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On the Brexit Vote…

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, tomorrows “brexit” vote will tell us if the people in Britain favor liberty… or tyranny. It is as simple as that. On the one hand leaving the European Union would create chaos and uncertainty but allow the British people to have a say in their futures. On the other hand a stay vote would keep the apple cart from upsetting and the British people will be governed by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who care nothing for the welfare of Britain or it’s people… the technocracy of Europe will be saved. Nevertheless tomorrows vote should be interesting, if for no other reason then, to see the machinations our “leaders” are willing to go to keep their power, privilege and prerogative. So far it appears the elite have manipulated the odds on leaving, used naked fear mongering, lied, open threats and even possibly a false flag attack. To the elite the ends justify the means, especially when the ends are their goal of total control of the hoi polloi.

Liberty is always chaotic, that is the nature of freedom, while slavery is always stable, that is the nature of slavery. A slave knows what he or she will be doing every day, sun up to sunset, no matter if that is tending to plants on a farm, toiling away in a sweatshop or servicing filthy men’s desires, there is the probability of a severe beating now and then… but a slave knows their place, their life, and future, while the life of their master is stable as well. Free men however cannot possibly know their future. A freeman might wake up in the morning after a strange dream and come up with an idea to get rich, a rich man who is free might make a bad decision and loose everything, someone might get fed up with their job and quit, all of which leads to chaos and disruption that a slave society doesn’t have. To argue that slavery is better because it is stable is like arguing death is better because it is changeless.

Simply looking at who favors staying within the European Union tells us a great deal about what such a vote would mean. Those who openly avow a one world government uniformly want the British to vote for their servitude. People like George Soros are threatening Britain with economic Armageddon if they vote to leave. Soros connived to destroy the pound sterling and admitted he made a billion dollars on that “deal.” Such a person, it must be acknowledged, doesn’t care for the British people having visited on them the suffering a destroyed currency brings. A list of those supporting staying is like a who’s who list of globalists and favorers of arbitrary rule.

David Cameron has been caught lying about future Turkish inclusion in the European Union. He said that question was decades away but it just came out that Turkey’s admission will be debated immediately after Thursdays vote. This is perhaps the single biggest reason the Brits are seeking exit. If Turkey is included in the EU, Muslim immigration, immigration that now threatens the very nature of Britain and indeed Europe itself, will go from a flood to a tsunami, washing away all vestiges of European culture, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the permissive sex characterized by Amsterdam, British pubs, and everything that makes Europe, well, Europe. Yet this most important issue was lied about to the British people to calm fears that, as it turns out, are very real.

A British Parliamentarian was murdered the other day by someone who supposedly is in favor of a leave vote. That hideous crime was welcomed by the stay supporters and triggered a world wide stock market rally. The globalists have tried to use that killing as a means to put off the vote indefinitely. Such actions are tantamount to dancing on the grave of Jo Cox. Now some conspiracy theorists believe her killing was a false flag attack to undermine the referendum, I have my doubts, crazy people are everywhere and by definition, do crazy things. If the killer actually wants Britain to leave, as he is said to want by the media that calls itself unbiased, he wouldn’t have created sympathy for the stay crowd… unless he was a nut job.

Of course there is always the possibility that the European Union bureaucracy will not let Britain leave anyway. Look what they did to Greece. The European Union’s Bureaucrats ordered, by fiat, the rightfully elected leaders of Greece to vacate their offices, who were replaced by apparatchiks from the EU. Greece is now a technocracy. Such actions are not the works of accountable leaders but of autocrats who rule arbitrarily. That such firebrands obeyed the orders of unelected unaccountable despots can only lead us to believe there were threats behind the scenes. Greece is now basically a protectorate of the EU. Philip Dru would be pleased.

Such obvious conniving should be a clarion call to all the British people and indeed all the people of Europe. Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium are rapidly loosing their identities as well. Protests fill the streets regularly in those rapidly disintegrating former nations. Europe is promptly loosing it’s unique culture and societies. Of course that is the plan for the globalists who seek one world government. They call it “multiculturalism,” when it is in fact the destruction of all cultures, to be replaced with a culture of slavery and subservience. In this one instance I agree with Nietzsche, and it makes my skin crawl to do so, Europeans have as a matter of history had the mindset of slaves, now that mindset is showing itself to be a suicide pact as well. May the vote be free of tampering, honestly reflect the will of the British people… and be the spark that sets the fire of freedom blazing in Europe again.


John Pepin

Our Machiavellian Elite

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the elite today are more Machiavellian than in any time in the past. Machiavelli would have been proud of the elite, or put another way, the new class, to have taken Machiavellian principles to such an extreme in pursuit of their agenda. The reason Machiavelli’s works have stood the test of time is that they speak to our congenital human nature. His ideas span the gambit of human government and the amassing of power into the hands of those willing to use any means necessary to forward their agenda, which is always more power, money and prestige in the hands of the elite. The elite have always been sociopaths or psychopaths who are all too willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder and make war to get their way, indeed a lack of basic human compassion has been the hallmark of the aristocracy since time immortal. Since this is obviously the case as evidenced by all of human history, it is only rational to examine the actions of the elite in this light, furthermore is is Pollianish to believe the elite have our best interests at heart. It is and has always been the Pollianish, who are the useful idiots the elite exploit and manipulate by Machiavellian means, to create tyranny.

Machiavelli is most famous for his treatise The Prince. He wrote The Prince in an attempt to win favor from the new Medici prince who had recently overthrown Machiavelli’s sponsor the Borgia. In it, Machiavelli tried to prove that he could be useful to the Medici, by showing his political acumen. Unfortunately for Machiavelli the Medici didn’t look favorably toward those who has served the Borgias. That book, The Prince, however became a world wide sensation that has real points to teach us, even and especially today.

While Machiavelli sought favor from the Medici family his ultimate goal was to unite Italy and to that end he thought a strong man would be best suited for the task. At his core Machiavelli was a patriot. He believed that the Medici prince of Florence along with the Medici Pope could unite their forces and power bringing Italy under one prince. Machiavelli cared not if that prince were a Medici or a Borgia, because in time Italy could become a republic, Machiavelli’s favorite form of government has he espoused in his other famous book, Discourses on Livy. Today the global elite seek to unite the planet under one governemnt.

In The Prince, Machiavelli explains how a prince, (or politician) should be as untruthful as he or she needs while constantly claiming to be the most truthful person in the world. He used the example of a prince who lied constantly, even when the truth would serve him better but incessantly and vociferously claimed to be the most honest man on the planet. While everyone knew the prince was lying they still held him to be an honest man, believing his rhetoric rater than their own eyes and ears. Politicians today follow that rule religiously. We all know of politicians who have been caught lying over and over, but are still regarded by many as honest and trustworthy, and are even running for President.

Machiavelli’s term, “The end justifies the means,” has been taken to heart by the global elite today. The global elite believe in a one world government, they have been writing about it for decades. Ever since Marx wrote his manifesto the elite have been enthralled with the idea of a one world government, where everyone would be “equal,” except for the elite, who are always a little more equal than everyone else. To that end the elite lie, cheat, steal both our property and our elections, create fear and motivate us to act against our own interests with false flags, wage endless wars, destroy our money, intentionally overwhelm our economic system and create societal chaos, all as a means to the end they seek.

In The Prince Machiavelli espoused the virtues of arbitrary rule. Believing the ends justify the means as Machiavelli did, a temporary tyranny was a small price to pay to unite Italy, because afterward he believed Italy would come under a republican form of government. “A stable tyranny is better for the people than an unstable democracy,” was another phrase coined by Machiavelli. He said that under a stable tyranny, it is the elite who suffer being a threat to the tyrant, while the people have a stable society, albeit, a tyrannical one, in which to conduct business, however in an unstable democracy, business is near impossible, since your shop could be vandalized at any time by marauding hordes of angry plebeians. Today however that equation is flipped upside down. With the advent of modern surveillance, data storage and implantable rfid chips, the subjects of a tyrant are even the most lowly.

Anyone who denies the elite are Machiavellian is absurdly Pollianish. The elite have written extensively about their plans and the way they will bring them about. A rational person will look at the actions of the elite, as well as their writings, to decide the elite’s intentions. A fool will only listen to their words. The writers our leaders follow religiously today are Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky, Marx, Nietzsche, Herbert Marcuse and George Counts, along with many others, who are uniform in their Machiavellian conniving. Pointing this out gets the speaker branded a “conspiracy theorist,” which is another example of Machiavellian principles at work. To believe a lie in the face of someone’s actions shows a laziness of mind, lack of will and idiotic complacency, but so many do today we have all become lambs to the slaughter.


John Pepin

The Pendulum Between Socialism and Capitalism

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is a political pendulum that swings continually back and forth between socialism and capitalism, that pendulum is shown most clearly in the third world but is also apparent in the West as well. That political pendulum is driven by public opinion on the merits of both. Once a nation becomes relatively wealthy via capitalism there is always a movement to change to a socialist economy. Once the cancer of spreads sufficient, socialists are elected and begin to enact socialist policies. Once those policies are implemented… graft, corruption, poverty and outright famine take hold in a once wealthy country. The socialists however will not allow capitalists to get elected and wield power, so to change back to a market system there requires either a revolution, or criminal trials for the socialist elite. Once the government is under the control of capitalist, or to be more precise, politicians who favor the free market and liberty it provides, the economy becomes healthy again and the standard of living rebounds. The economy never achieves it’s former highs but the rampant corruption is dealt with, the suppression of economic activity subsides and some level of liberty is restored. Once the people become comfortable again, they vote socialists back in, and the cycle starts again.

Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Zimbabwe among others are perfect examples of this in action. In Argentina the profoundly corrupt socialists are facing criminal trials for their naked corruption. Politicians who favor free markets and liberty are back in charge, but only until they fix the economy and government, once they are fixed the people will again vote in socialists, as has happened over and over in Argentina. Venezuela is almost to the point of tossing out the socialists because they are at the bottom of the economic cycle. Basic needs cannot be met and poverty is as crushing as it is rampant. All in a nation setting on an ocean of oil. Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution has taken a relatively wealthy south American nation to absolute destitution. If he were still alive there would be executions in the streets of pro free market politicians. Rest assured however, the moment the free market repairs the economy and the corruption is rooted out of government, the people will again turn to socialism.

The US has just embarked on the socialist experiment. So far under Barak Obama it has been an utter failure. The media that calls itself unbiased is doing it’s job, as ordered by Obama, to protect him and forward the agenda. They have been good little toadies. Reporting on the economy is always rosy, despite the fact that interest rates have been held at an absurd level the entire span of Obama’s regime, US standing in the world has collapsed, terrorism has gone from an inconvenience to an existential threat and our debt to GDP ratio has never been higher, even during WWII. US manufacturing has seen 9 straight months of decline, a result not seen in over 100 years, (since Woodrow Wilson). Without recession. In fact by many metrics we have been in recession for years… but recession only happens when we are told by the elite we are in recession. The US is being overrun by people who come here illegally, have no intention of assimilating and pose a perpetual threat to the citizens. By every measure the US has dramatically declined under Obama’s march to socialism. Like an alcoholic however, the decline is ignored until we hit rock bottom, like one of Argentina’s many bouts with hyper inflation that gutted the middle class over and over.

This cycle is driven by human nature. People want to be comfortable and we want that comfort easy. It is all too easy to see the shortcomings of socialism when it has obliterated wealth, created famine and steeped the government in corruption, but once the government is free of corruption, there is economic prosperity and people have their needs met, the siren song of socialism tickles the ears of the people. Socialists will claim there is so much wealth it should be redistributed to those who need from those who have. The idea sounds great to those who want, but believe they need, so they will throw the gates open for the Trojan horse. Socialists appeal to our envy, feed our greed and fill our bellies with hate. The call for a more equitable distribution of the goods of society grows in volume and intensity until socialists get elected. The claim is that it will work this time because we have the “right” leaders. Socialists rely on the lazy, ignorant and foolish to gain power. Since free market politicians have as their core value, liberty, they allow free and fair elections, and so another experiment in socialism is started. One that will fail, like all the others, resulting in a diminished standard of living for everyone but the elite.

The cycle of socialism/capitalism is as destructive as cancer, unfortunately, human nature prevents us from treating the disease, as well as the constant drumbeat of propaganda from the media, that calls itself unbiased. Such a cycle is impossible to break as long as those who are in love with socialism control the government monopoly school system, the media, our universities, media, the legal sector and big business. That is why the new class so stridently oppose any reform of education like the voucher system, such reform would take thousands of children away from their indoctrinating centers, give them good educations and enable children educated in such a system, to engage in the market system. The results would undermine the cycle and therefore cannot be allowed. The results would feed back, and more people would seek economic improvement within the free market framework, laughing at the lies of the socialists. In short, the power of the new class must be reduced, and since that is nearly impossible, the cycle will go on. I call dibs on that slice of half eaten moldy bread, maybe I can even find some rancid butter to put on it…


John Pepin

Tragedy’s First Cause

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to exploit tragedy for personal gain is callous, to create a tragedy so one can exploit it… is downright evil. Those who are so dead inside they are willing to create the conditions where tragedy is impossible to avoid, know that most people don’t look beyond last cause, certainly not following the chain of causality back to the primary cause. As such they believe their actions can go unreported and unknown. Of course some will point to the primary cause. Those diabolical people who created the tragedy to begin with, have only to claim anyone who is rightly pointing at the primary cause, or first cause, are conspiracy theorists, and the fiction the connivers are peddling can go on, while those who point at their malevolence are marginalized as cooks. Much evil in our world has been implemented in just this manner. As rational maximisers, we have to be aware that such manipulation exists and look beyond last cause to the primary cause, before we lay blame.

Causality is always a chain of events. If a building collapses, we can look at the rotten support that failed, as the last cause, or we can look at what made the member rot in the first place, the first or primary cause. A conniver might claim the primary cause was the building design was faulty to begin with, ignoring the fact it stood decades or perhaps centuries, before the rotten timber gave and the building collapsed. If all we look at is the rotten timber we miss the root cause of the collapse, namely, whatever rotted the timber in the first place. Someone who is intent on manipulating us to their own selfish ends loves this lazy tendency of humanity. They can create the conditions where a structural collapse is inevitable, say poking a hole strategically over a vulnerable timber, then when the collapse happens, demand they be given autocratic power to oversee all buildings or redesign them, “for our own good.” Few will look to the source of the leak and so their conniving will pay dividends.

If we as a people stopped falling for the conniving of evil people, instead punishing them for creating the conditions where human suffering is inevitable, the scheming would stop. Sociopathic individuals operate on a strictly egoistic basis. They care nothing for the suffering of others, and are all too willing to create suffering to benefit themselves, if instead their self interest was severely damaged, they would not engage in it in the first place. In some cases the conniver is a psychopath, and enjoys watching the suffering they inflict on mankind, that they benefit is a bonus to them. In both cases if we look only at where they point we will always be looking in the wrong place and in both cases punishing the conniver would yield benefits for humanity.

Anyone who says or believes, “Never let a tragedy go to waste,” is someone who should never be let anywhere near the reigns of power. By their very admission they are at the least callous individuals and at worst they are evil connivers. If we examine their actions and find that such actions led directly or indirectly to a tragedy, or a host of tragedies, it is clear they are sociopaths or even possibly psychopaths. To allow a psychopath or sociopath access to power is the absolute acme of stupidity. Moreover turning a blind eye to their conniving is not merely stupid but abets the crime. We owe it to our children to root out such nefarious, evil, egoistic people, from government else we and our children must suffer from our indifference, aid and willful ignorance. Always look beyond where the connivers are pointing, instead look to primary causes, did they create conditions where this tragedy is inevitable, if so them why, then act accordingly.

Crime requires a means and motive. If someone tells you they are going to kill you and rape your daughter, you don’t buy them the house next door, in hopes they will see that you are open minded and therefore befriend you, that would be idiotic. If your other neighbor buys them that house and helps them move in… when you are killed and your daughter is raped, it is as much the fault of that malevolent neighbor as the actual murderer and rapist. The conniving neighbor provided the means for the crime knowing the motive was there. When government does the exact same thing, then claims that to “protect you” they need to disarm you, force you to shut up, subject you to intrusive monitoring, while at the same time refusing to identify the criminal, you can be assured those in government are malevolent connivers intent on using human suffering to forward their agenda. The ends do not justify the means, no matter the ends, and especially where the ends and means are evil.


John Pepin

Normative Philosophy and Morality

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, once you have accepted there is a God, and thus morality, the next step is to determine what is the right God, and thus right morality. It is obvious that worshiping an evil god will not result in a better life, for the worshiper nor their offspring, and to bow to a false deity, is as bad or worse than the hubris of atheism. So avoiding false morality, for true morality, is of utmost importance. To do that, we need a framework in which to place the commands of the various Gods, qualify them and weigh them for their inner morality. The philosophy of Pragmatism is ideally suited for just such a task. While Pragmatism is a normative philosophy, that can be applied to a plethora of complex human systems, in rectifying morality it shines. Moreover, as humanity’s recognition of true morality grows, so does the economic, scientific, cultural, civil and social conditions in which we live under.

Even atheists claim a knowledge of morality. They will always say, “I am moral, I donate…” What they don’t understand is that they are calling on God and his supernatural principles also known as… morality. They argue such because they know, a society, culture and the crime rate are based on the aggregate morality of the people. Most people know this to be true, but what goes deeper than many people understand is that morality is the basis for all sorts of things we would never associate with it. The level of scientific achievement is based on the morality of a people, the level of economic prosperity is morality dependent, the character of a nation ie. It’s propensity to war depends on it’s moral compass, etc… Morality is a much more important question for our self interest than it is ever given.

Pragmatism is a normative philosophy since it answers the question which is good and which is bad. The means pragmatism uses to find the good or the bad is to look at outcomes. It cares nothing for intentions, means, theory or abstract, it only looks at outcomes and therefore is experimental in nature. How to use pragmatism, we look at what has happened in the past when certain moral systems were in place. Next we qualify them by their economic, human, social, cultural and scientific outcomes. If some of those outcomes were good… then that system of morality had at least some good in it, if there was starvation, human suffering, tyranny, scientific backsliding, etc… we can reliably say that system of morality was bad.

Pragmatism can be applied to all sorts of complex human systems to gauge their good or bad. Economics lends itself. If we examine the moral outcomes of the various economic systems that have been tried, we can conclude… the feudal system leads to stagnation, slavery leads to an inflexible economy and socialism leads to famine war and want, while capitalism leads to scientific advance, economic prosperity and cultural equanimity. If we exclude the outcome based philosophy, instead adopting a system that takes intentions into account, socialism becomes the better option. If we assume a system that is based on tribal ties then slavery becomes ideal. Further, if we are beholding to authority, the feudal system becomes our favorite. The moral and economic system people choose as “good,” is often based on the system used to decide, what is good and what is bad.

Once we accept that morality is fundamental to our well being as a culture, society, scientific community, economy and way of life, answering the question of what is the right morality we as a society want to live under becomes paramount. The system of morality in vogue at any given time may, or may not be true morality, nevertheless the outcome of that system can point us toward true morality by it’s outcome. Intentions, group affinity, theory, calls to authority, etc… all lead in the wrong direction. The only way to reliably gauge the good or bad of a system is outcome, (experimentally) based. We can dream of ideals all day long but in the end it is the outcome that determines if a system is good or bad. So do we want to live under a throwback system of morality that leads to stagnation, famine, war, group affinity, or is destroyed by the cancer of idealism? If you don’t make the decision for yourself, what morality you want your children to be immersed in… then let your decision be head, others will be happy to make it for you… and your children and grandchildren will have to suffer the consequences.


John Pepin

Peace in the Middle East… a Fools Errand

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, barring the genocide of the Jews or the Muslims, peace in the Middle East is a fools errand. Moreover, that the world focuses so much on that part of the world while turning a blind eye to real human suffering elsewhere, is an enigma. What of the plight of the indigenous people of southern Mexico, the innocent girls forced into the sex slave trade, the country of Tibet occupied by communist China, the extermination of Christianity from it’s birthplace, the tyrannizing of the Kurds by Turkeyor any of dozens of other crimes against humanity? Every President, as a matter of policy, claims to be a champion of peace in the Middle East and spends an inordinate amount of capital seeking to reconcile the Jews and Muslims. Clinton even managed to get the Jewish state to concede to almost every demand, save one of the Palestinians, yet Yasser Arafat turned them down cold. Isn’t it only logical to abandon a fools errand, for a more profitable pursuit, like stamping out the slave trade?

Israel is a tiny postage stamp of land. Islam has conquered North Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia, and now Europe, yet the one place they demand most is the tiny state of Israel. To that end the entire planet must bow to the demands of those who don’t want peace, but the extermination of a whole people… another final solution. Everyone knows in his or her heart that peace there is impossible without the extermination of either the Muslims or the Jews, yet the knee jerk reaction is to seek peace, where peace is impossible. Now such thoroughly proven false anti Semitic filth like the Protocols of Zion are back in vogue. The world’s leaders have nothing to say when the Iranian government openly calls for the murder of the Jewish people, then vilify Israel, for defending itself against daily rocket attacks against schools.

The question of the Palestinian people could be answered immediately if the Muslim world wanted to. They control mammoth swaths of uninhabited land. The Palestinians could be given territory a hundred times the size of Israel that no one lives on… but that solution is unacceptable. Mo Ti said why fight over a city when there is so much land that is uncultivated? Today, the Palestinians are idle in their forced refugee camps, imagine if all that available labor were put to productive use? Imagine the magnificent cities they could build, the farms they could create, the society they could build, all for fraction of the cost of the unending war, but instead of building they are encouraged, by the Muslim world and the West, to fight for that postage stamp of land.

Why spend the money, blood and suffering to steal land from someone when uncultivated land can be cultivated far less expensively? Hate and lust for power is the reason. The naked hatred of the Jews is rising again as it did before WWII. I ask you, does it damage you or your interests that Israel exists? Such obvious racism as calling the Jewish people Zionists, dehumanizes them, creating the conditions for hate and preparing people to murder others who have done them no harm. People will run into a hail of bullets, to forward the ambitions of evil men all day, while very very few will brave gunfire to advance the cause of liberty. How much easier then to brave the sun plowing a field, operate a crane to build a city than to send your children with a bomb strapped to them to kill some Jews on a bus?

If the world were sane they would abandon the fools errand of peace in the Middle East and instead focus on more profitable pursuits, like eliminating human trafficking once and for all, helping the Tibetans achieve sovereignty, stopping the slaughter of Christians in Iraq and Syria… or time travel, all of which are more likely to happen. Hate is a terrible motivation from which to seek peace. Isn’t it past time to see the forest beyond the trees of propaganda and move beyond blind hatred of the Jewish people? When you see someone referencing the Protocols of Zion, calling Jews bankers in reference to the Rothschilds, ignoring the Palestinian terror tunnels while vilifying Israel for cutting off the cement to the Palestinians to build them, speak up. Be a spark of light in a dimming world. God knows, if we don’t shine a light on the darkness that is growing around us, the darkness wins.


John Pepin

INCAP Rule #1 of Acquisition.

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if I were to write the International Capitalist Party’s Rules of acquisition, as opposed to the Star Trek, Ferengi rules of acquisition, my first rule would be, “Provide a better quality product at a better price point than your competitors…” If every business venture followed this advice instead of the new class version, “Stop competition through bought and paid for government intervention…” Which would be the Ferengi version as well. The first leads to ever better products, made at higher relative wages, with more money returned to shareholders, to invest in more businesses creating growing economy. The second leads to the situation we have today, where the pay for upper management exceeds the amount given to all the shareholders combined, while the employees are squeezed as hard as possible, turning out as defective as law will allow products, all to feed the voracious appetite of the new class, that run our industries today with their new class Ferengi rules of acquisition…

At the root of any rules of acquisition is the presumption that if the players adhere to the rules they will become wealthy. Wealth however can only really grow when the aggregate stock of value goes up. So all the players would, in the end and on average, turn out better than before. To have a system where the aggregate stock of value is corroded over time, only to feed an oligarchy, can only lead to societal disruption, increasing want and violence, as everyone scrambles to get a larger portion of a shrinking pie. Of course as the pie shrinks the more frantic people will become. Eventually, the pie will shrink to such an extent the promises made by government can no longer be met, and wide scale starvation must ensue. As those who have become utterly dependent on government and have no ability to engage in the market system, become hungry, they can only resort to violence.

Many people have a twisted view of the market system because of the egoistic and self serving nature of the new class. People look at the obvious corruption and cronyism and recoil. Where cronyism has been nurtured by the new class society has become striated. There are the haves and the have nots, the haves will always have and the have nots will never have, because government is exploited by the haves to maintain the status quo. This creates a people who are jaded to the market system and confuse free markets with crony capitalism. Which in the end also benefits the new class.

The more angry people get at the status quo the more they will empower government to make everyone equal. Of course they are just feeding the monster. The more power the people invest in government, out of ignorance and anger, the more the new class can exploit that power for their own good, to the detriment of everyone else. Calls for socialism always comes from the top of the new class, as a means to fix the problems they have created, by their selfish and greedy actions. Every communist revolution has been started this way, started and run by egg headed intellectuals, who have no suitable skills to sell in the marketplace, with the peasants, who have been barred from the marketplace by social status, making up the soldiers.

A market system is a structure in which people come together to get their needs met. When a market is truly open and free, companies that sell the best quality products at the lowest price point succeed, and those who sell defective products fail. However, in the system we have now, where those who have large businesses face competition from a new competitor, the new class that almost always run the businesses, go to their bought and paid for politicians through their lobbyists to pass regulations crushing that competition. It is far easier to stifle competition in this manner than to improve one’s product and lower the price. A free market provides ever increasing quality, diversity of products and meets new demands while rewarding employees, shareholders and entrepreneurs.

Yes, the Star Trek Ferengi are fictional. They were created to point out how evil the free market is if left unchecked by government regulation. The premise is that government is always virtuous and businesses are always evil. Such nonsense flies in the face of history and human nature. The new class however who write shows like Star Trek cannot help but put in their inculcated biases and prejudices. If people are so corrupt they cannot be trusted with free markets, then how much more dangerous if given absolute power, backed by arbitrary rule? What is really traded on a free market is value, in a crony market, what is traded is power.


John Pepin

One Generation Away from Tyranny

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, as Reagan said, we are never more than one generation away from tyranny, and Ours may be the one to loose liberty to tyranny. Our soldiers have fought bravely, followed their orders and bled for our liberty, while our leaders have tied our soldiers hands, disarmed them, called them terrorists, spit on them when they returned from Vietnam, claim they are broken and provide material support to our existential enemies. We have allowed our liberties to be ravaged in the name of political correctness, safety and ignorance. Ours is the generation that will go down in history as the dirt bag generation that subjected our posterity to tyranny like the world has never seen before. One socialist world government, by the elite for the elite, protected by total surveillance of the people. “Honey unplug the phone I would like to talk…” will not be possible soon.

In the US we have never been closer to outright tyranny by openly abdicating our Constitution. When our leaders are asked, if some law they are proposing is “Constitutional,” our leaders laugh in our collective faces. They ridicule the questioner along with the media that calls itself unbiased. The open and obvious contempt our leaders have for our basic fundamental protections and rule of law, can only mean the American people have also abdicated our liberties, and have embraced tyranny. Otherwise our leaders would never get elected. We now live in a society where there is no overriding legal authority to punish overt crimes, even when those crimes are admitted to, as in the case of Al Gore who skated when he broke campaign finance law, yet Dinesh D’Souza went to prison for far far less. Hillary Clinton has admitted she destroyed evidence, clearly didn’t turn over her emails to the DOS, had classified emails on an unsecured server, and then lied under oath about it. There is no justice in America anymore… we live under arbitrary rule, which by Socrates’ definition is tyranny.

Obama, on his trip to Japan this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, vilified the ending of WWII by dropping a nuke on Japan. Ignoring the facts that Japan started the war, the multitude of war crimes Japanese soldiers committed on American Gis, Philippine soldiers, The rape of Nanjing, Korean “comfort girls,” etc… In essence, Obama apologized for winning the war, which shows in stark colors why the US cannot win a war anymore. Our leaders don’t want us to. Our leaders, those we have elected and trusted with the lives, liberty and sovereignty of our children, as illustrated by their actions, only want perpetual war. Had Vietnam not been a fight against communism the war would still be going on. The war on terror is merely a perpetual war our leaders will sent our children to bleed and die for… but have no intention of winning, just prolonging.

How do we know our leaders want our children to live under tyranny, perpetual warfare and subjected to a bronze age religion? By their actions. In every fight our soldiers are given the rules of engagement, most of the time today they are so strict, if our boys and girls in harm’s way shoot back at people who are shooting at them, the return fire is called a crime and the soldier who shoots back is sent to Leavenworth for the rest of his or her natural life. There are many cases where this has actually happened. In Vietnam our soldiers were disarmed many times as a matter of policy. The reality is, our leaders are villains who support the most evil, inhumane tyrannies on the planet.

Our leaders are importing terrorists to live among us by the millions. Terrorists who have no intention of becoming Americans, Swedes, Germans, Greeks but to subjugate Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and any others that don’t belong to a specific sect of the religion of peace. Europe is in open conflict now with street battles between Christians and Muslims. Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, every single day the news is full of stories about innocent little girls being gang raped by immigrants, beheadings on the street, vandalizing of our churches and synagogues, acts of terror, etc… Yet our leaders say we must bring in more in the name of compassion. Compassion for whom? Certainly not for the little girls who will be systematically gang raped and sold into slavery, nor for the soldiers who will be beheaded on the streets, or for the people who will simply be beaten up for drinking a beer. Every drop of blood the almost all male twenty something males invading Europe and the US spill will be on the hands of their enablers, the elite.

Our votes, cast in ignorance, hubris and egoism, along with our silence… have doomed the world to a new form of autocracy that will be world wide, total and inescapable. We have allowed our sons and daughters to be sent to war with no intention whatsoever of winning but merely to die horribly. We have elected people we knew despised our Constitution, loathe our liberties and connive against us, right in front of us. We have turned away from morality and embraced immorality as a culture. We allow our children to die on a battlefield on the other side on the planet so that a politician can hide an affair. Our politicians even call wars unwinnable before they are over! Once we make headway the political establishment goes into overdrive to empower our enemies again as when Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq, and created, provided material support to and financed the Islamic State. Yes, ours will go down in history as the stupidest generation. Happy Memorial Day…


John Pepin

The Close Minded Left

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, nothing says I have an open mind, like a refusal to hear contradictory opinions… or so that is the green movement’s stand, when they outlaw debate about man made global warming. The joke about open minds notwithstanding, the closed mindedness of those in the progressive, Fabian, Frankfurt school, socialists, communists and Marxists, are not just laughing stock but is a very real and existential danger. The global warming scam is but one of the many examples, where those of the autocratic anti property faction (AAPF) blindly follow doctrine, when in all logic they should know better. They claim to be the heirs of the enlightenment movement but in fact they are the philosophical descendants of those the enlightenment movement defeated. Brass tacks is this, the real debate going on in the man made global warming scam, progressing us to ever and ever larger government, and all the other scams the new class AAPF are doing, is based on two basic arguments, do you favor arbitrary rule or limited government, and do we bow blindly to the power of authority or settle argument by debate and reason?

For some reason, the AAPF eschews reason when it comes to testable economic policies, instead adhering to their old doctrinal stance. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, spectacularly in some instances, leading to the deaths directly related to the efforts to socialize the economy and usurp the power to implement those changes, of over a hundred million people in the twentieth century alone, and yet the AAPF in their hearts honestly believe it can work… this time. Every prediction of the man made global warming alarmists has shockingly, not come true, yet they still hold to the idea that unless government gets arbitrary rule and the supreme power of authority in all matters, the planet will burst into flame at any minute. If that is not religious fervor I don’t know what is! Their doctrine has been proven in the real world, over and over to be false, yet they cling to it like a drowning man a rope.

The debate about arbitrary rule or justice is not new to our time. The ancients debated these topics all the time, the difference is, the debate was withing the elite, since there were no means of mass dissemination information by books, mail, newspapers, email, etc… Also the debate was on topic, where today the debate is blurred by class warfare, false patriotism, fear, unending war, party loyalty, ignorance used as a weapon, etc… Moreover, the debate was settled in favor of justice. The weight of literature ancient and modern all take the side, both logical and philosophical, that justice is superior to arbitrary rule.

Plutarch’s Lives can be said to be a commentary on the debate between arbitrary rule and limited government as well as moral biographies. Plutarch’s epilogues to his biographies often balanced on the subject’s stance on arbitrary rule or justice. The life of Dion is illustrative of the open debate and gives ammo to both sides. Socrates actually debated Thrasymachus whether arbitrary rule or justice was best in The Republic. There has always been and always will be, a faction that believes arbitrary rule is best, that faction is always on the side of autocrats, dictators and tyrants, well, until they vie for the same power, then they become mortal enemies… Trump and Hillary for example.

The debate about relying on authority or argument as the final arbiter was supposed to have been settled by the Enlightenment. The advance was that the Church’s iron grip on what was acceptable to think, believe and say, was broken by academics, drinking in the new logic of the marketplace that instead argued, open debate and the free mingling of opinions, was the best way to answer questions, and voila, the age of enlightenment was born. Suddenly anything was possible. Scientific advances theretofore unimaginable were appearing in newspapers every day, the enlightenment freed humanity from the shackles of dogma, to endless possibilities.

You cannot convince someone who is closed minded to change their mind, that cannot be done, you debate a zealot to point out his closed mindedness, and thus show his arguments to be circular. The debate between arbitrary rule and justice has been settled and so it must be called something else, so those who support arbitrary rule can justify it by some other means, social justice (arbitrary rule by another name) trumping justice. Calls to authority, like banning debate on global warming, safe spaces in college where children never have to hear an opinion not sanctioned by new class intellectuals, double standards in criminal matters as well as every aspect of life, etc… will only get stronger the more the AAPF win the present debate and we get more arbitrary rule with less justice. Closed mindedness is a hallmark of those who defend arbitrary rule and authority, seeing who they are is as easy as looking at what they stand on. Anyone who demands we bow to authority and seeks arbitrary rule will have a closed mind and be zealous in their determination. Those are the people we must keep out of power.


John Pepin

Progressives and Violence

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, violence by socialists is acceptable, while free market liberals are slandered by it. Socialists have a free pass when it comes to violence, when an act of violence happens the media that calls itself unbiased claims it might be a conservative, until they find out it was another progressive, then they drop the story as old news. Throughout the twentieth Century, by far most of the violence, outright wars, insurgencies and terrorism, was by Marxists to gain power. The Marxists however were never brought to international trial, nor were they the pariahs the “right wing” Juntas were that fought the Marxists, saving their countries from tyrannical Communism of the North Korean variety. The treatment of a “right winger” who does an act of violence is far different than that of a Marxist. The difference in treatment is startling considering how our culture is supposed to value appeals to logic rather than hyperbole. The real threat of this perhaps unconscious pass the new class gives to socialists committing violence, is the pernicious incentive that arises, such actions and attitudes lead inevitably to more and deadlier violence.

No one is surprised at the looming violence at the democratic convention. Bernie is a Soviet style Marxist, as he would say in Vermont in the 1970’s all the time, and his supporters openly support “socializing” anything they can get government’s sticky hands on. Moreover, there is violence at many democratic conventions, the most historic was the 1968 free for all. Violence at democratic conventions is commonplace as it is accepted by the new class. I looked and couldn’t find a single incidence of a republican convention that became violent other than the Taft/Roosevelt, where Roosevelt of course was a progressive, bringing his progressive thugs in with him. Where there has been violence it was from democrats trying to force their way in to sow chaos and violence.

Violence in the cause of enslaving people is cheered while violence in the cause of liberty is booed. How many new class reporters do you think secretly cheer on the Colombian rebels? How often do you suppose that same reporter cheers on the Colombian government? The rebels seek to force by violence, everyone to become a slave of the state, while the government is freely elected and therefore has the patronage of the people. Even the extraordinarily violent and brutal Shining Path Gorillas got better press than Pinochet. Since Marxists usually can’t win an election, they opt for violence and since their violence is accepted by the new class, it becomes a more viable option.

When the Iranian people rose up against the theocracy, a theocracy that dictated to them by violence, what to believe, what to think, what to do in marriage, how to raise children, how to dress… all enforceable by extreme public violence, Obama, the ultimate new class President warned the people against violence, Obama and the rest of the new class then turned a blind eye, when the Iranian zealots would threaten the families of Iranians living in Europe and the US, sometimes even torturing innocent women and children on video feed, to force the people living abroad not to speak out. That uprising received zero international support, zero, and it would have swept a nuclear threat from the world, but the new class only accepts violence by those seeking to enslave, never to throw off the shackles of slavery.

William James in his lectures on pragmatism, said that both the religious and the atheists have explanations for the state of affairs… and how to improve them. The atheists believe it is up to them and them alone, since there is no God, no overriding force pushing mankind to the good, so they must do it, by whatever means. While the religious can push hard but in the end can rest on the faith God will make it all work out in the end. The atheist then, has every incentive to violence, while the believer doesn’t. Let society and culture give a nudge and wink of acceptance to the atheist and violence is even more probable. Marxism, communism and socialism are all at heart atheist/rationalizing ideologies and so those that adhere to those ideologies tend to be more atheistic.

The insidious threat that such an attitude, that of accepting violence from those factions seeking to enslave humanity, while slandering those seeking to unburden humanity from slavery, as violent. In the US take the example of two mad bombers. One, Tim McVeigh was executed, and rightly so, the other, Bill Ayers, who told and FBI informant, he, Bill Ayers, would kill fifty million Americans if and when he came to power, and should have been at least incarcerated… you are now paying that guy better than one hundred grand a year, to teach your children his violent tyrannical Marxist ideology. The difference in treatment is as shocking as it is… well, shocking. Add to the nudge and wink the fact that people who are atheists tend toward socialism, progressivism, communism and Marxism and the conditions become ripe for political violence perpetrated by progressives and blamed on conservatives. With only a few calories spent taking this pernicious incentive to it’s natural outcome… one must shudder at the future our children will have to live in.


John Pepin