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The Evil of Progressivism

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a cursory glance at the news today shows the results of progressivism, in bright lights. The news is filled with absurdity. From the now nearly complete genocide of Christians in the Middle East, to the collapse of economies around the world, the news is the greatest indictment of progressivism there could be. American pragmatism teaches that you look at the fruit of an idea or policy to see if it is good or not, and progressivism has shown it produces poison fruit and thus is evil. In every way progressive governments choose evil over good. There is not one example where they choose good over evil today, why is that, because progressivism itself is evil. It is not compatible with humanity, human heartedness, liberty, or enlightenment. Progressivism is a return to the dark ages where the government was ruled by absolute monarchs. Progressivism even has the audacity to seek to control the thoughts of people! It seeks absolute power and uses that power to turn society, the culture and people to evil.

This latest spate of police killings is another example of how progressivism is evil. The progressives who run the government today, have ginned up hatred of the police by their rhetoric, their policies and their own hate. They have led society to a place where murdering a police officer is an act of civil disobedience. They have changed the conversation, from why are so many blacks killed by other blacks, to attacking the very people who are trying to prevent the slaughter! Those cities controlled by progressives have violent crime rates that dwarf war zones! Despite having the toughest gun laws, that are unconstitutional in and of themselves, the murder rate in Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC and anywhere progressives run government, a human being with dark skin is exponentially more likely to be shot to death than die of anything else! Yet the progressives point at the police who are charged with stopping the slaughter of the inner city. Clearly progressives want blacks slaughtered.

Progressives support planned parenthood’s slaughter of innocent babies. They tax us and give that money to an organization that routinely overcharges for simple procedures, so they can pay their CEO and upper management six figures! Now that video has come out showing a planned parenthood doctor cutting through the face of a live baby boy to extract his brain, with no anesthesia, the evil of planned parenthood cannot be denied, yet progressives in both parties still support it! Since progressives cannot claim ignorance anymore, yet still support it, they must also support infanticide and torturing a baby to death. By any measure, that is pure evil, and those that support evil are themselves evil. Since that is what is going on, and they know it,by definition… progressives are evil.

It is undeniable that Christianity has ceased to exist in it’s birthplace. Christians have been rounded up, slaughtered by burning to death, children have been crucified, Christians have been beheaded on video and Christian girls as young as 5 years old have been sold into sex slavery and raped multiple times a day. These crimes against humanity are going on as you read this article! No human being with an atom of empathy could call it anything but evil. Not only evil but open and braggadocio evil! Yet the progressives in both Europe and the US… REFUSE TO ALLOW PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS ASYLUM!!! Progressives demand the Christians who face such horrific crimes, because they are Christians, simply accept their fate! Their actions prove progressives support and condone the genocide of Christians! There can be no other conclusion… genocide is evil, and those that support genocide are evil, therefore it follwos… progressives are evil.

Under the watch of progressives the economy of the world is melting down. They have printed trillions of dollars, Yen, Euros, Renminbi, etc… to hide the results of their policies, despite the overwhelming evidence that doing so always leads to economic catastrophe. There is not one example in economic history where money printing has ended well. This time however, it is not one nation that has printed it’s currency to oblivion, but all countries! Never before in human history have so many countries printed so much money to prop up their economies. The printing has inflated bubbles around the world, it has also warped the flow of capital to unproductive enterprises, due to the pernicious incentives of low cost loans. As we watch the stock markets, bond markets and businesses collapse in slow motion before our eyes, and with them our hard earned savings evaporate… we have the progressives to blame. They run the banking system, our governments and the media that reports on them.

In every way progressives have chosen evil over good, they denied God three times at the democratic convention, then booed him. Therefore they must support Lucifer. The National Socialists got their ideas from American progressives, especially the ideas of racial purity and breeding supermen. Progressives choose death over life every chance they get, the death of babies, the death of Christians, the death of Jews, the death of liberty and the death of capitalism… are all their policies, and the results are plain for anyone to see. Our civilization is in disarray, our society is coming apart at the seams and our economy is melting down and with it our standard of living. Progressives have visited catastrophe on us, it produces poison fruit, but how many are awake enough to recognize it? How many of us will believe the progressive media that it is the fault of people with no power? How many more times will progressives visit evil on us… before we learn? Or are we simply too stupid to learn?


John Pepin

Right Principles for a Nation

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, while abandoning right principles is the ruination of a great nation, those very same principles provide a handy road map to prosperity, low crime rates, and a rising standard of living, for nations wishing to become so. Moreover, any nation adopting those universal right principles will have a positive effect on human history going forward. Everyone knows this truth in their hearts but the lure of power corrupts the elite and keeps them from it, while the lure of free money, keeps the people corrupt and prevents them from demanding it. So, instead of universal profit for everyone, people allow their greed, envy and lust bar them from it. Should a nation, even if old and set in it’s ways were to adopt these principles, it would see a turnaround in it’s fortune that would astound the world.

Wealth can be had for all, not by redistributing a dwindling amount, that is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, but by creating access wealth. Society has the ability to create huge accesses of wealth easily. To create such prosperity however, does not require a government program, nor a large bureaucracy, but by empowering people to achieve their goals. Government’s role in creating societal wealth is to provide standards, not regulations. Any country could do it, few actually want to, and even fewer will. Here is a list and explanation of the right principles leading to a prosperous, free and vigorous nation.

Protecting the individual from the collective is of the utmost importance. Whenever the collective decides what is good for the individual, both the collective and the individual suffer. The individual because the collective never has morals or compassion, it is pure force. Moreover, the incentives in a system where the collective good supersedes the individual’s good, become pernicious. That is because instead of being motivated by self interest everyone is motivated by self preservation. The collective always has a ready reason to kill an individual for the collective good. Where the collective is king those who create wealth are stepped on, their inventions taken and they are personally attacked, because anytime someone rises above the rest in a collective, they become a threat. That way a society that values the collective over the individual must stagnate.

The free market system is the path to societal prosperity. Not welfare state capitalism, which is no more than a more palatable name for socialism, actual free market capitalism. Of course a free market is predicated on individual liberty and cannot function in a collective. A real free market however is the surest path to national prosperity there is, history shows this to be empirically true, while crony capitalism and socialism are the surest path to poverty and famine. During the era of actual free markets the economies of Europe and the US grew exponentially, not at the pathetic 2% we have come to expect since capitalism became crony and the rise of the welfare state. During the only time in the 20th century the US engaged in a real free market, under Calvin Coolidge, the economy soared to new heights of growth and prosperity, which led to a rocketing rise in the standard of living, low crime, less racism and huge access of national wealth. Until Herbert Hoover and FDR took the US down the path to cronyism and the welfare state.

In a real free market, one with standards, it is easy to get rich but hard to create monopoly. Building a monopoly requires at least some government intervention, to suppress competition by creating a barrier to entry, stifling innovation by regulations, having obscure tax codes or outright cronyism. Occasionally a monopoly can grow organically, where an innovation is too expensive or complex to implement, by the time the patent runs out, it is very hard to compete with it. If however, lacking government barriers to entry, the profit gets too high, other companies will compete for that high profit.

Limited government that creates standards not regulations is another principle that leads to prosperity for a nation. Imagine if a gallon was a regulation and not a standard? The volume of a gallon would depend on who was selling it, what liquid it contained, the shape of the container would be prescribed and the political favor of both the buyer and seller would be paramount. The regulations regarding the volume of a gallon would quickly run into perhaps hundreds of pages. In this way regulations create the conditions where monopoly can form, politically favored individuals can become extremely wealthy without providing any value and sand is thrown into the mechanism of the free market. Standards however facilitates the free market like oil an engine. Standards cannot be used by corrupt politicians to pass out money to their cronies, hinder the competition of unfavored businesses or enrich themselves at the cost to everyone else. Standards are a principle that leads to a prosperous nation while regulations lead to poverty and cronyism.

These fundamental, universal, right principles, wherever and whenever they are adopted, will inevitably lead to prosperity, a rising standard of living, less racism and low crime. All the goods people say they want. The elite will always argue against them however, because then the elite would have to provide value for their wealth, like you and I have to, and that is unacceptable to them. That is why the elite are in love with collectivism, cronyism and regulations. They intentionally confuse regulations with standards, they wrongly claim the collective is more important than the individual and they spuriously argue there needs to be monopoly to produce high value products, all to move us away from right principles and towards wrong principles. Those very few nations that do adopt right principles will be the movers of history in a positive way.


John Pepin

Founding Principles

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when a nation abandons it’s founding principles, that nation at that moment begins a descent into oblivion. Great nations are always founded on universal principles. Principles that protect the liberty of citizens, their property, hold everyone accountable to the law and defend the state from invading armies. There are also various societal myths that form the basis of the cultural ethos. In the US for example, the sovereignty of the individual is the societal myth. These principles and myths work together to create a strong and lasting government, culture and society, as well as protect the people from invading armies. Nations thus founded have good economies, strong families and high standards of living. It is no shock then, that once a nation abandons it’s founding principles, it quickly begins to deteriorate. Since the principles and societal myths a nation was founded on are the reason that nation prospered, the abandoning of them begins a downward slide.

The reason a nation would abandon their founding principles and societal myths is universally the same. The elite begin to feel hemmed in by the founding principles so they grouse against them. The elite want more room for action and a greater part of the prosperity, to do that they now they must get the nation uncoupled from it’s founding principles. They tell the people the heightened prosperity is owed them. They lead the people away from the founding principles and into arrogance. Playing on the people’s egos the elite keep in front of the people a meme of outdated ideas, old ways, stodgy thinking and that was then this is now. The replace the founding principles with progress, the new and fill the minds of the people with distractions.

In this way a general sense of arrogance begins to creep into the minds of the people and is magnified in the elite. Some generation, far enough away from the founding that they have forgot the violence and struggle it took to birth the nation or what times were like before the founding, disdainful of their forefathers and their egos swelled up like a balloon ready to pop, they begin to believe they know better than their forefathers and turn to their own ideas, ideas that always involve taking the liberty of people they disagree with, stealing the property of those who are “rich,” and stop applying the law equally because some can’t be held to a standard.

No great calamity happens in a vacuum. In every case calamity stems from a build up of events, most seem small and insignificant at the time, moreover they pile up and pile up without any negative consequences so they come faster and get bigger. Events such as small intrusions on the founding principles. Any well founded nation can stand many such incursions, by the momentum it builds up in it’s expansion. Rome was just such an example. Even as Titus Livious warned the Romans Rome would fall unless they went back to their principles, the people laughed and scoffed at him, Rome has lasted a thousand years and would go on forever. Displaying the arrogance and disregard of their founders that always characterizes a people before their fall. Rome did go on for a few more centuries, centuries of calamity after calamity, culminating in Attila’s surrounding Rome. Rome lasted those centuries because on the momentum it had built up in it’s republican days.

No nation that still lives under it’s founding principles is defeated in war, only those nations that have abandoned those principles, are defeated in war. Wars come and go, but they are only existential threats to those nations who’s people have become lovers of luxury, arrogant, egoistic and lazy. Such nations are ripe for a fall and every would be tyrant alive sees it. Weakness in a people invites disaster. Such people are fickle in war as in every other thing, when push comes to shove an army of such people is no more than a paper tiger, it is destroyed at the first hint of flame. The government that has led the people into being fickle, egoistic and arrogant, while it might be unmerciful to it’s own people, is terrified of other nations and displays it fear to the world further inviting calamity. In this we can say that it was the abandoning of the founding principles that made the people ripe for invasion. The leaders first the people after.

Europe and the US have abandoned their founding principles. One by one they have been abandoned and replaced by progressive doctrines that teach the exact opposite of the founding principles. The societal myth has withered in both Europe and the US. Europe is being invaded by people who will, in short order subjugate the native Europeans, when that happens, the Europeans will exclaim, “What a catastrophe! How could this have happened?” The US will soon face economic Armageddon from out of control taxation, spending, regulation and cronyism, when that happens, the American people will cry out, “This is a calamity! Why me, why now?” even as the Europeans and Americans lament their misfortune, they will know in their hearts, they are the reason for the calamity, but will not be able to face the truth… so will blame the Muslims, the Bankers, the politicians… anyone but themselves, for allowing themselves to be led away from their founding principles.


John Pepin

Nuclear World War

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the instability on the planet today is… the new world order. The new world order is disorder, violence, wars of aggression and human suffering on a scale heretofore unimaginable. You think the suffering WWII visited upon the world was bad, we are about to enter a warring states period that make WWII look like the War for the Chaco. It is not going to merely bankrupt you, nor simply destroy your standard of living, this coming world war will have you watch as your children are butchered, starve or die slowly of radiation poisoning. Everything you have, want or imagine will be taken from you, because of this instability.

Nuclear weapons are proliferating around the world. When the US and Europe took down Muammar Gaddafi, the only autocrat to give up WMD… they essentially told the world’s tyrants, get nuclear weapons! Now we see the despots of the world got the memo. Since then more and more countries are developing nuclear weapons as fast as possible. North Korea abandoned it’s treaty with the US limiting it’s ability to get, amass and deliver nuclear weapons, Iran has signed a treaty with the US that allows Iran to inspect itself, and the cold war between Pakistan and India is heating up, and soon may go nuclear. Proliferation of nuclear weapons in the hands of despots and psychopaths cannot be a good idea.

Every continent on the planet except Antarctica and Australia is at war or in economic collapse. Wars rage around the globe, and the fire is growing. Asia has several wars in progress, ISIS is religiously cleansing the Middle Eats of Christians and Yazidis. Europe sees Ukraine and Russia in open conflict, Africa is awash in bloodshed, South America’s economy is melting down and still has active Marxist insurgencies going on, and in North America, the US has open fighting on the streets between Black lives matter and the police. Instead of cooling down, these conflicts are getting worse, while the world’s economy is in full recession.

There is a full blown currency war raging today, economies are collapsing and a global recession is on it’s way, nothing is more conducive to war than economic collapse. Europe’s economy is in full rout with Greece needing a new loan every time a loan payment comes due, Spain and Italy are ready to go bankrupt even as Europe is being deluged with Islamic immigrants who are intent on subjugating the native Europeans. Brazil’s economy is ablaze, Venezuela is in hyper inflation and just announced martial law. China’s planned economy is not going as planned, it’s manufacturing numbers just came in at the crucial 3500 level, the Renminbi is being devalued and the Chinese stock market is in free fall again, despite the government making it illegal to sell stocks! Every world war has been presaged by economic upheaval.

China is gearing up to expand it’s empire. The definition of empire is a large area controlled by a hegemonic group, usually based on ethnicity, reigning over many other ethnic groups. China is run by communists and the hegemonic ethnicity are Han Chinese. They reign over Tibetans, Mongols and Uyghurs. Today China is building islands in the South China sea to expand it’s military might, threatening the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan, on land China claims the northern states of India and Vietnam. They plan on expanding, which is what empires do, especially Marxist empires.

The Middle East is on fire since Obama threw in with the Arab Spring. Christians and Yazidis have been all but exterminated from that part of the world, people are fleeing the wars into Europe where they bring with them chaos, terrorism and bigotry. Iran’s nuclear program is being funded by Obama and European leaders and given the green light as well, despite the constant chant of “Death to America! Death to Israel!” We hear from the leaders there. Antisemitism is on the rise again around the world another event that has presaged every major world conflict.

Humanity has a very real possibility of facing extinction because of this coming convulsion. With nuclear weapons being distributed to every insane despot on the planet, instead of being inconceivable, nuclear exchange is rapidly becoming inevitable. Even a limited exchange between Pakistan and India would create a nuclear winter. A Nuclear winter that would destroy crops needed for billions of people to survive. At least global warming would be over… because we would be entering into another ice age. An electro magnetic pulse attack (EMP) on the US, China, Japan, Russia and Europe would return humanity to the dark ages, famine, disease and chaos.

Meanwhile, our leaders claim a fiction is our greatest threat, ignoring the train bearing down on us for the ant crawling over our shoe, maybe so we will be hit by the train? They seem determined to keep us distracted as the world melts down. Our leaders are the ones who’s policies are directly responsible for our dire situation. They overthrew Gaddafi and instituted the new incentive for despots to nuclear up, they have taxed, regulated and spent our economies into oblivion, they are the ones wholly responsible for the next war, yet they point to an imaginary threat as that which we should focus on. This entire coming catastrophe is the direct result of our leaders failing us.

I am not saying the world war will start Thursday at 3:00 pm… but I am saying it is coming, if it’s not already here. Future historians, (if there are any) will have to make that call. The vacuum Obama made when he pulled the US out of the world, has empowered despots around the planet to step in and grab what they can. Economic collapse always ushers in war, the ink of human history is blood, and the world’s economy is at the precipice of an epic fall. Our leaders have made it possible for the world’s autocrats to get nuclear weapons making the next conflict likely a nuclear one. In every way our leaders have failed us, leading us, predictably, to this place. If there is future history, they, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Khomeini, Assad, Chavez, etc… will go down along with Tamerlane, Kaiser Wilhelm, Stalin, Hitler and Mao as fiends who broke the world. Prepare yourself and your families for it. The well prepared have a much better chance of surviving over the ill prepared.


John Pepin

Hillary Clinton’s Wiped Email Server

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me, if Hillary Clinton and the others who have wiped their hard drives and gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their emails from law enforcement, get away with it, that will be proof positive we live in a place and time where some are above the law. When some are above the law, you don’t really have law, what you have is arbitrary rule masquerading as law. The only reason arbitrary rule masquerades as law, is to trick the subjects into thinking they are citizens. It is a way of making the average person feel he or she is valued, our property is safe and our persons are protected, and therefor arbitrary rule masquerading as law keeps us quite and compliant – and can go on unabated. This is far more pernicious than it appears on the surface. A market economy cannot function, the standard of living must necessarily fall and violence will sooner or later appear, under arbitrary rule, especially where arbitrary rule masquerades as law. Your life, property and liberty is directly effected by the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Let’s face it, you or I would go to jail of the government subpoenaed our email, and we had the hard drive professionally cleaned to prevent them. It would be a no brainer. Simply the fact we did it would in and of itself be a sufficient crime to get us arrested and in court. Regardless if all we had on that hard drive was pictures of puppies holding flowers. The moment you or I wiped a hard drive subpoenaed by the government we would have committed a crime. Don’t think for a second any prosecuting attorney would let it go. The full weight and power of the government would be leveled against us. Yet, Hillary Clinton and a few of her cronies have done it, and so far they have escaped any punishment for it. One can only logically conclude it is because they are above the law.

Now if there is a huge public outcry, and that is the impetus for the government to actually charge them with a crime, that is also very indicative of arbitrary rule masquerading as law. This is because if it takes political pressure from the people before the Justice Department, (DOJ) will do it’s job, the DOJ was not planning on prosecuting them in the first place! The only reason the DOJ wouldn’t charge someone immediately when evidence becomes clear a law was broken… is because the law breaker is above the law! If some people can break the law, and the only way the government will charge them, while it would immediately charge another for that same crime, they are by definition, above the law and therefore we have arbitrary rule.

Arbitrary rule is a situation where “law” is arbitrarily passed or enforced. The ancient Greeks held arbitrary rule to be one of the primary definitions of tyranny. There was great debate among the ancients about the advantages and disadvantages of arbitrary rule. Some, like the sophist Thrasymachus, favored arbitrary rule while others, like Socrates, held it was uniformly and universally evil. History has come down on the side of Socrates and not Thrasymachus. Moreover, arbitrary rule always results in poverty, tyranny and violence. All people know in their hearts and in their minds arbitrary rule is wrong. Justice requires that all human beings be treated equally by their governments, to do anything less is unjust. So, arbitrary rule is by nature, unjust, and creates conditions of injustice.

Whenever injustice masquerades as justice, it pretends to be what it isn’t, and anytime someone pretends something to be what it is not, it is so the injustice can continue. Injustice masquerading as justice is a con game the elite don’t want to stop. Of the two, arbitrary rule masquerading as law is worse than open and obvious arbitrary rule. In the first case, when an evil is hidden it can grow, in the second case evil exposed to sunlight withers. Since Hillary Clinton has escaped justice so far is proof we live under arbitrary rule. The question now is, is that arbitrary rule masquerading as law or is it open and obvious arbitrary rule?

We need to watch this scandal unfold with open eyes. If she and her sidekicks are charged and punished, it is evidence we don’t yet live under arbitrary rule. If we sit, and she skates on a crime you and I would face severe punishment for, it is proof positive we live under open arbitrary rule. If we rise up and demand they be charged, as we would be, then we have admitted Hillary Clinton and her boot licks are above the law, by having to rise up, and it will be proof injustice is masquerading as justice. If however, she is charged and gets a mere show trial to placate the masses, we live under arbitrary rule masquerading as law, injustice pretending to be justice, and because the injustice is hidden it can grow and metastasis into a cancer that will take our prosperity, liberty and reduce us and our children to slaves. We can do something, enact a Fourth Branch, but in our complacency most will merely go back to watching dancing with the stars, ensuring the cancer of injustice pretending to be justice endures.


John Pepin

Our Replacements… Illegal Immigrants

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the new class is unhappy with the way Americans and Europeans have voted, so they are replacing us with people they believe will vote correctly. You have heard the term undocumented democrats, well tat is pretty close to the whole truth, most illegal aliens are from nations that have no concept, or at best a perverted understanding, of capitalism, socialism, limited government, liberty, human heartedness and history. They mostly come from autocratic countries that have never had those things, yet the people fleeing from dictatorships are more than happy to establish tyranny here. Not that illegal immigrants are necessarily bad, nor that they are stupid, they simply are ignorant and so can be easily manipulated into voting against their own best interests. To put it in the new class/Marxist vernacular, “They are willing to take up their historic role in the revolution.” That is why the elite intellectuals so love illegal immigration from autocracies and forbid immigration from Western capitalist nations. The goal is to destroy every vestige of limited government, capitalism, liberty and human heartedness.

Alvin Gouldner put it this way, “Marx said, ‘Philosophy is the head of emancipation, and the proletariat is the heart.’ But it takes a great deal of fancy theoretical footwork—in short, of ideology and false consciousness—to assume that the head and heart of politics are always integrated and have identical interests. Indeed, much of the discussion among Marxists today, concerning the failure of the proletariat as an historical force thus far, is in effect a discussion about the possibility of a ‘heart transplant’; that is, of replacing the proletariat with another historical actor: e.g., students, blacks, third world forces, etc. Intellectuals are capable of being an autonomous political force and when one social group does not play the role they have assigned to it, when it fails in its ‘historical responsibility’, intellectuals will often shop around for another client group to ‘represent’. False consciousness is generated when the special, vested interests of intellectuals are deemed illegitimate and are therefore concealed, and when intellectuals feel they must pretend to be representatives of another group’s interests.” This is written in the new class language or code, and everyone knows a code is to keep the unwanted from understanding what is said and meant.

To unpack Gouldner’s thesis, in classical Marxism, the people, you and I, have a role to play, it is our “historical responsibility” to bring about a socialist revolution. In the US and Europe, the people have not done what Marx and his allies wanted, rise up calling for socialism, and so we must be replaced. In this way illegal immigration is the “heart transplant” he talks about. The intellectuals, college professors, out of work PHDs, Deans of universities, etc… the leaders of the new class, are more than happy to lead the revolution and overthrow the old order… of liberty, limited government, human heartedness and capitalism, but they can’t go it alone they need a large faction to back them. There is a reason Obama’s government has more intellectuals than any before him and indeed Obama himself is an intellectual.

What and why do they want to eliminate? Capitalism, because the new class are useless and unable to provide anything of real value, they cannot prosper by it but under socialism, they get the benefit. Who cares if the people suffer under socialism, the elite prosper. Limited government is obnoxious to the new class intellectual, since they are always the people who staff government, limiting their power over the people, economy and civilization, offends their egos. Liberty to the new class is something that should be reserved to them alone, those who are not willing to simply live and let live but want control, use justice as a tool to pry justice from the hands of the people. The new class hates human heartedness because there are things a human hearted man or woman will not do. The human hearted person is unwilling to “break some eggs for the greater good.” Human heartedness requires empathy, love of one’s fellow man, acceptance of their flaws and a deep desire to do no harm. How can any revolution get underway until the people are willing to slaughter whomever the elite tell them to?

So there you have it, the new class elite’s love of illegal immigration has nothing at all to do with improving anyone’s life, it is not about compassion or human heartedness, it is about exploiting the political system, for wealth, power and prestige. The new class believes itself to be our intellectual, and moral inferiors, why shouldn’t the rest of us lesser caliber people bow to them, give them our wealth and cow toe to their demands for us? After all, we don’t have PHDs, we are not their equals… we are their subordinates, and so since we are unwilling to accept our role in human affairs, as appointed to us by them, they have no choice but to replace us, with those who are willing to accept their role in the revolution. That my friends is why the new class elite defend and so love illegal immigration.


John Pepin

Economic Armageddon is Upon Us…

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everything has a rhythm, the Sun rises crosses the sky and sets, the Moon waxes full then wanes new, people wake in morning, work then sleep at night, everything has a rhythm… even and especially an economy. Central banks have been trying, unsuccessfully, since Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations, to stop the cycles of the economy. The attempts by central banks have grown ever more extreme over the years, culminating today with quantitative easing (QE), zero interest rate policy (ZIRP), price controls, manipulating the stock markets with naked interventions, manipulating the price of gold and silver, etc… They have so upset the normal rhythm or cycle of our economy they have created a dead man walking scenario. The economy, barred from it’s normal sleep wake cycle, is now suffering ailments and a general decline from the lack of a sleep cycle. Now with the economy melting down again, another attempt by the economy to get a bit of sleep, central banks around the world have nothing left to fall back on, interest rates are already zero, they have printed huge gobs of money and fed it into the system, their ability to manipulate stock prices, gold and silver, is being swamped by market forces, so now some are devaluing their currencies to get a larger portion of a smaller pie. Your standard of living is directly effected by their foolishness.

Imagine if someone wanted to stay awake forever. They could take methedrine. That would keep them awake, but the side effects are terrible, performance drops and if the regimen is kept up long enough… death. QE, ZIRP, monetizing the debt, price controls, etc… these are all exactly like economic methedrine. They interrupt the normal economic rhythm, forcing an economy to stay growing when what it really needs, is to shrink for the next leg up. The side effects are well known and have been proven historically. Monetizing debt leads to hyper inflation ruining the currency, and price controls lead to empty shelves. ZIRP and QE are new attempts, the crack cocaine of economics, who’s side effects we are just about to learn of. It would seem however that ZIRP creates incentives for the misallocation of money and QE will probably result in inflation. In economics as in life there are no free rides, but that doesn’t prevent economists from holding out their thumbs.

In this last “recovery” every quarter has seen negative wage growth in the US! Some recovery eh? While the Federal reserve has claimed inflation is under control, all anyone need do is go to the shopping center to buy food, pay rent or buy a car, to see inflation first hand. Moreover, the Federal Reserve has just lowered the actual GDP growth for the last 3 years… lower! That means they have been counting inflation as growth. With wages getting lower and prices getting higher, by the standard measurement, our standard of living goes down. All while the Federal reserve has been printing billions of dollars and feeding it into the system, keeping interest rates artificially low and manipulating stock prices to fabricate a “Wealth Effect.”

Now the economy is going into recession again. Stock prices in the Dow Jones Industrial Average have made a “death cross.” What that means is the 200 day average has risen above the 50 day moving average. This presages a bear market in stocks, which is a strong signal of a recession. Commodity prices have cratered which is another sign of impending recession. The worker participation rate is at a decades low and layoffs are increasing. The U6 unemployment rate is near where it was during the great depression with soup lines hidden by EBT cards. The transportation index is crumbling, with container shipping dropping precipitously, which is a measure of international trade and demand, railroad shipping is dropping and FED EX as well as UPS are showing weak demand as well. All these signs and others are pointing to a recession. Moreover, a recession is overdue, economic recoveries don’t last almost a decade, they usually run for 58 months or just under 5 years. All signs point to the economy of the world about to pass out.

Central banks are terrified that their shenanigans will come to light and they will be blamed. They are out of methedrine to keep the economy awake, and the negative side effects of all their tinkering is about to be visited on the people of the world. The results of their actions will be impossible to hide, as history shows they must eventually be. No amount of active intervention will be able to keep the economy awake, an economic crash must happen, and it will be ruinous. Think of it this way, if someone stays awake for weeks using methedrine and crack cocaine, when they do fall asleep, they will crash hard, that is where our economy is headed. Yes, everything has a rhythm, the sun, Moon, people, bacteria… and even an economy. Will they learn this time? History shows they haven’t in the past, so probably not, this cycle will be revisited on our great grandchildren sometime in the future as well.


John Pepin

Cultural Suicide

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the more civilized a society believes it is, the more susceptible that society is to violent factions. To maintain the veneer of civilization, government in that society will bend over backwards to prevent violence, in doing so they will empower that violence, and the faction that engages in it. Moreover, those who believe in moral and cultural relativity will also believe that those who are not violent but engage in liberty are the problem, since they cannot blame the violent person out of cultural sensitivity and multiculturalism, so they blame those who offend the violently disposed. This turns into a sort of cultural suicide, replacing civilization with barbarism. Those who would prefer to live in a civilized society should take this to heart, because to ignore this truth is a certain path to violence, poverty and oppression. I wonder however, are the elite so dumb they don’t already know this, or is there something more diabolical going on?

Sweden considers itself a bastion of civilization. They believe their inclusiveness, embracing of multiculturalism, progressive politics and social welfare is the height of civilization. They have been on a path to diversity for a generation and they have got it. Sweden has imported millions of people who do not share their love of Swedish civilization, laws, ethics or people. The inevitable result is that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, where once Sweden was one of the safest places on Earth, for anyone, now there are places that are very dangerous even for Swedes. No go zones where Swedes, if they are caught, they are beaten up or worse. The government will not punish the violent faction that engages in violence, but is all too willing to punish those who offend, by their mere presence. In their race to be inclusive, Sweden is committing cultural suicide. The wages of those policies will be poverty, violence and oppression.

Indeed all of Europe is in the throws of cultural suicide. They are rapidly replacing their native population with people who despise them, their culture, heritage, ethics and liberal policies. They allow violence in the name of multiculturalism. They encourage intolerance in the name of tolerance. The welfare states of Europe are beginning to teeter, from the weight of the huge masses of people who go there to get on the dole, and undermine European civilization. In fact, the European people are funding their own demise. Those who work, support those who hate them and have nothing but antipathy for their culture, society and liberality. That the average European is working to support their oppressors, in ancient parlance, that was called the slave/master relationship, today it is called inclusiveness.

The US is no better. The overt policy of the US government is to change the demographics of the nation since the 1960’s. In the parlance of Marxists, the intelligentsia, (new class) are the brains and the proletariat are the heart, but f the proletariat will not step up and accept their “historic role,” then a change in the proletariat is in order. This is what the US is engaged in, changing the proletariat to one that is more convenient to their plans for the country. In doing so they accept violence from certain factions, blaming the actions of that faction on the victims, and claiming that violence doesn’t paint the whole of that faction, while any violence done by others is claimed to be indicative of everyone in that group. The inevitable result will be poverty, violence and oppression.

Now, those in the new class are pretty smart people, just ask them, they will tell you they are much smarter than you and I. Since they are so much smarter than us, does it seem possible they are ignorant of what they are doing? Is it possible that the elite in Sweden don’t know their policies of coddling a violent faction, and indeed importing millions more, is a form of cultural suicide? Could it be that the new class leaders in Europe are unaware that replacing the native European population with those who despise that culture, people, ethics and liberality, can only result in poverty, violence and oppression? Maybe the new class politicians in the US are not aware that changing the demographics to people who will step up and accept their historic role in the revolution, will result in revolution? Or maybe, just maybe, those in the new class know exactly what they are doing? There are only two possibilities, the new class is filled with imbeciles, or villains.


John Pepin

Planned Parenthood Controversy

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a fetus is not a human being, then you and I are not human beings. The concept that a fetus is not a human being, as purported by the anti lifers, is based on an age argument. That is, those who are not yet born are not human beings, because they are too young to be called such. Many would disagree and say the anti life argument is, they cannot live on their own outside the womb, but that argument is proven false by the approval of anti lifers for late term abortion, where the child is eminently capable of living outside the womb. Moreover, even if we accept the spurious argument a baby not yet born is not a human being, because they cannot live outside the womb, that is still at it’s core an age argument. The age argument if further bolstered by the fact that now there are anti life groups that claim a baby could be post birth aborted up to a year old. Therefore, they are arguing that age is the deciding factor of whether a human being, can be considered a human being, depending on age. The realization of this as their core argument should send a chill down the spine of every human being on the planet.

The logical extension of the age argument is, the definition of a person as human is age dependent, and a fetus is not human due to his or her age, and can be killed because they are not humans, ie, not old enough to be considered human. Moreover it follows that the older one gets the more human they must become. This is no different in kind then the outmoded claim that blacks are not fully human, due to the color of their skin being darker than others, so anyone who has lighter skin than another can by definition enslave that darker person. Therefore logically, any older person can kill any younger person, because the younger person is not as human. Both spurious arguments are based on a fictitious definition of what it means to be a human being.

So we have to ask ourselves, “what is humanness?” If we look at what are the defining characteristics of humanness, we can observe the extrinsic characteristics of humans, we are bipedal, we are largely hairless except for our heads and vestigial body hair, we have large brains, two arms ending in hands, two legs ending in feet, we have two sexes both of which are human beings, we sickle our young, we are mammals, we are sentient, we are omnivores, etc… But basically we know a human being when we see a human being. Nowhere in that list, or any other that you could come up with, is age a factor. That is like saying a white horse is not a horse.

Another factor that torpedoes the anti life definition of humanness is that they also seek to kill old people. They have dozens of nice sounding names, for the killing of old people like, death with dignity. So the anti lifers do not believe that age begets humanness, since people at both ends of the age range are subject to being killed. The anti lifers also have in the past, and advocate even today in some circles, for the killing of people who are mentally retarded, profoundly handicapped and insane. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion, that the anti lifers hold other human beings as less than deserving of their lives. Those that the anti lifers are offended by, for whatever reason, are subject to being killed, not because they are not human beings, but because human beings in their minds are not credited with any right to life.

The controversy surrounding the killing of a lion is indicative of the anti human mindset that pervades our culture today. For all the hullabaloo around the killing of Cecil the lion, ginned up by the media that calls itself unbiased, the fact remains, Cecil was an animal not a human being. Those that anthropomorphous a lion, claiming it has the same right to life as a fellow human being, are perverting the definition of human beings to suit their desires, in both directions. This is magnified by the fact, the media that calls itself unbiased, ignore the extermination of Christians from the Holy Land.

Now with the revelations, revelations that become more horrifying every new video that comes out, that Planned Parenthood is essentially torturing babies to death, so their body parts can be more profitable, the fact cannot be denied… they are anti human life. Not their own of course, they hold on to their own life with a white knuckled grip. They might call for the large scale systematic extermination of others, but they cherish their own lives like a miser cherishes gold. To be good is to follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, to be a bad person, is to do unto others as you would not have done unto you. What can be said about someone who cherishes their own life, while at the same time are perfectly comfortable killing another? They are simply bad people.

In reality, a human being is a human being, no matter how old they are or deficient in any way, and so spurious arguments as whether someone is a human being, are mere hyperbole to defend the indefensible. Outrage over the killing of an animal, while at the same time ignoring a very real genocide of human beings of all ages, is to replace compassion for your fellow man with compassion for an animal. Replacing the empathy you should have for human beings for empathy for a mere animal is the means to justify a total lack of human heartedness. Those who force taxpayers to fund the systematic killing of human beings, are themselves anti life, lack compassion, empathy and human heartedness… and yet cherish their own lives, are by definition bad people… and neither deserve our votes nor their positions as leaders.


John Pepin

A Very Curious Thing.

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a very curious thing that people who live in progressive run cities and states, vote with their feet and move away due to the lack of opportunity, low wages, high taxes and out of control crime, despite having the toughest gun control laws, to conservative run cities and states… then vote for progressives? Moreover, international migrants vote with their feet fleeing communist hell holes and Islamic tyrannies, but the moment they get to a free country, they do everything in their power to enact the very same policies they fled from? On the face of it, wouldn’t you say it is absurd? It is like someone burning themselves on a stove and reaching back to burn themselves again. One of the characteristics of human beings is that we have the ability to learn from past mistakes, yet some people seem to be unable to learn from their past mistakes, and have an overpowering urge to foist their past mistakes, on those who haven’t made them. I find this a very curious thing indeed.

Places like Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago have been run by progressives for generations and people are fleeing those cities by the droves. Crime is utterly out of control there, the economies of those cities are in a shambles and every action is taxed to the hilt. They have the most draconian gun control laws, but the murder rate in those cities is the highest in the free world and indeed, the planet. They have the highest incarceration rate but the streets are not safe to walk after dark. They have the the most regulation and their economies hemorrhage jobs and drive down wages. They have the highest taxes, yet their police are underfunded, their schools produce graduates who cannot read, write or do simple math, let alone engage in the highly technical economy we live in.

Progressive run states are also loosing population with the vast majority of those people moving, voting with their feet, to conservative states. States run by progressives like Vermont, New York and Illinois are loosing population to states like Florida, Texas and Georgia. The migration of people from progressive run states is turning into a tsunami of humanity fleeing the results of progressivism to the results of conservatism. Vermont is fast becoming the land of the elite, where trustfunders go to start gentleman farms and poor people go to get generous welfare checks, but working people are fleeing due to the high taxes, regulations and poor jobs.

People from South American socialist nations are fleeing the results of socialism to the US to take advantage of the results of capitalism. Those nations that have implemented Marxism have economies that produce bone crushing poverty, their governments are psychotic and crime there is organized. Conditions are so bad, mothers and fathers are putting their young children into the hands of criminals, who rape, sell and abuse many of those children, just in the hope some will make it to the US! The rise of Islamism, a rise that has been accelerated since the Arab spring, has resulted in millions of people fleeing the results of Islamism, to the places where Christianity has reigned. The Middle East has seen the extermination of Christians and Christianity and a commensurate rise in poverty, violence and oppression.

Yet, all those people who are fleeing from progressive cities and states, communist nations and Islamist autocracies, immediately set themselves to implement progressivism, Marxism and Islamism, in the places they fled to! Britain is being cleansed of all things British by the newcomers. Progressives in the US seek to give those people fleeing Marxism the vote immediately, because they can be reliably counted on to vote for progressives, who are Marxists without the revolution. Those places that were run by conservatives, are being changed to progressive run, by the very people fleeing the results of progressivism. It would seem, they are like hogs, a pig will so churn up their sty with feces, urine and mud, the farmer has to move to regularly else they will get sick. Progressives, Islamists and Marxists are the same, they so destroy the economy, civil society and morality with their policies, they have to move to a clean place to do it all over again. They vote with their feet one way, and with their ballots, actions and sentiments the other… A curious thing to be sure.


John Pepin