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The Way to Change the World For The Better

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, what our society needs, is not more government, regulations or law, but kindness, love, and understanding. While the political establishments try to separate us and pit us against each other, it is up to us to come together, recognizing that the guy next door is as human as you and I. Yes we have flaws but the reality is we are at heart good people. The vast majority of us want to make the World a better place. There are very few of us that wouldn’t like to be recognized as a hero. We only lack the opportunity… or do we?


The media is full of horror stories about how evil your next door neighbor is. Murder, rape and terrorism fill the airwaves. This has the effect of separating us and making us fearful of each other. We try to find some common ground, and so we gravitate to those who look like us, act like us or have the same political view. We turn to an overly powerful government to protect us from each other… But to do these things leads us into a pitfall. Those who are evil are very, very few, while those of us who are good, hard working people… are many. To recognize this fact is the start of wisdom.


We don’t see the good in our fellow man, because he or she is at work, out of sight and quietly promoting the good of Mankind. We work diligently at our jobs, yes to make money, but also to get a sense of satisfaction, to feel like we are accomplishing something and to make a difference. I know this to be true, because the biggest complaint people give about their work is not money, but that it is not satisfying, we don’t get a sense of accomplishment or that we are not making a difference. That is simply the World fooling us into unhappiness.


I suspect most cases of depression in people is based on the messages the World, through the media, program into us about ourselves and our fellows. If we are bombarded by negative messages, we incorporate them, and it becomes nearly impossible to be happy. How can we be happy… when the World is so bad? But the World isn’t that bad. Yes there are murders, rapes, and human trafficking, but there is far more good going on in the World than bad. We have confirmation bias because of all the negative messages we are fed by the media. Therefore, those who consume news and culture the most are the most effected.


Mencius said the congenital nature of Mankind is good, because, “There is not one among us who is not distressed at seeing a child fall into a well.” Sage words from that ancient sage. While there are some very few psychopaths among us the vast majority of us are good and caring. That is why we can be so easily manipulated by psychopaths into damaging our own self interests, and the interests of Mankind, because at heart we are good and we want goodness in the World. Those who are sinister understand this, and use our goodness to control us, to enhance their power over us.


The answer is not to turn away from the World, it is to open up to the good in it, putting the bad into context. We would love to make the World a safer place for everyone, we would like to have everyone prosperous, no matter how each of us defines prosperity, and yes we must work together to make these things happen, but the means must align with the ends. The answer is in ourselves, not in some external force that purports to save the world through laws, regulations and taxes. We ourselves are the means to making the World a better place.


Our law books are filled with false idols but our holy books are filled with answers… love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and forgive so that you can be forgiven. Those are answers that work and have worked every time they have been tried. It is not out of our hands, the way to change the World is not through empowering a few to force their view of what is good on the rest of us, but to change our own hearts, be good people both on the inside and the outside, smile at strangers, act out our goodness through courtesy, and most of all, practice the one rule that cuts across every religion, the Golden Rule. The rest will follow naturally.





John Pepin

Our Dangerous Times

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, we live in a dangerous age, because we have elected dangerous people to lead us. The message the international community is sending tyrants the World over, is to get nuclear weapons as fast as possible. With the Obama administration not only bowing to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but rewarding them with billions of dollars that has been locked up since the Iranians took US embassy officials hostage, is a very loud announcement. Compare the treatment of Iran’s Ayatollahs with Qaddafi. The message cannot be confused, get nuclear arms! Once nuclear technology has proliferated to the most despicable tyrants on our planet, the likely outcome is a nuclear war, sometime in the future. No matter where on the planet a nuclear war happens, even a relatively small exchange, it would have dire consequences for the entire human race. Our leaders cannot be so stupid they don’t know what they are telling the world’s oppressors, by their actions, our leaders must also understand the logical outcome of their policies, so, the World’s elite must want a nuclear war.


Iran is setting on an ocean of oil. If they had used a tenth of the money they have spent on developing nuclear centrifuges, on their oil infrastructure, they could have upgraded their oil infrastructure to modern standards, then they wouldn’t have had to suffer the crippling economic sanctions that almost stopped their nuclear program, and they would have driven up their GDP, (and the standard of living of their people), dramatically. The Ayatollah claims he wants nuclear power for peaceful purposes from one side of his mouth, even as he exclaims “Death to America” from the other. On the face of it, the argument they need nuclear energy is absurd, furthermore, why go to such trouble when there is an easier path available, unless they want nuclear weaponry?


Take the example of North Korea. The little dictator there was an international pariah until he acquired nuclear arms. Now he is a big deal, and is assured he will not have the international community breathing down his neck, for such crimes against humanity as, intentional famine, forced labor camps, and punishing political dissidents for three generations… to name a few. Nuclear weapons gave the North Korean communist tyranny a “Get out of jail free card.” Iran undoubtedly watched as North Korea played the Clinton and Bush administrations like a fiddle.


Now lets look at Moammar Qaddafi. He voluntarily gave up his nuclear weapon program and his chemical program as well. He opened his country to international inspectors so they could verify his disarmament. They checked off that Libya was indeed disarmed. Then the European union, backed up by Obama, went in and bombed his regime, protecting Al Qaida’s stronghold in Benghazi, until Qaddafi’s mutilated lifeless body was dragged through the streets. This example couldn’t have been more obvious to the World’s tyrants. They saw how they would be punished if they disarm and how they would be rewarded if they weapon up. Don’t think for a second the lesson was lost on them, you don’t get to be President for life, unless you are smart, and ruthless.


Today, the US and the European union has further rewarded Iran’s nuclear program by freeing up billions of dollars to the regime, as well as lifting some of the most crippling economic sanctions. Iran has once again shown to the world’s oppressors that the path to safety, (for the dictator), is to acquire nuclear armament. To disarm is to invite torture and humiliation. No oppressor want’s his dead and mutilated body dragged ingloriously through the streets of his capital city. The message could not be louder or clearer. So, the inevitable result will necessarily be, a scrambling of every autocrat on the planet to get nuclear weapons.


Once enough psychopathic tyrants have acquired nuclear weapons how long before one of them uses them? That is, if Iran doesn’t beat them to the punch. Even as the feckless Obama administration is freeing up billions for the Ayatollahs, demonstrating to the Iranian people the wisdom of their nuclear program, they cheer in the streets, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” egged on by the theocracy. I am not of the opinion that Obama, Merkel, or even Holland is that stupid. They have to know what message they are sending to the World’s tyrants.


Obama and the World’s “leaders” have rewarded those with a nuclear program and punished those who gave up theirs. Everyone with children knows, you reward that which you want more of, and punish that which you want less of. If we go on the assumption, Obama is not a drooling idiot, he has to know the message he is sending, as well as the inevitable result, that nuclear weapons will become more widely available to the planet’s oppressors. With that, he cannot be so stupid that he doesn’t know what that level of proliferation will lead to… nuclear war somewhere, sometime. There can be no other logical outcome. So, barring that Obama and the World’s leaders are witless, they must want a nuclear war. For what reason I cannot fathom, only a psychopath could…





John Pepin

Jobs and Wages

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if the government wants more jobs in our economy, all they have to do is cut job destroying regulations and taxes. While this is not a new idea, or a particularly novel one, it is an concept that has always worked. Government, and by government I mean politicians, pass more regulations every year with no end in sight. Tens of thousands of bureaucrats working diligently regulating every aspect of human existence. While this creates some good paying jobs, in the bureaucracy, it destroys private sector jobs, you know, the ones that pay for the bureaucrats. Unless we wake up to this fact, and stop believing their lies, our economy, jobs and wages will continue to suffer.


All politicians know this. They know that jobs are not created by government fiat or programs. Those programs and fiats destroy jobs. They certainly know, but so want the power their regulations give them over us, they don’t care about the consequences, our ability to earn a living. The hubris and egoism of the elite that engage in the type of job killing regulation, as their own actions show, care much more for amassing power than the economic well being of the people they are supposed to serve. In this self aggrandizing egoism, a few names stand out, as do the results of their regulatory policies.


Woodrow Wilson is one. He inherited a good economy and destroyed that good economy with growth stifling regulation, taxes and bureaucracy. The economy he passed to Harding was far deeper in recession than the US economy in 2008. Franklin Roosevelt took a bad economy and made it into “The Great Depression.” His policies were so intrusive that economic activity almost stopped altogether, and it wasn’t until his death, before the economy rebounded. The Second World War is often cited as the reason we came out of the depression, but had Roosevelt been President after the war, the economy would have hit new lows. Barack Obama has followed the policies of both Wilson and Roosevelt and the results have been exactly the same. This same experiment has been tried the world over and has failed every time. Proving it is impossible to tax and regulate an economy into prosperity.


If we examine the most productive economies we find that they all have several things in common. They all have low taxes, and they all have low regulation. Singapore, Liechtenstein, and Andorra are but a few examples. Those countries with the poorest economies all have high taxes and stifling regulation in common. Venezuela, North Korea and Zimbabwe are examples of this type. History shows, laissez fair capitalism enriches people every time it is tried, while socialist regulation impoverishes those same people.


Whenever laissez fair is offered as an option however, the elite in academia and politics make the spurious claim, we want to take the guard rails off the economy. This is entirely sophistry, because it is not regulation that protects consumers and workers, but standards. Regulations only benefit politically favored groups at the expense of everyone else. One example of job killing regulation is raising the minimum wage. Everyone knows, (politicians, economists and bureaucrats), that doing so will eliminate jobs, the only real debate is how many. Minimum wage jobs are filled by low skilled new workers. Statistics show that in the US there is huge unemployment in those areas, raising the minimum wage will eliminate some of those jobs, exacerbating the problem, and so low skilled new workers will have less opportunity to get work and start climbing the ladder out of minimum wage. Clearly, raising the minimum wage is counter productive, but those that don’t get laid off will think they have got a boon.


As long as the political elite can continue to fool the majority, into believing they are doing something for the economy when they are in fact destroying job prospects, we will continue to fall down the bottomless pit of poverty. Wages are like any other commodity, the more demand for workers the higher wages will be. As government drives down the demand for workers wages must naturally follow. This is no different than the price of gold or coal, if demand is high price is high, and if demand is low the price will be low too. Since Obama has taken office launching his war on business and enacted his job killing regulations, including Obama care, we have seen real wages fall, driven down because demand for workers has fallen. There has been no other recession, (other than FDR”s and Wilson’s), where the US economy has performed so poorly in the recovery, even going back to 1800. Obama’s great recession is due to the same policies that gave us the great depression. Isn’t it time to grow up and do what must be done? Stop listening to the glittering lies crooned by self serving egoists, and start believing the ugly truth, that government cannot tax and regulate us into wealth.





John Pepin

The Retirement Paradigm

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the human body is not designed, nor is it suitable, for decades of physical toil, that is why people retire in their 50s and 60s. The system where we put aside some of our earnings for retirement is elegant, because it sets up a paradigm where people provide labor to the market system when we are young, and capital when we are too old to work. Those who claim, people will have to work until we are 70 or 80, have no concept of the physical toll of labor, because the have never physically toiled at a job. The system, where we provide labor when we are able and then capital once we have accumulated it, works well with the human body and it’s basic limitations as well as it’s abilities. Once we have moved from providing labor to providing capital, we can pursue new things, like starting a business, personal enrichment or helping with the grand kids. This is just another of the myriad of ways the market system benefits humanity and human beings.


The market system requires two basic inputs to function, labor and capital. When Marx derisively labeled the market system, capitalism, he was pointing to one of the fundamental requirements of the market. Marx considered labor to be the most important input, and that the introduction of capital into the equation rendered all human interaction, including that of the laborer and the manager, into a crass means of exploitation, the cash nexus as he called it. This is why he claimed, when we labor within the market, our work is alienating. What he failed to understand, is that the improvement in the human condition that the market system brought, and brings about, is based on capital funding the new ideas that create the improvement.


The market system allows the efficient transmission of ideas into production, while every other system, including and especially Marxism, discourages it. This transmission of new ideas requires capital, to purchase the means of production, and labor, to provide the production itself. As new ideas are incorporated into the existing system, old less efficient ones are rendered obsolete. This creates a basic instability to any nation that uses the market system, but that instability comes with a wage… an ever increasing standard of living for everyone.


When we are young we are able to labor without damage to our bodies. That is the nature of youth. But as we age, labor becomes more and more dangerous, even as our knowledge of our labor becomes greater. In the most efficient economies, as we become less able to labor and our knowledge about our labor becomes ever greater, we are promoted into management to take advantage of that practical knowledge. This has been undermined by the rise of the New Class, who go directly from school to management bypassing the labor phase. Thus crowding out those with practical knowledge. This means they enter management with very little practical knowledge but a large amount of theoretical knowledge and thus, hubris born of ignorance. Since this paradigm has become entrenched, the market system, which is ever evolving to meet the needs of humanity, has evolved to allow people to retire at earlier ages, even as our life spans get longer.


But our physical limitations remain. This is born out when we see ever more people getting hurt in their labor. The rise of physical therapists is the market system’s reaction to people laboring at older ages. Our bodies only have a few decades of physical labor in them, and then we must move from providing our needs from labor to either management, or by providing capital. Since the market system needs two inputs, labor and capital, both have value and either can be a means of support for people. Those who have labored for decades, and have set aside money for retirement, or where they have taken less in immediate wages in exchange for a defined pension, are able to retire from a labor based sustenance to a capital based one. Those who have been spendthrifts however undermine their own best interests.


Since capital is a basic input into the market it has value and in a functional market is paid commensurately with that value. This is upended when government policies lower the demand for labor, and thus wages, by importing cheap low skilled labor by immigration, making it harder to run a business through regulation, taxing labor, etc… or where national banks change the value equation of capital, through inflation or low returns on equity, caused by market warping policies, like money printing and nationalizing debt. When governments or central banks do this, they make it harder for those who have saved for retirement, to move from providing labor to providing capital. Other ways this paradigm is undermined, is when government’s seize the retirement funds of the people, (like in Argentina or Cyprus), or where the New Class manage companies so there is little return to shareholders, but huge wages paid to upper management. These economy damaging practices create the conditions, where people will have to labor far longer than is optimal for our bodies, and gives the incentive not to save but to spend.


Today we have people in the intelligentsia, (The New Class), who claim our children will have to work until they are ready to die. This is less of a burden for the new class, because they don’t labor, they manage. The human condition is such that, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a system where we labor when it is most efficient and least dangerous, and where we move to providing capital instead of labor, when our bodies become less efficient and more prone to damage. This has the added benefit of freeing up those who are retired to expand their minds, and perhaps provide some of the ideas, ideas that are fundamental to the market system’s growth. The practical knowledge and skills we build up throughout our working careers is excellent fodder for new ideas and new business possibilities. Rejuvenating the market with new ideas that become available, because people can switch from providing labor to providing capital, frees us up to pursue new ideas to the market, creating a rising standard of living. Unless the system is warped by our own leaders that is…




John Pepin

Bestowing the Power of Life and Death to Obama

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, in the modern discussion of whether the US President can unilaterally order an American citizen killed by drone strike, the slippery slope is intentionally forgotten. While this or that terrorist who has renounced his or her citizenship is killed, and we cheer at the removal of a supposed demon, we are also cheering the demise of our own rights. This government we have elected has shown a propensity to misuse power and spit on our Constitution. We all know it even the most ardent fans of Obama. It becomes a slippery slope, because once a power is given to government it never stops there, but more is always taken. There are ways of meeting the challenge of terrorism without burning our Constitution, the only real power we have to limit the power of the elite over us, but we are given a false narrative… That the government must act now else more Americans will die at the hands of terrorists. This is not true and is an example of spurious argumentation. Unless we wake up to this fact we will loose all of our rights, cheering as it happens, because what good are all the rights in the World, if we can be killed at will?


Lately there is a debate about some new American Muslim terrorist who is at large in Yemen or some other hell hole. The media are all agog at the thought of Obama ordering the execution of that man by drone strike. They claim it would put American lives needlessly at risk if we tried to capture the supposed terrorist. They argue if we allow him to escape “justice” then Americans are put at risk from further terrorist attacks. Like Anwar Al Awlaki they claim Al Qaida will be further empowered by our not acting. This is all sophistry.


Instead of empowering the President with the ability to simply order an American citizen killed by drone strike, why not try the purported terrorist in absentia? What would be the harm of appointing the accused terrorist an attorney and give him a fair trial? Yes, the accused terrorist will not be able to make as good an argument for himself as he otherwise could, if he were at the trial, but when he or she went to a foreign country to wage war on the United States they gave up that right, and could easily get it back by volunteering to return. If the court found the accused guilty, then he or she could be legally and Constitutionally killed by drone strike, or by whatever means is most efficient. But to give an imperial President that ability is the height of stupidity.


This President, along with a very few others, Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson come to mind, have shown a complete disregard for Our Constitution, the rule of law and limited government. They use(d) the power of government like a dictator. Obama has exploited the taxing authority of the IRS to target his political opponents… with total impunity, he has sent high power guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, to undermine our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, again without consequence, and he announced in the last State of the Union address, he plans on usurping the power of Congress, to standing ovations! Since Obama has shown he will overstep his authority and do it with impunity, to give that man, or any human being such power, is idiotic! How long will it be after Obama is given the power of life and death, before he follows his heroes examples, Mao, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshal Davis, and orders the execution of Tea Party members?


Ben Franklin said, those who would trade liberty for safety will get neither. That great man was of course correct. What good is any other “right” if one is dead? Those who would give arbitrary power to any President, be that a communist like Obama or a Tea Party member, are willingly putting their own head in the noose. Only a fool does that, but even a wise man can be tricked into it, and many have. All that is needed to meet the immediate necessity is a trial in absentia… but have you noticed not one in the unbiased media has mentioned it? This is not unheard of, it is not extraordinary, certainly not as extraordinary as bestowing arbitrary power to execute Americans at will. The exigencies of the situation cannot be so great they require us to become slaves and worse. Remember this; No matter how much you agree with what they are doing today, beware what they do with that power tomorrow, because you have given them the authority to do it.





John Pepin

Socialism Makes Us All Enemies

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, as we progress more and more to socialism by means of the welfare state, we are sinking into a state of total war, everyman versus everyone else, where all vie against all. This is the opposite of the claimed goal of socialism but is the inevitable result of that pernicious notion. Even in a state of nature where, as Hobbs said, “life is brutish and short,” there is a strong incentive to rally together against the forces that threaten us, but in a state of total government that incentive is reversed, and is changed to a disincentive. While to the committed socialist this concept, that socialism pulls us apart, is an anathema, it is empirically provable. As we move from liberty to a total state this truism becomes more and more apparent. So, unless we want to live in a perpetual state of war, every man enemy to everyone else, we must change the direction we are traveling.


The welfare state is merely a means to progress us to a socialist state, where the distribution of the goods of society are made by political favor, instead of merit. As we progress to a total state and political favor becomes the primary means of deciding who gets what, the incentive ceases to be to work hard to get ahead, but to game the system. This is because the products of our labor will be taken, and redistributed to the politically favored, so a rational maximizer will logically eschew work and instead seek political favor, resulting in an ever shrinking economy. This should be obvious to anyone with their eyes open. The incentive under the total state is to gain political favor, as it is the only means to get ahead, and make no mistake, the more draconian the communist state the less equal people become, and the more we are torn apart.


Even a cursory look at historic examples of socialism show that equality is nonexistent under a socialist government. Those who don’t have political favor are lucky if they even get subsistence while those with political favor live like kings. Every example of a communist/socialist state show this to be true. Those in the party are not held to any standard at all. Socialism always results in a cleptocracy where those in the party steal from everyone else. Communist China is a perfect example. They have forsworn the communist means of production for the capitalist, which has resulted in huge wealth for party members by outright stealing, taking bribes, and other corrupt practices. They are almost never held to the law or morality, because the nature of socialism and socialist policies make those with political favor above the law. This shows the societal divisions that socialism begets.


It is clear that as we progress through the welfare state to socialism, our leaders are held to the Constitution and law, less and less. Their political favor gets them a get out of jail free card as well as riches far in access of what they have earned. That is why politicians become so wealthy while in office. They don’t produce, they steal the production of their constituents and give a pittance back, claiming they are liberal and charitable, when the exact opposite is true. If a thief stuck a gun in your face and took all your money, then gave you back a twenty and said, “get yourself a nice meal.” Would you call that crook liberal or charitable? If the thief was above the law, which would you rather be.. the crook or the victim?


Harry Truman said, “Anyone who gets rich in politics is a God damned crook.” Take the example of Senator Bernie Sanders. The man has never worked a day in his life. He was on welfare until he became the mayor of Burlington. Since then his brand of socialism has made him a millionaire many times over. Everything he has got was by political favor. When he was elected to the House, the Banking scandal broke. Sanders claimed the corrupt names should be withheld from the people, but as it turned out… Bernie had bounced checks the moment he got into office! You or I would be prosecuted for check fraud. Meanwhile he has made it harder and harder to make a living by honesty and hard work. This example shows, political favor allows those who have it to skirt the law, and is at least as good a means to wealth as being an entrepreneur, especially for the lazy.


The example of North Korea shows us how far we will be torn apart by socialism. In that hell hole parents are at war even with their own children. There are reports of parents eating their own children because hunger is so rampant. The gulags in North Korea are known as the most terrible places on the planet, where children will turn in their parents, for a slice of stale bread. During Stalin’s famine in the Ukraine, the teachers told the students to report their parents if they were hording food. An innocent little boy raised his hand and said his parents had a few potatoes in the floor boards. The police went to the home and indeed found several potatoes in the floor. The parents were arrested and executed as examples. The boy was called a hero and a statue was erected in his honor in Kiev. The boy starved to death the following year.


As I have said many times in these articles, when observation comes into conflict with theory, theory must give weigh. History in unambiguous about the fact that socialism creates a state of total war between people. We are pitted against each other in a race for political favor, else we run the risk of starving to death, or worse. The brutish and short life in a state of nature makes us band together, to get our needs met, while capitalism rewards collaboration, hard work and equality, creating conditions conducive to brotherly love, and the inhumane nature of a socialist government rends us apart in a never ending race to get our needs met in an ever shrinking economy, under a system where the party is oligarchy, and everyone else is a slave. I count this as one of the most evil things about the diabolical system called socialism.





John Pepin

The Gap Between the Rich and the Poor

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the disparity between the rich and the poor is so misused and so misunderstood, it ceases to be a metric of the justness of the market system, and has become a mere tool for leftist propaganda. The term is never fully defined, is it the difference between the income of the highest earners and the lowest earners, is it the difference between the wealth of the richest and the poorest, or perhaps it is the difference between the both income and wealth of the prosperous and the pitiable? The parameters are never stated, only left to the imagination of the observer, and as such becomes a subjective measure and not an objective measure. This makes the term spurious in that it appears logical but is in fact false logic meant to deceive. Yet this sophist measure is touted as proving the unjustness of the market system, and by extension, the justness of the socialist system. If we are to improve our standard of living and not backslide, as we have done under Obama’s reign, we must throw away this specious measure for one that is objective and empirical.


It is all the rage today in the unbiased press to claim the disparity between the rich and the poor is at an all time high. We are scolded by the rich media elite that we must do something about this disparity else we are immoral and self indulgent people. The media elite however never actually lower their own standard of living they only demand us to lower ours. Using this false measure to goad us into accepting government actions, that we know will harm our economic interests, for the supposed interests of the “poor.” As we are shamed into lowering our standard of living the elite in the media, government and culture increase theirs. Are we to assume then that we are the culprit when it comes to the disparity?


President Obama is constantly using this specious claim, along with the spurious admonition that all of us must give a little so that others can get a little. All the while Obama vacations on Nantucket island, the playground of the rich and powerful. He never vacations at a bowling ally, Detroit or Seven Flags. He spends all of his time with the rich, living the life of a king, at the expense of the taxpayer… you know, us… the ones who have to give up a little so that others can have a little more. Apparently we must give so the king can have more. How does this help the poor though? His spurious rhetoric makes Obama’s admonition that we “share” the sacrifice, hypocrisy at best.


Socialism is always touted as the means to close the gap between the rich and the poor, but when we examine the results of socialism, honestly and fairly we find the direct opposite is true. Take the most socialistic nations, Cuba and North Korea, there are many more but these two will suffice. In Cuba the socialist haven in the Caribbean, Forbes Magazine has deemed Fidel Castro one of the richest men on the planet.. A label he vehemently denied but is empirically true. He owns not only everything on the island of Cuba but everyone as well. If he arbitrarily orders someone to do a thing, they must do it else face jail, or worse. He decides what everyone gets, he decides every aspect of the county’s economy. This all makes Fidel Castro richer than rich, it makes him the slave master of Cuba.


In North Korea people must do and think exactly as the tyrant says, even crying at the death of the last tyrant, if the tears are not sufficient or realistic, they get punished for three generations in forced labor camps. People who have escaped those human atrocity factories, have given some of the most horrendous stories of human suffering, starvation and deprivations imaginable, where a child will sell out their mother to the hangman for a slice of stale dry bread! Meanwhile, the tyrant lives the life of a king. He has the best of everything while his people starve. Is it possible to have a greater disparity, by every measure, than between the master and the slave?


A better scale would be to compare the standard of living of the poorest in a society to the richest. If the poor are well fed, have multiple flat screen televisions, at least one car and the finest sneakers… as compared to another country where starvation is common, housing is filthy, leaky and subject to collapse, where it can be obtained, which of the two is more just? The wealthy will always have a high standard of living and the poor will always have a lower standard of living, that will never change, and is only exacerbated by socialism’s benefit to the politically favored versus the politically disfavored. When the actual disparity between the standard of living between the rich and poor is low however, the rich claim the environment and thus the carrying capacity of the planet is threatened. The truth is, it is not what they have that makes them happy, it is what we don’t have that they have. To that end, they use spurious arguments like the gap between the rich, (themselves) and the poor, (us) to further their selfish ends.


When we use the standard of living of the wealthy versus the poor we are using a metric that can be measured empirically, is objective and not subjective and is far more indicative of the real justness of an economic system. Moreover, if we add the rate of rise of the standard of living in a given system, we have a much more accurate measure. This is not done because if it were the market system would always win out hands down. Since the New Class sets the parameters of any debate on the justness of a given economic system, and they are the ones with political favor and power, they always seek to give us false choices, hanging us on the horns of a dilemma, so we are gored no matter what we choose, resulting in a system that further empowers them.


Since socialism in all it’s pernicious incarnations is simply distributive justice by political favor, and since the New Class has both political favor and political power, they benefit most when society is socialist. Therefore they want socialism despite the very real damage to the lives and welfare of the people. To this end, it is in the egoists self interests to use spurious claims of economic justice, to goad us into allowing government actions that do real harm to our economic, cultural and social interests. Spurious claims are by their nature difficult to counter and so they become memes in our society. It is up to us then, as self interested human beings, to do everything in our power to point them out as well as the sophist nature of them, else we fall into the rabbit hole of absurdity in the name of justice.





John Pepin

Constitutional Usurpation

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if I am not held to the Law, I will not follow the law. Moreover, if our elected leaders are not held to the Constitution, they will not follow it either. This not only applies to the US, where the Constitution has been bastardized by the New Class to their own purpose, but around the World. Human nature is unyielding. We do what we can get away with due to our egoistic self interest. No one among us is immune we are all subject to the demands of our egos. It is said that our emotions are like an elephant and our reason is merely a rider. Since politicians are human beings, they are as subject to this weakness in human nature as anyone, perhaps more, since they seek egoistic power over others. If we are to leave our children and their children, a World where people are free and prosperous, we must realize a means to counter this predilection in our leaders.


Think about it this way, if the laws against speeding are not enforced, people will speed more and more. As a result accidents will become more and more frequent and deadly. If the laws against drunk driving are not enforced as well the trend of more deadly accidents will accelerate. This is incontestable, we all know that we will do what we can get away with, and we all understand the repercussions. What we fail to realize however, is the same holds true for our elected leaders, but with far greater negative consequences.


The elite, like everyone, seek to exceed limits on their actions. In the case of the elected leaders, they want more freedom, to limit the freedom of others. Like the guy late for work, if he believes he will get away with exceeding the limit, he will do it. The repercussion to the society and culture from the elite exceeding their authority, as limited by the Constitution, are far more dangerous than merely allowing drunks to careen down the road fast as bullets. If we allow our leaders to surpass constitutional limits, the results include but are not limited to, famine, oppression, poverty, social strife, and hopelessness.


The predilection of the elite is only exacerbated, when those that are empowered with limiting the power and scope of government by their Constitutions, cheer and applaud when a would be usurper publicly announces he fully intends to practice arbitrary power. In this case the Constitution is nothing more than a cloak that gives the new tyrant’s usurpations a veil of legitimacy. When this happens the people have two options. Rise up and demand the Constitution be followed to the letter as intended or fall into line like lambs to the slaughter house. In such a society, where the people rise up immediately, the change back to Constitutional rule can be done with little or no blood shed, but where the people fall into line, whether it is for free stuff or fear of being called a name, eventually they will be led to slaughter and terror. Once that happens, if the people become enraged at the usurpations and rise up, we will be put down by deadly force and much blood will be shed, like in Tienanmen Square or Iran.


The right thing to do is never the easy thing to do. Most of the time we know the right thing to do but withhold action because it is seen as too difficult. Mo Ti wrote volumes about this facet of human nature, that we will do the hard thing to avoid the easy thing… In the case of a blatant usurper the right thing to do is to immediately write letters and articles, demonstrate, demand the Constitution be followed as written and intended, and otherwise act out. This is not easy, especially when the elite in the media, government and culture, back the usurper. But if it is not done and we fall into line like lambs the slaughter house cannot be far away.


In the US today we have a President who is so blatant about his usurpations he announces them to standing ovations like Adolph Hitler did. He is so confident that the American people will fall into line like lambs he openly avows he will practice arbitrary rule, like following laws as he sees fit, changing laws to suit his moods, bypasses other Constitutionally empowered branches of government and otherwise acts the dictator.


Using the spurious logic of “living breathing document” wasn’t undermining the Constitution fast enough, and we have become such sheep, he can do all these things without complaint from the very people he is avowing he will oppress. He knows the media will not hold him to any standard, the cultural elite back his incursions, and all other political factions behold his usurpations with admiration, drooling at the possibility they will get the same power if and when they come into office. The last hope to such a society, are the people who are awake and aware, we must demand our Constitution be followed. A NUMA is only a means to maintain Constitutional limits once they are reestablished. Like I said, if we do not hold the elite to the Constitution, they will not follow it, with all the consequences that will ensue. Lambs don’t write letters and don’t fight, they cry as their throat is slit, but to no avail… they have entered the slaughterhouse of their own free will.





John Pepin

The Psychopathic Nature of Socialism

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me that socialism is a psychopathic form of government. The reason is, the premise of socialism is the psychopathic belief, that human beings are a means to the socialists ends. This subjugates the wants and needs of those the socialist exploits to the wants of the socialist. History shows how violent socialists are, but this violence is merely a symptom of the problem, the psychopathic nature of socialism is the root. As most of us know a psychopath has no conscience or sense of morality. The socialist needs to deceive others to get power, and so uses spurious calls for morality, to create the situation where there is no actual morality, but is in fact a state of absolute immorality. If we want to protect ourselves and our children from the vagaries of a psychopathic government we must understand and teach this to our children and society as a whole.


These terms are a bit heavy so I’ll need to unpack them…


A psychopath thinks differently then you or I. They don’t see other human beings as people but as ghosts that fill out their reality. People are mere tools available for the psychopath to use as they will. To illustrate the point I’ll pass along a riddle:


A woman goes to her mother’s funeral. At the funeral she meets the man of her dreams. After the funeral he leaves and she realizes she forgot to get his phone number or address. She looks for him in vain but cannot find him. Two weeks later she kills her sister… Why did she kill her sister? The answer is, to meet the man again at her sister’s funeral. I understand that nine out of ten jailed psychopaths get the answer immediately, while normal people cannot fathom the answer. This illustrates the fundamental attributes of a psychopath, ie, they are disconnected from the consequences of their actions and they see others as not human beings but as tools. This is the fundamental nature of a socialist as well.


Some of the attributes of a psychopath are very helpful with politics, especially in a democratic form of government. Attributes like, charisma, hypocrisy, ruthlessness, a total lack of shame, the ability to lie without remorse, and kill without a thought. These are all things that help a politician get and keep political power. Those that have a conscience, a sense of shame, tell the truth and value human life, are always at a profound disadvantage when dealing with a psychopath.


When speaking of means and ends I am referring to Kant’s philosophy as illustrated in his work, Critique of Practical Reason. In it Kant makes the argument, fully compatible with the enlightenment ideal of human beings as having individual intrinsic worth, that we are ends in and of ourselves. When we are used as a means for another’s ends, our wants and needs are subjugated to those of another, which denies our individual worth. The categorical imperative, that for a thing to be moral it must be a category that can be applied universally among humanity. This comports with the natural law, that in a state of nature we all have certain fundamental rights, rights that come from God/nature and not from government or Man.


You might ask, what is it about socialism that is psychotic? Let’s look at one of the policies of socialism, one that was introduced by Adolph Hitler, nationalized health care. Most people understand intrinsically that nothing is free. Just because you get something and didn’t have to pay for it doesn’t make it free, someone had to produce, pay or work for that good. When someone is forced by the coercive power of the State to provide for another, the provider is no longer an end in him or herself, they become a means to the ends of another, the socialist and the recipient of nationalized healthcare, and therefore is dehumanized. In other words the provider ceases to be a human being, valuable in their own right, but a mere tool to the bidding of others, like a hammer or saw. This is fundamentally a psychopathic way of thinking, that others are a means to the socialists wants, and that the consequences to the provider, and indeed the recipient too, are irrelevant. If you think of it, all the policies of socialists fall into this category, ie psychopathic.


If we think of socialism in this way it becomes instantly clear why communist and socialist governments are so overtly violent. Those hapless individuals who are in the way of the socialists wants and desires, are not human beings with intrinsic worth, but road blocks to the socialist, no more important than a tree that has fallen across the road. Therefore, since others are not human beings, it is perfectly acceptable to kill them, in whatever way suits the ends of the socialist. Starvation has been one of the primary means socialists have used to cement their political power. Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot starved untold millions of men, women and children to death, for just this purpose. The atrocities committed by socialists have been some of the worst crimes against humanity ever visited upon mankind. This would only be possible if the leaders are psychopaths.


If we examine the political leaders of today we see many psychopathic traits. They violate the law and overstep Constitutional limits, while holding everyone else to their every whim and desire to the fullest extent, even to the point of execution. Lying and hypocrisy is the bread and butter of politics today, and it is all illustrated in living color, by our political leaders the world over. Look at the outrageous statements of Obama, “Capitalism has never worked,” for example. Is it any wonder then why the planet is in the shape it is in? We cannot blame the psychopath for being a psychopath, it is their nature, we must blame ourselves for not recognizing their mental illness and giving them power. Unless and until we acknowledge these traits in our leaders, we will continue down the path to perdition, to our mutual ruination.





John Pepin


Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me tolerance is a one way street to the political left. They have no tolerance whatsoever but demand absolute tolerance from the rest of us. This may be the definition of hypocrisy, but the left bathes in hypocrisy, it is the left’s bread and butter, to them it is a sacrament. What is not so obvious is the pernicious nature of it. Our society, government and culture are damaged greatly when a faction with so much political power are so intolerant of other points of view, other religions and other philosophies. What drives them to such heights of intolerance and hate is their innate self doubt. They know in their minds and hearts they are wrong on most issues, and their leadership will inevitably lead to poverty and violence, but they are committed to their ideology, so to have any hope of winning in a political contest they must stomp down any debate about issues, with spurious demands for tolerance, which in the parlance of the left, is approval and approbation. The longer we allow this level of intolerance of our Constitutional republic, morality, rights and liberty the lower we will fall.


Societies rise in virtue and fall in vice. This is the primary lesson of all of human history. There is not one example in the annuls of humanity where a society rose in vice and fell in virtue. Virtues such as Christian morality, prayer, liberty, traditional marriage, limited government, hard work, along with so much else of what has made America great, are despised by the left. Yet the left is constantly talking of this or that iniquity as being a moral imperative, they see liberty as unconscionable. We are to hang our head in shame if we pray in public, but the reprobate who uses his EBT card on strippers and prostitutes, is defended.


They demand not only tolerance of the intolerable but acceptance as normal and even demand our funding morally reprehensible actions. I personally find abortion to be the evil of our day. In the future people will look back at us, as we do the slave owners of yore, and they will wonder at how we could have been so blind at the wickedness of it. The left however, sees abortion as a sacrament and so I must not only tolerate abortion, but pay for it. I was not only supposed to tolerate a picture of the Virgin Mary decorated in feces, the sign of Baal, but I was even forced to pay for it! While I am cowed by the ever present threat of State violence if I should disagree, they cannot tolerate even hearing a prayer said in public, they cannot tolerate a manger, smoking, SUVs or capitalism.


I am expected to send my children to be “taught” in their schools, where they undermine my religion, the morals I try to teach, they indoctrinate our children into their political mindset with money they take from me at gun point, and they seek to teach ever child the exact same thing through Common Core curriculum. While more and more teens graduate high school without knowing how to read, write, history or geography. If I were to go to a school and speak about God, or the miracle of the free market, I would be forcibly removed, but they can teach how to have gay sex, teach there is no God, teach their twisted version of history and inculcate communism to our children. They cannot tolerate my drinking too large a soda, my eating meat, my right to keep and bear arms or my free speech.


The left has raised hypocrisy and hate to an art form. Their intolerance is more then mere hypocrisy, it is damaging to our society, culture and indeed government. While we are ordered to obey their absurd rules and regulations to the letter, they feel no compunction at all to follow any standards… even their own. The Constitution is an anathema to them because it limits their ability to control the rest of us and so is a stumbling stone to them. Those of us who want the freedom our Constitution guarantees must tolerate the redefining of it, to comport with the left’s need to dominate the rest of us, while they demand our approval else we are “haters.” Leftists see no irony at all when they wear a Che Guevara tee shirt, as they give speeches on the immorality of war, the free market and the rich… while vacationing on Nantucket island. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so destructive.





John Pepin