his bic…

The problem with spending is spending; not taxing.

Equality, Liberty and Social Justice

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the concept of Equality is not the same as Social Justice. In fact the term social justice is the antithesis of equality, social justice requiring inequality to function, moreover equality is an intrinsic quality and social justice an extrinsic quality.

The concept of Equality is an intrinsic quality because it pertains to intrinsic metalaws, like; equality in worth, equality in law, equality in existence and so forth. The intrinsic nature of equality, is such that, it is a non excludable social good, like a road. This non excludable social good, that is equality, brings us a whole basket of goods not the least of which is an expanding standard of living for the people. This is the very nature of Equality. Social Justice is extrinsic in that it is interested in extrinsic qualities like, income, positions, property ownership and ownership of the means of production.

Social Justice is the antithesis of Equality in that the very concept of Social Justice not only requires inequality but vociferously demands it! That people not only should be treated differently by government, but must be. Those people the communist deems as having too much, (excluding the communist himself), are to be subjected to all nature of harm social, economic and personal. In this trial, the progressive is the judge the socialist is the prosecutor and the communist is the accuser, how can such a trial be anything but fair? Social Justice requires that the goods of society are distributed by politics. It’s very nature lowers the lot of Mankind.

As the requisite of social justice is political preference so it lowers the standard of living for the people. The Elite’s standard of living skyrockets however. Talk about the “gap between the rich and the poor” look at North Korea, now there, there is a gap! The people starve while the Elite feast. How about the glorious example of the Soviet Union? Tens of Millions of people starved to death… intentionally, to industrialize the “Workers Republic.” That is the very nature of Social Justice, poverty and starvation. Ask China.

Equality has side effects however, one is Liberty. In a republic where there is Equality there is also Liberty. Liberty requires people who have self control; people who are self interested, rightly understood, or put another way, Rational Maximisers. Liberty quickly falls to tyranny where the people act like animals. Machiavelli said it best when he said, “A corrupt people can never be free.” But why does Equality beget Liberty that requires virtuous people?

Equality and liberty, put this way, must make people more civilized and less barbaric. If we examine the subject we see that where people are treated equally and as adults, we act like adults and act equitably, but where people are treated like children and unequally we act like children and are inequitable to others. Think of it this way, If someone treats you like a child scolding you and controlling you… you, and I, and everyone else, want to escape, but if we are stymied our increasingly frantic attempts appear to be childish. We all act as we are acted on. Equitably or inequitably.

So we have established that in a society or community where people are entitled to Equality under law, socially and economically, Liberty is close at hand, but how does Equality beget a higher standard of living? Forgetting, for a moment, that Liberty is a higher standard of living than tyranny, Liberty also has the side effect of unleashing people.

The Human being is remarkable. We are capable of so much if we are so motivated and are allowed. The human being unleashed from the shackles of tyranny in all it’s ugly forms is not only self sufficient but is able to create more than he or she needs. One of the fundamental qualities of human beings is that we all want to be comfortable, we want nice things and we want our health. Universally if someone didn’t want good health we would say that something is wrong with his head. If we are given liberty, we naturally create a better standard of living for ourselves, much better than a State could ever provide. Self sufficiency is begotten from Liberty and liberty from equality.

We see, historically and empirically, that wherever social justice is enacted the standard of living erodes and where equality is approached the standard of living rises… so why do you suppose anti capitalists tout social justice and mime equality so?

Three Paths to Virtue in Society

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that for a market system to function properly the people must be honest. As the people that make up a society become less honest, for whatever reason, the market becomes less and less efficient until it’s correct function is totally destroyed.

In this article we mean honesty in the sense of; honesty in action, honesty in speech and honesty in thought.

Most people think there is one path that can be taken to create the necessary conditions for an honest society when in fact there are three;

The first is the path the human race has taken the most, the easiest and worn with wheel ruts, it is to use draconian law to control the avarice of the people. The aristocracy is given free reign to their avarice. The few exceptions are notable in that they resulted in historically significant advancements in human understanding.

The second means to keep the citizenry honest is to hold the aristocracy to a high level of honesty. This is the means proscribed by Confucius. This is the means, that comports with reality the best, in that people, naturally follow the Elite. The people value what the Elite value and disdain what the Elite disdain. In societies where the Elite value luxury the people will value luxury. In societies where the Elite value hard work the people will value hard work.

The sage kings of ancient China are said to have put aside their own selfishness even to the point of selecting the next king by merit instead of blood. The Spartan civilization, under the laws of Lycurgus, is another example. The Spartan citizens were, by law, forbidden from luxury, coined money in iron, could not do manual labor and had to constantly train for war. While the laws of Lycurgus warped and distorted humanity they did show the advantages of forcing the Elite in a society to eschew luxury and vice. The Spartan by law… the Sage Kings by being sages.

Moreover people try to act as the Elite as best they can. When the Elite are corrupt the people will follow them into Hades. Where the Elite are virtuous the people will be virtuous. It follows then that to hold the Elite honest holds the people honest.

The third way is chaos. Hold no one to no standard. As a means, this is the worst, and would not result in an honest Elite or an honest citizenry, inevitably resulting in the lowering of everyone’s standard of living.

Just as water flows downhill and smoke rises in still air a dishonest society requires ever expanding law and punishments. Providing clear evidence that the Elite are corrupt in that society. Just as water proves a grade and smoke proves fire. In societies that are increasingly honest there is less need for onerous law and punishments. Liberty in society requires an honest people to enjoy it.

In a society where there is liberty but not honesty, the people will quickly call for more and more law, to protect them selves and their property from the dishonest society they live in. You cannot live in a cesspool however without smelling like it. People who lived in a less and less honorable society are incentivised to become less honest themselves. Even the Jen Man who lives the Golden Mean will necessarily lower his level of honesty as that of society lowers. Like a boat with the tide.

The ideal example is the Weimar Republic in Germany during the interwar period. The Elite tried to protect their vassal businesses with legislation. Protectionism was the ethos of the 1930s and the Weimar Republic was a big believer. They also wanted to minimize the negative impact their policies had on society so they passed ever more socialistic laws. Laws that undermined the very business they sought to protect. So government and society corroded. The Government decided that all they needed was more money and they could subsidize favored business, and support the people put out of work, from the self serving policies of the politicians. The result was an economic collapse and a backlash against liberty. The people came to the conclusion that it was liberty that was causing such a mess of the economy. They thought that if only the government could have more power the Elite could do what was necessary to get the economy moving again. This pernicious notion coupled with extreme nationalism created the NAZI party.

Corrupt Elite enact corrupt policies which create more need of law, allowing the self serving Elite to pass more corrupt law. The loop is only broken when the Elite are forced to be honest. They won’t do it by themselves. The Elite must be forced to it. Else liberty will be something our grand children read about in history books…

Analysis of the 2010 Election Results.

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the recently completed elections in the US, show that with a few exceptions, the people of the United States want a much more conservative government, than we have. The elections that took place in 2008 put into this context make much more sense.

In 2008 the “Conservative” faction of the American electorate stayed home to protest the big spending of the Republicans, this coupled with an historically significant election year, generating turnout in factions that don’t normally vote, and you have a Democratic victory. This theory can be empirically proven by counting the calls to conservative radio shows during the 2008 election season. It can be inferred that each call that makes this argument, represents 100 calls that didn’t make it through and each of those 100 calls that didn’t make it through, represent 100 people who didn’t even bother to call, that had the same opinion.

This year 2010 the American electorate turned out very well for a non presidential year. With the only exceptions being California, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts these States returned a largely anti capitalist bunch back to power. With some notably corrupt characters… Charlie Rangel with his proclivity not to report income and Barney Frank with his dodgy record overseeing Fannie and Freddy during the financial meltdown.

The rest of the nation turned Republicans to office. Almost a landslide victory for Republicans gives them a mandate far more than did Obama’s landslide at 52% of the popular vote. No other Democrat had done that since Jimmy Carter. The last few elections taken into consideration along with general polling data about the American people show the American government is far to the left of the American people.

But will the Republicans actually come through and cut any government?

If a Republican calls for the elimination of the Mohair subsidy, (to protect the US military’s access to mohair for WWI uniforms), he or she will be reviled in the unbiased media. The thrust of every story on NPR will be how heartless and actually cruel the Republican is to want to hurt those poor farmers. After all aren’t farmers the back bone of America? Olson’s “Logic of collective action.” will rear it’s ugly head in every proposed cut.

Literally billions of dollars will be leveled against anyone who steps out of line. Those that do will be dragged through the mud even worse then in this election. In the end the mohair subsidy will stay, but the uncooperative congressmen or woman, will be gone. So no. No they will not cut anything.

This will enrage the American electorate even more. Who knows how the American electorate will handle their anger when that time comes… never mind they will be angry at themselves for allowing it. Maybe the Republican name will be so destroyed that it will cease to be a viable party, like the Whigs, to supplanted by another party that actually embodies the American Conservative ethos.

What is the American conservative ethos? I’m glad you asked…

The term “conservative” is very misleading. To the European it means a person who want’s to conserve the feudal system. Or return to a similar system. Where the goods of society are distributed by class.

But an American conservative wants to conserve the advances of the Enlightenment, where the goods of society are distributed by the market system, a far more meritorious distribution, that has served us so very well. The American Conservative wants to conserve all the things that allow a market system to work.

Those are family, and religion. Family is obvious. People raised in a family especially a large family learn quickly to bide their time, work with in a frame work, are compliant to superiors but know the difference between legitimate orders and illegitimate orders all through incessant fighting with their siblings and parents.

Religion is valuable to a market system because it helps keep people honorable. The only person we really have to fear getting unlimited power is a true atheist. Because a true atheist is not limited in his or her actions. To argue they have a conscience is laughable. The human conscience is the poorest control over human behavior. Whenever the conscience runs against the ego the conscience never fails to bend. That is one of the chief reasons religion is important for a functional market system.

That is the American Conservative ethos, pro capitalism, to conserve the market system and the things that allow it to work… for our children and their children.

As opposed to the American Liberal ethos, anti capitalism.