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Progressives and Violence

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, violence by socialists is acceptable, while free market liberals are slandered by it. Socialists have a free pass when it comes to violence, when an act of violence happens the media that calls itself unbiased claims it might be a conservative, until they find out it was another progressive, then they drop the story as old news. Throughout the twentieth Century, by far most of the violence, outright wars, insurgencies and terrorism, was by Marxists to gain power. The Marxists however were never brought to international trial, nor were they the pariahs the “right wing” Juntas were that fought the Marxists, saving their countries from tyrannical Communism of the North Korean variety. The treatment of a “right winger” who does an act of violence is far different than that of a Marxist. The difference in treatment is startling considering how our culture is supposed to value appeals to logic rather than hyperbole. The real threat of this perhaps unconscious pass the new class gives to socialists committing violence, is the pernicious incentive that arises, such actions and attitudes lead inevitably to more and deadlier violence.

No one is surprised at the looming violence at the democratic convention. Bernie is a Soviet style Marxist, as he would say in Vermont in the 1970’s all the time, and his supporters openly support “socializing” anything they can get government’s sticky hands on. Moreover, there is violence at many democratic conventions, the most historic was the 1968 free for all. Violence at democratic conventions is commonplace as it is accepted by the new class. I looked and couldn’t find a single incidence of a republican convention that became violent other than the Taft/Roosevelt, where Roosevelt of course was a progressive, bringing his progressive thugs in with him. Where there has been violence it was from democrats trying to force their way in to sow chaos and violence.

Violence in the cause of enslaving people is cheered while violence in the cause of liberty is booed. How many new class reporters do you think secretly cheer on the Colombian rebels? How often do you suppose that same reporter cheers on the Colombian government? The rebels seek to force by violence, everyone to become a slave of the state, while the government is freely elected and therefore has the patronage of the people. Even the extraordinarily violent and brutal Shining Path Gorillas got better press than Pinochet. Since Marxists usually can’t win an election, they opt for violence and since their violence is accepted by the new class, it becomes a more viable option.

When the Iranian people rose up against the theocracy, a theocracy that dictated to them by violence, what to believe, what to think, what to do in marriage, how to raise children, how to dress… all enforceable by extreme public violence, Obama, the ultimate new class President warned the people against violence, Obama and the rest of the new class then turned a blind eye, when the Iranian zealots would threaten the families of Iranians living in Europe and the US, sometimes even torturing innocent women and children on video feed, to force the people living abroad not to speak out. That uprising received zero international support, zero, and it would have swept a nuclear threat from the world, but the new class only accepts violence by those seeking to enslave, never to throw off the shackles of slavery.

William James in his lectures on pragmatism, said that both the religious and the atheists have explanations for the state of affairs… and how to improve them. The atheists believe it is up to them and them alone, since there is no God, no overriding force pushing mankind to the good, so they must do it, by whatever means. While the religious can push hard but in the end can rest on the faith God will make it all work out in the end. The atheist then, has every incentive to violence, while the believer doesn’t. Let society and culture give a nudge and wink of acceptance to the atheist and violence is even more probable. Marxism, communism and socialism are all at heart atheist/rationalizing ideologies and so those that adhere to those ideologies tend to be more atheistic.

The insidious threat that such an attitude, that of accepting violence from those factions seeking to enslave humanity, while slandering those seeking to unburden humanity from slavery, as violent. In the US take the example of two mad bombers. One, Tim McVeigh was executed, and rightly so, the other, Bill Ayers, who told and FBI informant, he, Bill Ayers, would kill fifty million Americans if and when he came to power, and should have been at least incarcerated… you are now paying that guy better than one hundred grand a year, to teach your children his violent tyrannical Marxist ideology. The difference in treatment is as shocking as it is… well, shocking. Add to the nudge and wink the fact that people who are atheists tend toward socialism, progressivism, communism and Marxism and the conditions become ripe for political violence perpetrated by progressives and blamed on conservatives. With only a few calories spent taking this pernicious incentive to it’s natural outcome… one must shudder at the future our children will have to live in.


John Pepin

The American Oligarchy

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the West is ruled by an oligarchy, that oligarchy is… the new class. You will remember, if you read my articles or have a sufficient education, that Aristotle characterized the three wrong forms of government and the three right forms, as well as his perfect form. It is always best to use Aristotle’s definition of oligarchy, in the way he meant it… an oligarchy is a system of government where the upper class, (hereditary aristocracy in Aristotle’s time but could be any form the upper class takes per elitist theory), rule and rule for their own benefit rather than the benefit of all. So what I am saying is that the new class is a defacto upper class in Europe, North and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand, they rule what we call the Western World, and rule it for their own good rather than the good of mankind.

A wrong form of government is any government that rules for it’s own narrow self interest. To put it another way… the rulers are egoists. It’s easy to happen, after all something put them in the upper class to begin with, whether it was birthright, education, merit, wealth, intellect, cunning or evil, those in the upper class have an instinctual drive to look down on those not in the upper class. The more structurally separated the elite become from the hoi polloi, the more sharp the divide becomes until instead of benevolence, the elite view the unwashed masses with contempt and scorn. The elite are the smartest, most educated, and are willing to do what it takes, get blood on their hands… so why shouldn’t they run the show and run it for their own good. Who are the imbeciles, layabouts and common laborers to have a say, or even a share, let them starve, clean the gene pool anyway… becomes their mindset. Once that happens aristocratic rule, no matter who the elite are, becomes oligarchy.

Who are the new class, you might ask, and how are they a ruling elite? The new class are those with advanced college degrees. Not everyone who have college degrees agree with the politics of the new class, but in the realm of politics it is democratic, the consensus of those with advanced college degrees is what decides such matters. Your attorney, banker, accountant, run the business where you work, the woman who writes your favorite newspaper column, your governor senator and doctor, the new class are the people at the top, well, of everything. They decide what you see on television, read in the paper, what your daughter wears when she goes out and what your son listens to, they are the new class who pass our regulations in the darkness of bureaucracy, teach our children, tell our police what to do and what not to do, they decide where to send our boys and girls into battle, and what their lives should be spent on, the new class is by every definition, the modern aristocracy.

How can we tell, by the economy, they rule for themselves only and are not simply incompetent? Well, incompetence cannot instantly be ruled out, in this case however, for the most educated most powerful and most wise people, (by their own definition), be so very wrong? More likely, their incompetence is manifested in the fact they thought they could keep the loaded dice game going forever. Moreover, look at the rate of pay for CEOs, the quintessential new class citizen, compared over time to the rest of society. The exponential growth in upper management pay, mirrors an equal decrease in the pay for employees, and lowered sock performance by return on investment, is a sure sign something is wrong with businesses today. Every absurd ruling of a judge, granting a million dollars to a plaintiff who cuts himself while breaking into a home or awards a conniver a loophole in an otherwise iron clad contract… all add up to a society and culture of anger, fear and division, which feeds back into the power and wealth of the new class. To the detriment of the nation and humanity.

People with advanced college degrees tend to marry only those with advanced college degrees today, segregate themselves into gated communities and send their children to private schools, showing they have become in many ways separated from the huddled masses. which is always destructive of social cohesion. The new class is by all definitions a ruling class, as shown by the fact they run everything, and control the dissemination of information. The new class rules for it’s self interest at the cost to the rest of humanity. By all accounts and measures… the new class is an oligarchy.


John Pepin

The Path to Enlightenment, Step One…

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, in the material realm… it is foolish to dwell on that which we don’t have, and wise to dwell on that which we do have, while in the realm of knowledge… it is wise to dwell on that which we don’t have, and foolish to dwell on what we have gained. The thirst for knowledge is one of the definitions of a sage that Confucius used. Jesus taught us not to overly value material things. It is only when we keep these truths at the front of our minds do we have any chance, if we are already a sage, to become more enlightened, and if a fool then, less of one. We all do it, value our material things more than they deserve and at the same time, scorn that which is most valuable to us. If however, we try to keep the true value, to us, our growth, our mental as well as spiritual well being at the forefront, instead of vanity and disinterest. Even if we only do it for a short time, the growth in that short time, may carry to the end of our days improving, ever so subtly… our lives.

The sage always seeks knowledge while the dull are happy in the knowledge they have gained. In a conversation, when confronted with knowledge a person doesn’t know, the disinterested will change the subject to something they know, to display their intellect, while the wise will instead focus on learning that new knowledge. The best way to gain utile knowledge is always from other people. Have a pain in your abdomen, chances are you know someone who had the same problem a few years ago and solved it, their knowledge would be useful to you now. If you ignored new knowledge, that information would be forever withheld from you, while at your very fingertips. Even knowledge that doesn’t immediately benefit us has value. History widens our understanding of human nature, math provides structure as does language, art allows the mind to exceed the limits of the material plane and trivia allows us a glimpse into our own societal structure, indeed ourselves. Knowledge is always a thing to be valued.

The wise are always happy with what they have, while the foolish care nothing for what they have, because what they don’t have is all that is important to them, and so the foolish cannot, by that circular logic, ever be satisfied. Since there is an infinite number of things in the universe, and we are finite beings, it is impossible to own everything, even everything we might desire, moreover, to focus on that which we cannot by definition have is futile, shows the foolishness of focusing on that which we don’t have, while ignoring that which we do. We see it every day. Someone gets a brand new car, and is happy for a day, maybe, sometimes two, then they are looking for the next car. No sooner does someone move into a new home and they start planning the next one. Some desire is helpful and is a motivating force to drive our economic station better, but when the total focus is on those material things we don’t have, then it stunts our mental and spiritual growth.

Both ideas, focus on those things we have, and focus on that knowledge we don’t have, can be kept at the front of our minds for a bit. While you are mindful, try to use them as templates to judge those things you focus on. Do you focus on the next door neighbor’s new grill or your own trusty old one. If you think of it, turn the conversation today to something you don’t know. Ask questions to learn not to appear intelligent or trip someone up. Instead of dwelling on the stuff you want, inventory all the stuff you have. Go fishing at a river instead of saying to yourself, “if only I had a boat…,” Walk around the neighborhood, instead of pining for a new aerobike indoor full fitness machine with heated seats and accurate to the centi calorie, caloric calculator. For as long as you can, focus on what you have and be thankful while seeking knowledge from any source available.

Only the most ardent will remember this article much after a month at most, but mindfullness for even a day or two can result in a step closer to enlightenment. It might even lead to a sea change. Pragmatic philosophy are those ideas, that when sown reap sweet fruit, to get a bit better at focusing on what we have and on gaining knowledge, can only lead to a more healthy, happy and enlightened state. Catch yourself once… focusing on what you don’t have or diverting a conversation back to familiar ground, and you have made great progress.


John Pepin

A New Era of Progressivism…

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, their patience has paid dividends, progressives are at the cusp of everything they have ever wanted. It took over a century of conniving and placing their zealots in critical positions. Progressives stealthily took over education, government, the culture, universities and the legal profession. Our children are so indoctrinated in socialism they are essentially little Marxist robots. The plans are dropping into place, like the Cloward and Piven plan about to come to fruition, the economy is staggering under the weight of the welfare state and with the bond bubble, the stock bubble and the destruction of fiat money at hand, total economic collapse is imminent. They have the right people in the right places now, the UN is staffed with globalists who see rights as whatever the government, soon to be world government, allow us to have. All they need is the right crisis to trigger the revolution and we will have world Marxist government.

You have to credit the progressives. They were patient. Slowly gathering their forces, oozing into every place of power. Progressives have all but brought about their plan to evolve the world to a global communist government. While the rest of us went to work, vacationed in Disney and raised children, the progressives silently took control of our kid’s minds. Our children are inculcated with socialist propaganda, cultural Marxism and an ethos of government dependence. They have been so weakened by their education they need safe spaces to protect them from reality and truth. It took decades of careful preparation and cunning, and finally they have achieved what Khrushchev told us they would, while we fought communism our children will be voting for it.

Our media, government, legal system, culture and industries are under the absolute control of progressives. Progressives man the highest echelons of academia to the cub reporter and everyone in between. Progressives have perverted our education system into a indoctrination system and jobs program for progressives. Their monopoly on education guarantees everyone emerges from the system, weak in morality, unable to think out of the box and with a passion for communism. The new class are both the victims of their indoctrination and their own villains. The new class however are in the position to guide humanity away from liberty, independence and the market system and towards slavery, dependence and communism.

The Cloward and Piven plan is about to click as well. The Cloward and Piven plan was written by two progressive university professors, about how to force the transition from a market system, to communism in the US. It essentially calls for adding so many people to the welfare rolls it becomes unsustainable and collapses, collapsing the entire economy and government with it. Today Obama, who taught the Cloward and Piven plan, has so filled up the welfare rolls no amount of revenue can keep the lead balloon flying anymore. The collapse of the social welfare system is supposed to precipitate the controlled demolition of the world economy they hope it will or perhaps not.

Money printing, Keynesianism and monetizing the debt has been a means to further weaken the structure so as to hasten the collapse. With every central bank on Earth printing money, enforcing a zero interest rate policy, taxing savings, helicopter money and talking about forced buy ins for savers progressive controlled central banks the world over are working to a script. Even a child knows you cant create something from nothing, but central bankers seem to have forgot that basic life lesson, or they know full well what they are doing. So often that is what it boils down to, isn’t it, either our leaders are stupid beyond measure else they are villains of the highest order.

Yes the patience of the progressive movement is impressive. Progressives have connived for decades, to destroy our system, constitution and way of life, they have justified their actions by the false argument of the end justifying the means, used the levers of power for the gain of their political faction, and plan on creating a system where there is no escape from tyranny anywhere on the planet. All three people running for President of the US are progressives so they have won that seat before the election. In my book, that is what makes a person, a villain.


John Pepin

It’s for your own good…

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the presumption of government always, and must always, stifle innovation. Societies that lack innovation stagnate. Those poor souls living in societies that are in stagnation, have only the past to look at, when estimating the future. A lack of innovation has many results… all of them bad. Alternatively, less government results in more innovation. Innovation that would have been crushed under a pile of red tape and licensing can flourish instead. Everyone doing their own thing and not forcing anyone else to act, think or believe, whether through government coercion, the threat of violence, blacklists or political correctness, allows humanity the ability to innovate, creating the expansionary part of the economic cycle. So it is very true that government has a great deal to do with the state of the economy.

Government presumes to know best for everyone everywhere. Not only do they know what is best for you and I, they are willing to do violence to our persons, for our own good. The whole chain is based on the presumption of those in government. The sin of presumption is to expect to go to heaven no matter what one does on Earth. The sinner presumes, or in other words believes that which is not so. The consequences for society, civilization and the march of humanity by the presumption of those in government not only is a violation of the limits our Constitution puts on government but has been is and will be the downfall of civilizations, past present and future.

Innovation is the lifeblood of a civilization. The very reason ours has been so successful is that we have not only allowed innovation, but encouraged it through patent law, copyright, venture capital, etc… Our civilization is the most scientifically advanced, not because we are at the end of time as we know it, but because we have allowed innovation. Innovation is dangerous to vested interests however. Change is always harmful to those at the top simply because change means they will no longer be at the top, that is the meaning of change. Therefore those at the top of a scientific field, industry, firm, agency, corporation etc… will oppose it. Since they wield political power to match their economic might, they presume to “ask” government to limit innovation in the name of, safety, patriotism, protectionism, apply the RICO statutes, and sometimes, dammit, it’s for the children. What it all amounts to is innovation and thereby, civilization itself, is stifled.

A stifled civilization always rots… Imagine the Roman in the declining years looking forward and saying to his friends that Rome would recover if only a new emperor was inaugurated. When in fact only a slow rotting away of his empire, language, status, wealth, indeed his very way of life was being disintegrated before his unseeing eyes. All the while presuming his and his civilization’s fortunes would turn rosy again… The old ways, the only ways allowed under penalty of law, become ever less effective to meet the always growing demand and so, calamity after calamity ensue. Once a civilization enters the final stage of decline, where each bad decision is met with another that is worse which is, of course, met with an even more absurd decision, the path is set. Even the most resilient societal and economic fabric cannot withstand such shearing force, force that gathers with each stupid decision.

Even when government is most benevolent and kind as it grows so innovation declines. The most wise man of Machiavelli’s time might have prescribed leeches for a migraine. To argue that was quackery would have got you arrested. The consensus of the scientific community is always in flux. The moment it stops changing it ceases to be a scientific community and becomes a cult. Today the consensus of scientists might believe that children are better off never having a pacifier. Regardless of merits of the argument, to force others to follow that dictate shows presumption. Even when the weight of scientific evidence shows a thing to be true to presume to force another to follow that finding is tantamount to the inquisition, the question being scientific consensus instead of Justification.

In the end, civilization only advances when there are many small experiments going on all the time. This country tries that economic policy, that nation over there tries a different legal system, another is an oligarchy while millions of economic experiments go on at the same time. A store opens on 4th street by the bakery, will it last, is it located right to get foot traffic, are the prices competitive, too high, too low… Millions upon millions of little experiments going on, each yielding their results to mankind, showing us what doesn’t work, what works, what works better and how to get around doing it at all. Any smothering of innovation and the mechanism of human advancement stops. All those small experiments cease and the whole thing stagnates… all because some egoists presumed to know what was best.


John Pepin

Law is not the same as Morality

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, law and morality are a totally different species, the one coercive and designed to limit humanity, the second is an acceptance of other and results in unchaining mankind. It follows then that what is moral is not necessarily legal and what is immoral is not necessarily illegal. Many people in their ignorance believe the two are the same. Law exists to limit people’s actions, outcomes and ideas, it uses coercive force to manipulate people and is at it’s root, a selfish desire to control others. Morality on the other hand, smooths the interaction of man with man, protects human dignity, makes the world a better place to live and is selfless. A society devoid of morality cannot function, regardless of how draconian the laws are, but a deeply moral society without law functions just fine. Law is the reaction of immoral individuals, who wish to be as immoral as possible, without destroying the machine of wealth creation itself, and so limiting others so society can function.

Law is passed by human beings for their own naked self interests. The proof of this is the fact that the elite routinely get away with breaking laws that you or I would be severely punished for, were we to break them. The State of Vermont for example, just fined a friend of mine for making less money. She changed jobs and so ran afoul of an arcane law that says a taxpayer must withhold 100% of last year’s tax liability or 90% of this year’s expected liability. She moved out of the state and took a lower paying job, so her withholdings were less than last years and since she made less money, her withholding also were less than what the state had projected, (expected) her withholdings to be… so she was fined. The elite, like Charlie Rangel, Tim Geithner and Hillary Clinton however, are never punished, even for major infractions of the tax laws or any other laws. When one is subject to a law and another is not, it can be said that the law is arbitrarily enforced, arbitrary enforcement is proof of arbitrary rule, arbitrary rule is proof of actual tyranny.

Morality is passed by God for the interests of all. While laws are passed… so a politically favored faction can get a leg up on an economic transaction, limit the potential outcome of people, control people’s behavior, punish a hated faction, etc… morality allows strangers to interact safely, helps economic activity, keeps children safe, defends our property protects our persons and creates harmony in society. Morality does not coerce, any negative consequences that come from immoral behavior are the natural outcome of that behavior. We all benefit when people are moral, we are all harmed when people are not moral. Morality is authored by God for the benefit of mankind.

Right laws are those that enforce true morality wrong laws are those that protect the interests of the elite. Laws against murder, stealing and rape are examples of right laws, laws controlling political spending, collecting rainwater, selling lemonade and keeping the workings of government secret are wrong laws. Laws that enforce morality are an temporal means of punishing immorality, but even they would be irrelevant in a truly moral society. Wrong laws exist to protect the privileges, power and prerogatives of the elect and make up most of the cannon of law in every nation, city state and kingdom that has ever existed on the planet.

The new class loves the old saw, “you cannot legislate morality…” because they seek to replace the normative effect of morality with the coercive power of law, laws that benefit them over the rest of us. The more immoral we become the more laws we will tolerate. The more laws we tolerate the more power we give to the elite. Corruption flows from the elite in society down to the people. The elite are the epitome of immorality in every way, but they don’t want the source of their wealth, power and privilege to collapse in the chaos that would result if everyone followed their examples, so they pass ever more tyrannical laws to keep the people, (us) from following them into vice. Unfortunately, like water, corruption cannot help but flow from the top down, and so no matter how draconian the law, when the elite are corrupt that society will become corrupted.

There is a huge difference between morality and law. It is important for everyone to understand this fact, Law is only as effective as the enforcement. Arbitrarily enforced, law is only a way for the few to control the many, for the benefit of the few. Morality is never arbitrary, it is self enforcing, since the negative outcomes are the result of the natural consequences of immoral actions. It doesn’t matter if the person cheating on her husband is the first lady, or a cleaning lady, if the immorality is discovered the negative consequences are the same. We all know what the basis for morality is, the golden rule, treat others as you would have them treat you. Law, on the other hand is the lead rule, he who has the lead, rules…


John Pepin

What Catch Phrases always Catch

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, catch words have a way of catching those who use them. Various political factions use their own catch phrases, often to show what side they are on, sometimes to move the minds of the people to be more inclined to their side, and rarely, to say what they really mean. Because of this fact we have the ability, if we are willing to exercise our brains, to recognize both the faction and the goal of most political speakers. Since all politics has a goal… recognizing it is of paramount importance. Of course, any political speaker could exchange his or her words for the words of another faction, to confuse and pollute the catch phrases of that other faction, and it has been done to the conservative and libertarian factions to great effect. Even the lack of using catch words denotes factional affiliation. The catchword of the day is “democracy.”

Those who call the United States of America a “democracy” have an obvious agenda. Factually, the US is a Constitutional Republic, to call it a democracy is to show ignorance or lie, to pollute the minds of the people. The new class, who are the most educated in our society, call the US a democracy all the time. The media never calls the US a Constitutional Republic, our politicians, almost to the man, use the misdirection, “democracy,” as do those in academia. The most vexing people who use the term are lawyers however. Those in the legal profession have extensive training in our governmental and legal structure, they operate the strings of our republic and they control all three branches with absolute power. They also have years of training in how to make a lie appear truth and the truth appear to be a lie. You might argue they are lazy and use the term because it has become so ingrained, but do you call your daughter a son out of laziness?

The way the misdirection “democracy” has so infiltrated the minds of the American people is because the new class has been pushing it for so long. At least as long as I have been alive the media have called the US a democracy. We swim in the lie. It surrounds us like water does a fish. Our minds are carefully inculcated with the false idea the US is a democracy and so we drink it in, it soaks into our pores and sticks to us no matter if we step out of it. Today, if you ask anyone what form of government the US is they will invariably say, democracy. The very few who will give the correct answer, constitutional republic, also show their political affiliation.

Democracy according to Aristotle is one of the wrong forms of government. Aristotle said in Nicomachean Ethics, that there are three right forms, three wrong forms and one perfect form of government. The three right forms are, monarchy, aristocracy and polity. His three wrong forms are tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. His perfect form is a republic or the blending of the right forms. The reason tyranny, monarchy and democracy are wrong forms, is that they serve only the interests of the ruling faction. Tyranny only serves the king’s interests, oligarchy only serves the interests of the aristocracy and democracy only serves the interests of the majority. They also are unlimited in their power, for example, Socrates was executed by democratic edict.

Pure democracy is unlimited in it’s power, scope and reach. It is simply mob rule. In any mob the person running it has the real power. In effect becoming a tyrant. The quality of democracy, those who misname the US are trying to insinuate into the minds of the people, is that the people have unlimited power. What the really seek is unlimited power for themselves. Every mob has a boss, someone who calls the shots, tells the mob who to beat up, what to steal, what to smash and who to murder. The question that must never be asked however is, because the majority want something does that make it moral? If the majority was whipped into a frenzy of hate against you, voting to have you dragged behind a car until you are dead, would that be moral? But, but… the majority ruled, doesn’t that make it okay? Of course not! What is wrong for the individual to do is wrong for a group of individuals to do, that is a basic tenet of true morality.

Liberty on the other hand, has been purged from our political lexicon, which really says it all. The term freedom is used instead. Liberty carries with it a connotation of responsibility and cost where freedom is based on the root word free, no cost, no responsibility, no consequences. In a democracy people have freedom to be as vile, loathsome and evil as they see fit, while all the time claiming they have freedom to do it. The goal of eliminating liberty and replacing it with freedom is to create a people with no moral compass, the goal of misnaming the US as a democracy is to create mob rule with those who use the term as the mob boss, who will then tell that mob to destroy our Constitution, our liberty and anyone who stands in their way. Yes, catch phrases can tell us a lot about the motivations, goals and means of the speaker, catching them in their machinations.


John Pepin

America’s Single Party System

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, elections only mean anything if there is a real choice. Not a beauty contest between two people who have the exact same views, platforms and plans, but a choice between two or more ideologies of government, economics and governance. Today, the progressives have managed to ensure that we never get a real choice about the future of our nations, our economic system or whether or not our leaders will follow our Constitution. Every election since Reagan has been between a progressive republican and a progressive democrat. No matter who wins, progressivism, and thereby Marxism, has won. Today is no different. With the near coronation of Donald Trump the republicans have picked their progressive and no matter who wins the democrat nomination they will have theirs very soon. So yet again we will have a choice, between a progressive and a progressive. Just like the old Soviet Union, Iran and many other autocracies. The people are given a false choice.

The United States was founded on libertarian principles. The founders, especially the anti constitutionalists, sought a government system that limited the people the least while limiting government the most. They set up a government that would allow the people to do pretty much as we see fit, limiting government in it’s ability to control us. The constitutional debate was about how to limit government’s power, how to control the tendencies of the elite to abuse power, how to ensure the people have the upper hand and how to limit the power of faction. The founders believed in liberty, a word that has been vanquished from our lexicon today. When was the last time you heard a politician say the word, “liberty?” Most of what we accept as lawful in our government would send the founders of our nation into conniption fits of rage and disappointment.

Libertarians are barred from the table of power. The new class uses a plethora of means to keep anyone who believes in liberty from the reigns of power. Libertarians are labeled with every derogatory meme that can be brought to bear. Since the new class controls the narrative there is never any effective push back even from the most absurd and spurious claims. Any politician who come anywhere near believing in the constitutional limits of government is seen as a threat to the established order. An order of autocracy veiled in peace, control hidden in protection and Marxism obscured by compassion. Reagan was the closest politician to our founding principles elected since Calvin Coolidge and he was hated to the extreme by the elite even today.

Romney typified the progressive republican. During the debates with Obama Romney couldn’t agree enough with Obama’s usurpations. Romney was full of compassion for the poor, he sought peace through strength and protection by control. In every election we are told this or that politician is “unelectable” because they believe in America and our founding principles. Of course the new class elite don’t use those words but that is exactly what they mean. Any politician who believes in limited government is destroyed by the new class controlled media, defamed by the political establishment as fringe, cursed on social media for not dropping out of the race, made a laughing stock by the culture and charged with whatever spurious claim that can be made up. The entirety of our society, government and culture attack any libertarian who seeks office.

This next election will be the same. The libertarian Cruz has finally been vanquished and Trump has all but won. Trump is a progressive zealot and has been his entire life. He supports every progressive policy, usurpation and regulation. He has helped fund the cultural Marxism that is polluting our culture and society like so much raw sewage. Trump has not only supported every progressive cause and politician but has given freely of his own money to promote them. Moreover, Trump has slopped at the trough of government cronyism. Since it is all but confirmed, the republicans will put up the uber progressive Trump, calling him a “conservative.” Hillary Clinton has admitted she is a progressive and Bernie Sanders is a Soviet style Marxist. The monikers the media place on them have as much to do with reality as Star Wars does space travel. Both are fiction designed to entertain and enrich the elite. So I wonder, which progressive are you going to vote for… The crony capitalist, the utterly corrupt woman or the outright Marxist?


John Pepin

Violence as a Means to Control Followers

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if your ideas mush be enforced with violence, those who leave your sect must be killed and you spread your ideology through conquest, you must have self esteem issues. Confident people, institutions and groups know in their hearts that their ideas are true and virtuous, therefore they allow people to come and go, spread their ideas through discussion and hold onto followers by the power of love and logic, not violence and threats. Groups, institutions and people who have self esteem issues however, are very different. Factions with self esteem issues know in their hearts their ideology is wrong and understand in their heads that no rational person would follow them without being coerced. Moreover, those factions, institutions, groups and sects that have self esteem issues can be reliably singled out by their treatment of dissidents, unbelievers and those who wish to leave the fold. The reason this simple concept is so important for humanity to learn, and never forget, is that violence is the means in which an evil, backwards, pernicious and stunting ideas pervade mankind.

This concept need not be manifested in outright violence, other forms of coercion work as well. Political correctness is another form of violence that demands unanimity of thought, knuckling under of unbelievers and advances the ideology of progressivism through fear and intimidation. Progressives know, because history is unambiguous about this, that their ideology is wrong. They know if their ideas were fully implemented, world wide government, world communism and world tyranny, the lot of mankind would suffer greatly. The results of their ideas is irrelevant to them, the goal is all that is important, and so the means can be anything that works.

Violence in all it’s forms… soft, personal, impersonal, vague, bloody or against one’s reputation, are ways to force someone else to do something they would otherwise not do. Since someone must be forced to do something believe something or think something, they would otherwise not do, that is further proof that the action, belief or thought is not in the self interest of the individual, but of the egoist forcing the point. We do things, believe things and think things that are in some way in our self interest. Human beings are universal about this. Even the most psychotically challenged among us act in their own perceived self interest.

Self interest however come in several flavors. Self interest can be rightly understood, it can be egoistic and it can selfless. Self interest rightly understood is to follow one’s self interest in an enlightened manner, sadly, self interest rightly understood is becoming more and more rare today. Selfless self interest is what saints practice. Jesus practiced self interest selflessly. An egoist follows his or her self interest selfishly. Egoists are the ones who will use violence against others to force those others to act, believe and think, that which is against their own self interest, regardless of it’s flavor. The egoist will demand from others that which the egoist would never subject himself to. Therefore all ideologies, movements, institutions and religions that use violence to force submission, come from egoism, are perpetuated with egoistic drives and eventually are quashed in bloody upheaval.

All ideologies that spread through fear, maintain their adherents with intimidation and subject others to threats, are wrong ideologies. What the egoists that run such ideologies fail to understand is that the tighter they hold their adherents the more the adherents seek to escape. Violence only goes so far. In the greater scheme of things, it is human heartedness, (logic and love), that always eventually wins out. Yes the egoist can lower humanity for a while, sometimes centuries and even possibly millennia, but eventually, human heartedness will win out. Because people are attracted to beauty and repulsed by evil. Violence can hold a person in evil for awhile but the evil that underlies the violence, the reason that violence must be applied, the revulsion people will eventually feel at the evil they are forced to embrace will become so strong even the threat of death itself will hold no power. That is when false, evil and pernicious ideologies that use violence to hold their adherents, pull in new followers and force unanimity of thought, collapse in bloody upheaval.


John Pepin

Choosing Slavery Over Freedom

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is a lot of work to forge a bunch of chains, raise a band of evil men, charge into a village, kill most of the people, enslave the rest and force march them across a continent, it is much easier to get your victims to forge their own chains, kill their own people, force themselves to march across a continent… by getting them to vote themselves into slavery. Since, as it would seem, people today seek the comfort, security and structure of slavery, they look for the politician who will offer them what they want. College kids cheer whenever their rights are taken away, free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom to own property, even freedom itself is hateful to our children. They would rather a society where the most vile, perverted and selfish people rule with absolute power. Sadly, I suspect, once our children get what they so longingly desire, they might not be as happy there as they believe.

Cultural Marxism has brought us to this crossroad. Designed specifically to separate people from Christianity, the market system and the advances of the enlightenment, and return humanity to a state of slavery characterized by arbitrary rule, as during the feudal days, cultural Marxism has succeeded far better than even Marcuse, Chomsky or Trotsky could have imagined. Cultural Marxism essentially soaks the culture in raw sewage until we all reek so much we loose the ability to smell it. Because of our lack of standing up to it, cultural Marxists have taken over all forms of the media, the education system, government and law. From their positions of power the new class have poured raw sewage over the rest of us without much push back.

The education system has been changed from a system to educate children so they can live a good life, engage in the market system and be good citizens of a free nation, into a system whereby children are alienated from their parents, inculcated in absurdities, taught to value authority over discourse, unlearn what sex they are, throw off the values of Christianity in favor of Satanism and seek the comfort of slavery. Ask your own children if communism is bad, men using the lady’s room is wrong, or if our rights come from government or God… their answer will most probably startle you. The power over our education system has been moved ever higher in government, until now there is essentially no local control, but all control comes from the highest echelons of government. If you stand up in a school board meeting, voicing an opinion not accepted by the authorities, you will be forcibly removed and possibly arrested for excising your freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and parental control. Moreover, the trampling of your rights will be cheered by your own children.

Since we abdicated our responsibility to educate our children, instead giving government the power to instill whatever nonsense the elite see fit to pollute our children’s minds with, we have got what we deserve. We allowed it to happen by setting down when we were told to, allowing abortion on demand, turning a blind eye to the LGBT movement, ceding the environmental movement to Marxists, voting for the politician who claimed he or she would give us the most free stuff, halfheartedly protesting when our values were being systematically undermined, sending our children to government schools we know are designed to fail because we are too lazy to educate them ourselves and buying into the fiction that government can solve our personal problems. We built the forge that our children are now using to forge their, and our, chains.

Khrushchev said our children will happily vote for Marxism, and as it turns out… he was right. They have been swimming in the sewage of cultural Marxism for their entire lives. So much so they can see something white, know it is white, yet call it black with the absolute certainty of a zealot. Not just our children but many older people too seek the comfort of slavery. As you read this, your chains are being forged, your rights are being crushed, you may be killed if you push back, the forced march is being lined up and our own children will be the ones holding the guns to our heads. Democracy, according to Aristotle, is one of the wrong forms of government, because it is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. When the majority vote to make us all slaves, the elite will be too happy to go along, and than tyranny will be worldwide and complete… enjoy.


John Pepin