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Francis Bacon


This is a from "The Masterworks of Philosophy  Digests of 11 Great Classics" Edited by S. E. Frost Jr.  Doubleday & Co. Garden City N. Y.   1946

Please forgive the horrible state of the book. It was in deplorable shape when I bought it.

   In many places in the Manifesto I dance around and allude to Francis Bacon's four fallacy's. Bacon's razor logic cut the fat from the bone in my opinion. He rightly applied his intellect to solving the traps men find themselves falling into. Tzu Ssu alluded to them when he said "All men say 'I know', but they are driven into nets,caught in traps, fall into pitfalls, and not one know how to avoid this." Several centuries before, but not as succinctly. 


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