Pandora’s Box

February 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, North Korea has become the example for despots the world over to emulate, with their in your face nuclear and missile programs. Unlike Bashar Assad, Kim Jong Un is untouchable, unassaulted, unassailable and undamaged by the UN and West. Unlike Gaddafi Kim Jong Un sets safe in his slave nation. Unlike Bashar Assad Kim Jong Un faces no rebels armed and financed by the world powers. By developing nuclear capabilities his father has made North Korea impregnable. Now by developing the capability to deliver his nuclear weapons world wide, and make no mistake, that is exactly what the latest rocket launch did, he threatens the world with nuclear war. While the world played at name calling, Un’s father Il created a nuclear weapons capability that has established his posterity unquestioned supremacy in North Korea. The world dared not stand against him and now his son. No matter the crimes against humanity they commit against their people the world will stand aside and allow it because North Korea is nuclear armed. Such is the incentive the UN, Clinton, Bush, Obama and the European Union have created in the world. Rest assured, the lesson is not lost on the world’s despots.

Despite the name calling, North Korea forged ahead with it’s nuclear program because in the end the autocrat understood that Clinton, then Bush would do nothing of real consequence to stop them, and history has proven him right. Gaddafi however gave up his Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program and was tortured to death by the European Union and Obama for it. Assad has no WMDs other than some outdated sarin gas and the European union and Obama are at his throat. Understand this if you get nothing else from this article, if Assad had nuclear weapons or even an effective nuclear program, like Iran does, there would be no American financed, European backed rebels threatening him, he would be safe to commit any crimes he wanted, because of the nuclear program, and every other despot on the planet knows it.

Despite what the media that calls itself unbiased is reporting about the rocket launch, inserting a satellite in circumpolar orbit doesn’t just give North Korea the capability of delivering a nuclear bomb to the US, but anywhere on the planet. A satellite in circumpolar orbit passes over every spot on the Earth every day. In other words that North Korean satellite passes over your child’s school at least once a day. If that satellite was, for example, a nuclear weapon, perhaps an electro magnetic pulse weapon (EMP). An EMP detonated in low Earth orbit over Europe would be the end of Europe. Detonated over the continental it US would result in the deaths of up to 90% of the population of the US in a year with over a billion deaths world wide from famine due to the US stopping food delivery to the rest of the world. North Korea has just become a far more dangerous potential foe then before.

Other despotic governments have watched and learned. Iran is driving full tilt to get nuclear arms to get the benefits that North Korea has gained from them, and defend against the negative results of not having nuclear capability, that Libya and Syria have shown. Iran already has launched satellites into orbit giving them the capability to deliver a nuclear warhead world wide. The psychopaths who run Iran understand, because of the historical precedent, that the European Union will not really stand in their way and now Obama has actually funded and legitimized Iran’s nuclear program. I would think it common sense, that someone who will happily strap a bomb to their own child and detonate that child in a crowded bus, is not someone who should have nuclear capability… but apparently Obama and the elite disagree.

The precedent of North Korea, Pakistan and now Iran has sent the message to dictators the world over that the door is wide open to get nuclear weapons. Not only the door is open but they better go through that door, else they might end up tortured to death by rebels, funded and backed by the US and Europe. Now the race is on. Expect psychopaths around the world to strive for nuclear capability because of the incentives the US and Europe have set up. Actions have consequences. Our leaders know this and therefore must know what the incentives their actions are creating on the planet. It is truly absurd that the only world power that is bucking the trend, forcing lunatics to get nuclear weapons, is Putin, who is a despot in his own right. Once the world’s despots have nuclear capability, how long do you think it will be before there is at least a limited nuclear exchange… or outright world wide destruction?


John Pepin

Evil Manipulators

February 4th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the greatest victory for evil there is, is to use someone’s benevolence to do evil. It happens more than you might think. Malevolent people and institutions play on our good natures to undermine our intentions. They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions which is just a simplification of this scheme in play. If you think about it, it becomes obvious, evil has no qualms about perverting a good thing into bad, such is the nature of evil. Once you understand this and apply it, it becomes much harder for the diabolical to pervert your good intentions to evil, because you have become wise to it. This is why we all should pay attention, not to the intentions, stated of otherwise,, but to the likely outcome. That is the only way to guard against being manipulated by evil people into lowering the lot of Mankind.

History is filled with examples of good intentions turned bad. From Eve biting the apple to the welfare state, people have sought to improve their lives and the lives of their fellows, but the exact opposite came about. Their intentions were good and often noble but the results were evil. This only happens when we act without thinking. The Nazis used this tactic to get the German people to slaughter the innocent. A Nazi professor would walk into a room full of upper middle class youth, and show pictures of profoundly handicapped people and then ask, “would you want to live like this?” The unanimous answer form the rash youths, who had not lived a life yet and so were easily manipulated was, “NO!” In this way the Nazis used the German people’s compassion to murder millions of innocent people.

Some say listen to the heart, it will always tell you what is right, they are either wrong or manipulating us. The heart is an emotional organ. When we act on emotion and not logic bad outcomes are almost certain. This is one reason those who favor arbitrary rule so love the idea of democracy. They know people can be manipulated, especially in large numbers, by applying to their emotions. Democracy is nothing more than organized mob rule. Everyone knows a mob can be manipulated, only to destroy however, never to build. A mob can be wound into a frenzy then set upon some person, group or organization. The mob has no mind only raw emotion. After the fact, many who participated will be ashamed and regretful but too late, they allowed themselves to be manipulated, like a puppet.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions is an old saying that has always been pertinent and always will be. In our own lives we seek a good, with the best of intentions, and it goes all wrong. You might want to help someone who is handicapped so you open the door for her. By doing so you have said, by your actions, they are incapable. Of course that was not your intention but that could be the message they get. Perhaps your actions legitimize someone else feelings of inadequacy, or maybe your actions result in the exact opposite of what you intend, but either way the results didn’t comport with your intentions. Intentions must be tempered with logic and reason before they can do good works.

There is a whole political movement dedicated to manipulating people, into acting against their own good and the common good, by using people’s good intentions and emotions. What is ostensibly directed at helping the poor actually creates more poor and locks those it is supposed to help into perpetual generational poverty. Universal health care is sold emotionally, everyone under it is supposed to get health care, but the results fall far short of the promise. This political movement has resulted in famines that killed untold millions of people, oppression in the name of equality that destroyed whole nations, wars to spread it’s ideology that killed and maimed millions more. Socialism and communism prey on our empathy, manipulate us through our sympathy and get us to act against our own and society’s interests with our benevolence.

Knowing a scam is underway is the first step to avoid it’s snare. It is up to us as rational maximizers to weigh the benefits against the costs of an action without falling for naked emotion. It is only by pragmatically looking at the historical results of various actions that we can truly judge them good or bad. When we blindly follow our intentions the results are almost certain to be bad. Only through acknowledging this and keeping it top of mind can we stop falling victim to evil manipulators, who will happily use our empathy, sympathy and benevolence to bring about evil in the world. It is by doing these things and not falling prey to evil manipulators that we can say we have become civilized. A barbarian is controlled by his emotion, a civilized human being acts on logic and pragmatism. Which are you?


John Pepin

Why Government Cannot Solve Our Problems…

February 1st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, government failures are so common they are common knowledge, and so are ignored and ridiculed, yet we give government more and more power over us every day, so that government can fix every problem. This is using that which doesn’t work to fix that which does work. What is most amazing however is, we all know government fails at everything, we laugh at it’s failures and they are so common we often don’t even notice them, but we give government more power and money over and over? Moreover, most of the political establishment the world over is dedicated to government solving the world’s problems. If most or at least a plurality of people disagreed with that philosophy such a paradigm couldn’t exist yet it does, so I have to wonder, what gives?

The reasons government fails at everything it put’s it’s hands to are numerous but one stands out. Government officials are never held to account. Despite the enormous amount of money bureaucrats make there is never accounting for the results only the process. Forget to put three staples in a document, signaling three copies need to be made and the consequences are immediate and drastic, release a million gallons of deadly toxic water into a watershed however, and get a raise. In the big things government failures are overlooked, or made fun of, but in the small insignificant things government is a well oiled machine.

If you or I started a series of events that lead to a negative outcome, like a practical joke, where someone removes a fence protecting pedestrians from a thousand foot cliff and jumping out as they pass… would lead to consequences, both for the unfortunate pedestrian and the jokester. Let government start a chain of circumstances that lead to a tragic death, and the victim is blamed, as in the recent death of Lavoy Finicum. There was no compelling reason to initiate the confrontation, the outcome was obvious, and the consequences for the police and bureaucrat who started it are non existent. That failure of government, both in using law to prevent terrorism against a rancher so the government can take his land, and the confrontation that clearly would lead to the needless death of a protester, will go unnoticed by the media and public at large.

Governments waste money on an epic scale. Hillary Clinton’s State department “lost” five billion dollars. No one was held to account, no charges were filed, the money just went missing. Of course, someone or some entity is five billion dollars richer, at your and my expense. Every year congresspeople have their wasteful spending lists. From five hundred dollar toilet seats to building a five hundred thousand dollar facility that melted in the rain, government wastes money that could be better used by the private sector, to create jobs, improve the economy and raise our standard of living. Pork barrel politics is the bread and butter of government.

So what is it about government that makes so many people believe it is the answer to every question? Perhaps it is the mistaken idea that throwing money at a problem will solve any problem. When I was a child in the first grade I read an article about how George McGovern believed more government spending would solve all our problems. At the time I thought that was insightful and intuitive because, as I thought then, spend enough money and any problem can be solved. Now that I have grown up, I realize more money thrown at a problem means more waste, graft and fraud… not a solution. In fact, more money creates the incentive NOT to solve the problem, else the gravy train would stop.

As I have shown, government only fails, and often fails spectacularly so why are so many people still tricked into giving government more power to solve all of our problems? Examples where government has succeeded are yet to be found, other than war, and war is not a strategy we should ever seek. Common sense dictates we limit government, take away it’s power to waste money, control our actions and hobble the economy. Elitists will use scare tactics, like claiming we will drink polluted water if not for the EPA, (who recently released millions of gallons of toxic water), fuel would be too expensive if not for the Energy department, (which has resided in the gutting of America’s energy infrastructure resulting in our dependence on foreign powers for energy), our children will get a poor education if not for the Education department, (which has presided over an education system that has to continually dumb down tests so our kids can pass the SAT), our farms will cease to exist unless government helps them with the Farm Bureau, (which has seen the evisceration of the family farm), etc… Only in government can failure be an advantage.


John Pepin

The Measure of Despotism

January 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is no more certain proof government has become utterly corrupt, than when investigative journalists are indicted, for investigating crime. Government that is corrupt is a form of despotism. Authoritarianism is characterized by arbitrary rule. That has been the case since the first human governments formed. Arbitrary rule is where laws are randomly applied and indiscriminately created. Those with political favor are above the law while those who lack political favor are below it’s protections. This is the case around the world where authoritarian governments rule. In fact, arbitrary rule is one way of measuring a government for the level of it’s despotism. Nations with law that is applied equally, without prejudice and created for the benefit of all, protect liberty, while those countries that have different standards depending on the person the law is applied to, protect some while abusing others and create law for the benefit of some protected class, are despotic. By this measure, more than some empty claim of democracy, a nation can be truly judged to be despotic or free.

In the past Turkey has been the most free of all Muslim nations. Under the Constitution of Ataturk Turkey’s citizens were allowed freedom of speech, religion and assembly. In the course of the centuries the people of Turkey have turned away from limited government and embraced despotic rule. They have elected an authoritarian. This is proven beyond any doubt by the treatment of journalists in Turkey. Some of which are being tried as you read this for exposing Erdogan’s corruption and face life in prison. Turkey, by this measure has become a tyranny, despite ostensibly being a “democracy.”

The US has taken an alarming jog into arbitrary rule in the last few decades. Many examples abound of this change in the nature of the US government, but few are as obvious or as compelling in making the case as the IRS targeting conservative groups and the recent indictment of the Center for Medical Progress, for exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes. Both examples show, beyond a doubt, that law in the US is arbitrarily applied, is prejudicial, depending on the political standing of the individual or organization to which it is applied, and is created for the benefit of politically favored groups. Those people who advance the cause of arbitrary rule, and therefore despotism in the US, love to claim the US is a democracy, as if that justifies the descent into authoritarianism.

In a democracy, if the majority want your property they vote it away from you and take it by force, in a constitutional republic, the majority cannot take your property. Obviously the first is a form of authoritarianism. Regardless of the size of the authoritarian group, be it one man or a majority of the people, there is tyrannical power at work. Moreover, that the majority can simply vote to take the property of random people, arbitrarily, is the definition of arbitrary rule. In a democracy the majority rules arbitrarily. In a republic however, the actions of government is limited by the Constitution. This should be clear as glass to anyone with an open mind and enough brain power to operate their innards. The US was set up as a constitutional republic with limited power so tat arbitrary rule could not be applied yet here we have it, arbitrary rule, promoted by those who claim the US is a democracy.

Rome after Caesar was a despotic government but was called in name a republic. It had in theory, limited government that was supposed to protect the rights, property and lives of it’s citizens, but in fact the Caesar, backed by the praetorian guard, had the arbitrary ability to take what he wanted, apply laws randomly depending on the person’s political favor, and create law benefiting his political allies. You can call a snake an owl, but that doesn’t give the snake feathers, nor does it confer on the snake the ability to fly, it is still a snake. Calling a nation that practices arbitrary rule a democracy, republic or free, doesn’t make it so. The practice of arbitrary rule is the measure of authoritarianism regardless of what the elite want the people to think. The US has come very far indeed, very far away from it’s founding as a Constitutionally limited republic, to a chimera, one that calls itself free but is in fact has arbitrary rule. Unless we recognize it, and demand a return to Constitutionally limited government, we are complicit in the enslaving of our own children to a despotic government. I ask you, are we really that stupid and vile?


John Pepin

The International Capitalist Party supports…

January 25th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me the US is at a crossroads, do we take the road most traveled and vote for the Marxist or the Nationalist, or do we take the road less traveled and vote for the Constitutionalist? Since most politics is based on emotion rather than reason it is hard to convince anyone to vote for a candidate based on reason. Emotion however has got us into the mess the US, and indeed the world, is now in and it is only reason that can extricate us from the pending man made disasters. Emotion is the road most traveled, in fact it has been trod so many times it is widened to a superhighway. The founding fathers used reason to set up our limited government with it’s checks and balances and emotional egoistic men that have undermined it. Let us use reason and common sense to pick our next President rather than blind emotion that has failed us so spectacularly in the past.

Nationalism is ignorance and despotism… masquerading as patriotism. Nationalism has brought the world horrors that rip the soul. Such slaughter that washed the world with the blood of innocents in the past, nationalism has always resulted in war, tyranny and suffering, and it always will. That is because nationalism blinds men’s minds to right and focuses our minds on might. The nationalist leader is always and everywhere an egomaniac. The nationalist leaders of the past, around the world, always offer the people the red meat of propaganda. The Fuhrer will save us, we are the chosen people, strength through joy, power to the people, the enemy is untermensch, etc… the nationalist has all the answers and those answers are always based on unlimited arbitrary power. Put simply… nationalism is the fastest way to destroy a nation and it’s people, reducing them to slaves. Therefore, in a rational country, a nationalist candidate should be avoided like a plague.

Marxism is only surpassed by Islam as the greatest murderer of people, but it has taken Islam a thousand and a half years to murder so many, while Marxism only took a century and a half to get there. Marxism offers plenty none of which it ever has or ever will deliver. From the French revolution to Venezuela, Marxism has promised wealth for the poor and instead, delivered suffering on an epic scale. Marxism is like a prion disease that converts healthy economies into zombies that eat their own. Today in the race for the White house there are two Marxists, one avowed and unabashed the other a crypto-Marxist, either have a good chance of gaining the Presidency, both of which will further the policies of the anti American Marxist President Barack Obama. If that happens, the path back to prosperity, freedom and limited government will be closed, perhaps forever.

The rational choice for the highest position in government must always be the person who has shown he or she will follow our founding principles, has a track record of keeping his promises and is plain spoken about it. Our nation has prospered whenever our founding principles have been followed and floundered whenever they have been ignored. Only two Presidents in the Twentieth Century have been followers of our founding principles, both had flaws but their adherence to the concept of limited government gave us economic prosperity, international safety and societal tranquility. Under Calvin Coolidge the nation underwent the fastest period of economic growth ever seen, hate groups withered and the standing of the nation in the world elevated. Ronald Reagan ushered in rapid economic expansion, removed the threat of nuclear annihilation from us and brought us a lower crime rate. Both Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan were hated by the elite, they both faced a hostile establishment and both stuck to their principles once elected.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has shown attributes like those of Reagan and Coolidge. Once he got elected to the Senate he stuck to his principles, principles of limited government, fiscal restraint and eschewed international adventurism. The politician who remains uncorrupted by power is a rare and special person. Such a person should get the accolade of the people most of all while earning the undying enmity of the elite. It is rational to choose the candidate who follows those principles that made America great, economically, internationally and societally. Emotion however, cannot be overcome with logic, as logic cannot be overcome with emotion. It is up to the individual to choose, to be controlled by ignorant and self defeating emotion, else rise above emotion considering the choices rationally and with logic. You have the power to choose the road less traveled and prosper or the superhighway of emotion and want. The International Capitalist Party, being based on historically empirical facts, economic logic and philosophically pragmatic, supports Ted Cruz wholeheartedly and I believe you should too. Make a self interested choice based on logic and choose well, or not, and choose poorly, in the end, you will either prosper or suffer for the decision you make… please choose wisely.


John Pepin

The New Class versus the Bourgeoisie Labor Relations

January 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there was a time when a company would find a good worker who was willing to learn and had a good work ethic, and they would train him or her, today that paradigm is turned on it’s head, and companies are not willing to spend a second teaching a good worker any job, no matter how easy it may be. Instead, they search for the perfect candidate who already knows whatever proprietary software they use, regardless of the employee’s prior work history, then are disappointed they are not an ideal employee. Companies narrow the availability of candidates for jobs by picking criteria that is marginally important and exclude other criteria that have great importance. Isn’t it obvious that criteria that is important should be primary while criteria that is only marginal should be secondary? There are not only a few businesses that do this, but it has become the major paradigm in business today and is why the talking heads constantly argue, “There are lots of jobs but no one qualified to do them… that is why we need immigrants.”

The fundamental reason for this paradigm is the wresting of the means of production from the bourgeois by new class ethic. The new class are the modern aristocracy. The new class is defined as those with advanced college degrees. They look down on anyone not in their class as lesser people. Since the new class makes up the CEOs, news reporters, lawyers, judges, ad men, politicians, etc… basically they run our government, economy and culture… the arrogance and egoistic self interest of the new class has wide ranging and profound implications for our society, economy and culture, not the least of which is a degrading economy. The corrosion of our economy obviously effects the demand for labor, as the economy deteriorates the demand for labor diminishes and along with that the universe of incentives for businesses visa labor changes.

Business owners are always complaining of the poor work ethic of their employees. You hear it any time a business owner talks about their firm. They can’t find good help. Of course if you want someone who is willing to work, maybe that is who you should be looking for, instead of someone who has been trained but has no work ethic. The likelihood of someone who is trained in an area but is not working in that area is that they might not be the best worker. Alternatively someone who is not trained in some aspect of the job, and is willing to learn, has the potential to be an excellent employee. In this case the employer is ignoring that which he wants for that which he doesn’t want.

Those who are willing and anxious to learn are willing to endure hardship to get what they want. That is the definition of a go getter. A go getter is by their nature a hard worker. Modern hiring practice excludes go getters, favoring those who either have book learning, or are willing to lie about their qualifications. An entrepreneur however usually seeks people who have a good work ethic and treats them well. In their arrogance the new class eschews those who are hard workers with little schooling, and instead pursue those with more schooling, regardless of their work ethic or intelligence, then treat the workers as cattle. The fact that the business practices of the new class has driven down the demand for labor, and thus the wages as well, puts them in the position of being able to continue practicing a loosing strategy.

Those at the top of the business world only seek lower wages because any other consideration to lower costs and improve quality is limited by government regulations. As we all know, government only increases regulations and along with increasing regulations comes higher costs for doing business. The new class that runs government have the same mindset as those new class CEOs who run our corporations. They both have disdain for the rest of society but need to convince us that they work in our interests, since there are so many more of us than them. So they pass more and more regulation to show they are doing something, those regulations however, drive up costs and to keep prices down in a low wage environment they have to continually seek lower priced workers. Which of course, lowers labor’s ability to buy the products they produce, creating a negative economic feedback.

The new class aristocracy that run our society today, lack the ability to self examine, and in their arrogance see those without advanced college degrees as lesser. Their haughtiness tricks them into only hiring people with “qualifications” that are in line with their view of the world, colored by their training in universities, and to ignore qualifications of real import. The Bourgeoisie used to train their employees themselves and sought go getters. Since computers have made almost every job today simple compared to the great skill needed in the past, the primary qualification should be work ethic and reliability, instead of having experience in a simple to use software program that can be taught in a few hours. Arrogance and egoism however will not be denied, and the new class have those attributes in great quantity.


John Pepin

Why there is so much money in politics

January 18th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the perennial question in politics is, what comes first the money in politics or the corruption? That question misses the point however, if the power of the state hadn’t grown to the magnitude and reach it has, there wouldn’t be much money in politics to begin with. People are always and everywhere self interested, in some places their self interest is tied up with tribal interests, other places self interest is bound with family, while in Western cultures self interest is about the self. No matter how self interest is defined by the culture, if it is more profitable to pay a government crony to get rich, rather than produce a product or service your fellow human beings need and want for profit, people will choose to bribe a public servant every time. There is a saying in modern business that a dollar spent on lobbying is worth ten on product development. What a damning thing to say about government’s corrupt influence on the economy. Yet there it is, it is more profitable to spend money on politics than to develop a product people want and can use.

In a market economy the path to riches is by producing something that improves the lives of others. That truism has two main outcomes, one is that the standard of living is constantly under improvement due to the introduction of labor saving and life enhancing products produced by entrepreneurs, and two, those who get rich do so by helping their fellows. This is why the market economy is so effective and efficient. When the self interested path to wealth is by improving the lot of Man, people who want to get rich will improve the lot of Man. What a simple concept to understand.

Most people who want to get rich however don’t want to go to such lengths, they would rather just steal the wealth through confiscation, government granted monopoly or outright corruption. Those in government see the wealth of the nation and in their hubris and greed they want an ever larger share of that wealth. Basically, sociopaths and psychopaths don’t want to help people, but want to get rich, so they turn to government. This is one of the reasons it is in the nature of government to grow. People who seek unearned wealth need to convince those they are stealing from, that it is in the best interests of the victims, so they connive and poison.

They connive to trick the mark into willingly giving up their sovereignty for “fairness,” “safety,” or shared sacrifice,” but it is only the people who sacrifice, the elite slop at the trough of government largess and the poor only get the slop that is tossed onto the ground, in the elite’s feeding frenzy. Politicians and lawyers poison the economy, to create the conditions where people are more and more desperate, because desperate people don’t think they act on emotion and emotional people are easily manipulated. So the power of government grows and grows, while the wealth of the nation shrinks and shrinks, and as the power of government to interfere with the economy, poison it if you will, it becomes ever more efficient to feed the leviathan than be fed to it.

As the power of government grows more money is fed into the machine. It becomes less and less profitable to produce a product or service that benefits people and more profitable to pay government to shut down your competition. Those in business can’t take the chance their competitors will pay government to shut them down through regulation, so they have to belly up to the bar, paying government not to close their doors. The corruption, power and influence of government grows and grows, in the arms race of businesses to keep ahead of their competition. In the meantime, money that would have gone into product development is spent instead on lobbying and political donations, therefore less products are available and demand for labor decreases, lowering wages and the labor participation rate.

So the question of, what comes first the money in politics or the corruption misses the point. It is the unchecked growth in government reach and influence that drives both. People will seek the easiest means to wealth available, and if that means is political power they will choose that route, especially sociopaths and psychopaths, that is why government is filled with them. Just because they are pathological doesn’t mean they are stupid, so they convince the people, or at least some of the people, they would benefit by more power in the hands of government. Once government has the power to destroy whole industries, create laws forcing people into markets and poison the economy, it is more efficient for business to pay government than to produce products and services. Once a nation gets there the economy can only rot away like moldy bread. The real problem is abandoning limited government for the nanny state, it always has been, and always will be.


John Pepin

The State of the Union

January 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, among the fictions in Obama’s state of the union address last night, two rise above the rest for their utter absurdity, the 8 million jobs number and his foreign policy successes. Obama is a politician not known for telling the truth, or even a twisted version of the truth, but last night he was in rare form. Most Presidents will massage their records to make themselves look better than they are, that is human nature, but Obama has the advantage of being a psychopath allowing him to lie without remorse. Our economy has seen the worst recovery after a deep recession under his stewardship than any previous President. Obama’s foreign policy catastrophes have been as epic as they have been calamities for humanity. On these two points alone he will go down in history as the most corrupt and inept President in American history. I pray that no one ever comes along who is worse.

When Obama came into office he inherited a deep recession. While most might think that would be a burden it is actually a blessing to an incoming President. The years directly after a deep recession always, (except for this last one) have a rebound effect on the economy. The depth of the recession is typically reflected in the height of the recovery. That is because recessions clear out the way for new innovators to create. Also most Presidents will turn their attention to economic recovery after a recession. Both of which lead to fast economic growth. Obama on the other hand instead of focusing on the economy honed in on destroying the health care sector.

Obama care has led to the destruction of full time employment. The incentives are so pernicious that any marginally profitable company must hire two or three workers, to do the work of one, else run afoul of Obama care’s negative incentives. The list is legion but a few highlights are, companies with more the 50 employees must provide Obama care, any worker with more the 38 hours must get health care, along with thousands of pages of regulations that drive up the cost to astronomical levels. These facts cannot be argued they are obvious for anyone to see. The economic results, despite record low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve, for record time and still, 7 years into the “recovery,” are at absurdly low levels, has been one of bubble fueled misallocation of assets. Evidenced by the fact that 2016 has had the worst start to a new year ever on Wall Street.

What Obama care has done to our economy has resulted in the US becoming a part time work country. Most of the new jobs have gone to immigrants and men are virtually locked out of the workforce. That is why while so many new jobs have been “created,” the labor participation rate, the real unemployment rate, has skyrocketed. Dollar General pays very low wages and only hires part time workers. Instead of hiring three or four full time dedicated workers, (which under normal circumstances would be more efficient), that company hires dozens of part time workers for only a few hours a week, (due to pernicious incentives set by government policies), to avoid Obama care’s ridiculous costs. That is how warped the economic incentives are to businesses under Obama. Of course there are millions of jobs created, and all due to government action… everyone is working part time jobs! By any measure that is not good for workers, the economy or businesses.

Obama’s foreign policy record is even worse however. When Obama came into office the war in Iraq was won, Libya had given up it’s weapons of mass destruction, the Middle East was settling back down, Iran’s nuclear program was contained and Russia was becoming a trading partner. Obama snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. Obama’s best friend on the world stage, Erdogan in Turkey, has brought the US and Europe onto a war footing with Russia which could result in a nuclear exchange. Today Russia is active in the Middle East for the first time in decades, our allies there don’t trust us and he has made the US the laughing stock of the world.

Because of Obama’s policies, the Middle East exploded in the Arab spring, which Obama likened to the Islamic golden age. He supported the rise of the malignancy, the Muslim Brotherhood, the cancer that gave rise to every Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, in Egypt. Amazingly, his support led to widespread organized tyranny that was overthrown by the military, saving the Christians in Egypt from certain extermination. Of course Obama’s support of the Arab Spring has resulted in bloodshed on a massive scale, the rise of the Islamic state and genocide of Christians and Yazidis, the spread of terrorism around the world, an invasion of Muslims into Europe and the military and economic destabilization of the world. The only place Obama didn’t support the Arab Spring was in Iran. Under Obama’s watch the world has caught fire and in response Obama is dousing it with kerosene.

As Obama gave his psychotic speech last night 10 of our Navy personnel were in Iranian captivity. They have been released but the Navy ships remain in Iran. Obama has bent over backwards to sidle up to the psychopaths that run that Islamic republic. His “treaty” that is not a treaty, must lead to a nuclear armed Iran. Even the slowest among us knows a nuclear armed Iran will inevitably lead to a nuclear exchange, either with the US, Israel or Saudi Arabia. Obama has guaranteed us a nuclear war on the planet in our lifetimes. His foreign policy has made the world exponentially a more dangerous place.

The real villain last night however wasn’t Obama, but the fawning press that has hidden his failures, lifted him up and covered for his corruption, allowing him to get away with his psychotic lies. Even as they praise Obama’s crocodile tears while he goes after the Constitution they attack those who believe in liberty. Obama is a psychopath, but he couldn’t have achieved the destabilization of the Middle East, nuclear arming Iran, destroying our economy, and spreading terrorism around the world, without their willing help. Obama told them their job was to cover for him and they have taken up that yoke with glee. They fall all over themselves to cheer him on as he upends the world and when the chickens come home to roost they will claim they had nothing to do with it. But we know better.


John Pepin

The US, the Modern Surveillance State…

January 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the surveillance that the US now does, would make the Stazi blush and the Gestapo swoon. Revelations by Edward Snowden about the NSA spying programs on American citizens, was as shocking as it was unconstitutional, and the reaction of the elite to those revelations is telling. There is a camera on almost every street corner recording us in case we might inadvertently break some law. Cameras record our vehicles as we go through intersections, automatically ticketing us if we run a red light, all without the need of a human being at all. Roe v Wade was won on doctor client privilege, yet the other day Obama unilaterally and by edict, ordered doctors to spy on their clients. Our emails are scanned by a computer program that checks to see if we use certain words, if those words are found then the email is pulled and read by government officials. Cab drivers are told to spy on children, teachers are told to spy on parents, and children themselves are told to spy on their parents! The list of incursions into our lives would fill volumes, and it all goes by without a whimper, yet even the most ordinary oversight of the elite, is met with screams of privilege and scourging that we should trust them more. The dichotomy shows just where we have fallen… a police state in all but name.

Crime, immorality and corruption flows from the elite to the people. This was one of Confucius’ main tenets. If the leaders are corrupt the people will be corrupt and if the leaders are virtuous the people will be virtuous. Our leaders however, are as corrupt as they can be, even using ignorance of the law as an excuse for breaking the law. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama use that defense all the time and are never called for it. You and I however, we have no such defense, for us, ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if we inadvertently break some arcane regulation, by filling a barrel with water for our garden for example, we are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. So basically, there are two standards, one where if you make the law you can claim ignorance of it, but if you are a citizen then ignorance is no excuse. Where there are two standards, it isn’t a standard, but a regulation.

We know they are corrupt that knowledge permeates the zeitgeist like wax permeates wax paper. The open and obvious corruption can only flow down to the people making the people more corrupt, self serving and vile. A large part of the elite are progressives and thus follow the Frankfurt school, they see chaos, crime, economic collapse and despotic government as good things, since those things lead us to evolve into the superman. Nietzsche’s ideal man, immoral, self serving, violent and stoic. Yet they all want to enjoy the fruits of their corruption, their ill gotten riches and their political power. So, they must counter that corruption that flows from them to us, the police state is that means. It also puts in place the slavish mindset, that we are mere slaves to the state and anything we are allowed to have, be it our fundamental human rights, to the bread we put in our mouths. The surveillance state is the logical outcome of a corrupt elite.

The Geheime Staatspolizei, the Gestapo would have loved to have a machine that read every piece of mail, scanning them for words the state found obnoxious, instead they had to have a office building full of agents, opening and reading mail, a far less efficient way of monitoring the people. The Stazi was famous for enrolling everyone as a spy against everyone else. Teachers spied on students, students spied on their parents, brothers spied on sisters and neighbors spied on neighbors. The US police state has followed that example especially under the Obama administration. Even doctor client privilege, the foundation for making abortion legal, has been upturned by Obama in his quest to rid the law abiding of self defense weapons. The Red Guard couldn’t have gone from house to house seizing all the food, leading to the famine that killed millions of Chinese, if the people had guns… and we know Obama and his administration have great respect and admiration for Mao.

We are being messaged into accepting a police state by the elite. Their importing hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists, outright corruption, fear mongering and misdirection all serve the state’s desire to become despotic. By ignorantly following, refusing to look at alternate news sources and thinking for ourselves, we are being groomed for slavery. The fascist police state is here, intrusive monitoring of the people, unending push for socialism, corrupt unaccountable leaders, unending wars on actions instead of states and the diminishing of the value of human life. We are in 1984 George Orwell in all except they haven’t outlawed love, but they are well on the way to destroying the family unit, and there isn’t a dour looking man with malevolent eyes on every street, watching us as we pass… he is hidden behind a monitor. Until we return to our Constitutional limited government the slide from here on will only get faster and harder to return from.


John Pepin

The Truth behind Progressivism

January 7th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the reason most people, conservatives, classic liberals, libertarians and yes, even progressives themselves, don’t understand why progressive leaders do what they do, is that they don’t really understand what progressivism is. It is impossible to understand a political movement unless you know what it’s core philosophy is. Progressivism is misdefined all the time. I could say, this word… it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Most people think, no believe, progressivism is all about helping the downtrodden and creating fairness in society, nothing could be further from the truth. That is the lie that has been cultivated by many years of propaganda and inculcation. The truth is far more insidious. Progressivism is about power, sex, violence and satisfying the id, from where the lust for power, sex and violence is born.

At it’s core, progressivism is based on the Frankfurt school of philosophy. The Frankfurt school of philosophy is a mainstream current of social, political and cultural philosophy. It is often referred to as Critical theory. Those who wish to hide the true desires and goals of the Frankfurt school often claim it is based on Hegel, ignoring the real minds behind it’s core philosophy, Marx, Freud and Nietzsche. Many of the ideas of the progressives come directly from these men’s theories. Progressivism is the political arm of the Frankfurt school.

Nietzsche’s philosophy is that advancement comes through strife and strife always has a violent aspect to it. Everyone has heard Nietzsche’s famous quote, “That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…” He said in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “The way to the overman is under…” In other words, mankind can only evolve to the superman through violence, strife, poverty and suffering. Nietzsche thought that to honor soldiers who had fought for their country was absurd, and that honor should go to murderers, rapists and thieves, because criminals create the conditions whereby humanity can evolve to the overman, while soldiers create stability. Crime and the resultant suffering is a central component of Nietzsche’s philosophy. Moreover, Nietzsche believed morality outmoded and that the superman will have no morals whatsoever. Only in this way can humanity throw off the slavish bonds of morality, comfort and peace and evolve to the overman.

Marx is considered by many still, as the quintessential economist, especially the Frankfurt school. Whenever asked, “What is the difference between progressivism and communism, progressives will always laugh and avoid the question. That is because at it’s heart both progressives and their intellectual backers the Frankfurt school believe in the rational economy… an economy rationally controlled by a central authority, or in other words, Marxist. Marx had many theories about economics, the alienation of work, the labor theory of value, history as class struggle and the exploitation of labor. All of which have failed to meet, even the most broad definition of being empirically provable, yet are believed by the Frankfurt school with all the fervent of a suicide bomber.

Freud was obsessed about sex, well, sex and cocaine. Sigmund Freud’s theory of human mind consists of three parts, the Ego, Super Ego and the Id. The Id being the strongest part, it is the manifestation of our animal spirits, the hungers for sex, food, satisfaction, love, etc… The Ego is the weakest, it is the rational part of the human being’s mind, and the super ego, in it’s power to effect our decisions fall in the middle and is our self criticism. He said the poor ego, it is beaten up by both the Id and the super ego. The logical conclusion of Freud’s theories is that we are not rational at all but only have a veneer of rationality covering our dark desires. It follows then that we must be controlled by a powerful government, for our own good, else we will make a mess of our lives.

Progressivism, as I have shown, is nothing at all like it is portrayed, it is not forward thinking, it is not benevolent, it is not democratic and it is most certainly not progressive. At it’s core progressivism is a carnal, base and selfish political philosophy masquerading as caring. The Frankfurt school and therefore progressivism, is at it’s base atheistic as were Nietzsche, Marx and Freud. It has to masquerade else it would be despised. Like all evil that seeks power it must claim to be what it is against. That is why progressives like the ACLU claim to stand for the Constitution, when they seek to destroy it, by using our liberty against our liberty, they seek to install a socialist economy, crime ridden society, carnal culture and a people devoid of morality.

That is why our governments release illegal alien criminals onto our streets, disarm us while arming Mexican drug cartels, allow rogue nations to squire nuclear weapons, create instability in the Middle East, laud multiculturalism, attack Christianity and Judaism, flood our nations with immigrants who will not assimilate and fight fake pepetual wars on drugs and terrorism. Such is the way to evolve us into the overman, by unleashing our ids, while controlling us through arbitrary rule. All to evolve us to overmen, people devoid of a conscious, as are progressives. Now you know the truth… what are you going to do about it?


John Pepin