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Privacy, Cashless and the Deep State

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the war on cash is in fact, a war on privacy, specifically, personal privacy from the state. A state that around the world is becoming ever more hidden from us, behind layers of secrecy, propaganda and use of the bureaucracy as a political weapon. Our governments have become chimeras, hermaphrodites, mutations of the limited government guaranteed us and enshrined in our constitutions, instead they have become two entities, the part we see, the “constitutional” government, and the part we never see, the bureaucracy, the deep state. The state that demands we lay ourselves bare before them so they can peer into our every crevice and under our every hair, meanwhile exploiting the machinery of government for it’s naked political ends against us, is one that is a tyranny in fact if not in name. Once cash is eliminated, the last thin wisp of chiffon we still have covering ourselves will be gone, and we will stand in a bright blue light naked for our bureaucracy to behold, as our masters stand behind a one way mirror, laughing at our deformities. The slide to our subservience to the deep state will be complete.

All evils start with a hint of good. If Hitler had come right out and told Germany, “Hey, let’s round up a murder all the Gypsies, Jews, Roma, Slavs and Blacks we can get our hands on, it will be a good time for all.” He might not have garnered so many votes for Chancellor. No, he couched his evil in slogans of a revitalized Germany, stronger economy, elimination of poverty, better public infrastructure and making the trains run on time. Just as Hitler hid his true agenda, progressive globalists are hiding theirs by claiming going cashless is… to stop crime, eliminate tax evasion, fight the war on drugs, better fund the schools and create a more tolerant society. They cannot come right out and say, “Our end goal is to enslave humanity to a world government that operates outside any scrutiny, and labors under the philosophy of arbitrary rule. In other words, the Frankfurt School philosophy of government.

Eliminating cash is a huge windfall to the banks. Everyone who understands how things work knows the banks and the banking system is a beloved industry to government. Those who run governments have discovered that if they control the banks, they can spend absurd amounts of money every year and the banks will call the debt class AAA, and fund it forever! That gives banks a beloved place in the hearts of bureaucrats, autocrats and democrats everywhere. That is why every country on the planet has a central bank. That Central bank is a quasi government agency. It actually beholds to the banks and bank executives. The whole thing being a cash cow for government and it’s cronies. Look at how Goldman, Morgan, and the other too big to fail banks get fined billions of dollars a year but no one ever goes to jail! In a cashless society, instead of getting a bite at all transactions that take place with a credit card, banks will get a bite of every transaction that takes place! Billions of dollars of profit for government’s favorite crony.

Since banks and government have such a close and loving relationship, one that has stood the test of time and of the trials that life can throw at us, sharing everything… and banks will have access to every transaction that takes place, government will also know every time you get a washtub of soda, buy a gun at a yard sale or get a bottle of Old Duke, as well as where you are at all times. Banks will be only too happy to share information with government to protect the status quo. With modern algorithms can look at huge data sets like that and predict disquieteningly accurate things, that information can be put to good use. Near complete knowledge of every person, our likes, wants, habits, hates, loves, our fears and our hopes, allows the deep state, the bureaucracy, to control us and manipulate us, to head off unrest and force us to live as they choose instead of as we choose. Knowledge is power… especially if it has coercive might, and knowing everything about everyone, is absolute coercive might! But then again… governments have never shown themselves to be heartless, conniving and manipulative before… right?


John Pepin

The Way to a Rising Standard of Living

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if we want an economy to provide the standard of living we all desire, government has to be much smaller and far less intrusive, not just into the markets but our lives as well. Of course the first thing we need to do is actually return to a laissez faire economic model. Just the exercise of a return to laissez faire would achieve much of the goal of reducing the size and scope of government. The payoff gets bigger and bigger the more we diminish government, because every action of government is friction to the economy, even and especially, measures taken to improve the economy. Government is the wrong tool to use in improving the economy since all government does is kill the strong to help the weak, crush anyone that doesn’t play along, and take from the growing to feed the obese. That is why in the thousands of years since the invention of writing systems mankind had not progressed until laissez faire became the norm. We all want an improving economy that lifts all boats, the way there is to return to hands off free enterprise, more greasy fingered intrusions by government will only speed up our slide to economic decay.

Today government is the single biggest factor in the success of a firm. Not it’s management structure, ethos, products, innovation or quality, the single biggest factor in whether or not a business is profitable is it’s political favor. That is why a dollar spent on lobbying is worth ten spent on product improvement. That dollar spent wining and dining a senator will get that firm far more profits, from cronyism, than producing the best product for the lowest price point. That competing company that produces the best product for the lowest price can be put out of business by the stroke of a pen. A regulation that doesn’t have to pass Congress, can put any company out of business instantly, and many firms have been shut down just that way. So, under such a regime, it is self interested behavior to play the game, instead of improving products, quality, lowering costs or getting a larger market share through competition. The result is what we have now, a business community that kowtows to every word from the mouth of the President, caring not a whit for their customers, shareholders or employees.

I bet you cannot even imagine your life without the government… or maybe you can. No matter how virtuous you are, you have broken some law or regulation in the last thirty days. No one could possibly know all the regulations on the books today regulating every aspect of our lives. Heck, even if you sit all day in a room, empty except for a hard wood chair you sit on in a nightdress all day, shivering in the cold because you can’t afford to turn on the heat, shades drawn around you, with a single twenty five watt bulb burning over your head all day, without so much as a cigarette to break the monotony, you still have probably broken some arcane regulation! In fact, if you emptied your living room of furniture, you probably still could not fit a printed version of the national register in there! Most of those regulations are so arcane they are almost never enforced, only against people who have angered the elite, generating negative political favor. Since everyone is a criminal, anyone can be targeted for political prosecution by the elite, which makes the Law, a tool for political power. How can you or anyone else focus on your life, starting a business and advancing the interests of the economy and thus everyone’s economic interests, when government could target you at any time. Best to keep a low profile and stay out of the field of fire.

We haven’t had free enterprise since the nineteen twenties. Hoover, then Roosevelt converted our economy to the welfare state, and waves of progressives, dressed as anything else, have grown the state to the leviathan it is now. Despite the economic catastrophe that resulted, (the great depression), the elite have managed, through fiat money, monetizing debt, more and more “clever” securities products and other Enron type tricks… to keep the boat afloat. Every time government intercedes into the market, to help this or that politically favored company, more friction is added to the economy. Friction that raises the barrier to entry for would be entrepreneurs, lowers the profitability for small businesses and distracts people who run companies from their core businesses, to dealing with regulation. That friction does protect older bigger corporations from smaller more innovative competitors.

It’s like taking a tract of forest and cutting all the small trees and bushes only leaving the giant cottonwoods. It looks park like but becomes far less productive. Moreover, once those giants have become too old they must eventually die, and without any small trees started to take their place, the forest dies with them. Like a forest an economy is most productive when it has a mix of old and new, a multitude of different types and where survival of the fittest is the norm. When government uses regulation to kill the fittest so the unfit can survive, stomps out those it dislikes for whatever reason and kills the young to protect the old, that economy will not provide the jobs, quality of life or standard of living that we desire. Such an economy will fall far short of both it’s potential and it’s mean. The way to return our economic forest to productivity then…is to get rid of regulations that kill the strong so the weak can survive, cut taxes that bleed the growing and feed the obese, and get the government out of deciding what industries should flourish and which ones should be stomped out. In short, return to free enterprise, getting government out of our companies and our lives, only then will our standard of living improve while our quality of life rises as well.


John Pepin

Obama’s Economic Legacy

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressive Presidents always leave a legacy of economic catastrophe behind them, and Obama is no exception. From Theodore Roosevelt’s Knickerbocker crisis to Obama’s depression… that shall not be named, every progressive has had the benefit of a strong economic tailwind generated by the elite, yet none of them have created a whit of economic growth. This is the fault of progressive economic, social and governmental philosophy. Each progressive in his turn has created economic crisis such that their terms are usually labeled, “The Great…” something. Progressives and progressive policies gave us The Great Depression, the Knickerbocker Crisis, Stagflation, 1920-1921 depression and the tech bubble. Yet each of the progressive Presidents who gave us these crises, also had the benefit of huge amounts of federal spending, rapidly expanding Presidential powers, the adoration of the media, and since the federal reserve, unnaturally low interest rates as well. Obama has had all of these advantages yet has produced an economy that is in depression by any measure other than that of Wall Street.

Obama inherited a recession when he came into office, which under normal circumstances would lead to rapid economic growth coming out of it, especially since, in true Keynesian fashion, the Federal Reserve flushed trillions of dollars into the banking system to keep it afloat, while lowering interest rates to an unheard of before, zero interest rate policy, or ZIRP. Those two things alone should have guaranteed a strong recovery for Obama. Rather than let the economy recover however, implementing good progressive doctrine, Obama set himself to the usurpation of a third of the US economy and unleashed a tsunami of regulations, that smothered new born businesses in the cradle while at the same time handing out billions of dollars to cronies, for fake green energy projects, none of which have amounted to a penny of actual economic growth. Instead, these policies that act as friction to the economy, have ground small business creation to a halt.

During his term in office, Obama has run up the deficit more than all other Presidents before him… combined! Over ten trillion dollars in deficit spending to prop up the economy so Obama wouldn’t look so bad, and with the fawning media cheer leading for him, the average person had two choices, believe the media that called itself unbiased or our own eyes. Meanwhile, as Obama was going through trillions of dollars like a baby goes through diapers, the Federal Reserve was monetizing the debt to the tune of eighty five billion dollars a month! That is enough money to make eighty five thousand people a month… millionaires. Imagine the economic activity that would have created! Instead, all that money was printed and handed over to corrupt banks and government, generating profits for bankers and Wall street executives… and no one else.

Obama’s signature law, the “Affordable” Care Act, otherwise known as Obama care, has been a total absolute disaster in every sense of the word. It has driven the cost of healthcare through the roof, while lowering the quality, is fining people because they cannot afford the more expensive coverage they couldn’t afford before… let alone now, and has set up a wall between doctors and their patients. People have to pay for coverage they do not need and subsidize things we believe are sins. Obama care offends our pocketbooks, sensibilities, religion, social cohesion and even our very health. Fortunately the Affordable Care Act will probably be overturned, but regulation never fully retreats, once it has gained ground it always holds some. The results of Obama care will be with us for a long time to come.

You really can’t blame Obama for the pathetic results of his policies, he is after all a brainwashed progressive, and like all progressives, when theory comes into conflict with results, it is results that are thrown out. The economic results of progressivism are so uniformly bad, every time progressivism becomes main stream, they always leads to a repudiation of progressivism, and it’s Frankfurt School philosophy. Until a new generation is born that has not been taught the results of progressivism, innocents who will listen to the sirens singing their songs, then change course to hear better, dashing themselves against the shoals of socialism. Until then, Obama will go down in history with all the other progressives who have left the US economy in shambles, Roosevelt, Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt, Carter, and Clinton.


John Pepin

Trump Should Launch an Assault on Human Trafficking…

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Trump would be well served, both politically and by history, if he takes on the evil of human trafficking. Human slavery is the most heinous crime man has ever committed against man. It is both a crime against the individual and against the human race. That anyone can be forced into slavery, and make no mistake, that is what slavery is, force, means anyone can be forced into slavery. No one is safe as long as slavery exists on this planet. That in the twenty first century human slavery is at it’s zenith is shocking. A human being is sold today in many parts of the world, cheaper than at any other time in human history, because there are so many available… supply and demand. Moreover, it is only the most heartless of subhuman, that could possibly believe human slavery is not a violation of the universal morality. If Trump were to set the CIA to eliminating human trafficking around the planet, it would feed back in political currency even if only in his term in office, and the lifting of the suffering that such barbarism creates, would earn him positive mention in the history books of the future.

To start Trump must first clean house. Sadly, the bureaucrats left over from Obama need to be fired, every one, without mercy. Replace every progressive bureaucrat at the top echelons of every agency with someone with at least a smattering of common sense. Regardless of what Trump sets himself to, progressive leftovers will always be a sand in the gears, but with the pizzagate child slavery sex scandal, pointing at prominent progressives that is unfolding in slow motion, as they all do nowadays, they are especially dangerous. In replacing progressives Trump can choose people who have in the past expressed open antipathy to human slavery. Get the bureaucracy on his side at the outset and Trump’s assault on human trafficking could be led by motivated, strategic thinking, people with good esprit de corps, rather than layabouts who will undermine every effort.

I could fill pages and pages with why human slavery is a moral evil, but that would be useless, because we all know in our hearts, that slavery is evil, a dark evil beyond all scope of comprehension. What is important is that a civilized society does not tolerate such evil. You cannot walk through sewage every day barefoot and not have it effect you. Sooner or later you will get a cut and the sewage will leak into your blood and immediately give you sepsis. Evils like slavery are the same, they are a source of corruption in society that the moment any institution breaks down, that putrefaction leaks into every part of government, society, business and culture… spoiling them all. Slavery is a moral evil and that moral evil if allowed will eventually destroy the rest of society, that is why a civilized society does not tolerate human slavery at all or in any form.

Slavery also has a profound and yet pernicious negative economic factor. Those people enslaved have their future potential taken from them. Their potential, by definition, is reduced and so is their ability to purchase goods, (in Keynesian fashion), add to the stock of knowledge, (ala Mises and Hayak), become an entrepreneur, (making Schumpeter proud), or perhaps even become wealthy storing up huge savings, (as the Austrians would like), but he or she cannot, because their potential has been taken from them… and from humanity. The cure for cancer may be found but for the fact the woman who would have discovered it, was sold as a little girl into the sex slave trade, and now is dying of aids. The solution to using fusion to generate electricity might be implemented today, except that the man who would have invented it was captured and sold to work in a mine in Africa, and is now in a mass grave next to that mine. The tragic stories of how all of us have lost far more, even than the victims themselves by mere statistical probability, added to the vast amount of human suffering, is and always will be the story of how we sold out future to harm our present.

History is kind to those who lift suffering from this world and cruel to those who abet it, while politics only cares for power, the people however, the font of all political power, swoon at triumph stories. Both history and the people then would favor a President who set himself against such evil, not only proving himself a hero, but improving the overall lot of Man, morally by showing we live in a civilized society, and economically by releasing the potential of everyone who is, or would be slaves. With news stories out there like Rotherham, Boko Haram, ISIS, pizzagate, the child sex scandal of the British elite, etc… are but a few that should at least raise our awareness if not our dander. I would get behind a man who sets himself against such evil as human slavery, wouldn’t you, wouldn’t everyone?


John Pepin

The Hateful Four

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when a lie is called truth and truth is called a lie, evil is ascendant, whenever and wherever evil is ascendant, people will become heartless, and we have heartlessness in neon lights in Chicago. Imagine how callous a person needs to be to do such a thing, as torture someone at all, let alone on a live streaming broadcast… for fun. This level of psychopathy is usually reserved for political leaders, would be tin pot dictators, who claim to do it in the “national” interest. That evil however, did not bubble up from the bottom, not at all, it trickled down from the top, as evil always does. The top becomes corrupted, and that putrescence drips down on us below, because everything flows downhill. Confucius philosophy of government was founded on leaders leading by example rather than fear and violence, and that corrupt leaders lead to corrupt states, while virtuous leaders lead to virtuous states. We have had 8 years of the Obama regime’s open corruption… yet not investigated, ignored and ridicule heaped upon anyone who dares bring it up, that corruption has dripped at first but now has become a drizzle of putrefaction down upon the rest of society.

Since the congenital nature of Man is evil, the good in us a learned trait, in a civilized society human heartedness is taught to everyone, otherwise civil society could not function. Barbarians are only suitable for tyrannies. No other form of government will keep barbarians in check so some form of society can function. No society then, that wants to remain civilized with all the amenities, comforts and advantages civil society offers, would intentionally undermine the civilizing of the youth, yet clearly, those youths are not civilized. One could offer that the event was a one off, an aberration, and 10 years ago they would have been right, but due to the rot in government dripping on civil institutions and decaying them, a growing number of our youth lack the civilizing education our forefathers and mothers had. The corruption in government has corrupted our schools, religious institutions, fraternal organizations, charities, etc…

It is not at all surprising that at the end of the Obama administration such heartlessness would be on the rise. Appealing to division is the hallmark of Obama’s policies, whether they be international or domestic, Obama appeals to division. Obama ridiculed white people during his first election and the media ignored it, went to a segregationist church and anyone who mentioned it was met with scorn, Obama even ridiculed his grand mother as being a typical white person and was given another pass. Throughout Obama’s presidency he has openly divided, stirred the pot of racial animosity and used the mechanisms of government for political purposes. Is it any surprise then that Obama’s target audience has become heartless? Progressives have been demolishing entire demographic groups stake in society, and replacing that former stake in society, with a stake in the welfare state. People have simply followed where they have been led.

Lies are called the truths and truths are called lies. Universal truths are commonly attacked today and called fables. Overriding morality is considered old fashioned by the moral equivalence crowd, good and evil are attacked as arbitrary and Christianity is under constant assault even as progressives promote ideologies that are an anathema to civilization. When a civilization has become so corrupted, so heartless that the slaughter of unborn babies is ignored, that civilization is become evil. True, that evil started at the top, those who sought to make abortion legal, but now that corruption has flowed to the very bottom of society, every strata of society has people who support the mass slaughter of babies. The elite keep us swimming in a cesspool of lies, knowing that no one can swim in a cesspool and not at least smell like it, then the elite can point at truth tellers and yell to the world how they reek.

Progressives have been cultivating anger, hopelessness and heartlessness for decades, and that pent up emotion is damning of progressives and progressivism. Is it any real shock that the event happened in Chicago… a bastion of progressivism? Now we have those same progressives who have been attacking basic truths, telling us we should make them the arbiters of what is truth and what is a lie, even as they promulgate another obvious lie. Our leaders have been leading us into corruption for decades, we have become so used to putrefaction that we don’t even notice it, unless that smell is pointed out to us. Yet we stand amazed that four youths, raised in a cesspool of hate, anger, hopelessness and led by evil people… would do such an evil act as torture a man on live streaming video. There is always a reason things happen, it is up to us to understand why, then set ourselves to eliminating that why.


John Pepin

The True Role of Government

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the role of government creates the social, economic and cultural framework, within which each of us struggles. Why not the other way around? Why not the framework being a cause rather than an effect? Because the role of government precedes the framework. For almost all of human history the role of government has been to protect a small cabal of families at the top of the social, economic and cultural order, plain and simply that was, and in fact still is, the role of government today. That the fundamental role of government has always been to protect a small cabal, the Elite, shouldn’t surprise anyone with their eyes open. The group nurtured by government has changed through the millennia but that has always been the basic role of government. Who comprises that group is what determines the social, economic and cultural framework. The only way to actually change the framework is to change the actual, not the perceived, role of government.

Most people think the role of government is to pave the roads, police the criminals, provide welfare, protect from fire, produce regulations, promote the “common” cause and for plentiful prosperity, all the “goods” you have been taught. That is what you are supposed to think. If you dwell on it however, especially if you take a long historical look at actual reasons governments, wage wars, the “hand out” all the “goods” government provides, and who are the ultimate beneficiaries, you will eventually come to the conclusion, government only really exists to serve the Elite, whoever the Elite are. Once a new Elite are in power they too use government to pass laws to change the framework to suit the Elite’s selfish needs.

Who the elite are changes, depending on dozens of factors, the old elite became too corrupt society suffered and so… a new cabal rose up and seized control perhaps violently, the elite became dependent on some other group who then usurped the usurper’s position, being conquered, technological change, etc… there are far too many ways a group of elite change to name them all. The group that makes up the Elite might be a landed aristocracy, the bourgeoisie, the Shogunate, the theocracy, the majority, the party, a race, the workers, even on extremely rare cases, the whole of the citizenry. Each faction once in power will inevitably change the laws to protect themselves and their children. Often a faction will claim to represent another faction to gain their suffrage but only serve themselves, a party that “represents” the workers, for example. A government that serves the theocracy will pass laws making it illegal to ridicule that religion or to convert out. The framework will change conforming to that group’s desires.

The social, economic and cultural framework of any nation, city state or civilization changes over time, to conform to the will of the faction in power, the Elite. People are people, we are all the same, put any of us, other than a saint in power and over time, as we amend laws and change customs we will inevitably, even if only subconsciously, change those laws, customs and social norms to favor us and our children, it is in our nature. It doesn’t make us, or them, bad people, it makes us all people. That is why we must first look to change the role of government. To do that we must first recognize it’s real role and drop the rose colored glasses.

The founders of the United States understood these facts and tried to craft a form of limited government that would stand the test of time. But indeed, over time, those who could changed the rules to suit their needs against the needs of the rest, did. Today, the US is as much a Constitutionally limited republic, as Rome under Octavius Augustus was a consular republic. Today’s Elite, the new class, have done no different than every other group that has become the Elite. Like all factions that become the Elite, they are/will go through the same life cycle… Rise to power, change government to suit them and their needs, become corrupt, their corruption and increasing mismanagement leading to economic, social and cultural disorder, and finally another faction wresting power and starting the cycle over.

Today the new class has become corrupt, with CEOs making tens of millions of dollars a year in wages, stock deals and bonuses, to run multibillion dollar companies into the ground, banks getting caught red handed ripping off their customers, and so the shareholders get punished while the criminals get bonuses, government officials openly breaking laws anyone else would go to jail for and many do, etc… The economic framework they have created is becoming ever more difficult for the average person to navigate, zero interest on savings, less full time employment, shrinking wages, collapse of small business start ups, etc… and so is slowing economic growth. Cultural Marxism is leading to the cultural decay of drugs, out of wedlock children, single parent families, large swaths of the population that feel they don’t have a stake in society, and all the other cultural ills we face. The new class has sown the seeds of their own destruction, but who is going to seize control from them, and change the framework to suit their needs? Maybe… it is time to debate a new role for government. that diverges from the recognized old.


John Pepin

Party Lies and Loyalty

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when a liar calls a truth teller a liar, then demands censorship over the words of the truth teller, so that the rest of us won’t be fooled by the truth teller’s lies… is someone who is tired of being caught in his lies. While that is laughably common sense, political favor and party loyalty get in the way of rationality, making even the most educated and otherwise logical person, impervious to logic. The worst kind of lies to be exposed however are those the liar tells herself. Which involves cognitive dissonance, a term meaning that our thoughts and feeling have momentum, once they have started in a direction they tend to keep moving in that direction. When party loyalty is such, that a person will lie to themselves to to maintain cognitive dissonance, that they accept lies as truth even in the face of overwhelming evidence, because of the way they were discovered, and the truth as lies, because those truths are too ugly, regardless of the clues, is someone who is a useful idiot.

They are not idiots because they decided to be, or that they seek evil for mankind, but because they have allowed their party loyalty to get in the way of their common sense. Everyone knows in their heart, unless they are psychopathic, that killing an unborn baby is wrong. To see it done is too horrific for the average human being to behold… yet many consider abortion a right. Not because they are inhuman or glory in the blood of innocents, they have blinded themselves to the reality of what they support, because of party loyalty. We are all subject to this as rooting for our team seems to be in our DNA. Political party, philosophy and ideology are no different than the Giants versus the Patriots, Red Sox versus the Yankees, or any other epic rivalry. How many Red Sox fans were… born a sox fan, lived a sox fan and will die a sox fan! While rooting for an irrelevant sports team is the purest form of this manifestation of humanity, rooting for a political party is just as profound to the fan. In this way a liar knows there will always be a strong blind following and turnout by their stalwarts.

Liars hate to be discovered, and a true psychopath, sociopath or narcissist will immediately go on the offensive, whenever discovered. They will attack the messenger, the means and the idea but not the message. Today they are on the offensive with their buzzword fake news. The liars were discovered in their lies by the release of private emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, John Podesta. They were extremely damning of the media that calls itself unbiased, they highlighted the incestuous nature of the unbiased media and the progressives, revealed plans for vote fraud and even a possible pedophile ring at the top echelons of the US government just like the British pedophile scandal a few years ago. The conniving of the progressives was revealed to Wikileaks by, according to Julian Assange the top dog at Wikileaks,  a democrat insider, even averring the insider that gave the emails to Wikileaks was later murdered under suspicious circumstances in Washington DC.

Such truths cannot be attacked directly… especially since they would make the revelations more widely known, so the attack was at the means. Diverting attention from the very damning facts, and instead invoking red herrings, like the Russians hacked the election and the fake news buzzword. Both of which only protect the liars from the consequences of their lies. So now, regardless of the evidence that Wikileaks got it’s information from a Washington insider, the meme is that the Russians did it and the fact that Wikileaks showed, in neon lights, the collusion between the media that calls itself unbiased and the progressives, the fake news meme doesn’t describe the ones who published fake news as truth, but those who shone the light of truth on the fake news! With their party loyalists gleefully eating anything the progressives pull from their derrieres and hand them, along with the media that calls itself unbiased, who would do anything to regain their standing so tarnished by Wikileaks, the liars knew they would be backed.

Here we are, where the liars have appointed themselves censors of what is a lie and what is truth, a large part of the population know better but their loyalty to their party overwhelm their common sense, locked in by cognitive dissonance, meanwhile the legacy media is flailing about like a drowning man, trying desperately to regain solid ground, and are willing to take anyone they get into their clutches to the depths with them. The whole narrative is run by the liars to protect them until this scandal blows over and they can get back to their conniving again. These things exceptional liars know, people have short memories, people are forgiving of the powerful, if the people hear someone claim to be telling the truth, even if caught in a lie, will tend to believe and they have loyalists who will follow them into the gates of Hell. They just need to stop getting caught in so many lies!


John Pepin

History Will Not Judge Us Well

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, every time progressivism gets power, as it has under Barack Obama, it is responsible for crimes against humanity, and for those crimes today history will judge us very poorly. Since the inception of Progressivism it has been the source of crimes against humanity that a normal mind cannot comprehend. Eugenics, abortion, master races, genocide on an industrial scale, destruction of the nuclear family, sexualizing our culture and even our children creating a hedonistic self destructive culture, famines, and the enslavement of large swaths of humanity. This is of course not a comprehensive list but it touches on some of the high points of the crimes of progressivism. The ones I would like to look into at depth here, is the genocide of Christians in Christianity’s birthplace the Middle East and the industrial slaughter of innocent babies, all of which history will condemn us as barbarians.

Obama loves to claim to foreknow the judgment of history. He goes on and on about how history will judge us poorly if we don’t give this or that Right to the State, as if history is more concerned with the petty usurpations of an autocrat than with actual human suffering. It is always human suffering that gets the headlines. No one talks about the advances of the Panzer kampf wagon Mark 5 Panther, other than WWII nuts, but we all talk of the holocaust. The one was a crime against humanity the other a technological advance. When we hear about WWI we instantly think of the human suffering the industrialization of war created, with mustard gas, bayonet charges into water cooled machine guns, accurate and more deadly artillery, and even though it is hidden in history, most everyone knows of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the young Turks, a progressive movement inside the Turkish government. History is mostly interested in crimes against humanity and under Obama’s watch there have been plenty.

Progressivism under Woodrow Wilson begot the eugenics movement, which inspired Hitler to his final solution and the master race plans, meanwhile, Planned Parenthood got it’s start at the same time by Margaret Sanger with the express purpose of exterminating Blacks. In the US people were rounded up and forcibly sterilized because the State considered then unfit to parent children, some because they were mentally retarded, others because they were French Canadian, but all of them forcibly sterilized by the coercive power of the state. Hitler loved the idea and implemented it in Germany with glee, slaughtering everyone in insane asylums, rounding up Jews, exterminating Gypsies, and Hitler didn’t stop there, he applied his progressive racial standards to the Slavs and killed millions of them too. Eugenics and the final solution are firmly and permanently intertwined, started by a progressive in the US and migrating to a progressive in Germany. A crime against humanity if ever there was one.

Abortion is a sacrament to progressives. They drink the blood of innocent babies like Catholics drink the blood of Christ. The first is enthralled by their power over life and the second humbled by their power over death. Abortion has been the cause of the deaths of nearly sixty million babies in the US alone. By any measure the industrial slaughter of the most innocent human beings is a crime against humanity. Now we find out that slaughter is accompanied with the sale of their parts! Under Obama the sacrament of abortion has been magnified in it’s heinousness. Compounding the psychotic mass murder of babies by a crass marketing of their very parts. Moreover, the government subsidizes the slaughter! It takes money from those of us who rightly are revolted by the evil of abortion, at gun point, and we are forced to pay for it. History will not judge us well at all for the evil of abortion.

That same lack of empathy for others that is unmistakable in our diminished value of human life is manifested in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Where only a decade ago there were millions of Christians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, most have vanished, killed and buried in mass graves, sent to rape centers, and the lucky ones are wandering in the desert with no hope because no one cares, but at least hey are alive and free. Even though it has been labeled genocide by the US Congress the world community refuses to take in the diaspora Christians, the world goes out to eat as Christians are left to starve in the desert, we watch Rambo while little Christian girls are sold into sex slavery and all we care about is whether we can afford that new television. Genocide is always and everywhere a crime against humanity, but history will judge us far harsher than it has the British, French and Americans for the Holocaust, because today, we know about it undeniably and did nothing.

I cannot believe humanity will continue down the road with such heartlessness. In the long term humanity must grow up to have greater empathy. That has been the long term trend of the development of the human race. Not in a linear manner but by leaps and bounds, sometimes retreating but after a bit always lunging forward, often, by looking back at our mistakes. It is by looking back at those tragedies, that have propelled our understanding and philosophy into a more human hearted path. Once we grow beyond the hedonistic, egoistic, immediately self interested children we are, those people will look back at abortion, and genocide as crimes against humanity, encoded in human history, and all of those crimes will be the result of progressivism’s atheistic, amoral, selfish, hedonistic and holier than thou philosophy.


John Pepin

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, Christmas is a time for joyous thankfulness, for everything God in his infinite generosity and love, has granted us. From the beggar to the Autocrat we all have many things to be thankful for… our health, families, friends, access to food, our stuff and even our very lives. Thankfulness is a quality of not just culture but of the civilized. To be thankless is to be a barbarian, a thoughtless brute, less than an animal. Because even a wild dog is thankful for a scrap of meat, how much less then is a person, who has the reason to understand why they should be thankful, yet use that reason to be rationalize ingratitude. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate all the multitude of gifts God has bestowed upon us, show that we are thankful and appreciate them all. We should even thank God for our burdens, since without them we wouldn’t be the people we are. Those who live without burdens never grow up and never become wise, instead languishing in adolescence the entirety of their lives, which if you think of it, is a tragedy if ever there was one. So, thank God today, Here are some ideas what to thank him for after the biggies…

Where free enterprise has flourished, the lot of even the most destitute is far better than those in the middle class in countries it hasn’t, yet even the most poor in the most backward third world country, is better off that capitalism existed, which demands the human hearted be thankful for the free market. Even though the free market only exists in small pockets on the planet today, we are still reaping the benefits of it’s widespread acceptance a century ago. That few hundred years in which the free market ran mostly free, created such momentum that even the concerted efforts of generations of Marxists, national socialists and progressives, hasn’t been able to stop it! Free enterprise has lifted the lot of mankind from barbarism, to the point where even the people have never tasted the free market, they get the benefits in the form of vaccines for deadly diseases, food supplements, access to the means of production, cars, trucks, vans, entertainment, etc… even the most poor on our planet get some benefit from capitalism and so we should thank God for the free market.

The enlightenment was a watershed moment in human philosophy opening the way to many of the benefits of the modern age. It was that turning away from authority to logic and rational thinking that allowed free enterprise to take hold and modern science to flourish. The Enlightenment allowed our understanding of God’s creation to advance so much further, in only a few centuries, than in all the millenia preceding. Even though our intellectuals have turned their backs on logic and reality, instead embracing emotion and theory. Nevertheless we benefit greatly from Europe’s spark of enlightenment, the enlightenment, and we should thank God for it. One way to thank God would be to embrace the values of the enlightenment as they were originally intended. Throwing away the advancement of the Enlightenment however, to appease barbarians or for any other reason, is spitting in God’s face, and shows those who do, to be worse than animals who at least have instinct to be thankful.

The most important gift of all, is that God sent his only son to live as one of us, and die ignominiously on a cross as atonement for our sins. Jesus gave us the gift of redemption, all we need do is accept it, and be thankful to Jesus for so munificent a gift, as forgiveness for the unforgivable. Because of Jesus, we need not suffer the just punishments for our sins, because he has. In a more earthly way, it was Christianity, with Jesus’ teachings, love thy neighbor as thyself, do unto others, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, look to the plank in your own eye before the mote in another’s, judge not lest ye shall be judged, etc… that allowed the enlightenment to take place and free enterprise to flourish. Even such important inventions such as the printing press was necessitated by the need to print Bibles. Regardless if people purporting to represent Jesus, who didn’t live up to any of Jesus’ teachings, did bad things in “Jesus” name, their transgressions were against Jesus himself as much their victims. To know this and not thank God and Jesus is to be a barbarian, instead… gleefully thank Jesus!

So celebrate all the gifts God and Jesus Christ have given you and us, thank God and Jesus for our lives, our families, our friends, our freedom, our prosperity, our stuff and even our burdens. Thank God and Jesus for our salvation as it is the gift that begot the enlightenment and free enterprise, two temporal gifts, that without… we would be wiping our derrieres with leaves outside and huddling in the cold shivering by a meager fireplace, toiling from sun up to sunset for a few grains of corn, that some king could take from us at any moment. Rationally understand the magnitude of these gifts, Jesus’s birth, which led to our prosperity, health and science… and joyously thank God. Demonstrate to God that we are indeed above the animals, in that we are grateful because we understand why we should be grateful, rather than it being mere instinct.

Merry Christmas and Blessed Holidays to you and yours!!!


John Pepin

Leaders Who are Villains

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if Eggbert invited people into his home who openly avow their hatred and murderous intent for his children, you would have to inquire as to his sanity. Once one or more of his children are killed or raped by the “guest” it would seem obvious that the guest should be evicted. If Eggbert blamed his children rather than the Guest one could only conclude Eggbert is out of touch with reality. Such a parent would have his children, the remaining ones at least, removed from the home and placed in protective custody. Anyone and everyone can see the logic of that… well, not everyone. There are those who would proclaim Eggbert’s progressive attitude to the homeless and demand his children stay at home, in that loving nurturing atmosphere of rape and constant threat to their lives. To those people Eggbert would be a hero. His children might disagree however. They might believe their tormentor to be someone who should be sent away in a selfish show of self interest.

Those people guardians are charged with protecting should always come first. That is the nature of being a guardian after all. No one would condemn a mother who defends her child from a monster, and only a monster would begrudge a father, for protecting his daughter from a villain, because that is their job. The nature of being the protector is to put the interests of those who are under protection first. Parents go without, so their children can have a better life, better education, better home life and better prospects for the future. Most parents would happily lay down their life for their children, and those who have, are heroes of the highest order.

Those who knowingly risk the lives of their charges are people who shouldn’t be guardians. They are unfit. That is the opposite of being a protector. Someone who endangers their children, no matter what for, is not a fit parent. That is why the government takes the children away from parents that are unfit. A parent that feeds, houses, clothes and nurtures their children, yet has a house full of rattlesnakes is not fit. No matter how much that guardian might love rattlesnakes, his or her children are at great risk of dying from a snake bite. A guardian who argues he is filling his house with rattle snakes to prevent snakebite is someone who is unhinged. To be so incapable of reason is the sign of insanity.

Once several children in that home have been bitten and died for the venom, it should seem obvious, that the rattlesnake bite prevention program, of filling the house with snakes, is not working. Bringing in more rattlesnakes only serves to exacerbate the problem not solve it. No mount of sophistry will make such actions acceptable nor will spurious logic fill the void left by the murdered children. No matter if the parent honestly believes that filling the house with rattlesnakes is a good idea, the results would wake up any sane parent. It doesn’t matter if the danger is from rattlesnakes, murderers or rapists, a wise and loving guardian doesn’t put their charges in danger for some pie in the sky idea. A villain does however. A villain who wants his or her charges bitten would do just that, fill the house with snakes, then claim with a tear running down one cheek, they are only doing it for their children’s protection.

People are the charges of their governments. Not that we are children, but we elect representatives to protect us from external threats, the role of our leaders is of guardians. In fact protecting the people’s property, lives and families is the primary role of government. That is why we have police and a standing army. The only legitimate role of national government is to protect the people. Just like a parent who invites a murderer into their home is unfit, if the leaders of government, society and culture undermine the very safety of those they are charged to protect, they are unfit to serve as leaders. Once people are being murdered, raped and beaten, it is time to evict those who openly avow their hatred of the nation, and stop the spurious logic of filling a nation with rattlesnakes, to protect from snakebite. Sadly, this only makes sense to people who are able to reason, most people across our planet lack that ability, and so many of us agree that filling a home with rattlesnakes is a wise way to prevent snakebite, no matter how many children die of snakebite in the process. So I ask you… is Eggbert a wise and loving parent, progressive in his attitudes… or a evil villain?


John Pepin