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The Phantasm of Progressivism

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if I brought a rabid fox into my home and it bit my child… it would not be the fox’s fault. Common sense is a thing not practiced today. Perhaps because it goes against the prevailing paradigm of stupidity, or maybe because our children have been “educated” in the government monopoly school system, where common sense is replaced with common core. No matter, the complete lack of common sense in society today, can only lead to disaster. Stupid actions have consequences. Our leaders today are like the actors in those movies Jackass. The only difference is that instead of doing idiotic things to themselves, they do those idiotic (and painful) things to us, then cry how awful it is that the rabid fox, they brought into the home, bit one of us!

If someone gave you a bowl of dry rice and said a few random kernels will give you blinding stomach pain and perhaps death… how many would you eat? Common sense would say not to eat any… but that would not be progressive now would it? A progressive however would take some and eat just to be friendly and prove he or she is inclusive and tolerant. Meanwhile, a conservative or libertarian would eschew all of them, because there is no way to separate the deadly kernels of rice from the edible ones. What if you were told some of the edible rice could turn toxic at any moment? Would that make you more or less likely to eat a handful? What if the person offering the poisoned rice to you called you a hater because you refuse to accept it? Would you then eat it all just to prove you are not a hater? That would be progressive.

Progressivism and common sense have been at loggerheads since the invention of progressivism. Progressives and their core philosophy, the Frankfurt School, are dedicated to overturning reality in favor of fantasy. In their fantasy world water doesn’t wet and fire does not burn. A progressive would rather a child dies slowly and horribly of poisoned rice than allow the parent’s common sense. You see, progressives seek utopia, which in Greek means nowhere, they see nowhere as a place they can create from their fantasies and desires, a place that meets all of their expectations and excludes anything they dislike. Their utopia is a place where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, unless they prefer it to rise in the north… Progressivism teaches that a house’s roof, if properly constructed, can hold the rest of the house six inches off the ground.

Progressives believe that power comes at the end of a gun, and even as they demand we allow them theirs… they seek to take ours away. Since they believe guns are power and seek to take ours from us they must therefore be seeking to remove power from us. Even as they do everything in their power to allow those who have vociferously exclaimed they will kill us, to have a monopoly on weapons. They want us to believe that if only we allow those who have pledged to slaughter us to be able to slaughter us, those evil men will be so enamored with out fairness and open mindedness, they will abandon their religious edict to slaughter us and force us to feel subdued. Someone with common sense however, will realize that those who have pledged their lives to Lucifer, (by any other name), and seek the destruction of all that is good in the world, will never give up that goal… especially if they have the guns and therefore the power.

Once a child is bitten and rushed to the hospital, for rabies shots through the stomach and into the spine, it would be prudent to remove the foxes from the house. That type of common sense however is rejected by progressives in favor of their fantasy world. Their version, common core, is the manifestation of a delusion that flies in the face of reality, where freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength, and strength through joy. Fantasy is easy to believe when others suffer the very real consequences. Progressives are not burned when they put our hands in the fire, nor are they soaked when they toss us in the ocean. Progressives do not suffer the loss of a parent who has to bury their child for going to a concert… because theirs are protected by fences, guards and armies. They can cling to their phantasm… a world where water no longer wets and fire no longer burns, because we are the ones burned and soaked.


John Pepin

Liars, Parasites and Thieves

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, villains constantly lament their poverty, lack of friends and the state of the world. Shocking really… that people who cannot be trusted are almost always poor and friendless. How is it possible that the world could be in such bad shape, just because most people in truth are villains, and so few are virtuous? Poor villains, they believe the world is against them, and that all their problems are the fault of others. How is it possible, that lying, stealing and cheating could cause people to not want to do business with them? Why would the world treat them bad just because they are scoundrels? It is unfathomable that people wouldn’t befriend liars, thieves and backstabbers. Yet there it is, people who are untrustworthy have it so hard, it is just unfair!

Some people call them users, and others might use the term parasite to refer to a user, I like the term parasite better as is more descriptive. Parasites use people for their own ends without regard to other people’s humanity. Others are seen to the user as targets to be exploited, patsies to be shorn and suckers to be cheated, and yet with all their obvious virtues, (to them), people avoid them? It is almost as if, people don’t like to be lied to, cheated or stolen from? Users, or in other terms, villains, are people who only have “friends” that they can use. People of no use are of no value and as such are irrelevant. Those who use others apparently have a limited ability to understand how their actions effect their own lives.

In this world, there are uncountable numbers of people like this, parasites that exist only to suck the life from others. You see them every day in every walk of life and you certainly know a few. People who lie when the truth would serve them better, who take every opportunity to steal and cheat others, filled with hate, jealousy and envy. There is an old saying, don’t defecate where you eat. As they foul every place they go, like a pig, they must move on to a new place, that they haven’t befouled yet. There is however one place where villains, users and parasites congregate… government. There is no other place where a parasite can have access to the wealth of others to steal, cheat us out of and lie to, like government. As such, government is to a parasite, as carbon dioxide and lactic acid draws mosquitoes.

Poverty is a natural consequence of the parasitic mindset. Everything good and bad comes from other people. Since everyone is self interested no one likes to be taken advantage of. A user can screw someone once, twice or several times, but sooner or later their antics will turn away even the most forgiving of souls. The parasite will find that eventually not a single person will do business with them, no one will buy from them and no one will give them credit. They will find they are cut off from all the advantages that civilization brings, since they themselves are not civilized. Sooner or later all villains will discover that all the goods, knowledge and wisdom of the world is denied them.

Sadly, villains create more villains. As they despoil everything they touch users lower aggregate economic activity. They are like sand in the gears of a car’s transmission. That sand grinds away until the whole mechanism of the economy eventually freezes up, and opportunity is denied to everyone, even the most virtuous. Villains rot our culture and pollute our children’s minds. They create their own cesspool that we must all live in. Combine a lack of opportunity with a culture that is corrosive to virtue and it becomes obvious why villains create villains.

In a society of villains the virtuous must necessarily come to a bad end. Once the percentage of people who are parasites reaches a certain level, even people who are self interested rightly understood, cannot get ahead. There are so few trustworthy people with which the virtuous can do business with the entire economy shuts down. Those who try to be virtuous in a society of liars, cheats and thieves are at a huge disadvantage. In their selfishness, arrogance and egoism, parasites believe they are the smart ones, they are wiser and more worldly, when the very opposite is true. This leads to societal, cultural and economic Armageddon.

Aristotle and Mencius had the philosophy of the “golden mean.” The idea that people should seek the mean, (average) in morality of the society in which we find ourselves. They believed that it is unwise to be too good or too bad. If one finds himself living in Sodom, it is best not to be the most perverted, yet it is equally against one’s interest, to be too prude either. If one finds herself living on Mount Olympus, it is best not to be the most powerful god nor the least but to seek the average. While the golden mean is a valuable thought experiment, in practice one should seek the mean, but try to elevate that mean, not lower it. If one does lower it however it is absurd to lament the results of years one’s own hard labor.


John Pepin

Will Barbarism Win?

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if the progressives succeed in hounding Trump from office, it is the end of our Republic as we knew it. That has of course been the goal of progressives and progressivism for decades, the destruction of the US from within to make way for a new world order, a one world government. The victories of progressive violence, intimidation and slander have been extraordinary. They have hounded many of his appointees from office, and now are nearing their goal of impeaching Trump… merely for his existence. In their gleeful attacks they forget they already gave Obama a break for the very same things! But, then again, Obama and progressives are above the law. Yes, if they succeed and get Trump, there will never be a libertarian or conservative holding elected office again. Because the left will use this effective strategy, violent riots, intimidation, falsification of charges then prosecuting us for them, and the utter destruction of their opponents politically, personally and emotionally. What conservative in their right mind would step into that meat grinder?

Our republic is based on the rule of law. Progressives have effectively shorn us from the rule of law and instead moved us back to rights of kings. During the Obama Presidency, the most alarming abuses of power in the history of the US were overlooked. Using the IRS as a political weapon, sending arms to terrorists who have a stated goal of the slaughter of Americans, sending money to Iran to help them build nuclear weapons to wash the world in blood to bring back the twelfth Imam, sending weapons to Mexican drug cartels then vilifying US citizens for it, the Benghazi scandal and follow up lies about it, the Clinton foundation slush fund, Clinton exposing classified secrets to our enemies… among so many that it would be impossible to list them all. One thing the Obama Presidency has proven is that we no longer live under the rule of law.

This latest flap over Trump giving the Russians classified intelligence is proof positive of the diabolical nature of progressives and progressivism. When Obama did the same thing the media gave the story a good hard leaving alone. They bent over backwards to justify, misdirect and personally attack anyone who brought it up. Now, on mere unfounded and anonymous allegations, even conservatives are saying Trump should resign! Just the latest in a long line of fake scandals attacking Trump. Like the boy who cried wolf however, eventually the people will get weary of the lies, slander and smears, and become repulsed by them. It boils down to whether progressives succeed in hounding Trump from office before that happens.

Our Constitution is written for civilized people and is wholly unsuited for any other. If we follow our politicians into barbarism, we will be complicit in our own enslavement. Progressives have thrown off the shackles of civilization and have embraced arbitrary rule, autocracy, censorship and political violence. Progressives have become the intolerant faction. They are intolerant of any point of view that doesn’t correspond with their world view. They act the barbarian for the barbarian’s ends. A civilized person doesn’t show up at someone’s home with a crowd of unruly protesters and terrify the children of the target. Civilized people don’t riot in the streets if their candidate is not elected, civilized people follow just laws and civilized people don’t hold others to a higher standard then they hold themselves. Progressives know that if they can move us all away from civilization and toward barbarism, they will have done the hard lifting of destroying our Constitution so they can replace it with a global Marxist one.

Success would embolden progressives to destroy personally anyone who disagrees with them. If Trump is forced from office, Mike Pence will not last a year in office, then Paul Ryan may last a term because he is a progressive republican… but probably not. Progressives smell blood in the water and abetted by their lackeys in the legacy media they are in full combat mode. The will of the people is irrelevant to progressives, as they consider the rest of us untermensch, (subhuman). Victory of Trump will not placate the progressive faction but embolden it to be even more barbaric and vitriolic. Our republic faces an existential crisis at this moment. This crisis was created by progressives who have no sense of right or wrong, to them the ends justify the means, and the ends are such a glittering lie… they can’t help themselves.


John Pepin

Our Reflection

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… our representatives are a reflection of us. Those of us who do vote elect the people who say what they want to hear. If people want socialism, the politicians speak glowingly of the planned economy, if the people want liberty, the politicians speak warmly of free enterprise, but no matter what the majority of people who vote want, the underlying philosophy girding what they demand… will be reflected in their vote. It is a factor of human nature that we like people who are like us, that is why intelligent people will gravitate to intelligent politicians, and stupid people will find the idiotic magnetic. It makes sense why those who seek a hammock, vote for politicians who seek tyranny, for it is only under tyranny that some, the politically favored, are granted hammocks. If our votes are the result of our will and our will is a reflection of us, then those we vote in, must also represent us.

Vermont has Bernie Sanders the avowed socialist. Vermont, the place of that institution of higher learning, Goddard College, that Bernie Sanders is inextricably tied to… once built a house on it’s corner. Absolutely useless, with it’s only utility in it’s absurdity, one has to wonder that a college constantly pleading poor mouse has such funds? Socialism, Vermont and Bernie, are all about the misallocation of resources, from those who would put them to productive use, to those who would squander them on a house on it’s corner. Vermont is the place where the people hate what the government does to them, but love the democrats and progressives, who are doing it to them. They seek to flee the sty of high taxes and stifling regulation they have brought down upon themselves, and vote progressive in their adopted homes, metastasizing the cancer of socialism. Clearly then, Bernie Sanders is a reflection of the voters in Vermont.

California’s 43rd district has Maxine Waters… the imbecile. Well, I really shouldn’t say that because it so abuses imbeciles, to be associated with her. She is the brainiac who once worried that Guam might flip over if too many US servicemen were on one side of the island. Her skills with math are legendary, she claimed sequestration would cost the US 170 million jobs, of course at the time, there was only 134 million jobs in the US. As for virtue, she paid her daughter $750,000.00 for a hack job, then criticized Trump for his daughter doing an actual job, for free. Clearly, if Maxine Waters is a reflection of the 43rd district of California, they have some issues, moral, mental and emotional.

Texas has senator Ted Cruz the constitutionalist. Cruz is of mixed heritage as are most Texans, he believes in freedom of the individual, as do most Texans, Cruz is also extremely intelligent as are many Texans. Texas is the place with stand your ground laws, where if someone barges into your home and attack you, you have every right to defend yourself, as the founding fathers believed, is common sense and so does Cruz. Texas has passed anti sanctuary city laws, which contrary to progressive propaganda, only require law enforcement throughout the state to follow the law when someone is charged with a crime! Other than Nietzsche, no one wants violent criminals on the streets, especially Cruz or Texans. Ted Cruz is a deeply devout man as are many Texans. In every way Ted Cruz is a reflection of Texans.

Take a long hard look at your representative because they are a reflection of you. Is he or she an imbecile, a genius, a Marxist or a constitutionalist. Do they really represent where you want this great nation to go? If he is a fool, it is probably because the people who elected him are fools, if she is a genius, it is probably because the people who elected her are smart, if they are Marxists, it is because the voters want a hammock, and if they favor free enterprise, it is because the voters are industrious. If your representative is so crooked, they will have to screw her into the ground like a corkscrew, you might want to take a look at your own honesty. It s a 2 way street, we follow our leaders to be villains or heroes, but those of us with the franchise can choose, to vote for those who will lead us closer to what we know is best. Let our leaders be a reflection of our best rather than our worse.


John Pepin

Holdovers from Past Administrations…

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a wise new President would fire the head of every agency the moment he or she accepts office, not to do so invites disaster. A new President has a million things to learn, they need to get accustomed to the strangle hold of constant security and they even have to move into new surroundings upsetting even their home life in the transition, so the last thing any new President needs is a backstabber in a trusted position. There is no counting the number of princes, regents, presidents, kings and prime ministers, who have been destroyed by a spy in their inner circle left over from a past administration. This maxim is never more true when a new President is a rival of the old President.

Even if the new prince is a close political ally of the old prince, the new prince should remove all the old prince’s means of causing trouble. When we don’t know they are in fact enemies, friends can often be the most dangerous foes, because they are in positions to cause no end to the mischief. People are mercurial, we can be offended at something that is not meant to offend, we can feel slighted even when no slight was intended and we are greedy which makes us easy to manipulate. As Machiavelli said, A wise prince would rather be feared than loved, for people being fickle will betray one they love but never one they fear…

A new prince that leaves a few of his rival’s people in key positions is asking to be undermined at every turn, for the same reason the Medici didn’t hire Machiavelli, because that genius had been an ally of the Borgia. They understood the ways someone in the inner circle can undermine the intentions of the leader are innumerable. They can leak selected information to their town criers for propaganda purposes, garble orders to weaken command and control of any situation, foment disunity among the other confidants, form a cabal within the inner circle to work against the prince, and even kill the prince himself given the chance. Only a fool walks a dangerous path when a safe one is available, is a Confucian saying… and in this case it means, it is foolish to keep an enemy’s allies in positions to harm when it is easy to get rid of them and their machinations, risking disaster for the prince and the nation for no good advantage.

A key philosophical point of progressivism is that the end justifies the means. When Machiavelli said a thing similar, he meant that when the final authority does a thing, since there is no one who can question let alone challenge an authority, (remember, this was before the Enlightenment), whatever means the authority uses become irrelevant, it is only the ends that are viewed. As in Pericles building of the Parthenon, we only judge the ends, the beautiful architectural achievement, rather than the means of it’s production, Pericles becoming a tyrant which led Athens to ruin. Progressives believe however that if the ends are noble enough, any means to achieve them are acceptable, and so have no faith, cannot be trusted and are even less honest than the average lot of man, which is pretty dishonest.

To practice good faith with people of no faith is pollyannaish at best. As we see with Trump, the new prince will at some point be forced to dismiss the allies of his old enemies, at political cost, a cost he wouldn’t have had to pay if he had done a general housecleaning upon coming into office. This again plays into the hands of his political rivals. They can use the disruption as propaganda against him which today, given the advancements in the area of mind control of the masses, can be very devastating. Meanwhile the rest of the progressive surrogates can continue to work their mischief in the dark. Trump will be forced, by the machinations of the progressives he so conveniently left in positions where they can hurt him, to fire others of his actual allies after the scheming has come to fruition and others left behind as political suicide bombers.

When Obama came into office he fired everyone and there was no political fallout. Had Trump done the same thing, there would have been political fallout simply because the media as a group, are progressives his political enemies, but with all the other dust in the air it would have fallen into obscurity, clouded by the absurd allegations of Russian interference on Trump’s behalf. Trump didn’t fire the lot however, and now will pay the political price for the rest of his first term, until he finally ends up firing them all, as he should have in the first place. If he were a wise President, Trump would use this opportunity to fire every single progressive in a position to leak or undermine… let us see if Trump is wise.


John Pepin

Intolerant Faction and Free Speech

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for free speech to function everyone must allow it, if one intolerant faction doesn’t, that intolerant faction’s free speech will be allowed while everyone else free speech will be smothered. Of course the answer is when the vast majority reject any faction out of hand that rejects free speech, but that is much easier to accomplish as a thought experiment, than in real life. It is free speech however that gave and continues to give, the Enlightenment it’s reach and power. Return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy and we return to horse and buggies, the Rights of Kings and human slavery. A true educator would keep this truth above all in the minds of their students, “Argument should always be decided upon the merits of the argument rather than the authority of the speaker, and the best means to do this is free speech.”

Intolerant factions are and will always be the greatest threat to freedom. An intolerant faction is any group of people, no matter how small, that will not tolerate the free speech of those they disagree with. Usually it is not because they consider their peers so stupid as to fall for a fallacious argument, but because they are peddling a fallacious argument themselves, one that can be easily discredited by a reasoned argument. The intolerant faction is made up of people who are perpetuating a lie, know they are perpetuating a lie, and so use violence to silence anyone who would call it a lie. Yet it is tolerance of their violence that gives them so much power.

The best answer to an intolerant faction is not to tolerate their intolerance. When a group shuts down a speaker at a college campus, the faculty have an obligation to blare that speaker’s words throughout the campus, so everyone must then hear it, to stop shutting down free speech by incentives. Lead by example and allow others to speak then demand that same right for yourself as you gave them. Every time you or I bow to the violence of an intolerant faction, we empower that faction to smother more free speech… until only their intolerant ignorant version of truth can be heard, all other voices are silenced.

The Enlightenment was a watershed moment in the philosophy of Mankind. It allowed humanity to ascend above the narrow mindedness that always accompanies authority. Whenever someone becomes an authority on any subject they have an incentive not to change the paradigm. If it does, someone else becomes the authority, and that is unacceptable to an authority. For this reason humanity’s advancement in every field is hindered by the very people in authority. Always has been and always will be. The thinkers that rejected bowing to authority and embraced, truth by reason, were geniuses. They lifted the lot of Man from perpetual toil to the comforts we have today. All of it rests on their shoulders, but they couldn’t have done it under any other religions than Christianity and Judaism.

It is free speech that empowers the Enlightenment. Without the ability to make a point, there can be no reasoned argument. If any voice is silenced then all voices cannot be heard, that should be common sense, but common sense is as dead as a door nail… killed by an intolerant faction. When someone claims there can be no argument, the authorities have spoken, they are trying to return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy. They are saying the only truth is what they say is truth and no other. Which is the very definition of pre Enlightenment thinking.

Without the advances of the Enlightenment, humanity will revert to our natural state, the same state our ancestors existed in, from times before ancient Greece. All the new scientific advances, technological marvels and comforts we take for granted, are founded on the pragmatic enlightened mindset. Take away that mindset, smash the foundation if you will, and the structure comes crashing down, in this case our technological civilization. It would be like the movie Idiocracy, people would have the machines but when those machines broke down they would not be able to fix them, or build new more advanced ones. Eventually, they would all break down and horses would become the normal mode of transportation again, as they were for thousands of years, slaves would be needed to pick the cotton and gin it as well, tyranny would rule the land again without recourse… and the lot of Mankind would be set back centuries.

The answer is education, our children must be inculcated with the knowledge that there is truth, and the way to truth is by reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, not and never, by some snake oil salesman peddling some magical remedy that heals everything. They must understand that authority has something to say, but cannot ever be taken as the final say, reasoned argument must always and everywhere take place, else we become stilted and cease growing, because while authority has valuable knowledge, they are bound to the current paradigm… and growth always leads to paradigm shift. We may never get to the perfect truth of human existence, but as long as we sharpen our understanding of it through the honing of it with reasoned argument, based on empirical evidence with all voices getting a chance to be heard, we can get pretty close.


John Pepin

What is in the self interest of the elite?

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, People, all people, act in our own self interest. It is possible then, to reason from emphatic self interest or in other words, discerning motivations, to predict actions. When confronted with a fire, for example, a self interested person will refrain from touching it. We can predict that any person of reasoned mind, will not touch a fire, from our understanding of self interest. The media and government are both made up of self interested human beings. If we discern their motivations we can predict what they will do. Out of our understanding of self interest.

If government was doing it’s job well, there would be no crime, wars, poverty or oppression. Were that the case, the power of government would necessarily be low, the people would not watch the news as there would be none of any interest, and so both entities would suffer economic, status and political power. Self interested people don’t willingly suffer economic, status and political loss. We can then predict that people in the media and government are motivated to create the conditions where crime, poverty, oppression and wars abound, so bureaucrats and politicians can hold and grab more power prestige and wealth. Meanwhile, the media has plenty of human suffering to display, and nothing sells like blood. It is in the self interest of people in the media and government then… to create wars, crime, poverty and unrest.

Obviously a civilized person would not create suffering in the world just to get rich, laid and powerful. But our world, society and indeed civilization itself, doesn’t value the civilization in a person. In fact we are programmed in a plethora of ways, not to be civilized, but barbarians. Put a ten thousand dollar suit on a barbarian and all you have is a well tailored savage. A savage who will not blink at crossing any bridge then turning around and burning it behind her. People naturally gravitate to the golden mean, the civilizational norm of behavior if you will, so even the most human hearted person is probably going to follow their self interest, before servicing their debt to civilization. Making self interest all the easier to follow.

Since the dross floats to the top, a much higher percentage of people in positions of power are likely to be psychopaths, and studies have proven this to be true. Those who are psychopaths have no brakes. Psychopathy is an emotional disorder. The psychopath has no empathy, no mercy, loves excitement, considers others inferior, loves to manipulate others especially into self harm, and have a natural charisma. Making them particularly drawn to, and suitable for, for the political arena. Which means many people in positions of power are totally controlled by their self interest.

People have an extraordinary way of self justification. We justify our actions, to ourselves, as a means to disassociate ourselves from guilt. From… the woman raped in the bar had it coming for being in that bar in the first place, to destroying the first step on the economic ladder by raising the minimum wage because it helps the poor, we can justify our outrageous actions to ourselves and our partners in crime, by twisting logic into a Gordian knot. When confronted by a strong motivation even the person not psychopathic, outside the effects of the culture, can self justify actions he or she would never otherwise do… when the crowd does it first. Add in the cultural rot in our morality, along with the natural concentration of psychopaths in executive, political and bureaucratic positions, and you have the perfect storm.

The media has an incentive then to report news in a distorted way to foment trouble. It is not only in the interest of the producers and owners but from the news anchor to the camera person, everyone in that industry has an inducement to create suffering in the world. Violence draws viewers, viewers draw advertisers, and advertisers pay money. Viewers also impart the power to effect the culture. If it is in the self interest of people in media, a group with a higher than normal percentage of psychopaths, human beings who’s morals have been rotted by our toxic culture, and have the extraordinary human ability to self justify any action, and you will have a media that is toxic to the moral, civil and political culture.

So, we have the core reason government never works well, it is not in the self interest of those running it to do so. The media will report distorted news to create more war, crime, outrage, civil unrest and corrode our culture itself, to their own ends. Government cannot ever solve a problem because that would mean the laying off of thousands of bureaucrats! The incentives for people to create good government, government that is not in the way, with low crime, no war and civil harmony are not existent. Every inducement is to go the other way. Perhaps that is why so many civilizations have risen in virtue and fallen in vice. How do we know this again? Because it is in the elite’s self interest to do so.


John Pepin

In Government, Failure is Rewarded.

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the worse a government program does, the more money, power and prestige it gets. That is the exact opposite of free enterprise. In free enterprise, those who fail get punished by the laws of the free market, while in government, failure gets a raise, promotion and a corner office. This is because the incentives for government and free markets are polar opposites. In government they are spending someone else money, with only themselves to hold themselves, accountable for it. If they fail at their goal this year they justify to themselves they need more money. With more money comes more employees and more employees means a larger fiefdom. If a government program were to succeed however, that leader would be laid off and her fiefdom dismantled. The incentives for bureaucrats then is to never solve any problem but indeed make them worse.

Crime is up so we are spending more to build a police state. The more our government fails in keeping us safe the more money we will be happy to give government to keep us safe. Even as our politicians give ever wider latitude to factions that are rioting in the streets, they call for more police powers, to stop the violent riots. We are plied with terror, of drugs, foreign powers and religious zealotry… to cajole us into giving the police state even more power. Laws and regulations are passed every day, constraining us in ways even a highly trained lawyer cannot fully comprehend, and so everyone is a criminal whether we know it or not, making the argument, you should only fear government intrusion if you are a criminal, moot. The more our government fails in keeping us safe the more power and money they get.

We face threats from across the globe and so we are spending more on defense. Our media is full of war propaganda now. Anyone who is not terrified, should be, or at least that is what the elite want us to think. Our government is moving troops, like chess pieces, across the globe as other governments do the same. The calls for war fill our nightly news and papers, all the legacy media in lock step… almost as if a single entity or person were calling the shots at them all. The elite tell us we are to believe that these problems just cropped up, that they came at us from the blue and the elite couldn’t have stopped them before. As I mentioned in blogs from the late 2000’s, the elite at the time were sowing the seeds for the next war, either intentionally or due to stupidity. Today those seeds are sprouting, proving the government has failed, once again, to keep global threats minimized… and so government will get more money and power to send our children to die in a war, the elite will never allow us to win.

Our schools can’t even teach our kids to read or make change anymore and so we are spending much more on education. Every year the US spends more on education, and every year the standardized tests have to be lowered, to make up for the lowered outcome. Students graduating high school today consistently score much worse in every measure than students from a decade ago, and they did far worse than students a decade before that. You cannot even compare the level of education of a high school student from the 1950s with today, the level of academic achievement required to graduate today is exponentially lower. That was then, this is now, however, and more failure by our government monopoly education system means more money, prestige and smaller class sizes.

The elite tell us that government spending is what keep sour economy afloat, and so we have to give more money to government, else our economy will collapse. The result is that out of fear of economic Armageddon, we transfer an ever growing percentage of our income to government, to spend virtuously to keep the economy going. Of course this is foolishness, since it is predicated on the idea we will not spend our money or save it. Moreover, the economy grows less and less every year, in the entire Obama Presidency for example, the US economy never exceeded 2%, which is far below historic norms of growth. Yet, since government is failing to stimulate the economy by taking more of our money, printing trillions and borrowing billions, to give to Wall street bankers, we must tax, print and borrow even more.

Perhaps the reason why government fails at everything it does is, the more it fails us, the more we give it. Even the benefit of the doubt. We hate to admit we have been swindled, but government swindles us all the time and we smile and open our checkbooks once again. It is a standing joke that the only form of immortality there is on this planet… is a government program. Every time government fails and we reward it for that failure we are doing ourselves, our children and even government itself, a grave disservice. Those government programs that have failed spectacularly need to be eliminated, they are not jobs programs for half witted bureaucrats unable to get a real job, they are supposed to be purposed programs dedicated to eliminating a societal problem. If they don’t succeed, they should be done away with and if they make that problem worse, as has the departments of Education, Energy, EPA, Bureau of Indian Affairs, ETC… the leaders should be punished as well. Fix the incentives and you have fixed government.


John Pepin

Progressives, the American Fascist Party

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the progressive party is, and always has been… the American Fascist party. To reliably tell what a party is, you must look at their platforms and stances, not their empty rhetoric. The platform of the American progressives, of the early twentieth century, matched almost perfectly the platforms of the National Socialist party in Germany at the time. Today the progressives look back to their racist, hate filled, violent, nationalistic and outright evil past, with great warmth. They have not changed a whit. Progressives are still filled with hate, just ask them what they hate, and the diatribe will last all day if you let it, they are overtly racist just aiming at a different race for their hate, just ask them what they feel about Whites, they are still violent, a look at the Berkeley protests and riots after Trump won the election prove this true, and they are more evil than ever, simply examine their unlimited support for abortion, infanticide and glee in killing old people. Progressives are the same they have always been… fascists in everything but name.

The fascists introduced nationalized healthcare to Europe and the long term goal of progressives is to bring single payer to the US. When the Netherlands fell to Nazi Germany the Germans instituted nationalized healthcare for the masses. Hitler was a big supporter of socialism although he hated Soviet Marxism. Nazi Germany introduced dozens of socialistic reforms of the Wiemar economy. They went through the insane asylums and slaughtered most of the people there, for their own good, of course. The Nazis burned books they disagreed with and banned those they couldn’t get their hands on. Speakers at universities had to pass a political test to be able to speak. Moreover it was Kristallnacht that summed up the German progressive party.

Modern progressives hate one group more than all others, the Jews. Oh yes, they hate anyone of European descent, and have a special place in their black hearts for Christians, but it is the Jews that they loathe. Every progressive seeks the extermination of the Jews. You hear it every time they speak of Israel. Demanding the Israelis give up this land or that wall for a peace that will never come, progressives are manipulating the Israelis, into harming themselves. Progressive leaders, being psychopaths have no morals, that is why they embrace moral relativism. To them morality is a thing foreign, something to be attacked and destroyed as it stands directly in their way.

Censorship is a sacrament to progressives just as it was to the Nazi party. Progressives cannot tolerate anyone’s’ point of view if it in any way conflicts with their own. Being insecure, they see discussion as a threat, which it is to them. That is why they riot when a conservative speaker tries to give a talk at a university. They demand we listen to them, and not only tolerate their views, but support and pay for them as well, even as they refuse to allow anyone else the same dignity of tolerance they demand from others. Progressives must be insecure because of people actually understood who progressives are and what they really stand for, the progressive party would have to go underground for another century.

Progressives are war mongers, but progressives only desire a permanent state of war, to forward their plans of total domination. Look at who is the loudest calling for war with Russia, China, North Korea and Syria. Progressives seek to exploit war to create the conditions where we will demand they take more power from us, for our own good of course. The Nazis understood and wanted a permanent state of war as a means to strengthen the German people and evolve them into supermen. Progressives seek a permanent state of war as a problem, which creates a reaction, then the people will demand the solution we wouldn’t have stood for before the problem.

The most telling way to know that progressives are the modern version of fascists is their philosophy matches perfectly with that of the Nazis. Progressives follow the Frankfurt school of thought as did the Nazis. The Frankfurt school is based on the philosophy of Nietzsche, Freud, Darwin and Marx. The Nazis sought to evolve the German people through violence, as Nietzsche urged, just as the progressives today laud and protect violent criminals, both of which are right out of, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Charles Darwin’s, The Origin of Species. Both the Nazis and progressives believe in manipulating people using psychology ala Freud. Socialism is the economic theory of both the Nazis and progressives, class warfare is another of their platforms as is the destruction of the moneyed class, the only way both progressives and the Nazis reject Marx, is in the inevitability of the socialist revolution.

In every way, progressives and the National Socialist party are alike. They have the same ideologies, hatreds, desire to censor others, the love of killing, desire for total domination and overt violence. Hitler praised the American progressive party and even adopted their ideas for eugenics in his plan for a super race. Progressives and Nazis draw supporters from the same crowd of people as Marxists. They both even wear black as their uniforms, the Nazi SS uniforms were pretty snazzy, and I bet given time and power, the progressives would come out with black uniforms, with a deaths head on them, that are just as sharp looking. So when a progressive points a finger at another, and call them Fascists or Nazis, it is mere rhetoric, they are trying to throw the rest of us off who progressives really are… Fascists in all but name.


John Pepin

It is so progressive to be intolerant.

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… intolerance is very progressive. Intolerance has been a theme that has ran through all of progressive thought, in fact, intolerance has under girded all of progressive philosophy since it’s inception. The target of progressive intolerance has changed over the years but that current of intolerance has and continues to be the primary motivating factor of progressives. To a progressive, the use of the government’s monopoly on violence to damage the interests of those progressives cannot tolerate, is also a primary attribute of progressivism and progressives. Simply put, progressivism is the philosophy of intolerance masquerading as tolerance.

Intolerance has always been progressive. The first progressives were intolerant of Blacks, Indians, Jews and Chinese. Progressives chastised immigrants and founded the Klu Klux Clan, (KKK), to give their intolerance legs. The first true progressive President, Teddy Roosevelt, loathed the American Indians. Woodrow Wilson brought progressive intolerance to a new level, he openly avowed blacks inferior to Whites, created the KKK, had the opening of the racist movie, The Birth of a Nation, in the White house, he exploited the government’s monopoly on violence to forcibly sterilize anyone he felt unfit to have children, which included at the time, Americans of French Canadian descent, anyone deemed an imbecile and those others that progressives considered unfit to procreate.

The use of government violence is not restricted to Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt was all too happy to visit violence and oppression on those he didn’t like. Following in Wilson’s footsteps, in jailing Americans of German descent during the first world war, FDR jailed Americans of Japanese descent. FDR reveled in the killing of the Second World War, even laughing when Stalin told FDR that he wanted to exterminate the German population, a statement that upon hearing, Winston Churchill stood up in a huff and stomped out of the room in disgust. It is indeed true that intolerance, and the use of government power to enforce intolerance, is a progressive trait from the beginning of progressivism.

Many people today believe that it was Marcuse’s book, Repressive Tolerance that created progressive intolerance, but what it really did was re aim the intolerance that was always there, to another party. Rather than hating people because of their skin color, religion or heritage, progressives changed to hating people because of their ideas. Instead of hating people because of who they are, progressives now hate people, for what they think. Moreover, progressives are all too happy to abuse power to harm those people it is progressive to hate, white Christians, Jews and conservatives no matter their race for example. Obama abused the power of the Presidency, as all progressives before him did, to attack those he could not tolerate. Using the IRS to target conservative groups, Fast and Furious scandal to target constitutionalists and the intelligence gathering power to spy on his political enemies.

The more progressives talk the more you can hear the hatred in their voices. The riots at the election of Trump was another manifestation of progressive intolerance. Recently at Berkeley College, melees have been breaking out, where progressives attack conservatives with clubs and their fists, for having the audacity to speak their minds. Listen to the legacy media, dominated by progressives and listen to the open hatred in their voices as they talk about anyone not progressive. Any progressive will be happy to regale you with all the people he or she hates. There is an endless list of grievances progressives have against those they are intolerant of… today. Tomorrow, if it suits their political needs, they will change the target of their intolerance, but that intolerance cannot be set aside, it defines progressives and progressivism.

Intolerance is truly progressive. It has been the overriding theme of progressivism from the beginning to today. Point this out to a progressive however, and even if they admit the open hatred of early progressives, they will tell you they have updated their intolerance to fit in the modern era, they are intolerant of the right people today. That is why a progressive sees no difficulty whatsoever with forcing Christians to pay for “art” that denigrates Christianity and is profoundly offensive, yet those same progressives fly off the handle when Islam is offended in the tiniest way, even calling for religious laws to protect Muslims from being offended. Today, it has become progressive again to call for the genocide of Jews, in all but name. Progressives hate, it is in their blood, it always has been and always will be. Hate is the primary motivating factor of progressives. To be intolerant and hate filled is as progressive as it gets.


John Pepin