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The Explosion of Fake News Stories

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, an animal is always most dangerous when it is cornered, and the media that calls itself unbiased is trapped. It doesn’t make any difference if that animal has cornered itself by backing into a cage of it’s own making, it will be as violent as it needs to be to escape. The media that calls itself unbiased shrill claims that fake news changed the election is their way of snarling and biting at those outside the cage they made for themselves. In their sheer desperation, the media that calls itself unbiased is willing to burn down the house, with themselves still in it! You can see the blind panic in their eyes as they foam at the mouth with absurdly made up “news” stories, making up baseless allegation after unfounded allegation, closing the cage door on themselves. In their panic they turn to censorship, which can only harm them further, in a desperate attempt to escape the lies they have entwined themselves with. Soon they will strangle themselves with their own lies and propaganda. Sad but inevitable when a group has become used to unbridled power to effect the minds of millions with propaganda, for the advantage of their political faction… globalist progressivism.

Before the election progressives promulgated fictitious news stories to discredit conservatives and show how gullible we are. Since that tactic was only marginally effective they have doubled down, and now claim all alternative media are the tools of a shadowy Russian bear, intent on destroying the US, by tricking us into follow our Constitution, turning away from global government, central banking cartels and cultural suicide by immigration. To the rabidly progressive media this can only be evil incarnate. Progressives have no morality, they are atheists sociopaths who believe deeply that the ends justify the means, and if a means doesn’t work, it often creates the conditions for the next soulless manipulation of the ignorant masses.

Never mind the media that calls itself unbiased giving Obama a pass when he told Medvedev that once the election was over he would have more leeway to disarm the US, or Obama’s unilateral pulling of missile defense from Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, or Clinton’s selling the Russian military twenty percent of US strategic uranium reserves. They claim Trump is the tool of the Russians. The reality that the media that calls itself unbiased has a long and storied history of lying to the public in a myriad of ways. Lying by omission, mixing truth with lies, and outright fiction. Examples abound, Ralph Nader and NBC putting dynamite in the body of a truck to make it explode when hit from behind, covering up vote fraud, CBS fabricating false news days before an election to undermine Bush, the New York Times busted for dozens of fraudulent “news” stories promoted as true, covering up scandals by progressives, Time Magazine changing their covers depending on their audience, CNN fabricating stories to get us into war, manipulating pictures, etc… There is no end to the examples you can find.

Nevertheless, the media that calls itself unbiased is snarling that alternative news is a propaganda arm of the Kremlin, without any proof whatsoever. But then again, who needs proof when the allegations themselves are damaging to your foe? Even as they ignore and attack the Pizzagate scandal. What they don’t understand in their insanity is that people see right through them. Not all people, like Abe Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time. Some people are all too happy to be fooled all of the time. People are waking up and seeing the media that calls itself unbiased in the cold light of reality, that light shows just how filthy they are, and they shrink from it like a rabid animal caught in a trap. In their sheer panic at being found out they lash out at everything and everyone. The absurdity of their lies grows with their panic and betrays their terror.

The media that calls itself unbiased is now become a laughing stock. People believe the Weekly World News as much as the New York Times because they are cut from the same cloth. Well, that isn’t really a fair comparison, the Weekly World News publishes fake news to entertain and sell papers, the NYT lies to undermine our liberty, Constitution and way of life, which is of course far more pernicious. In their arrogance they ignore their own lies, instead snapping, snarling and biting after those outside the cage they diligently forged with their own bias, lies, omissions and cover ups. What we are seeing in this present tidal wave of stories, and that is all they are, stories, about fake news. We do need to remember, an animal is most dangerous when it is caged and cornered, no matter if it forged the bars of the cage and backed into that cage of it’s own volition. Fortunately… the real victim is the evil of global progressivism.


John Pepin

Progressivism, Marxism and Socalism Explained

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a sense of superiority leads to jealousy and envy, all three of which are primary attributes of progressives. Another aspect of a superiority complex is disdain for another’s opinion and indeed other people in general. That disdain is manifested by a lack of self awareness, personal attacks rather then logical debate, an inability to see another person’s point of view, poverty of empathy, refusal to admit defeat, boorish behavior, cheating, and a need to control others. The person who believes him or herself to be better than others, will favor arbitrary rule, as they see others as subhumans to be controlled and limited. Since everyone else is untermensch to the progressive, all cultures are equal, equally loathsome, since the progressive believes themselves so much better than the rest of us. If we look at progressives in this light, it becomes obvious why they support the things they do, and why the are so righteous in their attitude.

When someone believes themselves superior to another, if that lesser person has more money, a bigger car, nicer house or prettier wife, that superior man is incensed at the injustice of it. How can someone who is less smart, less wise, uglier and more ignorant get that money, car, wife, etc… unless it has been got unjustly or by sheer luck. When someone lesser gets recognized for a contribution, the superior woman knows it cannot be because the lesser person is smarter, it is because the world doesn’t recognize their personal greatness. All of which inevitably leads to jealousy and envy. Envy being the primary emotion of progressives and jealousy being the primary motivating factor in their opinions.

If you believe yourself smarter than everyone else why would you listen to their foolish opinions? Such haughtiness doesn’t lend itself to self examination instead it leads to self aggrandizement. No matter if something the progressive believes is proven, over and over to be false, that empirical evidence is irrelevant, the progressive knows he or she is right no matter what. It is the world that is wrong. That is why no amount of logic or evidence will sway them. When they are inevitably proven wrong they refuse to admit it, instead attack the messenger, and continue believing blindly in whatever their superiority lead them.

Emotion is their wheelhouse. People who are consumed with self importance cannot be swayed by logic, they believe themselves to be far too insightful to accept mere logic, which is of course based on emotion. The progressive believes his wisdom to be far greater than everyone else as is their morality. That is why a progressive will argue all day long you can’t legislate morality, while at the very same time scream this or that is unconscionable, which means it offends their superior sense of morality. A morality based on their personal feelings rather than an overriding morality all of us must bow to. That superior woman cannot be asked to bow to any morality that is not of her own making since that other morality is of a lesser quality.

Cultural relativism makes perfect sense to the contemptuous progressive. Since everyone and everything is to be held in disdain they are all equally contemptible. One idiotic religion is the same as another and one stupid culture is just as imbecilic as any other. Why should someone who believes himself a god, bow to God, who clearly has made a flawed world. Flaws the progressive is far too intelligent to have made. Moreover, free will is scorned, since so many lesser people don’t do what the progressive knows in her absolute wisdom is best, that is just another of God’s mistakes. The imperious know they must right the wrongs of all us lesser beings, and even God himself, creating a utopia that after we submit to, we will thank and finally recognize them for their superiority.

Since the rest of us are so much less in every way to the progressive even our thoughts should be controlled. After all, thought is the means to action, and since our actions show we should be scorned, the best way to stop our stupidity is to control our thoughts, Moreover, since we are so stupid we don’t instantly recognize their superiority submitting ourselves to their enlightened rule, their only option is to force us to think as they see fit. Which is why vote fraud is acceptable to progressives. If we only had the intellect to think as they would have us think, the world would be a so much better place. If they have to kill a few million of us subhumans, oh well, if you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs. Perhaps if enough of us lesser people are killed the human genome could be improved. Which leads us to eugenics.

Eugenics is a way our betters can improve the rest of us, of course we will never be as smart, wise or all knowing as the haughty, we can be improved by breeding, violence and thought control. Like a farmer breeds his cows to produce more milk or more loin, the progressive who is so much smarter than us mere cows, is perfectly in the right to choose who should breed and who should be forcibly sterilized. Which makes bigotry just common sense. The bigot believe herself in every way superior to all others. Especially those who have received more than their just due, should be lowered, and elevating some above others is a great way to do just that. Bigotry is more than just a mindset to a progressive it is a means to punish those who have more than their betters.

All progressive ideals, actions and thoughts can be explained this way. That the rest of us who believe ourselves equal to others, have the humility to recognize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and feel empathy for the less fortunate, simply proves our inferiority to the progressive. How can someone who is so superior to the rest of humanity have empathy for the less fortunate? That misfortune is merely a result of their inferiority. Our thoughts must be controlled, our lives must be dictated and our very choice of husbands and wives have to be selected for us, else we make a terrible decision leading to even more stupid people. Those of us lesser beings who have the great fortune to be wealthier, have better careers, bigger houses and faster cars need to be put in our places. All cultures need to be destroyed, so the wiser can fix God’s mistakes, and free will is to be held in disdain as another of God’s flaws. The superhuman progressives may be envious and jealous of us idiots but that is because we just don’t deserve what we have received in life, and those goods should be denied us, in the name of justice, the justice of the contemptuous.


John Pepin

The Absurdity of the Absolute Right of the State

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to believe that our Rights come from the State, is to believe in the absolute right of the State. The implication being, that we are merely the slaves of the state to be exploited and tossed away at the suffrage of our rulers, like any other inanimate object. Of course, if all human beings have no innate human Rights, is it logical that no human being can be a ruler, because if a human being is subservient to the state, then how can a human being rule the state? Making the idea that all human beings have no innate rights antithetical to the concept of government. Since government must be run by human beings, and if human beings are mere cogs, government cannot exist. A cog is unable to rule the piston, a ring is not justified in telling a cam what to do and a hose has no power to order a carburetor. Therefore, if the State is all powerful, then it cannot be run by human beings, to do so would be to elevate a sprocket to a god. The only philosophy that logically allows human government is that human beings have innate rights. Rights that emanate from nature or God but never the State.

The state is a mere fabrication of human beings, it does not exist outside of our minds, because nowhere in nature is there a state. Rocks don’t organize themselves into a hierarchy nor do cattle. To argue a wolf pack is essentially a state is as absurd as claiming a thug who takes a life is God. The concept of a state is purely a human idea. Many things are mere fabrications of human beings. Fiction for entertainment is one. Is it possible for an idea to have temporal power over a reality? How can a mere concept, a fantasy, be the progenitor of that which is real, like humanity or our rights? That is impossible. That would be like someone putting a rock on a pedestal and “interpreting” the stone’s will. Clearly a rock cannot have a will. Fantasies are not animate nor are they self aware. The state being a concept and not a real entity it cannot have a will, it cannot have compassion or self awareness. An idea is not alive as the state is not alive, only something that is real and preexists the real, can be the font of that which is real.

There is a long standing philosophical discussion whether our Rights come from God, natural law or the State. The implication of each argument is profound. If our Rights come from something that is not omnipotent but is a fantasy can they really exist? Rights with a capital R, are a superior attribute, a superior quality cannot be derived from mere imagination. Our Rights supersede laws, customs and moors, which in themselves are rules of a very high order, so to supersede rules of such importance, a Right must be superior, as far as respect for them goes. Therefore, for something as superior as Rights to be born of, that thing must be superior, omnipotent, else it cannot bestow such a superior thing as a Right, and if that is the State, then those rights come from fantasy. In other words, a cog who believes there is no such thing as innate rights, bestows rights upon other cogs, because they say they can. Obviously this begs the question and therefore is circular logic.

If you believe our Rights come from God, then God has Rights, and he has lent them to mankind. Only a thing that humanity, and indeed all things living and inanimate, derive from… can be the propagator of our Rights. He who created us is the only being that can bestow rights. If you don’t believe in God then our Rights must come from nature. If that is the case, all living creatures have Rights, moreover, those rights can be observed in the natural order. For example, every animal in existence has the Right to self defense, if that were not so, there would be animals that willingly feed themselves to their predators. We must have the Right to that which we create, else it would be observed in nature those things created by animals being magically whisked away, to another being. Since nature and God are adamant that the individual must have free will, as observed in nature, then free will must be an natural Right. All natural Rights can be described so.

If you believe our Rights come from government, and therefore in the absolute Right of the State, you believe in fairy tales. That a phantasm is the creator of the real. It is astounding that those who claim to be atheists would argue a fantasy is where their human Rights come from. No matter if you believe in God or not, you must believe in nature, else you are insane. Sadly, the circular logic that our Rights come from the state, a cog bestows rights to other cogs because it claims it can, seems to have great hold on a large portion of mankind. Such absurdity is the reason so much of human history is filled with violence, tyranny, suffering and disease. The ignorant belief in a fantasy, especially to claim such a superior thing as our innate Rights come from an illusion, is a sure path to catastrophe. To believe in the all powerful state is the same thing as believing in the all powerful and mighty Oz. Clearly, our Rights come from God and/or nature, and not the fantasy of the state.


John Pepin

Swimming in Propaganda

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the new class progressives who control our culture are as underhanded as they are shrill… in programming us with their television shows. I normally don’t watch TV much, but I did the other night for a few hours, what I saw was shocking. I flipped through the channels and watched a few classic shows and some new ones. All of them were filled with progressive indoctrination. Moreover I was amazed at the lack of subtly. The indoctrination was so obvious the only way not to see it, would be if one was so immersed in it, they lost the ability to detect it. With such constant programming, especially of younger people without the benefit of experience, it is amazing liberty is even still a legal term! This shows how deeply entrenched progressives are in the entertainment industry. They use their freedom of speech to stifle ours, their freedom of religion to eliminate ours and the vast wealth they get from it to fund a totalitarian agenda. The sad fact is, if they get what they have been pushing for so stridently, they will be the very ones harmed the most.

In some shows the indoctrination was obvious and others less so. One of my favorite television shows, The Rockford Files, from the 1970s had an episode I watched all about how a woman who is a good wife and follows Christian ideals, will have her husband run around on her. Showing the indoctrination has been going on for decades. Of course, the indoctrination was more subtle in that show than the modern ones the message was clear, traditional roles for women and men is wrong an outdated. Next I watched Supergirl for as long as I could take it. That show was naked homosexuality propaganda. I threw up in my mouth a little and changed the channel. Then I stopped at a rerun of Family Guy. Knowing full well it is all progressivism all the time, I figured, what the heck, it’s comedy. I got almost half way through it before I had to change the channel, it was obvious propaganda against the TEA party. Accusing the grass roots TEA Party of being a shill for and funded by corporate interests, exactly what the Occupy Wall Street thugs were doing! Finally I had enough and went to bed.

The news is so obviously biased I have given up on all the network news shows. From the Wall Street Journal to Al Jizeera the main stream press is uniformly controlled by the new class. With the wikileaks email releases showing collusion in a multitude of ways between the media and the Clinton campaign, my opinion was proven accurate, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The bias is so obvious now, most have given up all pretense of objectivity and have become less reliable than the Weekly World News, and more propaganda than Pravda. Whenever I read the media that calls itself unbiased today I feel like I am reading Der Giftpilz. Instead of antisemitism, although there is plenty of that today in the media that calls itself unbiased, the propaganda is aimed at constitutionalism, libertarianism, fathers, and common sense.

Our government monopoly school system has totally abandoned teaching children arithmetic, reading, writing, history and science and instead indoctrinate our children to be good little slaves to the state. Children, being the most gullible and open to mind control, are so immersed in the poison of progressivism, no one can blame them for voting for their own slavery. When I graduated from a government monopoly school, I had been thoroughly brainwashed, so much so, whenever someone mentioned the name Jesus in a non derogatory way, I instantly thought them loony! Today, with the benefit of years of living experience, I have grown out of that childish and ignorant mindset, but will children today have that opportunity, given they are so immersed in progressive ideology?

New Class Progressives have seized absolute control of our news media, entertainment industry, schools and businesses. I bet most of you only tangentially notice the constant progressive indoctrination. The new class has taken Gramsci’s cultural Hegemony, (cultural domination), to heart and Marcuse’s repressive tolerance, (demanding tolerance of the evil and intolerance to good), to new high. Notice how the new class has no tolerance for Christianity, our Constitution, limited government and free speech, (unless it is theirs)? The new class has instituted cultural Marxism with the glee of a zealot. Once we realize most of our fellows are brainwashed it is easy to understand why they studiously vote, act and speak against their own interests.

That perhaps is why they are so shocked that, at the very moment of their greatest victory, the destruction of the US, Western culture, society and economy, they have had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. How could they have known, with all the power they have usurped, control of the media,education, entertainment and even our jobs, enough of us would be so self interested rightly understood, we would vote for our and our children’s interests, rather than the interests of our future masters! The new class might have lost the battle but rest assured, the propaganda, lies, layoffs, cultural domination, and intolerance will grow ever more pronounced until they have won. Remember, it is the useful idiots that are the first killed by the new masters, because useful idiots think they will be the masters.


John Pepin

On the Death Of Fidel

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is informative to see which politician laments the death of Fidel Castro, and who doesn’t. You can tell how someone will turn out by the friends they keep. Those who praise Fidel clearly are sympathetic to his cause while those who denigrate him are not. Obviously, if one is saddened by the death of Fidel, they must have common cause in their struggle with Fidel’s. So we have to ask ourselves, what were the policies and goals of Fidel Castro? Moreover, those who express their love of Fidel must either condone or at least not condemn Castro’s actions. Once we have answered that question, we can understand the policies and goals of those politicians who praise him and lament Castro’s passing. From this we can decide if we want the same things for humanity or something different.

Fidel Castro was the atheist Marxist dictator of Cuba. He came to power by bloodshed and held power by terror, abuse and force. His policies were to enslave all humanity to the state. Castro instituted a policy of atheism in the schools supplanting God with Fidel, where school children would be asked if they believed in God, when they said yes, they were told to bow their heads and pray for candy. After a suitable period of time they were told to open their eyes to see there was no candy on their desks. Then they were told to pray to Fidel for Candy. When they opened their eyes there was a piece of candy on every desk. Likening back to Caligula, Fidel demanded not only fealty but adoration. There is no telling how many people Fidel turned away from God, sealing their fates, to burn in Hell for eternity.

Fidel Castro was instrumental in turning generations of Cuban people away from God. There is an old joke… a priest and a Jewish taxi driver stand at the gates of Heaven. Gabriel asks the taxi driver’s name to find his place in Heaven. The Taxi driver tells Gabriel, “My name is Saul Goldman.” Gabriel says, “Well then, we have a palatial mansion with a golf course, many swimming pools and game rooms for you!” Gabriel motions and Angels carry Saul to his reward. The priest is next and says, “My name is Father O’Brien.” Gabriel smiles and says, “We have a lovely condo for you father O’Brien.” The priest gets a bewildered look on his face and asks, “Why did that taxi driver get a mansion and I only get a condo, when I devoted my life to God?” Gabriel answers, “Because when you preached, people slept, but when Saul drove, people prayed…” besides the obvious, this joke tells a deep truth, those who turn people to God are rewarded heavily while those who turn people away from God are punished. Fidel devoted his entire life to turning people away from God.

Castro favored arbitrary rule as do all Marxists. Arbitrary rule as defined by the ancient Greeks is about the absolute power to the ruler over everyone else. Many in the past favored arbitrary rule their tales are told in the pages of Plutarch. Under arbitrary rule, the dictator can order anyone to do anything and that person must, else be executed. So under arbitrary rule a king can order a mother to kill her only son and she must else be executed, the autocrat can seize money or land from anyone, the tyrant can order anyone to work at whatever, for however long he or she decides without regard to the subject’s physical abilities. There is a name for people who live under arbitrary rule, slaves. A slave is subject to the whims of his or her master no different than a subject who lives under arbitrary rule. Basically, Fidel Castro believed everyone else should be his personal slave.

As do all dictators, Fidel lived the life of a king while his subjects live as paupers. Forbes magazine named Fidel Castro as one of the richest men on the planet since Fidel basically owned everything and everyone in Cuba as his personal chattel. Every house, street, store and farm was Fidel’s personal property, every citizen was subject to every whim of Castro and the Cuban children were his personal property. Fidel was very angry since dictators loathe their fancy lifestyles to be made public. Castro was the epitome of selfishness, envy, egoism and hate. Not only his policies prove this beyond a doubt, but the results of his policies are the polish to his life’s work, enslaving the people of the world to arbitrary rule, denying mankind the benefit of Heaven and fighting God’s plan that people have free will. In short, Fidel Castro, by his actions, was a very evil man.

Who is it then who is praising Fidel’s life’s work, who is it that supports subjecting humanity to arbitrary rule, atheism, elimination of free will and free enterprise? Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, the entire media that calls itself unbiased, Obama, elites the world over and most notably Pope Francis. Clearly, to praise a man’s life’s work is to agree with that life’s work. To argue otherwise is to argue water is no longer wet. Since these people and organizations support arbitrary rule, atheism and the slavery of mankind, any thinking person who wants liberty, prosperity, free enterprise as well as a possible eternity in Heaven, must not only ignore the words of these evil people, but actively fight against them in every way. Those who praise evil are themselves evil and should be hampered, reviled and spat upon at every opportunity. All it takes for evil to gain the upper hand is for good men to allow it to happen. This is your chance to not allow it to happen by recognizing who is evil.


John Pepin

The Rising Tide of Censorship

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the desire to censor is inherent in all who would be tyrants, while those who seek to limit government care little what fools may say. To want to be a tyrant is as human as wanting a significant other, human history proves nothing if not that there are those people who seek to tyrannize others, moreover, those who seek to tyrannize others don’t go for janitor jobs, they seek power, government appeals to them and they never seek to leave it’s comfy bosom. The few who seek to limit the power of government usually come from outside government, planning on returning to private life after government, and so they have a goal and an end in sight. When someone plans to spend their life at the teat of government, they are very afraid someone might force them off it and into the harsh reality of life, while those who plan on leaving the government’s warm embrace have nothing to fear. Clearly those who fear will go to extremes where someone without that fear is heedless. So it follows, those who desire political power over the lives of others will resort to the extreme measure of censorship while those who seek to limit the power of evil men over us will not.

A glance at world leaders is pretty enlightening in this context. The European Union is a wealth of examples proving the theory that tyrants prefer to censor while libertarians prefer open communication. Take Angela Merkel, she has glomed onto politics, like tar to road, there is no getting her out of it. Since she is running for a fourth term, or is it her fifth term? Hard to keep it straight since she has been in power in Germany for a whole generation. Clearly Angela Merkel has no plans on ever voluntarily leaving the safety of the government’s nourishing breast. She cannot possibly be so stupid she doesn’t know what she is doing to the German people, which only leaves us to conclude she is intentionally committing genocide against the German people. With the world she, Obama, Putin, Holland and other world leaders have created, ablaze all around us. Christian and Yazidi genocide under their watch, along with violence spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, like a wild fire. Now her top priority is to shut up what she defines as “fake news?!” Could there be a better possible definition of the person I am talking about here than her? Perhaps Obama, Hillary, Holland, etc…

Today I read the Hillary people are claiming she should challenge the vote count because they have found statistical possibility of vote fraud! Really, you couldn’t make this up no one would ever, ever believe you. With all the effort Obama and the democrat party did to ensure a strong dead turnout, busing voters precinct to precinct as well as an overwhelming amount of illegal alien ballots, to put Hillary over the edge. So far Hillary has declined to file any lawsuits… because they would find her side had done the vote fraud! Meanwhile, her surrogates in the bought and paid for unbiased media, are calling for outright censorship of everyone but themselves. No matter that wikileaks released dozens of emails showing collusion between individual reporters as well as editorial staffs of major media outlets, that call themselves unbiased. In truth, the major media that is calling for the banning of “fake” news sites are the very ones who have been caught red handed, passing yellow journalism as unbiased!

Let’s face it, censorship is a beautiful thing, if you are the censor. You can shut up even the most common sense argument by force of law, convention or shaming, leaving your message the only one anyone can hear. At it’s most diabolical it is a means to change people’s very thoughts. Thought control being a long sought goal of tyrants throughout the ages. Because that is exactly what censorship is all about, thought control. If the censor can control what you “know” then they control the parameters of what you can think. If you have never heard of a wheel… how many of us would think about them? Action follows thought. If a tyrant wants to control our actions then control of our very private thought is the best way, censorship is that means, as are hate crimes and any other law that is based on a thought rather than an action.

Since the desire to censor is inherent in the desire to control others, while that need is absent in those who seek less government power, we can say that those who seek censorship are the ones who want to be tyrants, while those who don’t care what others say don’t. From this we can say that political leaders, like Angela Merkel, who seek to censor others also seek tyranny. Tyrants never seek tyranny to improve the lot of Man but to lower it, as the example of Angela Merkel shows. Those who covet political power will cross any bridge, and if denied that power will burn it, as Hillary Clinton has and is. The most magnetic quality of censorship to the tyrant is it’s ability to control thought. Such control is the Eldorado of all tyrants everywhere and at all times. If we then want less government power over us, we have to recognize those who seek to be tyrants and do everything in our power to deny them that power, it is in our self interest rightly understood.


John Pepin

The Progressive New Class Itself Gives Us Reason To Hope…

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what the media intends by the term that has been bandied about so much lately, “college educated whites,” aside from the obvious racism, is code for the new class. That is to say, it is a measure of how the new class is sticking to the progressive ideology they have been inculcated with. Of course, if the percentage of college educated whites were to get below fifty percent, the progressive new class wold become panicked as it would herald the end of the progressive hegemony of the new class. This brings us to the main point, the new class need not be progressive in it’s ideology, they have been programmed to be that way by university professors who have been programmed that way themselves. That is why the media was so concerned about the percentage of “college educated whites” who voted for Clinton… it is a measure of the reach into the new class of progressivism.

The new class is the group of people college educated. It is as simple as that and as profound as life and death, the new class is a complex system with independent, interdependent actors, expressing emergent actions and generating long tailed events. The new class runs our society, government, decide what the culture will be, report the news to us, teach our children and run our corporations. They are ubiquitous. Since the new class is universally trained in college and universities, doctrine that is taught there, that doctrine has the ability to effect people trained there their whole lives. That doctrine then is carried into the real world where it is put into practice. That is why our lawyers, doctors, journalists, bureaucrats, executives and artists are called the intelligentsia, while the professors, deans and trustees are the intellectuals. In the complex system that is the new class the intellectuals set doctrine and the intelligentsia put them into practice.

The new class then need not be progressive. The progressive faction seized autocratic control of the intellectuals over the course of the twentieth century. That so many college educated whites voted for Trump shows the progressive grip on the new class is slipping. Progressives may still have a monopoly on our colleges and universities, but that control could be made tenuous, if a sufficient and devoted part of the new class set themselves to changing the doctrine taught at colleges and universities. Institutions of higher learning are supposed to be places where free thought is encouraged, lively discourse is heralded and diversity of thought is cherished, that today’s colleges and universities discourage free thought, discourse is lowered to personal attacks and diversity of opinion is loathed shows how off track progressive have taken our institutions of higher learning.

By progressivism I mean, the philosophy of the Frankfurt school, advanced by Gramsci’s cultural hegemony, Marcuse’s repressive tolerance and Saul Alinsky’s Rule For Radicals. The ends of which are global socialist world government, if you are to believe their own literature and philosophy. World government is always sold as the end to war, suffering, poverty, hunger, need, broken toenails, etc… when it is the exact opposite. Socialism has only delivered famine, suffering and war, world socialism would deliver these things on a global scale rather than a national one. Global would be and end to experiments in governance, the nature of distant government would crush innovation, wherever it is found and create a people ripe for extinction.

All night on election night, November eight, two thousand and sixteen, the media that calls itself unbiased touted the “college educated white” number as a propaganda weapon. The connotation being that college educated means smarter than you, whites means thoughtless majority, the reality being the new class. Journalists who are charter members of the new class have a dog in that race, to be validated they need to know the majority of the new class, their equals, believe as they do. Moreover, journalists and the rest of the new class, have a nagging suspicion they have been given the wrong dogma to implement. Blind devotion being only as good as long as reality doesn’t present results in a way undeniable.

Since the faith in progressivism is built upon clay, when it faces reality, which it inevitably must any defection from the ranks of progressive ideology… could trigger a stampede, and is a threat to progressivism. Soon those who defect will come under withering personal attacks in the media that calls itself unbiased. The attacks wont be addressed as much to the defectors, as those behind the defectors, people in the new class who know the doctrine they have been implementing all these years has been discredited, and so are waiting for the right time to jump ship. If a sufficient number of the new class abandons progressivism, progressivism will languish another century before it rears it’s ugly head again.

The new class is a complex system. It need not have progressivism as it’s primary philosophy, being a complex system it can change that philosophy, sometimes very fast. Today that complex system is introspective, it seeks to decide if it should throw off it’s programming and pragmatically rewrite that programming in a way that makes more sense in the real world, or hold onto its doctrine in the face of obvious absurdity. We saw this in the election night reporting where the term college educated white voter was the buzz word. The new class reporters wanted to know if the majority of the new class still clutched the dogma, along with them, even in the face of the obvious absurdities they were expected to believe and advance. Which gives us hope, hope that the advance of globalism might be destroyed by the very forces that have been marshaled to drive it down our throats, hope that the cause of liberty might gain traction in the new class, hope for a future where our children are not just little slaves of the state… but free human beings with natural rights and everything that entails.


John Pepin

Trump Could Be Great…

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Trump will be better served by using a blend of Austrian economics and follow Calvin Coolidge’s example, rather than continue using Keynesian economics as did Obama, Bush and Clinton. If the definition of insanity is to do the same thing expecting different results, then following these President’s with their combined track records of economic growth, lost liberty and cultural decline. That path leads inexorably to societal collapse. Turning around a leviathan so bent on it’s own destruction is a monumental task, a task that doesn’t lend itself to half measures and following the crowd, even nudging a leviathan the size of the US government a few degrees, takes a herculean effort. If Trump really wants to go down in history as the Marcus Aurelius of our time his first order of business is to cut spending, eliminate whole agencies of government, deregulate and cut taxes. If he were to push that through, as Obama did Obama care, the US economy would burst back to life, wages would rise rapidly, opportunity would be everywhere and as a result, the scourges of civilization would subside.

In a nutshell, the Austrian school of economics is based on the allocation of capital, (in what money is invested) in an economy. They see the boom bust cycle as a function of ever greater misallocation of capital leading to a recession where capital is reallocated to more efficient endeavors. The implications of Austrian school economics is that artificially low interest rates are a great incentive to misallocate capital. The longer interest rates are kept low the greater the misallocation of capital there will be, but more pernicious still, that misallocation of capital can be sustained, for a time, by those same low interest rates! Another implication of the misallocation of capital is that productivity growth, the generator of the rise in our standard of living, is eroded. When capital is well allocated however, invested efficiently, productivity will rise, innovation will become the norm and a commensurate rise in the general standard of living will ensue.

Keynesian economics is based not on, where capital is invested and spent, but how much capital is spent. Keynes thought it doesn’t matter what money is spent on, it can be buried in the ground and dug up again as far as he was concerned and the effect would be the same, economic growth. The implications of Keynesian economics is that since it doesn’t matter how, or who spends the money, economic growth can be achieved by more spending. So that creates an incentive for government to borrow and spend. The more government borrows and spends, the more economic growth there will be and the happier the people because the people are getting both economic growth and presents from their benevolent government. Problem is, as we see before us all too well, is that borrowing is always misallocated. Spent on waste, cronies, buying votes, chaining people to the dole, absurdities like studying why Lesbians are fat, and self aggrandizement.

All that foolish spending of borrowed and taxed money starves innovators of capital, industries of entrepreneurial leadership and runs up debt at a pace that cannot be sustained. Interest rates must be kept low, else the interest on government debt become impossible to handle and government is forced to resort to extreme measures, like printing money to service the debt, (as they are doing now to hold down interest rates). The long lived misallocation of capital the US has engaged in, Japan, China, Europe and many other nations across the planet as well, has led to an unbalanced economy, diminishing standards of living, and the stifling of innovation.

Regulations are the kudzu vines of government, invading and choking every industry, smothering otherwise healthy companies, and the bureaucracy soaking up all the intellectual capital. Taxes are the brakes on the economy, the higher and the more complex the taxes are the harder the brakes are applied. The twin sources of friction to an economy are regulations and taxes. Raise the friction high enough and the economy grinds to a halt. Add to that the misallocation of capital, and it is a miracle our economy is functioning at all, even with the life support of ZIRP. Were Trump to cut back the Kudzu, or better yet spray them with Round Up, the economy could breathe again, and once it get’s it’s wind there is no telling how fast it can grow, given all the innovation waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity.

Times of trial can make a President great, a President could be the most wonderful statesman ever, and that can be understood by the serenity of his Presidency, economic, social and cultural, but repairing the calamities brought about by a fool, and especially a string of fools, is the stuff of greatness. Trump is at that crossroad in history where he can be great, changing the direction, or he can be another fool who continues on the path to destruction. Chipping away at the edges won’t change the direction, more borrowing and spending, on infrastructure or anything else will not change the direction, only bold change, cutting government spending, lowering the debt, cutting taxes, cutting regulations, eliminating whole agencies of government, normalizing interest rates and stopping the cronyism, only that will change the direction, and steer us away from the cliff. Keep driving at the cliff, no matter how slow we go, we will eventually go over it, turn away and we need not.


John Pepin

Censorship by Another Name…

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the election of Donald Trump has triggered a backlash by the new class, further limiting free speech for political ends. In a move that has no hint of coordination, Google, Twitter and Facebook, on the same day, announced they are going to cut off ad feeds to fake news sites and make it easier to report “hate” speech. While these sound good on the surface they have the potential to be abused. Especially since the definition of satire and fake news is subject to interpretation as is hate speech. The new York Times has been caught many times fabricating stories from whole cloth, since it has reported fake news, does that make the NYT a fake news site? Progressives have a long and colored history of calling any speech they disagree with, hate speech, so does that mean all content now has to go through a progressive filter, else the person posting it will be banned from expressing his or her views? The policy is a slippery slope who’s bottom is total censorship of individual speech by a cabal of political zealots. Is that really a place where we want to go?

I have written about the rise of fake and satire “news” sites on the Internet. They have the pernicious effect of both discrediting those who fall victim and of muddying the waters of political debate with falsehoods. They are usually created by progressives, intended to fool conservatives into posting true sounding but fake news articles, with the intent to discredit conservatism as hysterical. While that was the intention the election of Trump has rattled the progressive new class into thinking these fake news sites might have backfired on them. One thing progressives loathe is their dirty tricks biting them in the derriere. While I would love to drive fake news sites from the Internet, a better way would be through disseminating information of who are fake news sites, so the people themselves can avoid them. That would accomplish the stated goal without encroaching on free speech.

The term hate speech is as liquid as water. The problem of online harassment is real and pernicious. It diminishes people’s willingness to share their political views for fear of harassment and attacks. Sadly, what the new class calls hate speech however, is any speech that disagrees with their world view. I have been banned from Facebook on several occasions because a progressive disliked my opinion. Although I never personally attacked anyone nor engaged in harassment, I was subjected to constant harassment, not knowing what I would say that would get me banned fro several days from Facebook. Once I was even banned three days for saying, “God bless you,” to a progressive! Until I figured out who was using Facebook to alienate me from my freedom of speech the harassment was unending. Once I discovered where the attacks were coming from, I unfriended everyone who was a friend to him, and the harassment immediately stopped.

My experience is not unique. Progressives have since Teddy Roosevelt engaged in censorship. Gramski, Marcuse, Alinsky and the lot of progressive philosophers argued that the only thing put before the people must be progressive propaganda. All other information has to be hidden from the people, and those with a different opinion destroyed personally, lest we discover the truth. That is one of the tenets of cultural Marxism. These new rules will make it far easier for them to shut up conservatives and libertarians under the flag of stopping hate speech. How many conservative news outlets will be considered by the new class to be fake news sites and what will be the criteria? Certainly publishing fake news stories cannot be the sole criteria, else the NYT will come under that moniker, and that cannot be allowed by the new class, so will sites be banned from receiving ad revenue because they are alternative media, like The Blaze, Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc… even though they don’t post fake news? I bet they will and the censorship will only grow over time, sliding down that slippery slope further, and the further we slide down that slope the faster the slide will become.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and the car that travels that road is fueled by good sounding rhetoric. While I agree that fake news sites should be eliminated the means must not grind away our freedoms. No one should have the power to stop another from expressing their opinion, especially using such terms as hate speech, vilification of the speaker or personal destruction for their opinion. I disagree with everything progressives stand for, but I would fight to the death to defend their right to say it, sadly progressive’s first goal is to separate me from my freedom of speech. These new rules will be used to quiet conservatives and libertarians, they will not, nor are they intended to stop personal harassment but to give progressives another tool to harass anyone they want to shut up. Stepping on that slippery slope can only lead to a loss of more freedom.


John Pepin

Post Election Riots

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the violence we are seeing by progressives in our major cities is a result of fear, fear that Trump will abuse his political power as their man Obama did. Obama used every aspect of government to promote his ideology and destroy anyone who disagreed with him. Even Obama’s rhetoric foretold who he is, instead of calling conservatives the opposition, Obama called people enemies, rather than dialogue Obama vilified the loyal opposition, when Tea Party groups sought tax free status the Obama IRS denied them, Obama used taxpayer money to campaign for Clinton and himself in 2012, conservatives regularly get audited and some vocal conservatives get audited every year, Obama went around congress over and over, even signing a treaty with Iran, giving them a path to nuclear weapons without going to the Senate as the Constitution requires, in short Obama used every dirty trick in Alinsky’s book to grab and hold political power, and the progressives are worried Trump will do the same to them.

Fear is a powerful motivator. A person who is afraid will walk through fire and to a progressive loss of political power is terrifying. To a progressive, government is everything, mother, father, sister and brother, government is the means to all ends and is the best bludgeon there is. Progressives see government as the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong, and those who wield that political power as having the ability to decide, what is right and what is wrong. Since progressives are atheists at heart they have no concept of a greater moral code, the code the US was founded on, instead they see only a political code. Rights are, to a progressive, only those things the government allows the people to do, and if government changes it’s mind, the rights change as well. As a result, progressives feel real terror when they are not in charge, the terror that someone will use their own tactics against them.

I predicted progressives would become violent if Trump won and my prediction has been validated by progressives themselves. Daily riots are the norm in almost every major city in the US today because of progressive fear. To predict a cat will chase a mouse is no great feat and to predict progressives will become violent isn’t either. Since progressive ideology is based on hate, anger, and envy, and is implemented by government violence, it only follows progressives will become violent anytime they believe they can get away with it. Hate is their core emotion, envy is their primary motivator and anger is the horse they ride in on, making Violence the essence of progressivism.

Funded by billionaires like George Soros, these progressive organizations have the deep pockets to hire rioters, bus drivers and lawyers to foment violence and frustrate the legal establishment’s attempts to quell it. Instead of winding down, as anger usually does in time, these mobs are getting more violent and destructive. Until the racketeers have been arrested shutting off the flow of funds to the rioters, plan on seeing them get further out of hand until marshal law is imposed. Which is of course the plan, impose martial law and negate the election results. I guess if someone has enough money they are above the law, as Soros has proven over and over again, like when he beat his 19 year old girlfriend up badly, and she went to the NYC police, who turned her away! Progressives don’t believe in the rule of law because to them, it is merely the will of those in charge, and never part of a greater moral code.

The fear that progressive feel is in some ways justified. Trump has shown himself to be a man who holds grudges. Look how Trump went continued to go after Cruz after Cruz ceded victory to Trump in the primaries. This should be a warning to all progressives that Trump is a man who will exact revenge. Since Obama has created so many precedents to abuse Presidential power, for a political end, to harm enemies and help friends, all Trump need do is follow in Obama’s footsteps. There were no consequences for Obama and there probably will not be for Trump who is only doing what his predecessor did. Progressive organizations may have a much harder time getting tax free status, progressive news outlets may find themselves being audited, they might find their FBI files have been used to get a lever on them, they might find a government purge sweeps them from their beloved bureaucracy and they might discover their reliable allies in the media turning on them in fear of Trump. Indeed progressives have no one to blame but themselves.

Progressives created the environment where political power is the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong, they have devolved our system of government so that rights come from government, they used mean spirited rhetoric to slander their opponents and rather then debate a point resorted to personal attacks. They used the tactics of Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Satan. Progressives gleefully tried to destroy anyone who disagreed with their plans, personally and vindictively, in fact progressives created the very system and atmosphere they now fear, which explains the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.


John Pepin