Government of Psychopaths

February 27th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the hypocrisy of progressives knows no bounds and they daily prove they have no ethics whatsoever, to progressives, all that counts is power over the rest of us… the classic signs of a psychopath or sociopath. They can’t help themselves, the RINO Larry Darrel and Deryl Issa has called for a special prosecutor to look into Trump’s “Russian connection.” Ignoring the fact that if he is so incensed by a President having unseemly connections, why was he so happy with Obama’s unseemly connections with the Muslim brotherhood, bowing to foreign dictators and attack America first tour. If Issa is as he claims to be now, a patriot only looking for the truth, why was he so willfully ignorant of the truth only a few years ago? How many other democrats will prove themselves psychopaths or sociopaths, and therefore their absolute lack of ability to lead this nation by jumping on the bandwagon? The truth is, no government can long stand such conniving, immoral and evil people long, no matter how well constituted. Lying, hypocrisy, acting against the national interest, manipulating others, these are all signs of a sociopath and psychopath, the exact opposite of what we want in government! They pose an existential threat to any government, culture and people, and when we allow them power… we have been manipulated into being the instruments of our own destruction.

The reasons to appoint a special prosecutor for Obama’s illegal actions are countless. Had Issa considered unseemly connections a reason for a special prosecutor, why is it when Obama attended a church that is extremely radical in it’s anti White, anti American and pro Marxist views, didn’t Issa call for a special prosecutor? The case of fast and Furious where thousands of innocent people died as a result of US policy, even as the President was using the problem created by that government policy, to create a reaction to it, the solution would result in the erosion of the second Amendment, isn’t that uncomfortably close to Diocletian’s “Problem, Reaction, Solution” used by schemers, (psychopaths and sociopaths), throughout the ages to trick the people into giving up Rights. Perhaps Benghazi should get a long overdue investigation, the list of unanswered questions go on and on. Obama was the first President since Carter not to have a special prosecutor tail him, yet was in many ways, the most corrupt we have ever had in the US.

Which shows the unlimited hypocrisy of progressive democrats and republicans in name only, (RINOs). Trump has got elected, that is the only rule he has broken, yet, and to progressives that is a big one. Progressives are such children at heart they cannot stand when the other side has the ball. Sociopaths never really grow up. Oh it’s okay if the other side is a republican progressive like Bush, who will move the ball up the field, albeit a bit more slowly, but to let an actual conservative move the ball down the field, back toward liberty, is enraging to them. Lack of ability to control emotions is a trait of sociopaths and psychopaths. If McCain had been elected this cycle instead of Trump, the democrats would be complaining, but not rioting in the streets, that is because they know McCain is a reliable progressive, who will lead the country into whatever war the deep state wants, smiling with those yellow teeth the whole time. Progressives on both sides of the isle are absolutely incapable of being the leaders of a country yet have the uncontrollable desire to control others. That is why so many people in politics, and especially progressives, are sociopaths and even outright psychopaths.

A sociopath has no conscience at all. They will do anything to get what they want, are often very intelligent and charismatic. A psychopath has all the same characteristics but adds to his or her lack of conscience, intelligence and charisma, a love of manipulating people, often to get innocent people to harm themselves. Sociopaths and psychopaths who are not intelligent nor charismatic end up in prison. Such people are ideally suited to take control under a democratic government however. Any election is merely a beauty contest, to pretend it is not is to be willfully ignorant. Let two people get behind a podium, give one a hansom face, winning smile, deep voice and charismatic presence, while he spouts nonsense, and that man will be called a genius. Give another a pale complexion, grating nasally voice and stooping posture, and though he speak the wisdom of the angels themselves, he will be called a fool and ridiculed. Human beings are easily fooled by appearances, connivers like sociopaths and psychopaths know it and are good at it, that is why they love democratic government.

So, even as we have an over representation of sociopaths and psychopaths in government, they are the last people we want leading us. Of course, the rank and file progressive is just a bleeding heart, who puts emotions above logic and therefore is being led by cold hearted and calculating monsters. Allowing people without conscience to lead a nation is a sure path to disaster. Progressives have become so unhinged they have even commissioned a mass Wiccan curse to be cast on Trump! When it become undeniable who they are, exposing themselves through their hypocrisy, arrogance and overt evil, like Darrell Issa has, along with all the democrats and republicans that jump on the bandwagon calling for a special prosecutor, we have to act. The mask has come off and the psychopaths and sociopaths are showing themselves for who they are, progressives, and who they serve, darkness. It is up to us to highlight this fact, show others that progressives in government are almost universally psychopaths and sociopaths, then explain why we cannot allow psychopaths and sociopaths to lead a nation. Unless you are okay with living in a nation controlled by a psychopath as cold as Freddy Kruger, but hansom, intelligent and charismatic.


John Pepin

Is Faction Destroying America?

February 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the thing most feared by the founders is taking place, our republic is being destroyed from within by political faction. Political faction is the great Achilles tendon of any human government that is not a despotism. Once a faction, and it usually if not always is the faction that favors arbitrary rule, increases the violence of their tactics and so the other side steps into that new level of violence in the political discourse. Each step up in violence by the one is met by the other until actual open violence against people becomes reality. Today in the US the progressive faction is rioting in the streets, beating up conservatives and denying people their right to speak, they have called for the impeachment of Trump before he even took office, they are ratcheting up the level of acceptable political violence to an heretofore unseen level in American politics. Of course the conservative faction will believe it has to utilize the same level of violence when they are out of power, it has been normalized by the progressive faction, and because not to do so would cede too much power to the progressive faction, and could inevitably lead to the extinction of the conservative faction. Never mind which faction is driving the car into the abyss, we are all in it, and they are driving us into a very dark place.

We will not have been the first nor the last republic to be rotted from within by political faction. Rome was reduced from a republic that protected and valued the rights of all citizens to arbitrary despotism. The fall was entirely due to political faction. It started even before the plebeians demanded tribunes be elected to the Senate to represent them, faction is and has always been a problem with any democratic element of government. People, being tribal, will pick a team and back it even when it becomes clear they have chosen poorly. The political violence became overt when Marius ordered many members of Sulla‘s faction executed. That was followed up by Sulla executing thousands of members of Marius” faction in the Forum. Rome’s polity was smashed once and for all, and many of Rome’s best had to flee the city, simply because they backed the wrong guy in the past.

Today we face a similar problem. The factions are different, one prefers arbitrary rule, the other would rather have limited government. Since the faction that seeks arbitrary rule plans on enforcing that rule with violence, they consider it just to initiate violence. Violence in a political arena could take a myriad of forms. It can be mere hostility to the other faction’s ability to get it’s message out, through beating up member of the other faction, to outright murder of the leaders of the other faction. The willingness to use violence is a quality of any faction that seeks arbitrary rule, they are willing to initiate violence, since they are planning on using it anyway to rule. The faction that seeks limited government however, does not believe it or any other faction has the just right to initiate violence for a political end. The result is that the faction that eschews violence will have a decided disadvantage in combating the faction that seeks arbitrary rule.

As the faction that seeks arbitrary rule becomes ever more powerful, and the extermination of their political enemies gets ever more clear, any setback no matter how minor, will set the faction that seeks arbitrary rule to become overtly violent, and we see that today. That overt violence however, no matter how carefully the script is written and how effective the crushing of opposing voices is, that violence is ugly and shows people the reality of what they support. All things good are beautiful just as all things evil are ugly. That ugliness cannot be long hid when a faction has become violent, and so most people will be repulsed by it, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Evil always defeats itself, especially at it’s acme, because once the mask comes off the ugliness underneath is so revolting people abandon it.

Abandoning the faction that is evil is the most important step. They have taken off the mask and their hideous face is in the open. Progressive’s glee at initiating violence cannot be denied, everyone sees it with their own eyes, silenced conservatives need not point it out, it is right in front of us. I wonder however, if this era of political violence will be embraced, as it was in Rome, or rejected. If it is rejected our children will live in a golden age, if embraced, they will live in a dystopian world of our making. Let’s make the right choice, the human hearted one and reject violence and punish those who embrace political violence, creating incentives not to engage in it in the first place. If the faction that initiates violence is sufficiently punished for it, the message will protect the next generation, until progressives re brand themselves again.


John Pepin

Human Heartedness

February 20th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, human heartedness is truly a path to both wisdom, wealth and health. The old sayings of Confucius have been so bastardized over the years, most people only have a half comedic view of him and his philosophy, the philosophy of human heartedness. In fact, the reason he has been so revered for over two millenia, is that his voice rings truth across the ages. To me the philosophy of human heartedness sounds like a small rivulet running down a cliff side, pure and clear, promising succor from life’s heat. Human heartedness is not to be soft hearted, not at all, to be human hearted one must practice many traits, reciprocity, generosity, moral judgment, conscientious, trustworthy and be devoted to learning. Confucius was also adamant that to be human hearted one must also eliminate in oneself, obstinacy, bias, self-centeredness and arbitrary judgments. Imagine for one moment what a society would be like, if the majority of people followed this example, our economy would hum along, crime would be rare and government would be hardly noticeable, in short, it is self interested rightly understood to be human hearted.

Carneades argued that true justice is impossible because for a man to be just he must do violence to his own self interest. The very next day he argued the opposite just as eloquently, to show that pure reasoning is insufficient to decide moral questions, centuries before Kant. If pure reason is insufficient then is there a means by which we can decide the moral right? There are two that have stood the test of time, the first are the inspired morals of God, like the Ten Commandments, the teachings of Jesus, etc… the second is pragmatism. Every time the teachings of God have been ignored things go quickly awry. Even the most mundane, the seven day work week, is empirically tested, the ideal for the human body and when changed people perform worse. Pragmatically the word of God matches with empirical evidence of morality. To practice good moral judgment then is to follow the teachings of Jesus… follow the golden rule, look to your own sins before pointing at the sins of another, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, love thy neighbor as thyself, judge not lest ye shall be judged and in the same manner, etc… all educated people on our planet know the teachings of Jesus, the practice of good moral judgment.

Reciprocity is doing to others as they have to you, it doesn’t mean exacting revenge for harm, that would be violating practicing moral judgment, but returning good works for good works. Someone who returns evil for good is not practicing reciprocity and is violating both practicing good moral judgment and reciprocity. To be generous is to help those around us, within our means, so we are a benefit to humanity and not a burden. That benefit can be in any form that helps people, donating money is obvious but picking up trash next to the road also is a help, or simply holding the door to someone with their hands full, also makes a person generous. Conscientiousness and trustworthiness are qualities every employer looks for in an employee. Once an employer recognizes them in someone that employee becomes invaluable. Even if they lack other attributes, their conscientiousness and trustworthiness will always win out. That is because those are such a rare qualities today.

To be devoted to learning is to be open minded, curious and investigative. The person who is devoted to learning never takes the word of someone what a book says, they read it themselves, then laughs at how others had tried to manipulate the knowledge in the book. Confucius loved learning and so had plenty to teach, many today hate to learn but love to teach, as a result, they have little to teach and much to learn. Learning itself is a good done for itself, as well as a good we do to get another good, ie, knowledge. The very act of learning forces the brain to rewire itself, and in rewiring itself the brain becomes ever more malleable, more able to adapt, and it is the ability to adapt, more so than strength or agility, that is often the difference between life and death. Learning gives us both knowledge and the ability to adapt.

Of course there are those things the human hearted person must avoid. The obstinate are unable to learn, as are the biased. Self-centeredness is an attribute that undermines the ability to be reciprocal, be generous, trustworthy or even practice good moral judgment. The self-centered, egoists, are closed off from evolving into a higher form, like the proverbial camel must be fully unburdened before it can enter the eye of a needle, the egoist must shed his or her self-centeredness before any form of wisdom can be attained. Arbitrary judgment is jumping to conclusions based on something other than considered conclusions. An arbitrary judgment can be due to emotion, bias as in tribalism, race etc…

Human heartedness has been translated in other ways, ritual and righteousness, music and ritual among others. Human heartedness clicks with me though, because after reading most of the existent quotes by Confucius, it is obvious he was a deeply caring man who wanted to change his kingdom for the better, not by forcing people to do what he deemed right, but by leading by example, showing people the good that comes of being human hearted, the good that would befall a kingdom if it’s rulers were human hearted and shining a light down a better way. To be human hearted is to be civilized, not to be human hearted is to be a barbarian. History is unambiguous, when people have been civilized, there has always been more liberty, leading to prosperity and good health, leading to low crime. If we want to live in a free society with low crime, that is prosperous, it becomes a self interested thing to do, rightly understood… to be human hearted.


John Pepin

How to Fix Healthcare

February 16th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if car insurance was done like health insurance, no one could afford a car. Imagine if your car insurance covered oil changes, tire rotations and headlight replacements, but if you got in a collision it only covered 80%? Would that make any sense? The cost would be astronomical and the utility would be minuscule. Car insurance would cost far more per month than the car itself perhaps exceeding the cost of the car by more than double. This is because the insurance company would have to cover all their potential claims and expenses plus make a profit. The economic incentives would mutate so that the cost of an oil change would skyrocket from under $100.00 today to $200.00-$500.00 or maybe more. That extra cost would feed back into the system raising the cost of insurance sufficient to cover the added cost. The cost of body repair would also skyrocket because there would be no incentive to cut costs, only to raise them, and so that would again feed back into the system again, raising the cost of insurance. Add into the mix a government law that forced everyone to get the most expensive form of car insurance, for our own good of course, and the insurance companies would be given carte blanch to gouge the public as they saw fit, even as a bureaucrat decided how many oil changes you could get a year. Eventually the cost of insurance would be so high even a millionaire couldn’t afford it!

I recently had occasion to visit the veterinarian and a doctor in the same week. The difference was shocking. At the Vet I made an appointment and saw the vet that same day, there was no wait in a waiting room, filled with flu germs and MERSA, for close to an hour after the appointed time, the cost was half and I got to talk to the vet about my dog’s condition, getting useful answers!!! Even as a veterinarian has to undergo equal schooling as a doctor, and they probably make as much if not more, the quality of care my dog gets at the vet in all ways far exceeds that which I get, for double or triple the money at the doctor! That is because the market system has been allowed to work in the field of veterinary medicine and the government hasn’t shoved it’s way between my dog and his Vet.

I would far prefer to pay for my own wellness visits, prescription drugs and medical supplies and have catastrophic coverage 100%. If, God forbid, I had to get a stent put in my heart, that procedure could cost as much as $41,000.00, per stent! If I have to cover 1 stent at 20% of $41,000.00, that is $8,200.00, not counting my $5000.00 deductible! Imagine how many office visits I could get for that money! Not only would that expense be crushing during a time of intense stress, but that extra stress would hinder mine or anyone else’s recovery, increasing the cost even more. The cost for other catastrophic procedures is even higher. In short, we are insured for that which is no burden to pay for, but not covered for that which we cannot.

Anyone can see how ludicrous such a system for car insurance would be but most fail to see the absurdity of our healthcare system. Perhaps that is because we are like the proverbial boiled frog, year after year, regulation after regulation, our health insurance system has become ever more bizarre, until the Affordable Care act highlighted for all to see, just how utterly ridiculous it has become… and it has become ridiculous. Today a man in his 50s has to buy insurance that covers abortions and birth control but only covers 80% for catastrophic care! How many men in their 50’s need birth control to prevent pregnancy, zero… before gender fluidity, yet how many will need a stent put in their hearts? That is only one of the absurdities we have to deal with in our government mandated insurance schemes. We and our employers pay insurance for stuff we will never use, stuff we physically cannot use, but only partially for those things we will probably need.

The failed European systems are no model to follow regardless of the spurious arguments about longevity. The argument that people in Europe live longer appears logical at the outset but even a little thinking shows it is meant in fact to deceive. In Europe the populations were, up until the invasion, fairly homogeneous. French people lived in France and Italians lived in Italy. Although each nation had government monopoly healthcare, they all have different rates of longevity. That is due to cultural and demographic considerations, not the healthcare system. Moreover, the demographics in the US is extremely varied. People of European descent, Latinos, Asians, native Americans, African descent, and every other race, creed on our planet… live in the US. The culture varies from state to state as well, from the Creole diet of Louisiana to the comfort food based diet of the Northeast the diet of Americans is every bit as varied as our demographics, confounding any attempt to quantify our longevity against another nation’s. The real way to decide the merit of the US system against that of Europe, is where to rich people who can go anywhere for their healthcare, go? Does George Soros go to Britain for his healthcare? No, of course not, he uses US doctors. What about Canadians who are wealthy? They also use the US system paying for it out of their own pockets. So we see that the real test of the utility is not some arcane statistic, but where do people who can, go.

It’s time to rethink healthcare in the US. The absurd system of insurance that has been built has to be changed. Of that there is no debate. Yet what system are we as a people to embrace? I would argue that the best system we could hope to attain is a lassaize faire one, where we pay for our own prescription drugs, which in the end would drive down their cost, and our own doctor visits, but have catastrophic coverage 100%. What parent with a child with cancer wouldn’t want such a system? That system would be the end to those cans, covered with a picture of some child suffering with cancer, looking for change to help pay for that innocent’s cancer treatments, it would stop the bankrupting of people because they have a heart attack at a young age, and would create incentives, like those of veterinarians, to control costs while improving quality, as is done in every other sector of our economy when government is kept at bay. Get the government out of our health care system once and for all and use the car insurance model. Sadly, bureaucrats will never allow that to happen…


John Pepin

Respect and Admiration are Earned, As is Disrespect…

February 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you don’t want your name sullied, don’t sully it yourself. Even as we are warned not to criticize the Judiciary, they have openly abandoned the law, precedent and our Constitution to make pie in the sky political points. The media is just as bad, that they have taken sides is no longer debatable, yet they still cling to the tired mantra of unbiased journalism. Both institutions used to have great respect in the US and world wide, but they have so damaged their own reputations they have become a standing joke. In the movie, My Name is Nobody, Nobody is challenged to a gun fight, his response is the best line in that movie, and speaks volumes about common sense and the profound lack of it in our society. Nobody said, “If you want to live a long life, it’s best not to try and shorten it.” The humor comes from the fact it is so obviously true yet is so often ignored. The court system and legacy media could learn a thing or two from that line. What makes this so bad for us and our children is that those institutions need to be there and need to do their jobs, else our economy, liberty and even civilization itself is jeopardized. Unfortunately the reputations of those once highly regarded institutions is beyond repair.

The media is so openly biased today they have given up all pretense. The open weeping of some “journalists” on election night was as clear as air. The incessantly biased reporting since that night has only strengthened their bias in the minds of everyone. Even progressives know in their hearts that the media cannot be trusted. Yet the legacy media has launched a broadside against the new media, that for all it’s flaws is the only source of actual information, by calling them “fake news.” Meanwhile, the media is caught daily reporting falsehoods, and lies by omission. No person or organization could have so sullied the name of the media as badly as they have done themselves. They have only themselves to blame for their permanently tarnished reputations.

The court system has for years practiced arbitrary rule. Ask any lawyer, “If person A is in the right and person B is in the wrong, but person B has an attorney and person A is Pro Se… who will win?” Every lawyer you ask will avow in no uncertain terms, Person B who has the lawyer, of course. When you further explain they have just indicted the entire court system as arbitrary, the lawyer will hem and haw, spit and sputter, resorting to every spurious argument they were taught, to try to backpedal. The truth is stronger than any sophist claim. If the person in the right makes a single mistake in filing paperwork or meeting an arbitrary deadline, the case is closed against him or her, but if person B’s attorney misses every deadline, fails to file paperwork on time or even correctly, person B’s lawyer will be given a pass. Because the court system is run by attorneys, for attorneys. The judges are lawyers, and they know if someone can appear before a court and get a fair trial… without a lawyer, that is a huge disincentive to get a lawyer and their 100K plus a year payday is in danger. Lawyers are human beings, calculating, self interested and powerful by the fact of their position.

The ruling by the 9th circuit court clears the air once and for all. No one can claim that the court system follows the actual law anymore, the truth or the concept of justice, which has left the United States, except as a means to trick the common people into believing that there is some form of justice, to placate us. No different than the argument Thrasymachus made in Plato’s, The Republic. In their ruling they admitted the law is clear, past precedent was also clear, and even the interests of the United States was clear, but they based their unanimous ruling on their desire for corporations to be able too hire H1B visas without impediment. It is critical to them that the guy serving your table at Applebeys, who has a masters in Information Technology and tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt… stays waiting tables, so that someone who will work for pennies on the dollar can take the IT job. Even as US citizens train their replacements, how to maintain the systems the Americans invented and built, so the new class can raise the pay of the executives by lowering the pay of the workers.

The Supreme Court has become so perverted they base all their decisions on politics and everyone knows it! One need only look at the makeup of the court. 4 “justices” always vote with progressives no matter how absurd the decision, while 3 vote generally along the lines of the Constitution, with 1 vacancy and 1 who prefers to undermine our Constitution. Before any case comes before the court everyone already knows who will vote what. Ruth Bader Ginsburg even stood in Egypt and said before a crowd, that if she were drafting a constitution today she wouldn’t follow the US example, but the Marxist South African one instead!!!! Showing her open loathing of our Constitution and limited government… could there be a better reason to impeach a justice? Our judges have done an absolutely terrific job of destroying their own reputations.

No one believes anymore there is justice in our court system, only a fool would think the legacy media is unbiased, yet these two institutions that have so sullied their own names, demand we respect them! I have far more respect for a garbage man, who works for a living, taking everyone’s garbage without bias or preference. Clearly, only someone utterly disengaged from reality could think they should be respected, after they have done everything in their power to earn disrespect. Let a conservative criticize a judge for abandoning our Constitution or ruling in a nakedly biased way, and the media will claim it is tantamount to calling for the murder of judges, even as the nakedly biased media ignore progressive calls for the murder of judges, and anyone else, that follows and loves our Constitution. Our Judges and reporters could learn a thing or two from Nobody… if you want to be respected, it is best not to try to earn disrespect. That is common sense and as obvious as the sky, but today, common sense is less common than gold nuggets in your driveway.


John Pepin

The New Class War Against The Rest of Us…

February 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what we are witnessing today, is all out war between the new class and the rest of society. Trump is the face of the average citizen today, but make no mistake, he is not the target as much as you and I. That we have woken up to the onslaught and elected someone to stop it has enraged the new class. From stymieing Trump in the political court system, to the ever present threat of violence against anyone who progressives discover is a republican, the progressive new class has gone rogue. In the past the war was more of a cold war, the new class corroding our wages, poking us in the eye as customers because the new class has a monopoly, destroying our Constitutionally limited republic, crushing small businesses with crony regulation, and undermining our children’s educations with bizarre policies like Common Core. Trump is experiencing pearl harbor as the US, while the new class bombs him mercilessly, trying to wipe him out before the war get earnestly under weigh. The new class is showing it’s true colors, intolerant, hateful, anti American, unpatriotic, conniving, backstabbers who would rather see the US collapse and suffer widespread famine, rather than let go of a single usurped prerogative.

When Obama won the White house, conservatives and pro Americans had to hold our noses and tolerate Obama’s continuous assaults on our Constitution, the rule of law and the very safety of our children. The new class was united in that anyone who even so much as criticized any policy of Obama was excoriated as a racist, hater and bigot, regardless of the subject matter of that policy. Nancy Pelosi famously called American citizens who disagree, that one third of our economy should be nationalized, un American.” Even as she did and continues to do everything in her power to destroy our Constitution. Rush Limbaugh, who said he hoped Obama would fail in fundamentally transforming the US into a Marxist colony of a one world government, was on the front page of every new class publication as enemy number one. We were told to tolerate Obama’s executive actions that violated our Constitution, his policies that undermined our safety, embrace his senseless wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc… and when Fast and Furious came out as a obvious attack on the Second Amendment, we were ordered to shut up and sit down. The TEA party was called a racist hate group that tended towards violence, as they sat in lawn chairs with American flags aped to them, even cleaning up after themselves without a single example of violence, even as the progressive counter part, occupy wall street, was raping, rioting and vandalizing their way across America.

While not one of Obama’s clearly unconstitutional executive orders were challenged in court, and the one time he was and the court found against him, in the Gulf drilling ban, Obama simply ignored the court and there were no consequences for it. Today Trump issues an executive order that parallels past laws and the politicized courts block him! The media claims if it gets to the Supreme Court it could result in a 4-4 split and if the progressive Kennedy flips, 5-3! Imagine, so many judges who have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution, have so little virtue, honesty and humanity in them, they rule against our Constitution at every turn! The court system is under the total control of the new class and is chosen the progressive side as their own. Our constitution, laws, past practices and logic fall to the naked partisanship of our court system today.

The legacy media that calls itself unbiased has become incapable of telling truth. Pointing a finger at honest sources of factual information that undermines their propaganda, the legacy media has coined the term fake news… which clearly is a perfect description of the legacy media itself. The more they get caught in lies, the more they attack Trump, and in doing so attack us. The business community has successfully wrested the means of production from the Bourgeoisie and have it in their greasy hands. Of course the new class uses it’s monopoly on the means of production to push their one world agenda on the rest of us. By crony capitalism the new class has managed to lower US productivity for the first time ever, driven down real wages, destroyed the old one job for life paradigm where people could get a pension, blown up our healthcare system, corroded our savings through ZIRP and stock market scams, etc… the progressive new class is the enemy of the people and our Constitution, in every way.

Bankers who profited nicely during Obama’s administration, at cost to the rest of us in jobs, wages, savings, and economic security are the epitome of the new class. It doesn’t matter if a bank gives any value whatsoever for the ungodly profits they get, they have a government granted monopoly on the issuance of money! Yet even with the ability to print money at will, they are so greedy, corrupt and conniving, they constantly get caught in illegal activities! Then the government fines the shareholders letting the banksters get away free and clear. If the government allowed me to print money at will, I suspect I could control myself from stealing the hard earned savings from my customer’s accounts… but then again, I am not a new class bankster. Trump has only been in office a month and has seen more interest rate increases than Obama did in 8 years! Rest assured, the Federal Reserve and the banks, along with the publicly traded firms controlled by the new class will do everything in their power to destroy the economy under Trump’s watch, so he will get the blame for it, instead of their bubble blowing policies that has left the world economy looking like a Lawrence Welk danceathon.

The new class is at war with us, they have been for a long time, but since we have woken up to the fact, the connivers have become scared. War is much easier waged on an unsuspecting enemy than one who girds themselves for it. Since we outnumber them hundreds to one, they rightfully have something to fear. Machiavelli said a wise prince seeks the backing of the people rather than the elite, because the people are many, and the elite few. That is why the elite, the new class, has taken of the gloves and the mask. Their hatred toward us and limited government is now out in the open showing their ugly faces for all to see. No one who is above the law ever wants to be brought back under it’s limitations, those limitations are for the little people to bear, as are taxes. The elite will not give up, they will fight on, and their tactics will become ever more loathsome, their voices increasingly shrill and their snowflake egos more bruised by the day. Until either they have won and Trump is assassinated or impeached, or the swamp has been drained. They will stop at nothing to diminish us to slaves, eliminating all free will, we on the other hand have morals and compunctions holding us back from waging all out war back at them, (as well as the law that is written to control us and that the elite are above), fortunately, we are on the side of God, who gave us free will, because clearly He believes it of the utmost import, and His will be done.


John Pepin

The Normalization of Political Violence

February 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what we are seeing today with the riots, calls for assassination of the President, weekly terror attacks, knockout game and beatings of conservatives… is the normalization of violence. The fact is obvious, but one has to ask oneself, in a civilized world, why normalize violence? What do progressive have to gain? History shows us progressives have no morals or compunctions whatsoever, so morality is not a stumbling point for them when it comes to implementing their schemes, but every scheme has a goal, could the progressive goal in normalizing violence be a tactic to collapse the west? That, after all, has been the long term goal of all progressive groups since progressivism was first dredged from the bowels of Hell.

Trouble is, all the violence progressives are visiting on the world is starting to besmirch the character of progressives, as it has in the past, wary of this since it has resulted in progressives having to change their name on multiple occasions, progressives have to divert attention from themselves. Now progressives in the media that calls itself unbiased, are claiming the violence is false flag by conservatives, to smear progressives! The recent riots at Berkeley highlight this. The riots were carried out in large part by, as it turns out, employees of UC Berkeley! Talk about fake news! The beatings caught on camera of conservatives by progressives cannot be denied, yet where are the arrests? Why no outcry from the powers that be over the senseless violence? Perhaps it s because violence is being normalized as political expression.

There is a tsunami of threats against the life of Trump. From front page covers of magazines openly calling for his assassination, to tweets threatening to blow up the White House, progressives have gone off the rails. Imagine the uproar if anyone had threatened Obama’s life! The silence in the media over these open threats of violence against our duly elected President is deafening. In no other time in my lifetime have open threats against persons for political purposes been tolerated as it is today. The hysterical reaction to Trump’s election by the new class in it’s entirety, shows how zealous they are for the destruction of the US, and implementation of a new world order.

The Bubba effect may be what they are after. The Bubba effect is a theory… if violence becomes normalized while the police, society and government do nothing about it, people will eventually have to take it into their own hands to quell the violence and restore the peace. Once that happens, the media will open up on the “vigilantes” as hateful evil people, “causing” the violence. The propaganda machine will kick into high gear. While the violence of progressives was tolerated, encouraged and hidden by the new class, the reaction to it will be televised twenty four seven to show how evil anyone is, who is against the new world order.

Evil is not pretty in fact it is revolting. The new class progressives know this and that is why the legacy media refuse to show video of the violence. Instead minimizing it and avoiding talking about it at all. They know that people will be repulsed by their evil, and so the media has changed strategy. Instead of ignoring it, that it is only a few bad apples or is justified, they are openly claiming it is conservatives themselves beating ourselves up! The mental contortions they are willing to go through to help their masters is amazing. Not only are they willing to warp the truth to such a degree it becomes a chimera… they are willing to further sully their already filthy reputations in the process.

Progressives have been seeking the destruction of the west for over a century. From Marcuse’s repressive intolerance and the Fabian Society to Van Jones call for the bottom to rise up so the top can come down, progressives want a one world government that eliminates national sovereignty and individual rights… for the benefit of society as a whole. Believing the ends justify the means, they have gone to great lengths to destroy our culture, society and free enterprise. The normalization of violence is just another step down that slippery slope of the ends justifying the means. I expect the violence to continue to ratchet up until either the Bubba Effect takes place, (in which progressives have won), or the people are so repulsed we turn enmasse away from progressivism and progressives have to rebrand themselves again, until another generation can be made ignorant of them and their intentions. Either way, plan on living in a more violent nation and world, thanks to progressives who seek our downfall.


John Pepin

On Globalization

February 2nd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, globalization can be either good or evil, depending on what you mean by “globalization.” The trouble with language is, we always equate words with emotion, it is hard wired into us I suppose. This tendency can protect us both logically and emotionally from real threats, like poison creates in most of us a negative emotion, to go along with the knowledge that poison is bad to ingest. That multiplying of the effect of the word poison to keep children from poisoning themselves has probably saved untold lives. However, when a word has an emotional effect, and that effect can be both appropriate or inappropriate, the emotional effect can actually be a bad thing. Globalization is just such a word.

If by Globalization we mean, global government, then globalization is a very bad thing indeed. Humanity is similar to ecology. We grow in a multitude of ways when we compete with each other, honestly and in a fair structure. Ecology is the same way, all the multitude of species compete with each other for the necessities of life, honestly and in a structure that is fair. Remove that competition, that struggle if you will, and the environment becomes ever less fertile. Human government is the same way. The multitude of governments compete with each other in a plethora of ways. Each vying for the necessities of life. If that competition is removed, human government, as a matter of common sense as well as precedent, would quickly become corrupt and the people impoverished.

If by Globalization, you mean the globalization of trade, that would be a good thing. Remember our analogy of government being like ecology? Business is the same way. The multitude of businesses in an economy compete with one another. If the system they compete under is honest and fair, laissez faire for example, they will flourish, but when their environment is polluted by government corruption, crony capitalism, aristocracy (as in the new class), and trade barriers, the environment, the economy, becomes ever less fertile. When the economy is not polluted however… it is fecund.

Global trade further opens markets for the goods and services each business provides. In a nearly perfect global free trade small businesses would benefit the most. This is because if trade is in any way hindered, larger, more well financed businesses will always have the advantage. The less restrictive trade is for all businesses, the greater the benefit to small business. If a craftsman or woman in the outskirts of Nairobi carves lovely figurines, and can only sell them locally, the profit will be very low, but if he or she has access to the world, the profit will be high. Every person on the planet has some advantage that if that talent had access to the world, as potential customers, honestly and in a fair system, the opportunity for economic advancement for the human race would be phenomenal.

Under global free trade governments would be forced to equalize their regulations and burdens, (pollutants) on the economy, (environment). The hindrances of the various government burden their economies with would be onerous to small businesses, (as they are intended to be) but, the small businesses themselves would have access to global trade and thus more profits with which to force government to change. Over time, governments would reach a relatively similar level of regulaton and tax burdens to their economies, in order to effectively compete in a global trade environment.

In essence, the negative emotional impact of the word globalization is both a good and bad thing. If by globalization the speaker means global government, then it is a very bad thing. If however the speaker means open free and fair trade in unhindered markets, that is a very good thing. In that way the negative emotional effect of the word globalization is detrimental to our own well being. Let’s push for economic globalization while at the same time push against governmental globalization, because the one means a freer, more honest and fair world and the other leads to global tyranny, corruption and poverty.


John Pepin


January 30th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, in many ways the US today is like Carthage was before the third Punic War, large powerful and wealthy, but serving Baal and that same evil that was Carthage’s undoing… will be ours. In my estimation Baal is just a different name for the same malevolence as Lucifer, Queztalcoatl, Satan, Cadwalader, Morning Star, Yom Cidil, Most Prideful, etc… Nations and states that serve Lucifer all seem to have an affinity for the killing of people and especially babies. One thing that all cultures that have slaughtered their own children is that they all died horribly, violently and suffered spectacularly. The Aztecs were destroyed by thirty Five drunken Spaniards, the great Maya were brought low by who knows what, the Philistines and Carthaginians were reduced to slaves, the list goes on and on. The point is, they brought it upon themselves… as just penalty for such evil as the industrialized murder of people and especially babies.

During the first Roman invasion of Carthage, the people of Carthage sacrificed ten thousand babies, to Baal. The way a baby would be sacrificed was quite elaborate… There was a giant stone or porcelain head of a demon, with it’s mouth open and it’s tongue sticking out, a huge fire would be kindled inside the head, once it was roaring, babies would be placed on the tongue and slid into the fire inside the Baal statue. The babies would quickly burn to death in the flames. In incomprehensible pain and terror I am sure. The inhuman suffering of those babies, to the false god Baal illustrated why Carthage was evil, served evil and deserved it’s fate.

Since Roe V Wade around sixty million babies in the US have been aborted. The Holocaust claimed six million. Most abortions involve the vivisection of the baby in the womb as it fights the abortionist’s scissors. Then once several parts have been severed from the baby it is pulled from the womb by vacuum, often still alive. The Videos that surfaced a few years ago that garnered so little attention from the media, the people and congress… that Planned Parenthood, was and still is, performing abortions not to minimize suffering of the baby, but to maximize profits for his or her parts. This of course leads to inhuman suffering by the thousands, of innocent babies aborted, but the profit for an intact torso is splendid. What is the immeasurable pain and blind terror of an innocent baby when Planned Parenthood can get thousands of dollars for a torso? This kind of evil crass thinking highlights our infatuation with evil.

About twenty years after Rome’s first attack on Carthage, Rome again landed her legions on the shores of North Africa and marched on Carthage. The battle was fierce, despite sacrificing many more babies to Baal… Carthage lost the battle. The battle had been close but Rome had not killed it’s children as babies but instead nourished them, guided them and loved them, so there were many Romans available. Lacking the fighting age men that would have been there, had Carthage not sacrificed them to Baal, Carthage probably would have won. Carthage lost however, because of it’s evil practice of killing babies, it’s fields were salted and it’s armies taken as slaves, to serve those… who had cherished their children and not burned them to death for convenience.

The US and Europe are facing demographic calamities. We have aborted so many babies the ratio between young and old is way out of whack. The elite thought they could easily solve the problem by importing young people from the third world. Which of course couldn’t go wrong, well, except for the fact that the third world youth have no interest in a nine to five a dog and two cars… they want Sharia, four wives and everyone else Dhimmi. When given government jobs that pay in the six figures, even over more deserving US citizens, they still turn to terror… as in San Bernadino. No matter if our demise and suffering for the industrialized slaughter of babies we nurture, comes from our leaders imbecilic importation of cheap labor, a world war so the military industrial complex and deep state can retain power, or an economic Armageddon so the banks can continue their monopoly… we will get our comeuppance. Just as those before us and those who come after us that serve Baal. Perhaps if we turn away now we could be saved, but changing the direction of this Titanic before we hit that iceburg somewhere in the mist is just as unlikely as the historic namesake.


John Pepin

Unhinged, Tantrums and Riots Progressive’s Reaction to the Election

January 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the level of hypocrisy, childishness, oafishness and egoism, the open hate and loathing of trump by progressives show, just who they really are. Rioting, threatening, name calling and undermining seem to be the preferred tactics progressives. The way people handle themselves in victory as well as in defeat shows their true character. Knowledge of this, is why people cannot vote until they are eighteen, cannot drive until we are fifteen, can’t drink until age twenty five and so on. We as a people and society understand that before power of any form can be given someone they first have to have grown to some degree in wisdom, self control and forethought. Only a fool would give the keys to a McLaren P1 to a ten year old boy who just watched the Fast and the Furious, that would be tantamount to murder, yet we give the keys to our government, our very future and the future of our children, to people who have shown themselves to be no more mature than a five year old who is throwing a temper tantrum, and holding his breath over loosing a pink crayon.

Magnanimity in victory and in loss is a virtue that has been valued throughout the ages. Their actions show progressives lack that particular virtue altogether. When Obama was swept to victory with a veto proof majority in the House and Filibuster proof majority in the Senate, the last thing democrats wanted or did, was be magnanimous. They rode roughshod over republicans like a fiend does another man’s horse. Grinding the faces of republicans every chance they got, claiming elections have consequences, passing the nuclear option with glee, and a whole host of other humiliations. All anyone need do today, is turn on the evening news to see how magnanimous democrats/progressives are in loss. Clearly, magnanimity is not a quality of progressives or progressivism.

The ability to self examine is one we learn as children and perfected as teens. It would appear that progressives never learned that ability. We know this by the way progressives are acting on the world stage today. I imagine that if someone were to put a mirror next to the cameras, progressives might check their tantrums and tirades a bit better. From the rioter smashing windows and setting innocent people’s cars alight, to the senator demanding Trump’s impeachment before he even comes into office, progressives clearly have no ability to self examine. Shame is another characteristic that progressives miss. Just for a moment imagine how embarrassed you would be, for saying Trump should be impeached before he even comes into office, or getting caught smashing windows like any common teenage thug. Most people have the ability to self examine and a bit of self respect, two qualities that progressives lack.

Like the school yard bullies I am sure they were as children, progressives demand capitulation of everyone else, and if not given will resort to violence at the drop of a hat, to instill fear. They never learned to loose or win. Their world still revolves around them as it does a child, never outgrowing that congenital selfish nature, progressives are forever trapped in kindergarten. As children cry when they loose a crayon, progressives cry, whenever their long march to victory over the forces of liberty is stalled. Just look at the faces of the media the night Trump won. They all looked like a toddler who has been told, No, for the first time. Progressives, having never outgrown their roles as school yard bullies or that mentality, have taken it to their lives as adults… as shown by the news since the election.

What progressives seem to have forgot, else are ignoring, is that no matter if Trump brings as back to the level of freedom we had under Reagan, (exceedingly unlikely), the next President will most probably be a progressive who can move the ball even further than Obama did, maybe even to the end zone, Phillip Drew administrator type one world government. Once they get us there we will be unable to get back on the field let alone any measure of liberty. A new dark age will have descended on Mankind. Progressives will have their dreams met while the rest of us live in a nightmare. Maybe progressives can get hope from this… The slog to liberty is uphill and in deep mud while the slide to tyranny is downhill and icy. The path for progressives is easier and faster, and for us, those who seek liberty and equality, have a tough slog to get anywhere.

Bully tactics works well in the political world as well. Machiavelli pointed that out in his letter to the Medici family called The Prince. I am sure it worked for progressives on the playground, malls and bar rooms, and even as adults mature people will just avoid a bully rather than take her on, life is too short to try to deal with a jackass, who doesn’t want to grow up. In politics however, bully tactics pay dividends, shamelessness leads to power, single mindedness gets results and corruption is mother’s milk. Progressives know this and since they have no morals, ability to self examine, magnanimity, maturity… or any other quality that makes a person a civilized human being, coupled with power over others as their only love, and what you see on the nightly news is what you will see on the nightly news.


John Pepin